Happy Birthday Honest Abe

February 12th is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  He was the first Republican president.  He unified the nation following the brutal Civil War.  He freed the slaves in the most sweeping executive order in American history.  Many feel he was out greatest president.  On the occasion of his birthday, one wonders what he would think of today’s Republican party.


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Multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg is looking at entering the presidential race.  Initial reports were that he’d enter the race if Trump or Cruz and Bernie got their party’s nomination.  That reporting turns out to be false.  He’s interested regardless of who gets their party’s nomination.  How would this impact the race?  Third party candidates can be disrupters and the outcome is often unexpected.


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MLK Day 2016

Black lives matter.


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Gun Violence Executive Orders

The President has signed 23 executive orders in an attempt to reduce gun violence.  The reaction from the right was immediate, if not preemptive.  The pols use this to their advantage to get money from the NRA and their base.  To be clear, there is nothing unconstitutional with what the President has proposed.  And to those gun-nuts who are so paranoid that they feel universal background checks is a slippery slope to confiscating your guns: you’re correct.  That level of paranoia is a serious mental illness that calls into question your ability to safely and sanely posses firearms.  Lets face it, a lot of domestic terrorism stems from paranoid delusion.

Thank you Mr. President.

The image is the Fredric Remington (no relation to the Remington Arms family) painting What an Unbranded Cow Has Cost.  Seems appropriate.


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Happy New Year!

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2016.


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Cruz Control

The carpet bombing evangelical is surging in the polls.  Trump calls him “a maniac.”  Cruz is smart.  And evil.  Hated in the Senate.  He has an ability to convincingly say outrageous things and gets away with it.  Is this a repeat of 2011 when each member of the clown car gets their moment in the sun?

The image is of the Santa Cruz mountains.  Cruz is on the road to nowhere.


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Does Donald Trump Want to Bring Down the Republican Party?

Another day, another outrageous statement from Donald Trump.  While some are appalled, some offended and some amazed he gets away with it, his supporters cheer him on.  Trumps rambling rhetoric contains unbelievable claims, no policy, made up “facts”  and the standard outright lie.  When fact checked, he doubles down.  And his supporters hang on every word.  Trump enjoys a cult-like following and he clearly likes it.

If Trump gets the Republican nomination, and it certainly looks like he might, he will lose the presidential election in a huge, huge landslide.  If he decides he’s had enough and drops out he, leaves  large number of disaffected supporters who may not vote.  If he runs as a third party he takes those supporters with him. Whatever happens the results are the same:  Low GOP turnout.   This would put a lock on the presidential and may return the Senate to the Democrats and possibly the House.

The GOP is in crisis.  The country-club Republicans are worried.  The teabaggers are more teabaggier than ever.  Losing big could tip them into complete chaos.

The conspiracy theory is that Trump knows this and is doing it on purpose.  Whether he is or not makes no difference in the outcome.

The image is of Mt. Baldy, 3903 m  (12805 ft) in Colorado’s Elk Range. In the foreground is Grand Lake.  Somehow Mt. Baldy seemed appropriate for a post on Trump.


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