If I Were John McCain I’d Be Pretty Pissed Too, by BrianInNYC

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20 responses to “If I Were John McCain I’d Be Pretty Pissed Too, by BrianInNYC

  1. Chef Sheila

    What….no Musci? ;0) Nice pics. The compare and contrast is rich.

    However, what do ya make of the lastest Quinipac? Looks like some work ahead. Next Phase…..rock sockem seal the deal VEEP.

  2. There is always work ahead and the only value polls have right is entertainment value. Hey what’s with you taking the day off, where the old people going?

  3. BTW Sheila if Reed is serious about taking himself out of the VP stakes (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) you might be right, it could end up being Biden!

  4. Chef Sheila

    LOL I hope so, but then we could both be wrong and it could still be Clinton. ;0)

    The person that takes my place has persona business and so I am working tomorrow.

  5. “LOL I hope so, but then we could both be wrong and it could still be Clinton. ;0)”


  6. dnd

    Why no pictures of McCain eating at that German restaurant in Ohio? Is the press biased to Obama 😉

  7. That picture of him sitting at the table is from the German restaurant in Ohio!

  8. I wonder if JMac regrest goading Obama into going to Iraq now.

  9. Chef Sheila

    If you read anything today, read this short clip on a Microphone that caught Obama and British PM unaware.

    Obama muses on need for time to think


  10. Tonyb39

    Hey Hey….Here’s hoping your both wrong and its Hillary to save the day!!!
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! If only to see Brian show some Clinton LOVE….I’m dreaming i know.HA

  11. Good catch there Sheila, and you know what a big fan of naps I am!

  12. dnd

    Wow, great find. A few years back William Sapphire wrote a column on being connected 24/7 with a cell phone, blackberry, etc. He stressed that these electronic tethers made it impossible to set aside time for sober reflection.

    When my brother was in grad school (psychology) he came across a study about how the Kennedy’s decompress. They don’t spend their vacation time packing the kids in the mini-van for a stressful drive across country to Disneyland (I think this is the 25th anniversary of National Lampoon’s Vacation) . Nope they go to their compound, they relax and they recharge their batteries.

    It’s good to know that Obama knows the danger of not taking time to think.

  13. JFK also was a nap taker, every afternoon he and Jackie would return to the residence for a quiet hour!

  14. Barack Obama has stretched his lead over John McCain among national registered voters to seven percentage points, 48% to 41%, in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted July 23-25.


  15. dog's eye view

    Morning Steve, Colleen and any other East Coast larks. Hitting the road; check in with you later.

    Brian: don’t tell me you are still up! Saw the 4:00ish post.

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