Open Thread Sunday, you fill in the blanks!



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76 responses to “Open Thread Sunday, you fill in the blanks!

  1. dnd

    100 days to go.

  2. McCain Blogger: Obama supporters are “goons” and he is “ilitist” and “racial.” (His spelling, not mine)

    I think this one speaks for itself.

  3. Its pretty clear to me now that McCain is going to go completely negative from here on out with his treason rhetoric and ends justify the mean in Iraq logic. It will be up to Obama to fight back and fight hard. This is right around the same time that Bush put Kerry away (though we didn’t really know it at the time) when Kerry vacationed while they started those swift boat ads.

  4. dnd

    Dick Williams and Goose Gossage go into the Baseball Hall of Fame today:

    About time…

  5. Chef Sheila

    Morning. I”m up early enough to watch meet the press….

  6. Chef Sheila

    MPT, Here comes the Hard part. Its time and Obama gave up some specifics. Now for the taking a part and spinning on his points. But I’m glad its just weeks coming into the Convention.

    Its time to beginning drumming back on all the “Swiftboating” McCain has been doing.

  7. good morning fellow “goons” and “ilitist” –

    The interesting thing about that article, is the exposure of the blog world to the non-blog world.

    If some TV Network chose to, they could totally discredited and expose almost any blog as well as the host blogger, just by publishing some ridiculous thread. It’s somewhat akin to a reputation, and once you loose it……

    drinking jo ( oops did I say “jo” ha! it’s a “latte” by the elitist mandate )

    Obama rocks 2008 !

    btw 12,000+ hits woo hoo!!

  8. Chef Sheila

    Morning Ice Momma!

    I’m sitting here drining Joe. LOL I am just sitting and trying not to think just yet

  9. dnd

    McCain on ThisWeek. He looks, um, orange.

  10. Chef Sheila

    …drining Joe? How do I do that? lol

    This week is almost lost to me. its on at 4pm here. If my laptop could tolerate full programs, it would be ok. But I get a lot of “Buffering” interuption. The Verizon signal here is not too strong yet.

  11. Chef Sheila

    Orange? Did you check you screen? ;0) Is he making a solid defense?

    I was listening to radio last night. The show was making a case for the Networks directing and leading a fight between the two candidates. They were making a case for why we aren’t hearing the push back on McCain Gaffs. Is the MSM still in the tank for McCain and also being directed by their corporate bosses?

  12. Lurning fyi

    Rasmussen still has Obama up 5 in tracking….

  13. Chef Sheila

    So this is what the MSM has taught us this week.

    McCain says that Obama was always wrong on the surge and He always knew that the surge was working even before the surge was called and even before the Sunni Awakening had begun.

    Even thought Obama’s argument is sound and wise.

    McCain says Obama should not have gone overseas with a media circus, even though he went and refused the press access for his trips.

    The polls say that McCain is catching up to Obama in battle ground states, even though the Rasmussen Report is mainly conservative and gives us more conservative view.

    CNN is looking more and more like they want fisticuffs

    What else have a Missed?

  14. Chef Sheila

    Face the Nation looks good. Reed and Hagel are going to be on. I can’t watch it. Gotta work.

  15. You forgot to mention that McCain says Obama wants us to lose a war for political gain, and Obama needs to get on Tv and answer him. Have a good day at work

  16. Horsedooty

    with all the talk about using popular bands before and after the speeches of BHO to raise large crowds, I have just heard that McCain is gonna have a rally in the parking lot of Wal-Mart with the Lawrence Welk orchestra.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  17. Good morning peeps, missed MTP, I’ll watch it later. How did it go?

  18. McCain is going for all the “left out” people…..tugging at their vulnerable insecurities that live inside some people who hold on to old hurts of being left out…now that is really pathetic and just plain wrong….

    I can see how it might work for some, but anyone with a brain should feel insulted.

    That McCain would ever have that thought is very telling….losing is one thing, but “left out”… about jr. high school mentality….

  19. Even the terminology being use to describe younger voters is becoming more like ridicule instead of respect.

    Apparently, some crotchety old people can’t remember what it’s like to be young, have hope, and be excited… they tear it down…and feel left out. ~~~ how nice ~~~

    Meanwhile, 18 + year olds are enlisting everyday, studying and becoming leaders, entering the workforce…..and working for better lives.

  20. dnd

    Obama is having a meeting about the economy tomorrow with Warren Buffet, Bob Rubin, and Paul Volcker.

    Now what the hell do these guys know about economics? 😉

  21. Good, he’s got to start seriously hammering away at Johnny on the economy.

  22. Watching Obama on CNN, looks tired, but the gray hairs that are coming in I think will prove to be an asset.

  23. dnd

    Obama looked tired on MTP too. He was still in London when it was recorded. He needs to take a couple days off.

  24. Horsedooty

    anyone that has had to travel for a living understands just how tired you can get when working for a week out of your normal time zone. Even if you get the normal 8 hours sleep, you body clock is out of whack and that takes a toll. Traveling to Europe or the Middle East further sends you body out of whack. I agree that he probably needs a couple of days off.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  25. dnd

    On the Chris Matthews Show, Joe Klein posited that Sen Ken Salazar (D-CO) might be a veep choice. He’s moderate Hispanic, who’s family was in Colorado long before Colorado was a state.

    Not gonna happen. Nobody outside of the west knows him, and as far as the experience thing goes, Salazar came into the Senate the same time that Obama did. He is pretty boring though 😉

  26. dnd

    And once again, my favorite curmudgeon, Ed Quillen, on Obama causing gas to be $4/gal:

  27. Horsedooty

    this is too choice not to post it everywhere.

    McCain is incompetent

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  28. The man is sinking to lows rarely seen in presidential politics, it’s quite stunning really. Usually they leave this type of shit up to others!

  29. dnd

    Yeah Doots, the ThisWeek performance was not one of McCain’s better appearances. You kind of half expected him to be yelling at the camera crew: “hey you kids, get off my lawn!”

  30. dnd

    I think the definitive reporting on this was done on the Daily Show:

  31. Obama now competing in the red states

    Sorry if this double posted. I tried once but it didnt show up.

  32. dnd

    Well gang, it’s official: I’m happy. There are three things around here that make life worth livin’ in the summer (other than home grown tomatoes): peaches from Fruta, sweet corn from Olathe and Rocky Ford cantaloupes. Ok, truth is there are lots of places that grow good peaches, and I’ve had sweet corn in Iowa that’s every bit as good as that from Olathe, which is mighty damn good. But nowhere in the world can they grow a cantaloupe as good as they can as in Rocky Ford.

    I’ve had cantaloupe in Europe. I’ve had cantaloupe in Japan; the kind that comes in a fancy wrapper and costs $50 apiece. I’ve had cantaloupe in Central America and cantaloupe in Canada. All good, but none even comes close to Rocky Ford cantaloupe.

    Well it’s finally coming in. The season is short, so you have to savor it while you can. Those of you who’ve tried it know of what I speak. Those of you who haven’t, put it on your bucket list. You’ll understand once you taste it.

  33. dnd

    ps. Rockies swept the Reds today at Cincy 11-0. That makes me happy too. But not as happy as Rocky Ford cantaloupe 😉


    Anti-Bill Clinton rag Columnist says Romney will doom McCain.

    Cheers dnd

  35. I think he’ll pick Romney with the hope that somehow he can deliver MI to him, not going to happen.

  36. The columnist did raise that point, but kind of shrugged if it off with “there’s no evidence Mitt would help there.” I don’t know who in the hell else he can put on that ticket. Seriously.

  37. I don’t either, the GOP is sorely lacking in tallent! And I’m not trying to be a smart ass with that comment.

  38. dnd

    Thanks for the link about PA. Rendell could definitely be a player for the Obama crowd. And it’ll send a thrill up Matthews Philly leg.

    I don’t think Romney will help McCain much, other than Michigan. Many view him as an empty suit with good hair. Or worse, are suspicious his Mormon religion. I think McCain needs somebody from the south.

    It certainly won’t be Phil Graham (side note: Doots, do you consider Texas “the south” or “the west”? I tend to think of it as “the west”). Lindsey Graham is too polarizing. And Billy Graham too infirmed. So I don’t know, but I’m open to ideas.

    But hey, who cares? I’ve got Rocky Ford cantaloupe!

  39. Huckabee? Haley Barbour? That Jindal guy?

  40. dnd

    As to Michigan, McCain is currently doing ok there. This is the place where he told auto workers: “your jobs are gone and the ain’t coming back.” Go figure.

    My brother lives in Michigan, is a die hard Republican (go figure), hates Obama, and thinks McCain will be steamrolled in this election.

  41. dnd

    “Huckabee? Haley Barbour? That Jindal guy?”

    Hillary! 😉

    Ok, just kidding. She’s for Obama and she means it.

    Let’s see, who’s a lovable Republican? Hagel? Nope, he’s for Obama. Lincoln Chafee? Haven’t heard much from him lately. Olympia Snow? Maine would hate to lose their senior senator and all the power she has from all her time in office. Not sure how well she’d dance with McCain. But you heard it hear first!

  42. Licoln Chafee, haha, you funny

  43. dnd

    Um, I meant to say:

    Maine would hate to lose their senior senator and all the power she has from her time in office. Not sure how well she’d dance with McCain. But you heard it here first!

    I’m under the influence. Of Rocky Ford cantaloupe 😉

  44. has at the top of its front page a chart suggesting that the presidential election is all but over.

    The public opinion experts who run the site say states with 284 electoral college votes – 14 more than the 270 needed to win – lean to or firmly support Barack Obama; states with 147 lean toward or are in John McCain’s camp; and 10 states with 107 electoral votes are tossups.

  45. Chef Sheila

    Just in for a minute folks. Great thread. I have really enjoyed reading today.

    Dnd…..I just have four words for you……”When can I come?”

    ;0) See ya’ll later!

  46. dnd

    ”When can I come?”

    Only in season. 😉

    Rocky Ford cantaloupe makes meal planning easy:

    Breakfast: Half a cantaloupe filled with plain yogurt.
    Snack: chilled cantaloupe chunks.
    Dessert: cantaloupe with vanilla ice cream.

    Who’s hungry?

  47. Horsedooty

    d nd,

    Texas is considered the Southwest. Fort Worth has been called “Where the west begins”. I wanna try me one of those $50 cantaloupes. I can send you my mailing address.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  48. Chef Sheila

    I will try anything once, but by golly it had better be worth fifty!

  49. For 50 bucks it better come with a 19 y/o lacrosse player who’s questioning his sexuality!

  50. dnd

    Not sure about lacrosse, but here’s Jerry Jeff’s take on sport:

  51. Chef Sheila,0,712999.story

    In study, evidence of liberal-bias bias

    Cable talking heads accuse broadcast networks of liberal bias — but a think tank finds that ABC, NBC and CBS were tougher on Barack Obama than on John McCain in recent weeks.

  52. Chef Sheila

    Obama Berlin Speech: US Foreign Service Workers Instructed Not To Attend

    Here comes the swiftboating in force. Time to tighten up….

  53. Petrayus says no to time table

    Someone help me out here. Isn’t this guy supposed to carry out policy and not set it? He needs to STFU and do his job.

  54. For Obama, Hurdles exist in expanding the black vote

    Mainly deals with Georgia, but article is a good discussion on voter registration drive

  55. Hagel: McCain Treading On Very Thin Ground
    GOP Senator Says McCain Ad Impugning Obama’s Patriotism Is Inappropriate

  56. Rasmussen Tracking has Obama’s lead back to +3

  57. I’m growing skeptical of the Rasmussen, I wish I knew more about who they are polling.

  58. dnd,

    I have a surge post coming up here in a bit.

  59. Steve check your email, I just sent you something

  60. dnd

    Looking forward to it Hip. I saw that the former prime minister Ayad Allawi told Dana Rohrabacher the surge failed in it’s primary mission.

  61. hygieboorgogs

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  62. alurdyAbubbam

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