Understanding Evangelical, Politics, and the Upcoming Meeting at Saddleback Church, by Chef Sheila

So Brian and I were discussing the subject of Obama and McCain’s upcoming talk to Saddleback Church in California. A Baptist Mega Church and the home of Pastor Rick Warren, author of “Purpose Driven Life”, a national best seller.

I’ve seen a lot of comments of uneasiness and fear from all fronts on the Democratic side; again we have a huge tent that includes Christians too. Increasingly I am feeling a sense of uneasiness by the still rank feelings created by Karl Rove’s use of James Dobson and a few other Mega-Church Leaders who decided to enter the game of politics. This is an area that deserves some information and education, but with pure situational logic.

So let’s start with the definitions, which are long enough and then I will give you my understanding of what is going to happen at Saddleback Church.

The word Protestant is derived from the Latin protestatio meaning declaration which refers to the letter of protestation by Lutheran princes against the decision of the Diet of Speyer in 1529, which reaffirmed the edict of the Diet of Worms against the Reformation.[2] Since that time, the term Protestantism has been used in many different senses, often as a general term to refer to Western Christianity that is not subject to Papal authority.[2]

While the faiths and churches born directly or indirectly of the Protestant Reformation constitute Protestantism, in common usage, the term is often used in contradistinction to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.[3] This usage is imprecise, however, as there are non-Roman Catholic and non-Eastern Orthodox traditions that predate the Reformation (notably Oriental Orthodoxy). The Anglican tradition, although historically influenced by the Protestant Reformation in what is called the English Reformation, differs from many Reformation principles and understands itself to be a middle path—a via media—between Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrines. Other groups, such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, reject traditional Protestantism as another deviation from true Christianity, while perceiving themselves to be restorationists.

Evangelicalism is a theological perspective, most closely associated with Protestant Christianity, which identifies with the gospel. Although evangelicalism has been defined in a number of ways,[1] most adherents consider belief in the need for personal conversion (or being “born again“), some expression of the gospel through evangelism, a high regard for Biblical authority, and an emphasis on the death and resurrection of Jesus to be key characteristics

The charismatic movement begins with the adoption of certain beliefs typical of those held by Pentecostal Christians — specifically what are known as the biblical charisms or spiritual gifts: glossolalia (speaking in tongues), prophesying, supernatural healing — by those within mainstream Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. Many charismatic Christians went on to form separate churches and

Baptist is a term describing individuals belonging to a Baptist church or a Baptist denomination. The name is derived from a conviction that followers of Jesus Christ are commanded to be baptized (most commonly by being immersed in water) as a public display of their faith, and thus most adherents reject infant baptism. The Baptists number over 110 million worldwide in more than 220,000 congregations, and are considered the largest world communion of evangelical Protestants, with an estimated 32 million members in North America.[4] Large populations of Baptists also exist in Asia, Africa and Latin America, notably in India (2.4 million), Nigeria (2.5 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (1.9 million), and Brazil (1.7million).[5]

According to a poll in the 1990s, about one in five Christians in the United States claims to be a Baptist. U.S. Baptists are represented in more than fifty separate groups. Ninety-two percent of Baptists are found in five of those bodies — the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC); National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. (NBC); National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.; (NBCA); American Baptist Churches in the USA (ABC); and Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Sheila Here again!

The movement of Evangelical leaders who were became embroiled in the 2004 election and in my opinion lead down a garden path by Karl Rove, is mostly Baptists. Baptists have a rigid interpretation of the Bible, while the rest of us have branch out in our own interpretations and what matters to us most. Good or bad? Not my place to make a declaration of that sort. I will state to you all thought that none of us are what the True Church of Jesus Christ intended. We are a broad as the many flavors of Basken and Robbins.

Rick Warren and the Saddle Back Church. He is a Charismatic Leader and now you understand that the term “Charismatic” is not because he has Charisma. His Church is 22,000 strong, but it’s not a bunch of people in a football stadium. There are four satellite churches in the region.

Saddleback and my Church here in Tacoma is a revisit of an old idea that was reborn. These churches are not just churches, they are fully intact communities. They have K thru 12 schools, food banks and offices for the poor, Psychiatric services, outreach to prisons and underprivileged regions of the US. Missions to foreign countries. Inside the Churches are mini malls with a common area where people gather before and after church. Gift shops with books and music and things relevant for their beliefs. A coffee bar, bistro, Information desk. The child care area.

OK….you have the background and now the pay off. Short and sweet.

Pastor Warren is the type of pastor that does not put politics, his or a movements, in his church’s mission. He is not a political figure. I believe Warren has become more like a Billy Graham figure.

However, in all churches now and in the past, information is with educational points of compare and contrast are used to educate the community. One of our historical examples was how Civil Rights was born. In this case, Pastor Warren believes it is wise to allow both candidates to come and answer questions in a civil manner.

Pastor Warren is going to have each candidate in separately for an
hour a piece. They are going to answer questions gathered through his congregation, monitored and given by Warren. Christians have a right to ask their candidates questions that will make a help them make a decision in the most important election in their lifetime too.

Both candidates are wise to stay away from the Christian Right and the Leaders of the 2004 movement.

I hope I have given you something to formulate your own thoughts on this next gaggle of crazy comments on August 21st.



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98 responses to “Understanding Evangelical, Politics, and the Upcoming Meeting at Saddleback Church, by Chef Sheila

  1. Well everything I could hope to know about you goys and then some! I do have to admit when politicians get chummy with religious figures it does make me pause. I think Obama is walking a fine line with this crowd, I just he manages to keep his balance!

  2. Fascinating post Sheila, lots of good work and hard work…thanks!

  3. Brian, Lieberman keeps sinking lower and lower doesn’t he?

  4. Just when you think a snake can’t get any lower….

  5. dnd

    Interesting piece. Pastor Warren is a feel-good kinda guy, so it will be interesting to see the contrast between the campaign of fear and the campaign of hope in that church.

  6. Chef Sheila

    Thanks guys. If you hate the idea speak up. Cause this is a free speech forum. Not gone are the days of disagreement. ;0)

    I am not sure about this myself. I would feel better as we get closer to find out that its a closed forum for his church.

    but if they do open it up, I hope its done with one camera crew.

  7. Chef Sheila


    Warren is like most of the Charismatic types. They tend to keep their own personal opinions close to their chests and use this type of stuff as a forum for learning and parables

  8. Chef Sheila

    So Brian

    You clear on the differences now? lol

  9. More than clear, my head hurts with all this info!

  10. Chef Sheila

    Good! Glad I could stretch some of those dormant cells! {{Ducks}}

  11. VoteVets.org newest commericial

  12. Chef Sheila

    wow. That ought to get some attention. As much highlighting as possible please!

    Throw it down Guys!

  13. Karolenna

    Guys, Obama had to lean a little to the right to catch some of the Christians amongst us, but I think it so funny how the Neocons like to paint liberals as being infidels. My Dad was a liberal all his life and he was a very strong Christian.

    One thing about showing up at Rick Warren’s church – just be thankful that it isn’t at Rod Parsley’s mega church. It’s filled with extreme right wing nuts. At least Warren, IMO, has some who seem to be more level-headed.

    Remember when Obama spoke at Rick Warren’s church before with Brownback and Brownback welcomed Obama “to his house”. When Obama took the stage he said “this is my house too”. Video is halfway down page.


  14. dog's eye view

    The Prince of Darkness in a Batmobile wanna be.

    DC people: stay on the sidewalk!


  15. dog's eye view

    A Reagan “kitchen cabinet” member has died. LA Times obit for Charles Z. Wick, who ran the US Information Agency.


  16. Chef Sheila


    Thanks! I really enjoyed that link. Obama and Warren are on their own in the midst of a sea of hypocrites from the right AND the left.

  17. eProf2

    Nicely done column, Sheila. Very informative and insightful on your part!

  18. Chef Sheila

    Why EPROF! I thank you very much. I hope your one of the lurkers we have every day. We would love to have your postings much much more!

  19. eprof greetings old friend!

    Rod Parsley’s crazy. period.

  20. Rod Parsley crazy as bat shit! LOL

  21. Chef Sheila

    Cell phones. Oh Well, it was a great arguement anyway.

  22. Keith is going to have the same effect on John McCain that Chevy Chase had on Ford.

  23. Sheila…

    Good post on religion.

    I think that Rick Warren maybe the real thing. I believe that I saw a interview with him on Bill Moyers once and Warren came across very good.

    He really seemed to believe that we were to help those who need help and not condemn them for what many on the Religious Reich constantly do for the way they live there lives.

    A person who truly believes and tries to live his life according to the teachings of Jesus.

    God Bless.

  24. Chef Sheila

    Not so sure,

    But can’t wait to see what SNL does this weekend! “Bitch is the New Black” ;0)

  25. Chef Sheila

    I have to say,,,, I’ve seen the John Adams series Three time now and I still get wet eyes with the performances. Simply spectacular

  26. AMMAN, Jordan — The king drove the senator to the airport.

    After dinner at His Majesty’s palace tonight, known here as Beit Al Urdan, Senator Barack Obama was headed to catch a plane to Israel. So King Abdullah got behind the wheel of his dark-gray Mercedes Benz, Mr. Obama hopped in the passenger’s seat and they headed through the streets to Jordan/Queen Alia International Airport.


    haha, cool!

  27. So what’s everyone’s feelings about tomorrows Berlin speech, part of me is nervous about it. Everything has gone so well so far!

  28. Chef Sheila

    Its a wild card. How the audience reacts is important. First, the American people. Will they be moved by his speech. Then the world. How will they be on camera. Because we will have American’s there. But will we see them too?

  29. I’m just not sure what type of speech he’s going to give, nor do I know what type of speech he should give. Uncharted waters here!

  30. Chef Sheila

    Whatever it will be. He is sure to have written something that came from the core of him and his heart…..at least I hope he keeps “The Humanity Every Man” intact after this first leg.

  31. He has to be careful about coming off as if he’s already elected, hubris is a campaign killer.

  32. Chef Sheila

    I think he has that Cadance down just right now. He’s not over the top gleefull like you ;0)

  33. Chef Sheila

    sigh…..saw Dan’s hair piece finally. Looks like he’s heading for his dad’s hair likeness for sure!

  34. Oh now I’m going to be insulted over here too! You’re a monster, a monster I tell ya!

  35. UB…

    I added your site to my links, I hope you don’t mind.

    God Bless.

  36. Hey AP, hows the new cat coming along?

  37. Hey Shelia, and all others….

    Great Post I’ll have to go back and read more to really get it all straight….since I am basically an agnostic. That said, I believe that both candidates need to, and should, talk to the various religious leaders if for nothing more than to gain information and insight.

    Thanks for the button link I ordered three..

    I hope Obama’s speech is short and sweet….meaning keep it simple but keep it true…leave them wanting more, and leave them with the a strong hope for a return of an American that isn’t the self appointed arrogant bully of the world.

  38. Brian…

    The new kitty Jasmine had surgery this morning. It seems that she had a abscess in her mouth and they had to open and drain it.

    She also has a cut tongue which the Doctor thinks she got some time ago. It had healed but now she has a split tongue.

    It cost me $485 Dollars and change today. I have to take her back next Tuesday for a check up and I don’t believe that there will be a charge for that.

    The batteries for my camera seem to have died. They will not hold a charge so I haven’t been able to get any pictures yet. When I do I will send them to you.

    God Bless.

  39. Anon , no – thanks that is great….

  40. Chef Sheila

    Well thank you Burrito! Your honest and balanced comment means alot. I hope you do go back. I really think if you have some of it, you will get it or be able to make a better argument as time goes by.

  41. Anon ,
    do you have many cats?

  42. no doubt….Knowledge is power….

  43. Also she walked like she was drunk. Kind of teetering to one side. She also seemed to be very hungry, must be a side effect of the pain medication.

    And just a short while ago while I was trying to type my response to you I discovered that she also likes coffee. Yeah, that’s right, she stuck her head in my coffee cup and had a drink.

    Does this mean she’ll be up all night from caffeine?

    Anyway its good to have her home.

    God Bless.

  44. Chef Sheila

    Poor little girl. Sounds like she needs you to protect her.

  45. 485 bucks a lot of lettuce for a cat.But I’d spend it on mine…..

  46. Don Singleton says, “I don’t think you could believe Carl Rove if he placed his hand on a stack of bibles”

    On Verdict

  47. Gotta run for the night- good night all—

    Something to bear in mind- Saturday is 100 days and counting until the election—–

    Maybe we can count it down toegther and each do just a little something every day for the Big O.

    Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow….


  48. UB…

    After I had to put Ginger to sleep because of her heart I told my landlord that I was getting another cat. In fact I talked him into letting me get two.

    I adopted Baby from the SPCA and she is 8 and 1/2 years old and weighs 17 1/2 lbs. and is not declawed.

    I then adopted another cat named Princess Pepper who had her fronts declawed and was 5 years old, don’t remember how much she weighted, but was a bully.

    She bit Baby just above her tail on the back and it got infected. That cost me $144 Dollars and changed. I also returned Pepper to the rescue site I got her from.

    I have been waiting for about three weeks for another declawed cat and when I saw Jasmine who is only a year old and fully clawed I fell in love with her.

    She is the sweetest thing you will ever see. Of course I’m prejudiced because you probably will say the same thing about your pets. Also her weight is 7 lbs. 1 oz. as of today.

    When I get some pictures I will send them to Brian and maybe put a post up of the new kitties.

    God Bless.

  49. Awe, that is so nice….
    I love animals, and I think they are every bit as important in this world as people…..It’s nice to know people are out there who feel th same way…..That’s nice your landlord let you have two….

    Pictures would be great !

  50. 100 day count down – Great idea.

  51. Usually follow up visits are covered by the surgery fee, hope she’s better real soon.

  52. Well when I can afford new rechargeable batteries I will get some Pic’s.

    Jasmine just cost me an arm and a leg. Also this past weekend I bought a drinking fountain for them and only Jasmine will use it.

    For awhile I put the water bowl back down for Baby, but pulled it after talking to the assistant at the Vets. I was worried that Baby would dehydrate if she refused to use the fountain, however she told me that if she got thirsty enough she would use it.

    I sure hope she’s right. Right now Jasmine is laying on the floor. She has been on my lap for most of the night since I got online and its nice to be able to move and get some feeling back in my butt. It was going numb from not moving with her on my lap.

    I’m skinny so theres not much lap to lay on and even though she’s so small its hard for her to lay without the possibility of her falling off so I had to keep my one arm along her side to prevent that.

    I’m sure she will be in bed with me tonight for at least most of it.

    Baby on the other hand is not a lap cat. She likes to lay in the patio window and that is where she spends most of her time. She does not care to be held and only likes to be petted some.

    She also does not like her stomach petted like Ginger did and also like Jasmine lets me pet hers. She plays a little with a couple of toy catnip mice and when she swings at them and her paw its my hand she tries not to scratch me.

    However, sometimes accidents happen and she just nicks me. If she get the toy she latches on and lets go after a minute or less so I can get it from her and play with her some more.

    Well that’s it for now as I really should start getting ready for the sack, even though I’ll probably end up still up for a couple of hours.

    God Bless.

  53. Karolenna

    Brian, I believe I read or heard that King Abdullah was in Colorado (?) and flew back to Jordan just to talk with Obama. Impressive!

    The polls from the European countries looked pretty impressive tonight about Obama. Most were in the high 60s or 70s and McCain had very low numbers for favorable ratings from the Europeans. Now if only that affected our election.

    My daughter says cats are much more expensive with the vet than dogs. She has both. They share a big bed. I could not have a cat because I have a golden/chow mix dog and she hates all other animals but loves humans. Recued her.

  54. yep Karolenna, smart king.

  55. Let me clarify the patio window part of the last comment.

    I have a sliding glass door off my living room and that’s Babies territory. Sunday Jasmine went over to it and was looking out while Baby went into the kitchen.

    Baby came out and saw Jasmine in the window and slowly walked up behind her. When Jasmine turned her head and saw Baby she turned and sat there looking at her.

    Baby gave a little growl and through a paw. Jasmine through a paw back and then they air boxed without hitting each other.

    Jasmine then crouched and submitted and after a few seconds Jasmine slowly moved away from the window. Since both of them had their ears up I thought things went very well. At least there not trying to kill themselves and it looks like Baby is establishing her area.

    Wish Baby would have done that with Pepper since Pepper had no front claws, but Baby would just fall sideways and put her claws out. She never smacked Pepper and that made Pepper more of a bully.

    Then she bit Baby and that decided Peppers fate in this household. She went back to were she came from.

    They did find a home for her and now she is an only cat in it.

    She was very loving, but she wanted to be the only one so she just didn’t work out.

    Jasmine I’m sure will and I believe that after awhile Baby may just come around to where she will also play with Jasmine. Even if she don’t I know that they can live in the same house and get along with each other.

    That’s it for me, catch you all later. Take care and…

    God Bless.

  56. About the “cell phone only”crowd…just joined it after trying to get my hard line fixed for three weeks…they finally fixed it and it went dead the next day…..needless to say, I don’t fit the mold, but I am there….along with every family member…5 cells….

  57. Karolenna

    John McCain “has been making a series of verbal slips — invariably described as “gaffes” — that are starting to ricochet from liberal blogs to the mainstream media. And fairly or not, some critics are suggesting the 71-year-old Republican candidate is showing his age.” (He’s beginning to sound like my mother, but she’s had a stroke)

    “McCain is the one being treated with journalistic kid gloves. In this view, Obama’s every utterance is scrutinized, while McCain, who enjoyed warm relations with reporters during his 2000 White House campaign, pays little price for blunders.”

    “Politico [for some reason this link on the site doesn’t work] catalogued the errors on its Web site yesterday, saying: “McCain’s mistakes raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age? And what could that mean in the Oval Office?”

    “McCain has also mistaken “Somalia” for “Sudan,” and even football’s Green Bay Packers for the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

    “Ironically, the errors have been concentrated in what should be his area of expertise: foreign affairs.”



    John McCain should be thankful for Obama traveling this week!

  58. eProf2

    Yes, Sheila, I’ve been lurking here for awhile now. I have put BackCh on my blog roll under keeping track of favorites so that I can see whenever a new post has been added with a quick glance. I continue to lurk at CL but can hardly get a word in edgewise for all the comments there.

    AH, nice to be acknowledged as an old friend. (emphasis on old) I continue to see your posts in several venues.

    I like the format over here with thoughtful columns/posts, especially designed for those without a web page. Keep up the good work everyone. See you online.

  59. dog's eye view

    Good to see you eProf! Lurking is fine, but you have raised a lot of spirits with making your visit known.

    Nervously hoping the rain in Virginia stops soon. Have known for sometime that we need some gutter repairs, and just headed off a waterfall in one of the upstairs windows. Heard a trickle of water that should not have been there, and opened window to find about 2 inches of water spilling out. Yikes. Not thrilled about what else might be found tomorrow when it’s light out.

    On the plus side: found a little frog hopping around the backyard hours ago, about the time this rain started. Rarely see them anymore, and thought immediately of C Bob. Lively little guy.

    Last time we had such a big rain, we found an enormous snapping alligator turtle out in our front yard. The frog was fine; we can stop there.

  60. Chef Sheila

    wow! This could end up being a serious Headline and gain for Obama if it comes through!

    Scowcrofts was dissed by GW and basically told to mind his own business when he publically said that Invading was not a good idea.

    Brent Scowcroft Neutral In Presidential Race


  61. Chef Sheila

    Brian, Does that shock you? Not me, but it does make me uneasy.

    Steve, count me in if we can get enough excitment for the 100 days. What are your further thoughts?

  62. colleen

    good morning (?) everyone, another sleepless night

    Sheila, I read your piece several times to try to formulate a reaction in my head and I keep arriving at ambivalence. Personally, I feel that organized religion of any ilk only tends to narrow one’s frame of reference for values because inherent is rejection of another set of beliefs. The way each of us interacts with the world seems to me to either be wrapped in a religious framework, or is in a more encompassing, philosophical approach. As someone who has worked a lifetime in human services, I think I speak for many in my tield who are a little worried about “the church” offering services such as child care and psychiatric treatment since they tend not to fall within regulatory requirements necessary for non-religious services, and quality of care/qualifications of service providers, comes into question. I would hope “the church” differentiates support services from those offered by trained professionals. As an example, for years, the Catholic schools of which I am aware have had far less stringent requirements for teachers, and many of the elementary schools, at least in Southwestern PA, under the auspices of the Catholic Church, have not required their teachers to even have a college degrees.

    I hope politicians are very very cautious about the ways in which they interact with the religious community. Specific to Rick Warren, his readers seem to be a bit cultist in their embracing of the “purpose driven life.” I say, drive with purpose, but caution, and keep an open mind. We are all someone’s children.

  63. Good morning gang….

    Re the 100 days: I have a blog in mind that would be my own creation and separate from BC as I believe this venue is not purely for Obama supporters. The rusty gears in my brain are turning and I will be telling you more, perhaps linking to the official Obama site.

    Sorry to hear about the gutter and rain drama up there in Virginia, Colleen.

    Eprof great to hear you lurking about.

    You just have to shake your head when you hear that MCCain was supposed to go to an offshore oil rig, among other reasons to demonstrate how safe offshore drilling is and then to have his trip canceled due to unsafe conditions from a cat 1 hurricane. It reminds me of Wayne Dowdy’s 1988 Senate Campaign against Trent Lott down in Mississippi when Dowdy got a train called the “Victory Special” that literally got derailed. Its just crazy.

    Will be in and out all day

  64. dnd

    100 day blog sounds interesting. And you’re correct in that this place isn’t just for Obama supporters.

    Too bad McCain’s trip to an offshore rig was canceled. Would have been great press to see him evacuated off the rig. Instead, they showed him grocery shopping with some poor woman and her kids. Good to know a multi-millionaire still pushes a cart round the local Safeway.

  65. dnd

    Hey great to see you. Don’t be a stranger.
    And watch out. The Rockies are catching up to the D-Backs.

  66. dnd

    Yeah dnd saw him in front of the shredded cheese last night talking about the surge and getting the dates mixed up. Surreal

    At least he got rid of the navy hat

  67. dog's eye view

    100 days. Sobering. A lot of work to be done. Steve: good luck with your blog — I would read it.

  68. Horsedooty

    hola y’all resting up this am and then off for another service call in the pm

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  69. Wifey just picked up Scotty MCClellan’s memoirs from the library. I will be reading that over the next few days. Will let you guys know how it is. I am going to watch Obama’s speech today at 1:30. Weather’s cool here.

  70. On the 100 days, will cook up something by Saturday (100 days out) and let everyone know. Morning Horse and Brain

  71. Opps I meant morning Brian, not brain ha ha

  72. same diff Steve, LOL

    FYI yesterday was our best day to date, 513 hits! attaboy to all of us!

  73. Chef Sheila


    Thank you for a very thoughtful post! I can assure after being a person who used phsyc services the People conducting had licenses and refered cases that were more serious to others more capable. Most who used were couples who were trying to save their marriages, rape recovery with links to group therapy and such. Some things that a person felt comfortable in a church family for. That is all.

    Again, I was not trying to convert or anything with this peice. Just giving some needed background like a personal dictionary. For the discussions that will be popping up with this 21 august meeting.

    Thanks again. I knew I could count on you to be a toughtful woman!

  74. dog's eye view

    NY Times article on prizes and the internet spurring innovation.

    If You Have a Problem, Ask Everyone.


  75. Chef Sheila

    My goodness. I wish everyone making hits would show themselves. Get unafraid and come on Down! I love different views!

  76. New State Polls-

    Obama aheads in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, McCain ahead in Colorado


  77. For all of you without access to TV this afternoon HuffPo will be streaming the Berlin speech live starting at 1 eastern.

  78. Someone’s been surfing on realclearpolitics, aye steve?


  79. Yes, Brian, its a good site, to me the best the Right Wing has to offer…..lots of diversity…

  80. I think I’ve found the new official haberdasher for many of the clist crowd, LOL!

    Obama Ugly Slave Tee: “But It’s Not About Race”


  81. Tonyb39

    My God!! Ha!! What a great piece of work!!! I admit to being very leary about anything involving organized religion.I found your post to be very informative and not at all pushing religion.In fact most times i just bypass anything about religion period so Thankyou!! I have many reservations about Sen.Obama but his reaching out to people of faith isn’t one of them.I think he’s doing the right thing,to many times in the past Dems. have just written off people of faith and thats just plain wrong for the party.I admired and liked Hillary because she wen’t after the votes of lunch buckets like myself,people of faith and gun owners.Inclusion is best for the country and yes the Democratic party with its big tent.Now if only we could have some primary rules reform….I’m probably dreaming on that one…

  82. dnd

    Pew Hispanic Center survey shows Hispanics favor Obama over McCain 66% to 23%:


    Se Si Pueda!

  83. Sam

    Darling you are sweet and naive at the same time. EVERYTHING Rick Warren does is for his own agenda! This is a POLITICAL forum. Everyone participating including Rick Warren and his church are being political. If they didn’t want to be political then the church would not hold this forum!

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