Reform * Prosperity * Peace, by Korelenna

I have used words from John McCain’s website for the title of this thread. If only we could actually have what John McCain wants!!

Reform = to improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition.

First, I would like to alter who is in the White House and that would not be another person just like the one who is there now. Second, I would also like to have someone who could at least begin to correct all of the errors that have been made these past eight years, but that would most likely take a deity. Even though many of the Clinton supporters think those of us who support Obama believe he is God, we know he is merely a man trying to bring badly-needed change to our country. Last, I would like to see all of the defects from this administration removed. So, in those regards, I agree with McCain or at least the definition of reform because we do need some new conditions.

Prosperity = a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.

Are we living in a prosperous society today? Maybe where you are that is the case, but where I am it is not. I believe most everyone who is reading this site would agree that we are not the prosperous nation today that we once were. China could probably buy or sell us right now. I do agree with many that during the Bill Clinton administration things were better for many people. We may have one of the best nations in the world, but for many Americans it is now tough making a living. Lately, though, we have been told we are a nation of “whiners”. Many have something to whine about.

Look at the job cuts just this year. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with job networking sites, but I’m on several of these sites. I believe most of them are built on the same premise of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon for job networking purposes (definition below). One of my job networking sites is My third degree on that site has 2,311,500 people connected to me. These are people to whom I’m connected who are connected to another to try to help them (or me) get a job, especially if they work in a company where you want to work. Do you think these people are on these sites to chit chat? Not hardly; many are losing or have lost their jobs. Some of my contacts are people, even vice presidents, from DHL, which was recently taken over by UPS for their US flying operations. I read where 6,100 people will lose their jobs in Wilmington, OH due to this change. Others have been like me – through several downsizings. You can always tell when something is about to happen within a particular company because you receive an email from people working there asking you to link up with them. They’re going to need you!

The average gas price today is $4.11 and diesel fuel is $4.83. Bush, making remarks about offshore drilling today, says that he “concedes it won’t produce a barrel of oil tomorrow, but it will reverse the psychology”. That psychology seems to go hand in hand with the whining. Wonder if that psychology can drive us to work and back or to the doctor? Bush says “It’s been a difficult time for many American families…[but] the nation’s economy continues to grow”. That’s great but it may take the average American sometime to realize that growth. Wonder what will pay their bills and buy their food until they realize that growth.

Peace = (some of the definitions) the absence of war or other hostilities; an agreement or a treaty to end hostilities; freedom from quarrels and disagreement.

Well, we have a war; actually, we have two going on now and the Middle East is in chaos. We need an agreement or a treaty to end the hostilities. We need freedom from quarrels and disagreement. We even have quarrels and disagreement within the Democratic Party because some within the party will not vote for the presumptive Democratic candidate who will be running for President of the United States of America this year.

Maybe it is because I never was a Hillary Clinton supporter, but where is all of this anger about Hillary being treated so badly coming from? If her people had run a campaign worthy of a presidential candidate possibly she would be the candidate running in the general election. Her staff made many mistakes along the way while Obama and his people ran a campaign that even the conservatives are saying has been one of the best run in history. One of those mistakes from the Clinton camp was not strategically placing Bill Clinton, who does not ever think he needs to play by the rules, in areas of the country where he would not cause so much controversy. I did not care whether he had sex with another woman while in the White House, but look at the risks he took with that; and, look at what happened? If that episode had not happened late in his presidency, he would definitely go down as one of the best presidents in history, but this indiscretion will most likely be associated with his name forever.

Here we are going into the general election with our presumptive candidates Obama and McCain. We have a choice in spite of what some people say. People say they won’t vote. Some will but if they had their druthers, they would rather be voting for Clinton; at least they are exercising their right and privilege to vote. What if we had the choices some countries have for candidates? Many want a roll call for Clinton at the Democratic convention. What will this do? It will do nothing more than ensure that McCain has a better chance to win in November by showing that the Democrats are again in chaos, divisive, and hell bent on beating themselves, as has happened in the past.

We could change this country in November. It won’t be fast and we may not see much change for the next president’s term of four or even eight years, but it would be different than what we currently have. This is very personal for me because right in my own family there are individuals who have voted Democratic all of their lives and now say they will not vote at all in this election because their candidate did not win; and, in my opinion, it is also because many of them will not vote for a black man (who is also half white). There is so much at stake with a McCain presidency. Just think of what we have been through these past eight years and try to imagine four or eight more years of it. I think with Obama we have the chance to bring change not only to the United States but to the entire world. These next two weeks I intend to try to get a glimpse of what the world thinks of Obama during his travels overseas and to see how he reacts to them as well. Now, if we could only make some in our own party realize, as does Hillary Clinton, what might be possible we may actually have reform, prosperity, and peace again some day as we had in the Clinton years.




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  1. Chef Sheila

    Oh Karolenna.

    Great piece. Very heartfelt and intelligent! Looking at you perspective, from someone who is looking for a job. Well, you really put an air of importance on this November.


    Do you have a job now? After reading this, I feel so blessed to have gotten mine!

  2. Karolenna,

    Thank you! that was a terrific piece. I totally agree with you. I was a Hillary supporter, and I still support her, but not to the extent that I will do anything to hurt the chances of Obama winning the presidency. I totally support Barack Obama, and I am excited about the possibilities and positive change he could accomplish as President.

    I am fearful, that racism and ignorance in our country will be strong enough to keep the Republicans in power once again. Absolutely nothing in my mind would be worse than that.

    I beleive Obama will be received very well in Europe! That will be fun to watch.


  3. Chef Sheila

    Karolenna, I’d really like to here more about what you see on the job sites. That touched me.

  4. Karolenna


    Thank you for the kind words.

    I am still not working but working at getting work. I’ve kind of boxed myself in by taking my late husband’s social security. That limits what I can make a year, but it has been a blessing. I actually quit my last position. I was making a very lucrative salary, but you get to the point where life is too short and it just isn’t worth it anymore. It was not uncommon to receive over 100 emails daily from all over the world, and he constantly texted email “to-dos” to me from everyplace. When he went to South America it was a blessing because the phone did not work from there.

    Just saw in this morning’s paper that GM is getting rid of many more jobs in their truck division and that there will be 55 people from American Airlines lose their jobs at Port Columbus. So, the job loses continue and there doesn’t seem to be an end. But, Bush says things are looking up!!

  5. Thanks for the great piece Karolenna, it’s very well done. And I’m glad you touched on the anger of the Hillary folk, it would be nice if they could reserve some of that anger for what is going on in the country today. And like you I’m really looking forward to seeing how Obama does in Europe.

  6. Chef Sheila


    We are a baby blog and we all work…..well except Brian…..HA! {{ducks}}

    But you are always welcome to come here and post and get to know us too. We actually talk politics…maybe we will get better at talking other things here soon.

    But stay for a while anyway. You can always find us here!

  7. dnd

    Wow, what a great piece Karolenna. It’s given me a lot to think about.

  8. Trust me Sheila, dealing with you and the others is work!


  9. Chef Sheila

    LOL 😈

  10. dnd

    Stephanie Miller will be taking part in a panel discussion at the US Embassy in London on “The Influence of the Media on Elections and Democracy” today at 1:30pm Eastern.

    There’s a webcast you can get to from her web site:

  11. dog's eye view

    really good post Karolenna. Thanks for contributing. Sobering about the 6 degrees of separation jobsearch websites — it is terrible to see good people discarded as overhead.

    Read a book on the corporatization of America (discussed the railroads standardizing timetables and procedures, the growth of mass marketing, etc.); we are living through a similar economic transition.

    Will you put up a picture of your grandbaby today?

  12. dnd

    Mmmmmm, pie. It’s what’s for dinner.

    Around here this time of year it’s rhubarb and strawberry. In another month, the peaches from Palisade. And shortly after that apple.

  13. Interesting, has a national poll average that includes both Barr and Nader in the mix, in that poll Obama leads McCain by almost 10.

    hmmmmmm, rhubarb and strawberry pie!

  14. dnd

    I wish that poll would include “not sure.” I also wish it was state by state. What I’m curious about is what impact the second party candidates have in swing states. In hard core red or blue states I doubt they’ll have any impact.

  15. dnd

    Here’s the URL for Stephanie Miller in the panel discussion:

  16. d I think in some of the hardcore red states Barr could hurt McCain, especially in those red states where McCain only leads by a few points.

    Nevada and SD for example:

  17. Horsedooty

    Hi Karoleena,

    I was riffed about 5 years ago after nearly 30 years of employment to the same company. I could not find another job in field service at near the same money I was making. I ended up having to start my own little business. I now draw SSI. Nice post and I wish you luck with your job search.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  18. Horsedooty

    opps we be typos here

    Karolenna sorry

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  19. Chef Sheila

    Wow…..Here’s an interesting poll!

    There is hope with this one. Makes me think, we might pull this one off if the campaign can work hard enough.


  20. Winning Texas is just too much to hope for!

  21. dog's eye view

    Maybe we could take a bet on Texas closer to the election. It’s a near impossible state, but has seen a lot of growth too. No writing any state off just yet.

  22. dog's eye view

    Incidentally, I got a call yesterday from the RNC on behalf of McCain; answered that I was strong on Obama, for national security reasons (which to me encompassed most of the other ones: econ and jobs, gas prices, Iraq, healthcare).

  23. dog's eye view

    Blog spat over iced espresso: high test posting on both sides.

    The guy who complained about the coffee shop has gotten 100,000 hits on his blogsite.

    Can Keith Olberman or Dan Abrams be far behind?

  24. Karolenna


    I was riffed from the big think tank here, Battelle, after 20 years. They did away with the entire department. I could have stayed on with a lower position, but I decided to take the severance instead. I’m glad I did because I got one of the best jobs I’ve ever had with Levi Strauss. That did not last but about four years because the headquarters in San Francisco decided to take away the subsidiary here. Oh, well. I always say going through that makes you more “crusty” (more able to take what comes your way and I’ve had a lot).

    Dog’s Eye,

    The network link sites are mostly for networking, not finding a job; but, they do have some jobs posted on them. If you see a job posted within a certain company site it makes it easier to get an inside connection to help you by searching by company and location. You would be surprised at the numbers of people you know who know someone else working in a company. The times I’ve been riffed the companies have paid for outsourcing through companies where they teach you to network.

    I’m waiting for permission from my daughter to see if I can post my granddaughter’s photo. She is naturally picky about posting her photo online unless it is to family. She’s a cute one.

  25. dog's eye view

    Karolenna: understood re the granddaughter photo. Maybe you could share it via email to Brian. Good caution by your daughter.

    Hoping a good job is in your future. Lame, I know, but sincere.

  26. dog's eye view

    Awrigght! Coming to a Virginia neighborhood near you: Obama campaign to open 20 field offices in Virginia.

    Paint that state blue.

  27. They are doing the same thing in Ohio, got an email for job openings….anyone interested in job openings Ohio for Obama write the email below

  28. Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change in Ohio is recruiting campaign Field Organizers to work in various geographical regions of the state.

    Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change in Ohio is looking for Campaign Field Organizers who are motivated and willing to contribute their time, energy, and skills to help build a better America and elect a leader that will bring Americans together. We are looking for enthusiastic and organized self-starters with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

    Apply by sending a resume and three references to Jackie Bray at:

  29. dnd

    Remember in “The Graduate” the scene with “one word: plastics”? Ok well here it is if you don’t:

    My point is, I’ve got one word for Obama and the energy crisis:
    synthetic dye solar cells.

    “The energy that reaches earth from sunlight in one hour is more than that used by all human activities in one year”.

  30. Chef Sheila

    Hey Karolenna,

    I forgot to ask. Is that you in the picture or is that McCaskill. If that is you, you should know how much you look like McCaskill…..

  31. dnd

    Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters:

    That’s Doot’s pal Brad Davis playing the mandolin.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Loved that music. Not sure about Billy Bob ;0)

    But love the music!

  33. dog's eye view

    The Boxmasters rule!

    Doots: how did you get so lucky? Do you wear a 60s suit and skinny tie when you hang out backstage? (They’re attired like Dennis the Menace’s father.)

    Liked that clip a lot. Fun to see Craig Ferguson beating on the desk along with the music. Did they put the album out on vinyl?

    Shall hope they come to the Birchmere or Wolf Trap in DC area.

  34. dnd

    Sorry to harp on this, but you’ll have to get use to it because it’s what I harp about. In 2000 I told Gore and anybody who’d listen to me that running on a platform of energy independence through renewable, clean sources, and conservation, would change the entire world politic and get him elected. Did he listen to me? Noooooooo.

    But now we can. And we can develop technologies that the rest of the world can use. And if oil becomes worthless, what’s gonna fund the terrorists?

    Now is the time to lean on your elected officials from the local city council on up to the WH to get serious about this.

  35. Chef Sheila

    You just harp away dnd. This is an exiting time. We are on the brink of making a difference. We may have to carry the population kicking and screaming, but this will happen.

  36. dnd

    When Kennedy proposed the moon shot, it got bipartisan support. Even those who hated JFK were behind it. This is what Obama needs to do with the energy crisis.

  37. Chef Sheila

    I hope he does. Right now, I heard that the only problem he is having right now is prejudice….I can’t believe the ugly head is still there. Hoping that having him out there for the next 4 years will blind them all……..

    This from a very good source. Tom Hartman

  38. All the more reason to make sure we win big in the congressional/senate races.

  39. Chef Sheila

    All the more reason to win Texas. 😈

  40. I’ve been in a really cranky mood all day!

  41. Tonyb39

    I was very taken with your post.It gives me an insight into your feelings about this primary and election and shows a very caring person.I was lurking at TM for months reading you during the primary and i admit you made me so angry.I will never forget the vile things said and done to Hillary.I also realize its a two way street and many things were said and done to Sen.Obama that were also vile.The posts and links at TM turned me against Sen.Obama .Where’s the anger coming from regarding the way Hillary was treated you ask?If you need to ask you then you don’t get it and never will.I could start a list but its all been said and done before.You continue to be critical of Bill Clinton and yet your critical of us for saying any negative fact about the selected Dem. nominee!!! I was driven from my own party by the tactics of the DNC and Sen.Obama regarding Michigan my home state and Florida where I currently reside and vote.I will never forget what happened and am hoping for reform. I know i sound angry and i am.I have never cared more for a person running for office than Hillary.Some say sour grapes and just move on!!!Well that takes time.I am working my way through this and trying to see Sen.Obama in a new light.I in no way mean to slam you and you have given me a lot to think about. again Thanks

  42. Karolenna…

    I know what you mean about the job market. Even though I’m still working I have another four and a half years before I can collect full SS and I constantly worry that my job will be eliminated.

    Once again though I have to say that I don’t believe that there will be elections and even if there is Adolph Bush will find a way to hold on to power.

    Whether it be a war with Iran or even the collapse of our economy where he can Declare a National Emergency and suspend the Constitution he will not let go of power.

    I’ll leave another comment stating why soon.

    Glad your still able to make ends meet, that’s if you are able to.

    God Bless.

  43. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

    “Is Barack Obama an extension of George W. Bush’s foreign policy? Aides to John McCain made the argument today in a conference call meant to tout the Senator’s own record.

    Describing Obama’s plan as dangerously rigid and ideological, McCain national security adviser Randy Scheunemann compared the Illinois Democrat to the current Oval Office occupant.

    “I think the American people have had enough of stubbornness and inflexibility in national security policy,” he said. ”

  44. Karolenna


    That’s me in the photo. I sent it to Brian saying it was just “another old broad”. Brian says this site is “old broad friendly”, so I take him at his word. I love Clare McCaskill. Obama helped her get elected; now she’s helping him. She is a real trooper.

  45. Well let me qualify that Karolenna, some old broads we don’t hold in very regard!


  46. Karolenna


    Thank you for you comments about my post. I actually just started typing and (I’m like the battery bunny…), I just kept going and going. I took out much that I had typed. I always talk and type too much. That’s sometimes how my mind works. Have to delete much! Sometimes I wish I had deleted more!!

    I know that many of you feel that Hillary was treated unfairly, but, IMO, she took on the role of the woman who could handle anything. Maybe she can; at least she has been through much. I don’t believe I painted Bill Clinton in a bad light because I really do believe he was a very good president in spite of everything that happened. He actually brought much of what happened onto himself, and we all must take responsibility for our own actions. I hated Kenneth Starr during all of those proceedings. It was all political, but isn’t that what politics is about?

    BTW, I’m an Ohio State Buckeye; you are from Michigan!!! Need I say more, Tony? Go Buckeyes! Jim Tressel, IMO, is a Republican, but he is a very good man and a great coach. I believe he is one of the best things to happen go OSU.

    As for Obama, I think he is a breath of fresh air, whether it is the word “change” or just plain “intelligence”, something we have been lacking these past eight years. I actually have some empathy for old man McCain, even though he may have his big money men come through for him late in this thing with negative campaigning money. He just can’t get anything straight. Can you believe that he still believes after three gaffs on the news that Czeckloslovakia is still a country? It has been almost 16 years since it was not a country, and yet the news agencies have not called him out on this yet. Unbelievable! They must have the same empathy as I do.

  47. Alright, I know that this is off topic, however I have to comment on this.

    Yesterday I a comment about Adolph Bush receiving immunity for War Crimes under the American War Crimes Act and two links. One to Susy Q and a post by Betmo whom I link to and one to my site where I wrote about this.

    Now there is another disturbing ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court regarding indefinite detention of those labeled Enemy Combatants posted on Booman Tribune. See below link.

    In Booman’s post I believe he made a mistake in saying it could be undone by Congress by legislation limiting the effect of the 2001 AUMF and since I don’t comment there I can not inform him of this.

    I will elaborate more in my next comment.

    God Bless.

  48. Brian,
    The whole world was cranky today…seriously. Bad vibes out there. Tomorrow has to be better 🙂

  49. Just want to pass on that for those here that are considering contributing to Barack Obama campaign, NOW is a good time….they have a matching program going on so if you donate, say 50 bucks, you will be informed as to the person’s name that is matching you donation.

    I though it was pretty cool, and certainly interesting. My matcher was from Virgina.

  50. Now let me explain what I meant about Booman’s error on the indefinite detention law being upheld by the Fourth Circuit and his belief that Congress can over turn this by redoing the 2001 AUMF law that gave the Decider the right to commit a War Crime of Aggression against Iraq.

    Back in September of 2006 I wrote a scathing post about the MCA of 2006 that was up for passage in both the House and Senate. I called this bill the Torture Bill, but it was far more then that.

    See link below.

    This bill gave the Decider unlimited power that no President should ever have and I do mean no President, not Republican or Democrat.

    I have believed that this was the main reason that Nancy Pelosi took Impeachment off the table and still remains the main reason that the Democrats continue to cave in to the Dictator sitting in the Peoples House.

    They are all afraid that he will arrest them as Enemy Combatants just like Hitler did to the German Legislature after he got his Enabling Act passed.

    They think that he will step down and then they can hold them all accountable, but like the German Legislatures who thought they could contain and rein in Hitler their wrong.

    Bush will not let anyone use these powers against him or anyone associated with his administration and I more than ever now believe that it is too late to get our country and Constitution back short of a Revolution.

    Sorry too leave such a down comment, but I truly believe know that we as a country are totally F**ked.

    I’ll check back later to see what everyone thinks about what I wrote yesterday and tonight.

    Once again I’m sorry being such a pessimist.

    God Bless.

  51. Tonyb39

    Ha Ha! Go Buckeye’s for you.Thanks and your post was just right,glad you didn’t delete anything!!! I think we agree more than we disagree.I think thats true of most Obama supporters and Clinton supporters.I think its just sometimes hard to look past the anger!! I also understand the frustration by some of Sen.Obama’s supporters towards Hillary supporters like me.I know we need change after eight long Bush years of Hell and the Obama supporters want that more than ever and don’t want anything to stand in the way of that happening.Time is the answer and Novembers a way off.Thanks

  52. dog's eye view

    howdy Tony. Good to see you dropping by.

  53. dog's eye view

    NBC, ABC and CBS anchors to cover Obama – Hagel’s trip to Iraq.

  54. Chef Sheila

    Ya Tony,

    Us Left Coasters are still up. I just got home from dinner!

  55. colleen

    couldn’t sleep…

    Karolenna, wonderful commentary…

    the European press is not giving a pass to McCain as are their American counterparts, so if anyone is thinking in their wild, defiant minds, of voting for McCain, with a tacit approval of his friend Phil Gramm, both of whom clearly disdain the poor and the elderly,I would hope they’d read this first, and be very afraid…

    Johann Hari: We have everything to fear from McCain

  56. Morning kids,

    I have some ebay items that are concluding today and will need to be on the computer a lot!

    I have not been on much in the last two or three days but hope to be on a bit today.

    See you

  57. The Guardian is reporting the US is going to establish a “diplomatic presence” in Tehran

    From my personal experience the rank and file GOP voter is not going to be smart enough to see the reversal from just a few weeks ago when they were sending out their little fembots to accuse Obama of “appeasement.”

    And if this story is true, what is McCain going to say about it now?

  58. dog's eye view

    Obama campaign raises $52 million in June; average contribution was $68.

    McCain campaign raised $22 million in June, their best month ever, but are accepting public funds.

  59. dog's eye view

    This blog does not like links from the NY Times! Has delayed a post I just put up.

    Without the link:

    Obama campaign raised $52 million in June with average contribution of $68. This up from “disappointing” $21.9 million May haul.

    June was the McCain campaign’s best month ever for fundraising: $22 million, although McCain has pledged to accept public financing.

  60. dog's eye view

    Colleen: so good to see you here this morning! Hope the back is feeling better. You’ve been missed.

  61. Chef Sheila

    Gosh Colleen,

    Chills on that Be Afraid of McCain article. Its the Phill Graham reminder that really makes me afraid. I had no idea he was intimate with Graham…..cold hearted evil man.

  62. Chef Sheila

    OK jUST KILL ME TODAY…..Why do we have to go through these nightmare scenarios?

    Bush Administration Tries to Redefine Contraception as Abortion

    Speaker Pelosi released the following statement on the Administration’s draft proposal:

    If the Administration goes through with this draft proposal, it will launch a dangerous assault on women’s health.

    The majority of Americans oppose this out of touch position that redefines contraception as abortion and represents a sustained pattern of the Bush Administration to reject medical and sound science in favor of a misguided ideology that has no place in our government.

    I urge the President to reject this policy and join with Democrats to focus on preventing unintended pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion through increasing access to family planning services and access to affordable birth control

  63. Chef Sheila

    Obama’s Trip.

    I’m praying that its not turned into a circus

  64. dog's eye view

    Kind of sad story about Obama’s father and his descent fueled by career disappointment (Kenya was very corrupt; Barack Sr was a Luo tribesman when the first president Jomo Kenyatta’s Kikuyu held the power) and alcohol.,0,6341121,full.story

  65. Chef Sheila

    Good story Dog. I really enjoyed.

    Jesse Jackson is now officially Toast!

  66. dog's eye view

    CNN unscientific readers’ results poll:

    What’s the front line in the war on terror?

    Iraq 11%
    Afghanistan 89%

  67. Shelia,

    I think I can feel the movement of the Obama campaign. It’s seems to becoming an much bigger than life phenomenon. It’s global…and from the reports I have seen they love Barack.

    Maybe I am slow to recognize, but I donated, bought two t-shirts, and feel really excited about the possibilities of getting away from the Bush republican administration.

    Telling th public that Barack might have trouble raising money was the best thing the Wall Street Journal could have done.

    excited about the possibilities = true hope

  68. It may become a circus…..but not in a bad way 😉

  69. dog's eye view

    I loved how the NY Times headline re network anchors traveling to Iraq with Obama read “Media Stars Will Accompany Obama Overseas.”

    Not “top journalists”. There’s pencil (laptop) press and then the blow-dried, teleprompter set.

  70. Chef Sheila

    Thats all I want burrito,

    I am so invested at this point, having the big 3 and the big media stars adding to the trip is troubling. I would hope that they are going to keep a little distance to let the rest of the world in.

    Any time the Big 3 get involved, it gets circus like and could put off potention voters.

    Also, create an atmosphere that is condusive to big mistakes on the part of the candidate.

    So i am ering on the side of wishing the Big three would just stay home and allow the regular press to handle this. They do very well.

  71. The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee ended June with a combined total of $92.3 million in the bank. The figure represents a notable fundraising jump, especially for the DNC.

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