Planned Parenthood Shooting

For the second time in a month there was a mass shooting in Colorado Springs.  The shooter at Planned Parenthood mentioned something about “no more baby parts” to the arresting officer.  He was anti-government.  He had given his neighbor an anti-Obama leaflet.  On the edge and easily pushed off.

In his final sermon Officer Garrett Swasey said something eerily prescient:

We are part of a family. Your sin affects me and my sin affects you. Exhortation comes with the territory, it’s part of being part of the family of God.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.  Possibly the greatest of the American holidays.  Just family, friends, football, food and gratitude.  We all have many things for which we give thanks.  Today we will also give thanks for a brief vacation from politics.



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Syrian Refugees

With the Daesh terrorist attacks in Paris, politicians here have been fear mongering about Syrian refugees.  Forget about the stringent vetting process.  Forget they are escaping the same terrorists that attacked Paris.  Forget that one of the terrorist’s Syrian passport is a fake.  Forget that the ringleader of the attack was from Belgium.  The pols are shamelessly using this to gen up fear.

But ponder this:  the French, the victims of this horrendous attack, are accepting 3000 Syrian refugees.



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Nous Sommes tous Francais

The attack on Paris by dasch terrorists has stunned the world.  We are all French now.

The image is of the targeted Bataclan concert hall


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Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day.  When we honor those who have fought for our country.  Here we remember our own Sr. Doots.  I miss him.

The image is of Piestewa Peak, (2,610 feet), the second highest peak in the Phoenix Mountains.  Named after Lori Ann Piestewa, a Hopi, was the first Native American woman to die in combat.  She was the first woman killed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.



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What Was He Thinking?

Reluctant speaker Paul Ryan has assumed office following the resignation of John Boehner.  Boehner spent his entire political career aspiring to be Speaker of the House.  Once he got there he found the Republican caucus so fractious and difficult he resigned in complete, utter and total frustration.  Even his beloved Merlot and cigarettes couldn’t help.  Ryan, who didn’t want the job, accepted based on some negotiated criteria.  First he wanted complete support, even from the reactionary “Freedom” caucus.  Then he wanted his family time.  Aside from committee assignments, setting the legislative agenda and twisting arms the most important function of the speaker is fundraising.  If he can’t raise funds for Republican congresscritters they’ll blame him if they lose their next election.  Only a fool would believe the “Freedom” caucus will continue to back him.  They hate everything and everybody and everything about everybody.

For this he gave up being chair of the Ways and Means Committee, a job he loves and believes was born to do.  Good luck Paul, you’re gonna need it.



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All Politics is Yokel

Former Speaker Tip O’Neill was famous for saying: “All politics is local.”  Times have changed.  The Bengazi Select Committee, headed by Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III is grilling Sec. Clinton about her role in the tragedy.  Gowdy is a teabagger who has sucked at the government teat his entire professional career, is a former prosecutor.  He also has an anger management problem and difficulties with the truth, as do the other Republicans on the committee.

Like all lawyers, he knows not to ask a question for which he doesn’t know the answer; something he adheres to during Hillary’s prosecution.  As Ms Clinton is likewise a lawyer, she’s on to him.

I hope she enjoys this because if elected president, this is what she’s in for.


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