“Yes To McCain” by guest blogger maggisd

How in the world could a life-long Democrat from a family of Democrats possibly vote for John McCain? Mind you, I do not expect him to win nor even come close. But, I would not mind if he did.

It is my best guess that the recent 12 years of Republican Congressional dominance was an anomaly, and that a President McCain would be checked and tempered by a Democratic Congress. I fear that a President Obama will not be checked by Congress and that the lack of oversight that we saw with the fatuous and adoring Republican Congress may well be repeated by a fatuous and adoring Democratic Congress. I am not a fan of unchecked Executive power; and, after the last 7 years, none of us should be.

A vote for one person is, by definition, a vote against the other person. And, as I have said on other occasions, I do not vote the issues, because the issues will change. I vote for the level of comfort I have with the candidate.

You see, I just do not feel comfortable with Sen Obama. He is a man who had to learn how to be an American, and he retains what I consider a world-centric viewpoint. Nor do I like the hate-America first attitude of many of his long-time associates and strongest supporters. You see, the beloved Grandfather who taught me my politics may have been a former Wobbly who was so far to the left that he voted for both Henry Wallace and Norman Thomas, but he was also a soldier with Pershing, and a proud lifetime member of the American Legion. Like him, tears come to my eyes when I hear the Star-Spangled Banner. I honestly cannot imagine what would bring tears to Sen Obama’s eyes. I find him coolly calculating and strangely devoid of passion. I am turned off by the way he raises his chin and laughs down his nose at people with whom he disagrees politically, as if they are not even worthy of his contempt.

I am a former Navy wife. I live in a Navy town and count many old fighter pilots among my acquaintance. I know these people. I understand their instincts. I do not agree with most of them on a great many issues – but I would trust any of them literally with my life and property without hesitation.

Then, too, Sen McCain is a man of my generation. The only generation never to have had a President, we remain hopeful, convinced of the essential goodness of the American people, proud of our country, and certain that our best days are yet to come – that, in the end, we will always get it right.

Most of my close friends were Hillary supporters. Some of them will now vote for Obama; most plan to write in Hillary’s name as a message to the Democratic Party. I may still choose to do that, if Sen McCain chooses some right-wing nut job as his VP. I could still vote for Obama, if he chose the appropriate VP. But, I really would be OK with the idea of John McCain as President.




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  1. Brian In NYC

    Well first Maggs, thanks so much for agreeing to contribute to our blog. It strikes me that all your objections are very much generational and cultural. And quite frankly I don’t really know what you mean when you say Obama “had to learn to be an American”. He was born an American, therefore he is an American. However I do know that your generation’s idea of patriotism and mine are quite different. My generation for the most part really came to be very mistrustful of what I consider agressive and obsessive displays of patriotism. In our eyes such an attitude can be summed up by the “love or leave it” crowd. For us patriotism is not measured by how firmly one salutes the flag, but by how willing one is to bare true witness to the faults of our country and work to fix them.

    Also I don’t know why you consider a “world-centric viewpoint” as being an anti-American one. Maggs the world is not the same place it was 20 years ago. There is no more evil empire out there to fight. Nuclear powered floating cities with enough fire power to make a small nation dissapear are not going to stop some mad man from driving a jet liner into one of skyscrapers. Xenophobia and a bully’s tactics are not going to win the “war on terrorism”.

    Again thanks for your post.

  2. Brian In NYC

    Bill Clinton And Barack Obama To Meet In Next Few Days: Terry McAuliffe


  3. Brian In NYC

    Obama speaking on patriotism


  4. Hi Maggisd,

    Nice post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As you know, I basically believe the polar opposite. : ) But I can understand your feelings toward ,Obama’s personal style. He can come across as if he is looking down his nose and that doesn’t play well on the TV screens across America. Perhaps, when he was young, he was told to hold his head, to be proud, or maybe it’s due to the fact he is tall?

    He is intelligent and accomplished and I believe he did that all on his own.

  5. chefsheila


    Great, heart felt post. Being a woman who was 20 years active duty and a Navy Wife to boot. I understand the culture you spent most of your adult life and just how your patirotism works.

    You statement, “He is a man who had to learn how to be an American, and he retains what I consider a world-centric viewpoint.” Os worthy of comment.

    Because What is a Real American to You? To give example of how I react to your statement. I thought…well Henry Kissenger was a real American who is a respected loyal Patriot of this country. He was born in Germany and certainly embraced us with passion.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski (from the other side) is also known and admired for his dedication to our country as a Former President Clinton’s Foreign Policy Expert. His obvious love for his adopted country made for a successful policies in the Clinton Presidency.

    John McCain was born in a foreign country technically. He had the benefit of a wide breadth of exeriences because of his father’s service.

    Why can’t Barack Obama be as much a Patriot as these fine examples? What makes him so different?

    Maggisd, I stood up for a life time of the star spangled banner with tears in my eyes. I understand what the Military Culture can breed. Too bad most just take that type of sacrifise for granted.

    But as a culture, the Military is not anymore Patriotic than the Evangelical on the extreme right or the socialist on the extreme left. All are working toward the betterment of our country. How they got there is of course from their culture and backgrounds.

    Taking off the blinders to look more closely at Barack Obama will help you define you feelings. Good Luck and if you need some thoughts for clearity, come on back!

    We’re civil here. ;0)

  6. chefsheila

    BTW Maggi,

    Now I know why I felt we had something other than politics in commen. You speak my language!

  7. chefsheila


    Thought i would repost that alert on the speech.

    Its sad that Obama has to do a speech on patriotism at all, but his speech, 9am on the west coast and 12pm eastern, is actually relevent to Maggisd’s thread today.

  8. Proud in New Delhi

    India’s uneasy relationship with gay pride.


  9. Politics of Utopia

    Maggisd, thanks for the post! I guess my critique is really a question – what does it mean to be an American? You give some very nice examples of how patriotism and pride in your country has been a solid, foundational part of who you are as an individual. You mention your Grandfather who, despite his far-left political leanings, still got emotional at hearing the national anthem. Those stories for you signify America. My point would be this: America has no inherent meaning, it’s an imaginary space that we define through dominant ideologies, memories, and narratives. Much of what I’m saying comes from Benedict Anderson, who in his “Imagined Communities,” argues that the concept of the nation is a socially constructed one. All of which is to say – there is nothing, despite our own personal attachments, quintessentially America about America.

    When you write, “He is a man who had to learn how to be an American,” what can you possibly mean? The anti-American, anti-patriotic arguments ring hollow to me. He’s an American because he’s an American. He wouldn’t be running for President if he hadn’t “learned” to be an American.

    Also, you have probably been paying attention to what’s happening with the controversial supreme court decisions. How can you, in this historical moment, not vote on the issues. If McCain wins the white house, I truly believe this court, with the two or three conservative justices that he will put on the court, will send us back to the stone age on issues like gun laws, abortion rights, privacy, gay rights, and so on.

    So, if you intend to vote based on these antiquated, idiosyncratic reasons, also be prepared to accept full blame for the consequences.

  10. Maggisd

    Allow me to explain the world-centric thing. A professor from (I think) UVa recently appeared on C-Span with reference to a book he had written. He categorized people as self identifying either as Americans, members of a group (e.g. Italian-Americans, etc), or having a view of themselves as citizens of the world. He felt the last category was a more recent phenomenon.
    Let me hasten to state here that he did not suggest — nor do I — that this categorization implies that any of us are less than genuinely patriotic Americans. (To be honest, I as disappointed that Sen Obama began wearing a flag pin, as I agreed with him in the first instance…such displays are meaningless and cheap, and more to the point, why should he have to wear a flag lapel pin when others do not?)
    That being said, I believe Sen Obama to be a man who views himself as a citizen of the world. That may be, as Sheila stated, a great thing in a Secretary of State, but simply not my preference in a President.

  11. chefsheila

    Hi POU!,

    You know? I’d like to point out something about McCain too.

    He is DEFINITELY a Patriot’s Patriot. To sacrifise through torture in protecting classified info that could be used against fellow pilots. To insist on staying and waiting his turn to be released even though he could have left the Hanoi Hilton early. He has definitely served unquesitonably.

    And yet, this fact is not enough to be qualified for President. His body of accomplishment as a Senator is not arguable either.

    However, in this era of brushing off the Bush Doctrine we have to vote for the candidate that will lead and or manage in the “OTHER” way, than the Republican way, once and for all. There is no other way to beginnin the long road of Correction we need as a country to survive.

    McCain is a Republican. To vote for McCain is to put a bandaide on a time when we need to tourniquet the bleed so that we can perform corrective surgery.

  12. Obama speaking on patriotism right now.

  13. dnd

    Great post. I agree with you that a divided government tends to work better.

    I don’t understand the notion some have that Obama is arrogant and condescending, but I can understand that it exists. As they say, in politics perception is reality.

    As to McCain, I agree with Lewis Black when he said we should have elected him in 2000, when he was sane.

    In fact I did vote for McCain in 2000. Wrote him in. And if he’s elected, he’ll have my full support. After all, it’s in all our best interests for the president to be successful.

  14. chefsheila

    Thanks for the Clarificatin maggi.

    I think your post today was very timely. Obama is speaking right now and it actually is answering your questions on his charactor.

    Which are valid Maggi. I would never vote for someone I didn’t know. The very reason I am sold on my candidate.

    Obama is the Best hope of correcting the course of the country

  15. chefsheila

    Great Speech. Taking down anyone who would question McCains patriotism or anyoe else in the Military.

    AND explaining his. Just what we have been talking about this morning.

    Being an American is definable by culture or ideology. Its a gut feeling and loyalt toward the ideals of America.

  16. I had a client call just as the speech got underway and I missed most of it, I’m sure highlights will be shown later on both tweety and KO

  17. dnd

    Well I hope when they show the clips of the speech, they show his Mark Twain quote:
    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it”

  18. horsedooty

    Whew, just returned to the house from the VA clinic. Great post Maggisd. I don’t agree with you but I defend your right to say it and believe what you want.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  19. chefsheila

    Why did the White House release or Leak the Iran Covert….supposedly covert now.

    Why is this leak being disemmenated now? looks like another Osama tape tactic to me.

    I mean come on people! We aren’t going to broadcast covert ops to the public. That would mean the deaths of Americans.

    Bush would not politisize an operation that he considers so important and the Iranians so far have not reacted in any way.

  20. Off to Jersey for a few hours, have fun peeps.

  21. dnd

    What covert ops in Iran? Hadn’t heard anything. And if they’re covert why would they leak it?

    Iran’s economy is in the toilet. They have a young population (median age is 26) who love all things western. I’m thinking talking with and helping Iran is the fastest way to make them allies, and changing the complexion in the Middle East. Oh sure the Arabs won’t like it and the Sunni won’t like it, but they’ll get over it 😉

  22. chefsheila

    Oh dnd,

    There is some political BS happening on 24 cable this morning. Its all over whether or not we have covert ops going on in Iran. Its got legs of course, but how long is the question.

    It seems to me to be, another political ploy by the WH.

    Its feels like “Elevated Threat” mode used in 2004

    I agree that the young in Iran are just trying to hold their collective breath until we get a new adminstration.

  23. Just got through reading the post….

    Is it a joke?

    I couldnt find anything but feelings in the post, no substance to any of the argumentation, just emotions…..How anyone with their eyes open would want to perpetuate the Republicans with their hands on the WH is beyond me. Torture, lies, death , wasting our money, the defiance of the suffering of those people during Katrina, the No Child Left Behind scam and government interference down to every kindergarten classroom in the country, the Iraq fiasco, the failure to capture UBL, our infrastructure crumbling in our cities and roads and bridges…..all that and more…and a Clinton supporter would still go vote for someone who openly talks about sitting in Iraq for 100 years and who admits they don’t know anything about the economy?


    No offense intended….but that’s just a weak argument.

  24. Actually now that I read the thread I am a little more than puzzled.

    The general tone seems to be that somehow Obama has his patriotism questioned but McCain cant be criticized because he served 40 years ago….Campaigns are not about the past, they are about now. Why cant McCain’s war record be looked at or questioned? Why does he get a different standard than the one given to John Kerry when they slimed him 4 years ago?

    I agree with Wes Clarke’s statement. Just because McCain served 40 years ago and was mistreated and tortured that doesn’t make him qualified to be president. We all know the man served honorably, what good is that going to do when our bridges are falling down in Minnesota and he doesn’t even know the difference between Sunni and Shia in SW Asia? Do you want a 73 year old man cracking jokes about bombing Iran sitting in the oval office?

    Of Obama…What is this citizen of the world stuff? Where did that come from? I have never heard him say that.

    On a positive note, its good to see the Republican point of view here.

  25. Seymour Hersh broke the Iran story


    The whole thing is at the link. I read it yesterday via Huffpost.

    You can hum a few bars of “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” while reading it. Funny stuff.

  26. Frank Rich on potential terror attacks in 2008 and how Karl Rove dreamed up the idea that it helps the GOP.


  27. Off topic:

    Saw “Brokeback MTN” on cable Tv this morning. Im a little late to the show i admit but it was sure good. Also saw the weird artsy fartsy Bob Dylan Epic “Im Not There” starring various people such as Richard Gere and others. Very strange but good…

  28. chefsheila

    Hey Guys, Here is the Wiki explanation of what I think would be “Citizen of the World”. Hope this what you mean Maggisd.

    “”World citizen is a term with a variety of meanings, often referring to a person who disapproves of traditional geopolitical divisions derived from national citizenship and approves world government and democracy.””

    More GW Bush than Barack Obama…

    Maagisd, I’m not sure the inference is right for Obama. Our Generation and certainly the last have sought World Citizenship in the non-political sense. Peace Corps being one way of expressing that.

    But politicaly, Obama has stated time and again his dedication to just this country and its friends.

  29. Thanks Sheila….still wondering where that got hooked up to him…..Lord knows Obama has said a lot like any politician, just never heard him actually say that….

    and again, no offense intended for Maggie, my dispute is with the argument, not with her personally.

  30. dnd

    “Arizona has so little water the trees chase the dogs”
    — John McCain at today’s speech in PA.

    If the presidency thing doesn’t work out, maybe he can take over for Leno 😉

  31. Afternoon peeps.

    Steve I don’t want to speak for maggs, but I think that what she is getting at is the for man of her generation Obama doesn’t pass the gut check. I think it’s hard for them to picture him on the money so to speak, and I’m not really talking about the color of his skin. His name is funny sounding and he doesn’t speak in terms of America being the greatest country on the face of the earth. Also as she has expressed there does seem to be some frustration on her part that her generation will be passed over if McCain isn’t elected.

    Another thing that occurred to me, since she comes from a military background is Obama doesn’t talk in terms of victory in Iraq but is more focused on getting us the hell out. I suspect on some gut level that must rub her the wrong way.

  32. McCain Uses Swift Boat Vet Bud Day To Rebut Wesley Clark


    So much for the straight talk express!

  33. MSNBC is reporting the Bill and Obama chatted today, I suspect by next week Bill will be fully on board.

  34. dnd

    Maggisd had a good point about her generation not getting a president. But McCain isn’t their last hope.

    Obama/Hagel 08!

  35. Obama/Hagel, oh you funny man!

  36. Generational—

    Obama is 4 or 5 years older than me so i can relate…but obviously for me I come at from the “Its our turn perspective.”

    But I CAN NOT relate to trying to determine what is going through his mind when he hears the Star Spangled Banner….that’s pure speculation.

    It took guts for her to write the thing for sure.

  37. AH something else that crossed my mind earlier today, Obama left his mother’s home so he could return to America and be an “American”. What could be more patriotic than that?

  38. Oh and of course as many of my old C-Lister pals know I am also a veteran, so that stuff doesnt hold any water with me whatsoever. My whole family is full of vets stretching back to King’s Mtn, NC in the revolution…..of course lots of them fought AGAINST the USA in the Civil War, so here’s their descendent campaigning for Obama….

    I dont think that puts me any where above or below anyone else.

  39. To me this is one of the most of the intriguing stories of the last few days. About 60 cars were spray painted with racist slogans down in Florida and it is being blamed on Clinton supporters. If the cops down there are worth a shit and investigate, I will bet they find a bunch of right wing assholes are up to their old tricks.


  40. dnd

    I think you’re probably correct; right wing loonies trying to create division in the Democratic party. Unless it’s Harriet 😉

  41. chefsheila

    Obamamania: The English language, Barackafied

    The latest addition to Slate’s dictionary of Obamaisms.

    By Chris Wilson
    Posted Monday, June 30, 2008, at 11:09 AM ET
    Today’s Obamaism:

    Obamnipresent (oh-BAHM-nuh-PREZ-uhnt) adj. Pertaining to Barack Obama’s ubiquity in discussions overheard in restaurants, subways, bookstores, newsrooms, etc.

    Example: After hearing an elderly woman mention the name “Barack Obama” for the third time in as many minutes, even Josh agreed that the candidate was Obamnipresent.

    “I was wondering where all these words the other blog used was coming from. Slate.com has a book out.

  42. Tonyb39

    Hey Chef,Brian all
    Nice Blog you have Here!!!
    Loved your posting!!! I am not of the Military background but i agree so much on your feelings of Sen. Obama. I just can’t ever see myself voting for McCain because as a gay man i fear he and his Republicans will set us back!!!
    I like you!!! You make me think and thats good!! I thought about your post and the Gay rights issue and you are right McCain is wrong. Hope I didn’t mess up too much there’s no preview here???

  43. dnd

    Is it just me or is getting swiftboater Bud Day behind McCain a colossal political blunder?

  44. No you didn’t mess up tony, I made the blog sissy proof!


  45. dnd desperate times for desperate measures, and McCain today showed just how desperate he is!

  46. Hi Tony,
    Glad to see you here. : )

  47. I liked the Webb appearence on KO tonight

  48. my : ) didn’t change into a face, I have to go work on that.

  49. *whispers in UB’s ear “I am too but don’t let him know”*

  50. 🙂

    no space between : and )

  51. Thanks – I will have to look at the chart.

  52. dnd

    I’m one of the old time c-listers (what it was before it became trail mix). Bailed when it got out of control. Welcome to our corner of the internets. This is more like what it use to be.

    If you’ve got an issue you’re passionate about, write it up and send it to Brian to be a topic. We’re open to all opinions here. There’s nothing here we won’t debate about, ‘cept Shelia’s cooking 😉

  53. Yeah Webb came off well but god damn he has a huge head doesn’t he, I mean physically, not figuratively.

  54. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dnd, we’re bound to end up with a 3,000 word article bemoaning the death of disco!

  55. 🙄

    I just wanted to do these so I could see them….

  56. dnd

    I count it as God’s grace that I managed to avoid all things disco.

  57. I see you found the emoticon guide I posted!


  58. dnd

    Eye roll is great. Who’s the green guy?

  59. 😳 I hope I didn’t scare dnd away.

    Okay off to the tables – take care everyone

    Brian- looks like you may reach 3000 hits tomorrow

  60. dnd

    LOL, you didn’t scare me away.
    And BTW, this isn’t Brian’s blog. It’s our blog. You included. Brian’s the guy that makes it all work.

    Good luck at the tables.

  61. I’m a lowly servant of the BackChannel Group! Yep UB, getting close to 3,000 hits!

  62. Tonyb39

    Oh Brian.dnd UB
    Thanks Guys and ladies
    Brian your so funny sissy proof good thing!!! Im not a legs in air kinda guy though!! Oh something Brian gets!!!Sen. Obama sure seems to want Pres. Clinton in his camp and I can’t blame him the guy is a god to some. OK Me.I sure enjoy your thoughts.Thanks

  63. The most united party always has the best shot at winning the white house!

  64. BTW in case anyone missed Obama’s speech on patriotism it’s up on youtube now:

  65. Tonyb39

    Got it!! It just shows how smart the Senator is and how much he wants to win.I think he will!!!

  66. And who doesn’t want a smart president?

  67. Tonyb39

    I want a smart President.I wish I felt what all you guys feel for Sen. Obama but Im more with Maggi.I hope im wrong.I said on T.M. i will sing Obama’s praises if im wrong.I hope I am wrong it would be great to have another Dem. President to look up too!!! A great Dem. Pres. and reform in the primary process and that would bring me home.We shall see

  68. Well if you mean what you say and really want a smart prez you’ll do everything you can to make sure Obama is elected. Geez McCain ranking in school was disgraceful, almost at the bottom of his class, 894/899. A battle of brains versus brawn. I’m voting for brains!

  69. Tonyb39

    As i said to the former mayor of Trenton, New Jersey at my gym this evening I will try and be open to being convinced.Why don’t i feel the love? There’s many reasons. Hey don’t they say Dems. fall in love and Reps. fall in line.I truly think if it wasn’t for the fact that i come from Michigan and I vote in Florida that I would be holding my nose and voting for Sen Obama.Silly to some real for me!!! Dems. Count all Votes……….

  70. I don’t think you have to fall in love, and not sure why you think you do before you vote for Obama. However I would suggest you might want to think what is better for your country in the long run. You live in Florida, one of those states where every vote is likely to matter. To sit back and to allow a man like McCain, a man who is the opposite of everything you came to believe in just strikes me as the height of selfish. Understand I’m not trying to slam you, really, but there are times we have to remember it’s not just about what you want, but what is best for all. So I feel you need to ask yourself who’s America would you rather live in, John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s.

  71. Tonyb39

    Very good points and really your right there is much i have to think about before Nov.I just want really to make a statement to the DNC that this primary process was not Ok!! Not because Hill lost but because i feel the process is flawed and needs correction.I have e-mailed and called the DNC to no avail. not even one reply!!! Its like just move on and shut the hell up.I know it will sound like sour grapes to some and maybe most buts its where im at.You maybe right about being selfish?

  72. maggisd…

    Back when McInsane was running against the Decider I was ready to vote for him over Al Gore. Yes I was stupid, what can I say.

    At that time Gore just didn’t come across to me as being much of a leader, boy was I ever dumb, just look at Al now.

    When the Decider swift boated McInsane with the illegitimate black child slime I still had high regards for McInsane and saw him as a straight talker.

    Then McInsane embraced Der Fuhrer and I lost all respect for him.

    How does one learn to be an American? Is one not an American if they don’t support the policies that the administration puts forth? Does that make one unpatriotic for not supporting them?

    Would I be less of an American for not being proud of my Country right or wrong? Is Obama less of an American because he is not as definitive as to the policies he wants to put forth? Or because he appears to be aloft and too calm when speaking out against what he perceives as injustices against America and its citizens or it policies?

    Right now I’m not proud of my Country at all. We were a Nation built on the Rule of Law and according to Our Constitution no one is above the law.

    We spy on Our Citizens.

    We kidnap people and send them to foreign countries to be tortured even though some of them are innocent of any crime.

    We Torture those in our custody and even have killed some of them who too may be innocent.

    We can no longer travel by Air unless we produce Our Papers {photo id’s to verify we are who we say we are}.

    We stop loss our soldiers who when their time is up are not being allowed to end there service in the military. If they refuse to re up there told they will be stoplossed and still sent out on patrols.

    When they get injured there sent home and are unable to get the medical treatment they need and deserve.

    There discharged under Sections that deny them benefits they so richly deserve and need like medical treatment for PTSD and suicides have increased because of this.

    They don’t receive there benefits or checks in time and many are now living under bridges because they lost there homes and have no where else to go.

    Obama may not have all the answers and he may still have a hard time repairing all the damage done over the last eight years, however I still feel he is the one to start repairing the damage and restoring Our Constitution.

    Now once again I must in all honesty repeat that I have a very strong feeling that even if there are elections which I doubt, that we will still end up in another War.

    I believe that Israel has been given a Green LIght to attack Iran and that will draw us in to aid them. Or we will provoke a confrontation with Iran and it will lead to Military action or in other words War with Iran.

    If that happens then the people may revolt and its very possible that we will end up under Martial Law and the Suspension of the Constitution any way since he can claim a National Emergency.

    Under the MCA of 2006 a new President can label anyone and I do mean anyone an Enemy Combatant and have them arrested and detained with no rights under the Constitution.

    I highly doubt that the Decider would allow anyone to use this Presidential Power against him or anyone inside the current administration. So will Our Country survive any kind of attack or another War?

    I believe that sometimes one must have faith that there is still those who believe in justice and honor. I believe that without hope of change we are doomed to go the way other great cultures and societies have gone.

    I believe that if we are to have any hope of survival we need to elect Senator Barack Obama as the next President of The United States.

    Could he disappoint me and the rest of those who support him? Sure he could. But I’d rather take a chance on someone who offers hope and inspires the people to want to work for real change and not someone who uses fear and being afraid of everything to get elected.

    Senator Barack Obama is a true leader or he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he has. He’s earned the nomination by his leadership and all the hard work he’s done in his lifetime.

    Believe me when I say nothing was handed to him, he worked very hard to get where he is and that’s the sign of a true leader as far as I’m concerned.

    maggisd I respect your point of view and your willingness to post it. It showed great courage to write what you did on a site that supports Obama and I doubt very much anyone will bash you for it.

    Unless people are willing to talk to each other instead of talk over them we will never understand why someone feels like they do.

    No one here will personally attack anyone else who comments here unless there attacked and bashed by that commenter and I don’t believe that will happen, though anything is possible I guess.

    Everyone is equal and from what I’ve seen so far all are welcome to post their opinions in guest posts.

    Thank you for your thoughts and opinions and…

    God Bless.

  73. AP we’re all counting on you to write a post for us! I agree with just about everything you just said, and how you said, excellent comment.

  74. A New Campaign Charge: You Supported Clinton

    Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional District, home to more African-Americans than any other in New York, gave Senator Barack Obama his highest margin of victory in the state. But the district’s longtime congressman, Edolphus Towns, did not share his constituency’s preference for Mr. Obama. Now some of those voters are pushing to oust him.


  75. colleen

    good morning

    much as we may question McCain, his Mum seems to be a sweetie


  76. chefsheila

    Morning Everyone….Yawn…Coffee……….

  77. chefsheila

    Colleen, maybe Mrs McCain should be running for President. Seems to be better than even her son.

  78. chefsheila

    Now this is about the best news all week, I bet!

    Poll: Lieberman’s Approval Rating Goes Down Back Home
    By Eric Kleefeld – July 1, 2008, 9:23AM
    It’s looking like Joe Lieberman’s embrace of John McCain and Republican talking points has taken a toll on his numbers back home in Connecticut, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

    The poll gives Lieberman a 45% approval rating, a statistical dead heat with his 43% disapproval rating. This is a decline from his 52%-35% rating this past March, before he really started taking on the role of a partisan attack dog for McCain.

    This is Lieberman’s lowest ever rating, according to Quinnipiac’s analysis, and the first time in 14 years that his approval rating has gone under 50%

  79. Lieberman on McCain’s ticket would be the death knell of his candidacy. He’s pro-choice, among other things, plus no one likes a turncoat of any kind…..

  80. chefsheila

    Too true, But its nice to see his constiuents are as grossed out by the size of his turncoat.

  81. colleenerin

    This is a test comment containing a hyperlink.

  82. chefsheila

    You go girl!

  83. chefsheila

    I know I haven’t posted much, but have to get ready for work.


  84. chefsheila

    before I go….

    Obama moving to the center. I know some of you don’t want to hear this, but Obama is more populous than anyone wants to think at this point.

    I was attracted for his views in 2004. His moving to the left for the primary is all about politics, for sure. But a lot of his views are motivated by what the polulation wants and needs.

    So you are going to see him moving in direction of what is good for the many. health care, Gas Prices, Economy….you know where he stands.

    This faith Based funding that he supports is something that he has seen work. Churches were and are returning to the “FoodBank” helping the poor in their local communities and stuff like that.

    What what I have seen, the faith based initiaive finding he has in mind will be more in tune to family planning AND just say no to sex, for one.

    Christians will still have the help, but so will mosques, temples, and all the rest.

    When there is trouble the majority of the people head for a house of God.

    Now for the rest, there is always the unafiliated supports that still have outreach.

  85. Good morning cupcakes!

    I loved your 11:26pm post.

    There’s so many reason to not vote McCain, that sometimes I forget many of them. The list is long and varied.

    One item I would like to point out is that I have yet to see any McCain supporters post why John McCain is actually, himself, a better choice for POTUS.

    Have they ever said anything about why he is, by his own merit, the best choice?

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