And now there are Fourteen

Today Chris Christie entered the race for president, which officially ups the number of Republicans running to 14.  The right-wing pundits claim this is a good thing.  They have a strong bench.  This isn’t the 2012 clown car.

Wrong on both counts.  The only reason so many people run is because they think: “These are a bunch of Bozos.  I can beat them.”  All the governors running have low approval ratings in their own states.  Bobby Jindal thinks we should get rid of the Supreme Court.  And Donald Trump…

The photo is of Mt. Evans, a fourteener (4,350m) viewed from Denver.  Highest paved road in North America.  You can drive right up.  Well, you can’t now.  Road damage from all the snow last winter.  Perfect for Republicans.

Anywho, Mt. Evans was named for Gov. John Evans, second governor of the Colorado Territory.  Gov. Evans, a wealthy Republican, was forced to resign for his involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre.



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The Metric System

639px-Dream_Lake.jpg (639×480)

Lincoln Chaffe stated a top priority in presidential administration would be to convert the U.S.  to the metric system.  It was greeted by pundits as if he said his top priority was eradication of toenail fungus.  But actually its a pretty good idea.

First it’s way easier system.  It’s intuitive.  Based on units of ten simplifies things.  A lot.  There’s no confusion; e.g., is an ounce a unit of weight or volume?

Second it would be pretty easy as we’re more than halfway  there.   All food stuff packaging has both English and metric units, except for wine and liquor bottles which are metric.  Your speedometer lists kpm in addition to mph.  The scientific community uses it as does the military.

Third it would goose the economy.  Put a lot of people to work changing signage (“Paduka 75 km”, “The high today will be 30.  Gonna be a hot one”).  Trade with other countries would be greatly simplified.

Fourth the rest of the industrialized world wouldn’t thing we’re a bunch of dopes (at least on this).

The main objection is from those who are resistant to change and say (whiny voice on):  “It’d be too hard.”

Note:  Sra Dog requested images other than goofy politicians.  It’s Hallet’s peak (3,875m) from Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  If you looked south from Dream Lake you’d see Long’s Peak (4,346m), a popular fourteener and the tallest peak in the park.


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The Thrill is Gone

Sra Dog is sick of all the press the Republican clown car is getting.  Who isn’t?    When they’re not sniping against each other and they’re not sniping against Sec. Clinton, they’re declaring that the thrill has gone with the Democrats for Sec. Clinton.  Their aim is that Sec. Clinton doesn’t get any R-E-S-P-E-C-T.



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B. B. King: September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015

Blues legend B. B. King has died at 89.


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Clinton Cash?

All the Sunday shows were abuzz about the recent book by Peter Schweizer , Clinton Cash.  In the book he alleges that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did state favors for donors to the the Clinton Foundation.  Despite any corroborating evidence Schweizer presents a plausible scenario where Clinton did a quid-pro-quo to donors.  Throw in the “secret” email server that has since been destroyed and you have all the makings of a conspiracy theory.

Clinton detractors say this is a smoking gun.  Clinton supporters say there is no there there.

Is Clinton guilty?  Possibly, but with all the hub-bub,  no one was reporting on all the possible Republican candidates making their way to Vegas to speak to the Republican Jewish Coalition.  This was an audition for gazillion-aire Sheldon Adleson, to see who was worthy of his campaign donations.  Mr Adleson is very particular about who he gives his money to.  If they can’t do something to advance his agenda, they get nothing.

In other words, they are guilty of exactly the same accusations against Ms Clinton.


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“All Campaigns are Contrived.”

That’s what political commentator Rick Unger recently observed.  He went on to say that really good campaigns don’t appear to be contrived.

So now we have the right saying that the Hillary campaign in Iowa was obviously contrived.  From the “Scooby Bus” to the meetings with “everyday people.”  They go so far as to claim that those “everyday people” were plants from the Hillary campaign.

Well perhaps some of that could be true.  She also hasn’t given any big speeches or given any press conferences.  But none of the Republicans running have given pressers either.

At the recent confab in New Hampshire, those Republicans who want to be president gave flourishing speeches.  They spoke of all things Conservative.  They spoke of patriotism and what it means to be a real, loyal, true American.  They spoke of “taking our country back.”  But mostly they spoke of “Hillary.”  And what they had to say was not nice.  In fact it was down right mean.  Snarky.  The crowd love that.  But none spoke of vision.  None had a road map on how to get there.

So the Republican campaigns are likewise contrived.  But no one is pointing this out.  Neither the left nor the progressive media nor the “liberal” mainstream media.  Does that make them good campaigns?

All campaigns are contrived.


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Pity Pence?

Poor Mike Pence.  Sign one lousy anti-LGBT discrimination bill and everybody jumps on you.  He had to spend his weekend “clarifying” the bill, saying it protects religious freedoms.  Its Hoosier’s 1st Amendment right!

Couple of problems Mike:

1. While it plays to your base, it’s political suicide.

2. It’s bad for business.  And Indiana needs all the business it can get.

3. It’s ripe for litigation.  Something about being un-Constitutional.

Now that you’ve taking a stand and saying the law won’t be repealed, you’ve got yourself a real problem.



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