It’s the Economy, Stupid!!! Or, is it?, by Karolenna

“Citing his strong business and economic experience, Mitt Romney argued in Denver Friday [February 1, 2008] that John McCain would be wrong for the country in the current climate.”

It’s no surprise that I agree with Romney. Wonder if Romney can bring any strength to McCain’s weak economic positions or complete lack thereof. It seems that all McCain can talk about is national security. He brings it into the conversation whenever and wherever he can because that’s about all he’s got unless he wants to talk about being a prisoner of war.

Ever wonder what would have happened if Gore had won the election (well, he actually did, it’s just that the Supreme Court and Florida politicians decided they wanted someone else). I’ve thought about that often. Wonder if families who have lost loved ones think about that? The soldiers who are gravely changed either physically or mentally from these wars? The families who have loved ones who have committed suicide? Or, is that dwelling in the past? I bet they think about it. I tend to dwell on things that bother me, not to the point of becoming mad but to the point of thinking just “what if”. The other day I started doing some checking about what lead us where we are now. I found an interesting piece in Time Magazine. I think the next paragraph says so much with very few words.

“Sometimes history is made by the force of arms on battlefields, sometimes by the fall of an exhausted empire. But often when historians set about figuring why a nation took one course rather than another, they are most interested in who said what to whom at a meeting far from the public eye whose true significance may have been missed even by those who took part in it.

One such meeting took place in the White House situation room during the first week of January 2001. The session was part of a program designed by Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, who wanted the transition between the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations to run as smoothly as possible. With some bitterness, Berger remembered how little he and his colleagues had been helped by the first Bush Administration in 1992-93. Eager to avoid a repeat of that experience, he had set up a series of 10 briefings by his team for his successor, Condoleezza Rice, and her deputy, Stephen Hadley.

Berger attended only one of the briefings — the session that dealt with the threat posed to the U.S. by international terrorism, and especially by al-Qaeda. “I’m coming to this briefing,” he says he told Rice, “to underscore how important I think this subject is.” Later, alone in his office with Rice, Berger says he told her, “I believe that the Bush Administration will spend more time on terrorism generally, and on al-Qaeda specifically, than any other subject.” They have and the economy has suffered. Also, Gore would have known what Sandy Berger had warned about al-Qaeda. Don’t you think he would have been listening when Richard Clarke warned of the possibility of an attack, something the Bush administration dismissed?

At the link below Michael Elliott of Time Magazine goes on to talk about Richard Clarke’s involvement in the warnings and how seriously he took the al-Qaeda threat. But, we have all heard about that especially with Clarke’s book. Rice says she does not remember Berger attending the meeting, but that would seem to go along with her testimony to Congress about the war …something I do not believe.

“The plan [to confront al-Quaeda] was estimated to cost ‘several hundreds of millions of dollars.’ In the words of a senior Bush Administration official [later], the proposals amounted to “everything we’ve done since 9/11.”

Mind you, this article was written on August 2, 2002. Millions of dollars!!!! As of July 25, 2008 the cost of the Iraqi War was up to $648 billion and heading toward a trillion.,9171,1101020812-333890,00.html

In an interview with McCain in June at money.cnn he was asked about the economy:

“We wanted to know what single economic threat he [McCain] perceives above all others.”

“He’s looking not at us but into the void.

His eyes are narrowed.

Nine seconds of silence,

ten seconds,

11 [we’ve seen this before – remember the Viagra question].

Finally he says, “Well, I would think that the absolute gravest threat is the struggle that we’re in against radical Islamic extremism, which can affect, if they prevail, our very existence. Another successful attack on the United States of America could have devastating consequences.”

“Not America’s dependence on foreign oil? Not climate change? Not the crushing cost of health care? Eventually McCain gets around to mentioning all three of those. But he starts by deftly turning the economy into a national security issue…”

NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE!! Where have we heard this before? They’re doing it again even with the economy in the loo (as the British would say)!!! It’s no surprise that the Republicans will use national security as their strength because with McCain, unless he chooses a Romney or Bloomberg [please, don’t], that’s all he has. Doesn’t McCain think the rest of us have learned anything from 9/11? From the intelligence reports? They did have them you know. Even before 9/11. Ever wonder what kind of country we would have now if Gore would have been president?

Many think Jim Cramer, who had the CNBC show “Mad Money”, is crazy but he would seem to know much about money and investments. His opinion on John McCain and the economy:

“I gotta tell you: McCain is the most disorganized, lack of any knowledge whatsoever about economics.”

So, here we are just about where we were in 2004 waiting to elect another president based on war, terrorist attacks, deceit and scare tactics, when many are thinking about where they are going to get another pay check. Yes, we have to be concerned about being attacked again, but if the right intelligent person with sound judgment is in that office just maybe we can watch out for the terrorists with our intelligence and with the help of our allies, put this country back on a road to some kind of growth and recovery, and trust in the government again. Someone who can actually lead, where yesterday we had a McCain spokesperson say “McCain does not speak for his campaign”. Who does? Actually, the exact words were “by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s chief economic adviser, who said, “[McCain] has certainly I’m sure said things in town hall that don’t jibe perfectly with his written plan. But that doesn’t mean it’s official.”

What is “official” is that we need to use another $648+ billion, soon to go into the trillions, to ensure Afghanistan is stable, bring back money to finance our bridges and roads that are crumbling, and to help create some kind of optimism for the workers of this country who have not had a real job in a long time. Their unemployment is depleted and they are taking on jobs, in spite of their education, they never thought they would have to take just to survive.

No person should ever sit out this election because there is just too much at stake, well, unless it’s all about your ego!!! I’ll take a chance on democracy and vote and just maybe this time it will count.



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16 responses to “It’s the Economy, Stupid!!! Or, is it?, by Karolenna

  1. dog's eye view

    Cross posted this at Trail Mix (and now I’m reading your article, Karo!):

    For anyone in sweltering weather today: WaPost great article on “Alaska on the Fly” by Dana Priest, with slide show.

    The photo of the moose wading across a lake alone may reduce your ambient temperature by 5 degrees or so.

  2. dog's eye view

    McCain’s acknowledged economic illiteracy is not going to help him; think it will be hard to turn campaign to national security (in its military sense) this time as so many Americans’ economic security is under threat from short-sighted policies and the pressure of globalism.

    But it could happen. You are right — people need to work intensely on behalf of their preferred candidates — cannot take anything for granted this election.

    On lighter note: Steven Colbert has a spider named for him. SC biologist previously named an arachnid after Neil Young; Colbert demanded spider parity.

  3. You’re right K, it’s always about fear with the repugs, that’s what they’ve spent the last week doing, trying to scare America out of voting for Obama.

  4. Horsedooty

    I loved the line about McSame being the most disorganized candidate.

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  5. dog's eye view

    Well, it’s up to us to see that the fear card is a loser this fall.

  6. dog's eye view

    Cross posting again: AP will enjoy this sentiment:

    From Andrew Sullivan’s returning to his blog from vacation comment. (PS: Totally recommend Jane Mayer’s book on Bush-Cheney-David Addington and the war on terror and US constitutional rights and our evolving Gitmo policy: “The Dark Side” — has anyone here read or purchased it yet?)

    Andrew: ” …I did some reading and writing. Ron Hansen’s “Exiles” was right up my alley. But Jane Mayer’s “The Dark Side” stayed with me. It’s the most important book yet written about the Bush presidency. Perhaps it was seeing “The Dark Knight” at the same time, but if you read that book, absorb what is tells us about what has happened to this country these past seven years, and then read or watch this election campaign filter through the ether, it is hard to avoid a sense of deep concern about where we’re headed. We have war criminals as president and vice-president, and a constitution staggering after one serious terror attack. But the campaign is about whether Obama is like Paris Hilton.

    The threat of Rove and his ilk is not that their petty, deceptive and irresistibly subjective tactics are evil in a petty, deceptive, childish kind of way. It’s that their venial sins distract from their mortal ones. It’s the mortal ones we have to be worried about. And the mortal ones that they are getting away with.”

    (You might enjoy clicking on Andrew’s link solely for the beach photo and its solitude and light.)

  7. dnd

    Great post Karolenna. If James Carvil was working for Obama, the slogan might be: “It’s the stupid, stupid!”

  8. dnd

    Former Bronco left tackle Gary Zimmerman inducted into the Pro Football of Fame today:

  9. dnd

    Did you read Bob Herbert’s column?
    More on the lovely civil campaign McCain is waging:

  10. Horsedooty

    this is way Off Topic but it is pretty cool

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  11. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Morning kids! I am up in the muggy Appalachians this morning and checking in, hope all are well.

    Read this article this morning about big corporations buying up all the land. I don’t necessarily agree with it but the gist of the article seems to be that corporations are driving up the price of commodities.

    Still nursing KDN, she is doing better gradually…

    I am seeing all kinds of stuff about VP speculation.

    Obama is supposedly in Indians today for a very long visit and no official campaign stop. Looks like he is thinking of putting Bayh on the ticket- not my flavor really-

    Supposedly McCain is vetting this guy Cantor

  12. Horsedooty

    testing testing

    ¡yo soy Horsedooty!

  13. dnd

    Mike Keefe on what’s under the hood of the McCain campaign:

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