Our Growing Political Polarization, by Karolenna

Lately, I’ve been thinking about when I might sell my house and either move into a condo or a one-floor plan house. I like working in my yard, vegetable and flower gardens and would miss that in a condo. The community where I live is not wealthy. Knowing the occupations of many living here, there are individuals I believe could live elsewhere in a more upscale community but they choose to stay here. Homes in my subdivision are probably pretty modestly priced compared to many areas of the country. And, they sell faster than in other communities. This subdivision was built in the mid-60s. Many of the same individuals live here who originally bought, but they are getting older now. The guy behind me has moved into a nursing home. There are some young families who have moved into the community. I downsized here in 2002. It was kind of nice moving here after living on more land in a bigger house on a busy street where interaction with your neighbors was difficult. This seemed to be a utopia and most times it is. The subdivision is called Hills & Dales which describes it. People here talked to you. They waved or stopped when going by if you were out. At Halloween, everyone sits outside and talks with the kids and their parents. During Christmas there are Carolers. People stop to rave about your flowers. I once told a lady at Home Depot about this neighborhood and she actually remembered a television commercial that portrayed a community just like it. I forget the one she told me.

During elections, though, this community is different. Thankfully general elections only come every four years. You can tell when the yard signs go up. Things change. Conversation is more stressed. I now get glares having an Obama sticker in the back window of my vehicle along with a MoveOn “Bush’s Third Term–McCain” sticker. Thought this year I’d wait until after the convention to put up my yard signs. I don’t know how many Independents live here, but, I see a few Democrat yard signs during elections. For the most part, though, this is a nice, neat, well-kept lawns, Christian, Conservative, Republican neighborhood. You know the stereotype. I like neat, well-kept lawns.

I got to thinking about the Hills and Dales Subdivision when I read a piece in the Washington Post called “Political Perils of a ‘Big Sort’?” by Robert J. Samuelson. He talks about studies showing how we are becoming people who like to be with people like ourselves.

“People prefer to be with people like themselves. For all the celebration of “diversity,” it’s sameness that dominates. Most people favor friendships with those who have similar backgrounds, interests and values. It makes for more shared experiences, easier conversations and more comfortable silences. Despite many exceptions, the urge is nearly universal. It’s human nature.”


“The latest manifestation of this is what Bill Bishop calls “the Big Sort.” (Samuelson refers to Bishop as a “recovering newspaper columnist”) By that, he means that Americans have increasingly “clustered in communities of sameness, among people with similar ways of life, beliefs, and, in the end, politics.” Republican fundamentalists congregate with other Republican fundamentalists. Liberal Democrats herd with other liberal Democrats. Environmentalists decamp to Portland, Ore. Child-centered Republican families move to the exurbs of Dallas and Minneapolis.”

Bishop, in collaboration with Robert Cushing, examined voting patterns in elections noting differences in neighborhoods and counties. When Bishop and his wife moved to Austin, TX, “they instinctively selected a neighborhood called Travis Heights” where people were highly liberal like them. While Texans voted 60% for Bush statewide in 2000, in Travis Heights Bush came in third behind Gore and Nader [Go Travis Heights]. They say there are not red/blue states but red/blue counties (and communities). [I bet the Obama team knows every red/blue county in the country.]

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m one of those people who prefers “sameness” and like-minded communities. I am a single woman. I would like to meet someone to share my life, not necessarily marriage, but just someone for activities and having fun. I know without a doubt, though, that I could never enter into a Matlin/Carver-type relationship. I’ve tried to meet nice, intelligent single men, but living in Central Ohio I have just about concluded that there is no one I’ve met to date with whom I share common beliefs. I know there is no perfect relationship, but…. Friends says “K” just give some of these guys a chance. You’re too picky. Well…The last guy I met from a singles site when he wrote me was a page out of Faux News talking points. We met at a Bob Evans restaurant for breakfast one Saturday morning. I thought I’d just sit and allow him to talk. He did. He talked and he talked about how these pro-abortionists were sticking sharp pointed objects into these little fetus’ skulls. He proclaimed the greatness of W and Cheney. He said “I take my Bible to church; I bet you don’t do that”. He raved about his money, his home and his shiny new red big cab pickup truck. But, I did not say much. Just thought about how soon I could get out of that restaurant and hoped anyone I knew did not come in.

As to Bishop’s argument of residential segregation of like-minded people, which Samuelson seems to think is over-stated, a Pew Research Center says there has not been a big significant change with regard to social ideas such as abortion, wars, and gay marriage. More interesting, though, is that people have changed culturally with a higher percentage of people agreeing “not to fire teachers who are known homosexuals” and that it is okay for “blacks and whites to date each other”. At least there is little improvement in our open-mindedness.

As for the blind date, we finally walked outside the restaurant. He asked “So, what do you think?” I was not unkind, but said “I think I need to meet a nice tall Liberal”. (I’m 5’5” and he was about my height. Not to sound shallow and that being shorter is a detriment, but I’ve always dated men much taller and maybe I wanted to get my digs in for what I had been through.) Also, I said “I don’t go to church that often, but when I go I leave my Bible at home and take my heart with me”. Just didn’t like some of the things he had said about people. When I got home I had an email that said “I don’t think we have much in common”.

When I decide to sell my house I’ve deviously thought about trying to get some political segregation into the neighborhood, although it would probably be unlawful unless I knew someone who wanted to buy here. Also, there are many known liberal-leaning neighborhoods inside the I-270 beltway (I’m outside). You just know where they are. Maybe I’ll try to find a house in one of those communities so I can have more in common with the neighborhood; we can share our political strategies as well as common ideals. Who knows, maybe I’d meet a good liberal-thinking man! After all, I choose some blogs that are usually in sync with my thoughts.

The Robert J. Samuelson (Bill Bishop) piece is good and I think interesting.



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  1. Horsedooty

    Having been married to the same woman for over 32 years, I don’t have any dating stories I remember. I think looking for the same type of people is one reason we are here on the Backchannel. Birds of a feather.


  2. harbor

    Karolenna…What a fabulous post! I do believe that the majority of people are most comfortable with those who are like them. However, I know a few people who really are ‘citizens of the world’, and I envy them. Theirs is a wide open world. As for dating, I can’t even imagine! But I enjoyed your story….

  3. Karolenna

    Thanks, Harbor. Don’t get me wrong. Most of my friends here are Republicans or Independents and some say they are nothingat all, but in a personal relationship I feel I need to have someone with my similar thoughts. After all, I think the way you are politically says much about the person you are.

    My best friend and her husband are certainly people of the world. I never know in what country they will be next, but she and I are close. This year both of them are voting for Obama. Surprised the heck out of me. But she always leaned D anyway.

    This community is very ultra conservative, though, except for just a few.

  4. Tonyb39

    I am in awe of your writing abilty.I through your written words get a great sense of who you are and what you believe in.I think its wonderful that you put yourself out there,your brave.I am at the moment into my ME phase.I built a new house with a pool and enjoy all my tropical plants.I was gardening last night until dark and using plenty of bug spray.I put in 3 new Birds of Paridise and new mulch. Oh and did I mention the heat 98 with humidity to boot..Florida! I do have some wonderful Republican friends and I so much enjoy the lively back and forth. I actually try not to make it personal.Oh its hard sometimes that reminds of the time my business partner said President Clinton was the one responsible for 911.OMG I flew into a rage!! I don’t know if I could have an intimate relationship with a right winger though?I come here to read all the BC posts because I always learn something new and I refuse to limit myself to those who just agree with me(Obama supporters vs Hillary supporters) BS…Thanks for sharing yourself

  5. Karolenna

    Thanks Tony. Actually I asked Brian if the piece was too personal, but I pretty much put myself out there. I like to be different. Many see me as a business suit type person, which is where I’ve been much of my life, but I’m mostly a jeans hanging off the hip type. Like today, I’m going out shortly to get my chain saw out of the shed to rid my neighbors of this tree limb of mine hanging over their driveway. He’s been parking his BMW right under it even though he has a garage. His wife has a little Cooper so there has to be room for his car. Makes me think he might be waiting for a big storm. 😕 My daughter will be very upset when she sees I’m going ahead before she gets down here to help. But I just needed someone to steady the ladder. It will be fine.

  6. great piece K, enjoyed it a lot, and a nice change of pace for us. I could never be involved in a relationship with a repug, I’d be afraid to close my eyes at night! Well off to a client, have a good day all.

  7. Karolenna

    Gawd! Maybe I should take my chain saw to the other blog!!! 😈

    Through work I’ve been with so many Repugs who have called me a Commie Pinko and worse. But, I know who I am! That’s what matters with everyone.

  8. Gawd! Maybe I should take my chain saw to the other blog!!! 😈

    I’ll buy the gas!


  9. K, enjoyed your post this morning. Like HD, it’s been more than 22 years since the single scene. What I can add, though, is that when I was single the place I met my wife was on a college campus. If I’m ever single again, I’ll move to a campus community with lots of activities for people of all ages. Last year I visited my son in Durham, NC, and you could feel the energy and progressiveness of both Durham and Chapel Hill, home to Duke and University of North Carolina. In Florida, I would imagine Gainesville or Tallahasee or Miami would be great places to move to in order to meet like-minded or open-minded folks. Again, thanks for your post. Best wishes in your personal challenges.

  10. Horsedooty

    I was reading eprof2’s site today and he said he had been whistling “Teach Your Children Well” and had a youtube video of it. With me sometimes it only takes something like that outside influence to spark a Google search of Steven Stills. I have always loved his singing and guitar playing and song writing. In my mind he has it all. I read about his life on Wiki and then went to his web site.


    the nice surprise is that he has his a album playing on the site for free. It was a scratch demo tape someone sent him that he had recorded maybe 30 years ago. Go to the site and enjoy if you like Steven.


  11. Way to post Karolenna,

    It’s an interesting time in your life….I’d say. Here’s my advise to you…..lol….just what you need….

    Plan A: Go to the local Obama HQ…..and peek in every so often….you might find a like minded friend……If that doesn’t work out….

    Plan B: give a baby Siberian a home…..and find the nearest dog park….you will meet many nice people there.


  12. Karolenna

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I’m not really looking because my life is good, but they say when you aren’t looking is when Mr. Right comes along. He will have to walk up to me as happened in my last long relationship. This guy 10 years my junior walked up to me and asked my name. We dated over nine years. Only problem he wanted all the women he walked up to. 😡

  13. Karolenna

    This is off topic but I am really, really mad. Did you hear about the police shooting the BERWYN HEIGHTS, Md. mayor’s two dogs. Seems people selling drugs sent a package of it to the mayor’s wife and it was dropped on the door step. He happened to come home and took it inside. The people actually buying the drugs were to pick it up but the mayor got to it first. When he picked it up and took it inside the police burst into their home. The one dog ran and the police shot it. The other one ran into a laundry room or something like that. They hunted it down and shot it.

    This reminds me so much of the Patton Smoakes shooting in TN in January 2003 where a family’s pet was shot along side the highway due to a stop where they thought the guy was someone else. I got involved in blogging after that shooting. I could not stand it.

    Police or not they’d have to shoot me before they would shoot my dog. If they did, I’d go after them and they’d probably shoot me. Most people who have any compassion feel their dogs are a part of their family. This is ridiculous.


  14. dog's eye view

    Beat me to it, dnd.

    Gawd, you’re not sleep-deprived enough on a presidential campaign!

    Other shoe has not dropped, revelation of who fathered the baby… very sad for Edwards, his family and his credibility.

    Feel for the whole family; what a nightmare to go through, especially during a slowish news period.


  15. dnd

    The Edwards affair is not good news for Obama. He coulda used Edwards on the campaign trail. Not now. But that’s not important. I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

  16. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Just heard about JE


    I hate that for his wife.

  17. Steve (Aging Hipster)


    I got spamanated again. Can ya fix it?

  18. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Just heard about JE BTW.

    I was kind of afraid of that.

  19. Afternoon peeps,

    Well MSNBC is reporting that Edwards said he did have the affair but it’s not his child. Sad for them all.

  20. dnd

    On the other hand, if Elizabeth Edwards campaigns for Obama, McCain may as well call it a day. Everybody loves and respects her. Well, almost everybody. That cad.

    I hope she’s doing all right.

  21. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    and Its all over the big three cable nets.

    This really pisses me off when i think about Elizabeth.

  22. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    ….and also that he let himself get vetted for Veep.

  23. dnd

    Great piece today. The fact that we like those like us has been going on since the caveman days. My opinion is that these days it’s more financial stratification than anything else. I’ve got friends who don’t share my political beliefs. We don’t talk politics. More to the point, talking about shared interests seems to work pretty well, particularly on passionate issues.

    Your piece got me to thinking, which rates it a solid A.

  24. dog's eye view

    Wow, that would be great if Elizabeth Edwards did turn out for some Obama events. If people did not love her before, and they did…

    No silver lining in this one. Except maybe a cute little baby girl.

  25. dnd

    On another topic, I read anon-p’s post in the past thread about Chuck Todd taking over for Russert. I’ve change my mind. I think he’d be a great replacement. But I still think Jeff Greenfield would be better 😉

  26. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Good writing K, sounds like a date from hell. I have been on them and find them particularly common in the deep south.

  27. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    The Edawrds thing is just sickening.

  28. The interview with the editor of The Enquirer on MSNBC just now was more than a little disgusting.

  29. I guess, I am just going to try to stay out of their personal affairs. Seems to me, that is all I can do, I mean, he said he previously told his wife, and all, so who am I to judge.

    The only place I can get upset, is that he was so stupid (and/or arrogant) , and thought he could just get away with it….and still run for President, and VP…. it just doesn’t work that way.

  30. Exactly UB, my disappointment is really that he won’t be the next AG and I think he has the makings to be a great AG.

  31. ~~~ I didn’t think she was all that hot either~~~

    (inappropriate) ::eyeroll:: (can’t help it )

  32. Chef Sheila


    Well done. I felt like I was reading a piece from Charles Kuralt. I liked it and I know what you mean.

    Most of my dates have been in that way…..so frustrating. I even started forgving these guys.

    Have hope, there may be a teamster for you some day. ;0)

  33. Shelia, when you write – I see little butterflies and heart floating above your smiley face….

    good for you ! 😀

  34. Karolenna

    Thanks Sheila.

    Don’t be like that other place that feels sorry for me (well, some are saying my very few encounters were “affairs” and involving “prostitutes or minors”. Give me a break. If only they knew my real life, for which I am very thankful and happy, they would not be interested at all. Boring! 🙄

    I could probably meet a union guy. Actually, my nine year relationship was with a union guy 10 years my junior. He was a pipe fitter and a great artist (go figure), but honey sometimes those types like more than one. 👿 Be aware. It gives me such pleasure to hear people say “he is still asking about you” after several years! 😀 But no interest.

    If you are interested and didn’t hear, the complete Edwards interview is going to be on Nightline tonight. My guide says at around 11:45 on ABC.

  35. Chef Sheila

    LOL Well, we’ve had a GREAT 4 weeks of talk everyday on the phone…..Sunday is the big meeting day. It would be said if there wasn’t a spark there too.

    He just confessed that he has a hump in his left shoulder which suprised me because I have one on my right……no kust kidding ;0)

  36. Is that your way of telling there will be some humping over the weekend sheila?

  37. Chef Sheila


    Don’t listen to those mean spirited Trolls…..if you can, try to go cold turkey, all though all of us had to come down slowly. ;0)

    And yes, I said that here! However, when you come read and don’t post and then comment about the thread like that, its just down right rude and calling the big kettle black.

    The juvenials.

    There I won’t mention the obvious again.

  38. Chef Sheila

    K and all,

    I’m sad for his family and I’m closing my ears and eyes to this. I just don’t want to hear it.

  39. Chef Sheila

    LOL Gosh Brian,

    ……I didn’t think of that! But no. There will be eyeing.

  40. God damn Barnicle is being a self righteous fuck on Hardball.

  41. Chef Sheila

    I’m sick of it and its just starting.

  42. Karolenna

    “Is that your way of telling there will be some humping over the weekend sheila?”

    Brian, you’re so bad but you gave me a big laugh, something I need right now.

  43. Karolenna

    What is so sad about all the bashing about what is happening with this D convention, etc, is that so many elsewhere don’t even realize how the lives of so many people who are suffering could be impacted by this election. It’s all about them and they don’t have a clue about some in this country. Actually, I think there are more some suffering; it’s a lot of people. I meet them almost every day. People will say “I don’t have any health care coverage at all for my family”. And, I think how thankful I am that I have a little coverage.

  44. Chef Sheila

    Amen K,

    This point drives me carzy this year. These Clinton people who can’t get over it are selfish and self absorbed. If they were more aware of the world around them they would see the obvious crisis looming has already effected to many now.

    So just get the nominee who obviously wants to tackle the problem…

  45. Chef Sheila

    Just get behind the peson who won the Primary for the sake of the rest of the country….Geez!

  46. Just realize that Clinton lost ! Has that even happened yet ?

    I am not so sure.

  47. Chef Sheila

    Snarky Girl! lol After this last display, I wasn’t sure either, but you can rest asured, They lost..

  48. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Bill Clinton ran for the house in ’74 and was defeated. Learned from it. Didn’t lose since, though his ’76 bid for AG was uncontested.

    I’m sure Hillary has learned a lot from her defeat. Be interesting to watch her after the GE.

  49. dnd

    I just noticed the price of eggs has dropped about 20% here over the last couple of weeks. Since the price rise was attributed to the price of corn, and corn hasn’t gone down, I’m wondering if it’s because people weren’t buying them or something else.

    Any ideas?

  50. Chef Sheila

    Might be you locally, because mine are high and holding.

  51. That’s a lot of winning to experience in one lifetime….

    I won an igloo cooler once at a high school function….

  52. Chef Sheila

    I won a cherry pie on Washingtons birthday. I was 8 years old

  53. I don’t even know what eggs cost……we buy them at Costco….now I am curious. I made eggs for my sons today….one ate 6, and the other had 4….

  54. See Shelia you’re lucky too 😀

  55. dnd

    Has anybody seen an in-depth explanation of what’s going on in Georgia? I realize separatists in South Ossetia wants to break away and be part of Russia, and Georgia wants the US’s help, but that’s about it.

    And I see difficulties with the US condemning the invasion of sovereign territory. The Russians could claim they are liberating Ossetia. And then they’d point to what we did in Iraq.

  56. Chef Sheila

    LOL If thats the case, why haven’t I won the Lottery 🙄

  57. I heard pieces on the radio and it was very confusing, saying that they were calling for the US to get involved to keep it from developing further into an actual war…… so haven’t heard anymore yet…..

    You see you already won…..it’s someone else’s turn now….lol. I hope the pie was a good one!

  58. Karolenna

    I won a trip to Miami Beach, Fl at the age of 13. But, I had to work for it. It was a musical competition. My folks would not allow me to go by myself so my aunt, my mother’s sister, went with me. I played at what I think was a famous hotel…the Algiers (SP?). That was soooo, soooo, long ago. I did some traveling with my music later but then real life began!!! 😐

  59. Karolenna

    I’m in the Mega Millions here tonight. Oh, God, let me win. If I won I’d arrange gathering for all of us and pay for everything. Wow!

  60. that’s impressive…..What do /did you play?

  61. Chef Sheila

    Grorgia has recentlly petioned NATO for entrance. Russia didn’t like ti. I heard that if the invasion had teken place after becoming part of NATO, we would have been obliged to hit back.

    Right now, Georgia is still considered a satilite region for Russia.

  62. Karolenna

    “that’s impressive…..What do /did you play?”

    Only put $5 into what millions play. It was up to around $45 million yesterday. Probably more today.

  63. Karolenna

    Sorry, UB, I thought you were talking about the lottery. I played the Bb clarinet then, but later went on to play several different musical instruments. Being Welsh I guess music should have been my life, but then life took over, if you know.

  64. Actually Kare – it was the musical competition I was asking about….lol 🙂

  65. I think to win the mega, you have to be in with a group of employees, who work at some horrible place, and have never even played before, and only buy one ticket……That’s who wins these things ~~~~

  66. JennBe

    I won the title of Miss Sunburst in Hernando County when I was a teenager! So happy I found y’alls site! Sounds like everyone is doing well! Still lovin’ my Obama man, though I do wish he came without many of the other Dems. My little one has been sleeping in in his “Barack and Roll” t-shirt I picked up in Chicago. I have to admit I am LMAO over the media and the Edwards story. It cracks me up how they totally ignared it until he admitted to it, but they jumped all over McCain when there were only anonymous allegations and it made the front page of the NYT. You have to admit there is a little hypocracy there?

  67. dnd

    What I think’s interesting about the Edwards story is that it’s getting wall-to-wall coverage when the Ruskies are invading the Republic of Georgia.

    Sure it has to be covered, but had Georgia been admitted to NATO, we’d be looking at WWIII.

  68. I switched the news off, it was getting a little too Entertainment Tonight for my taste. And I doubt I’ll watch the interview tonight.

  69. JennBe

    You are right on that, I kept waithing all day to hear more info on what was going on and it has never come.

  70. I found mike barnicle annoyingly self rightists and pompous.

  71. dog's eye view

    JennBe! Welcome! Great to see you here.

  72. dnd

    I’m with you. There’s a huge oil pipeline that funnels oil through Georgia and eventually to Turkey with a destination of the US and Europe.

    Edwards peccadillo’s disappoint me, but they aren’t going to impact the price of oil.

  73. JennBe

    LOL Brian, he was quite upset over the whole thing.

    Karolenna, loved your piece today. It made me remember when I moved into my neighborhood. We were the first ones to move into the new subdivision, so I guess we set the trend by making this a Republican neighborhood. One set of neighbors actually stopped at our house to ask about the area because they saw the W sticker on the back of my van.

  74. JennBe

    Thank Dog!

    I’m such idiot, but I can’t help watching all this trash on the news!

  75. I don’t know how many of you are watching the opening ceromy from China but boy what I just saw was really cool!

  76. dnd

    1. Hope you’ve got a pic of your little one wearing the “Barack and Roll” t-shirt. Should be a great memento in years to come. And I’m guessing there are many here who’d like to see it.

    2. Everyone is welcome (encouraged) to post a topic piece. If you’ve got an idea and the urge, send it to Brian. And I’m guessing there are many here who’d like to see it.

  77. Karolenna

    Thank you JennBe for your kind words. As one who has many Republicans friends, I’m glad you are here. We just all know when to say what about anything political. I’ve actually found that some of my friends who I never thought would be for anyone other than a Republican are voting for Obama. You seem very open-minded, as my friends are. Some would think I’d never voted for a Republican, but I have. It is mostly local, though. My neighborhood, as I said in the piece, is a great place but it was pretty set in its culture when I moved here. As I sit here in the downstairs of my office in the front of my house I can hear children playing and laughing in the neighborhood. That’s nice. Makes you think that everything in the world is alright when we as adults know that it isn’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to be children again and be so innocent not knowing that people are bombing others in the world?

  78. Horsedooty

    please as dnd said. Please submit a topic we need all the help we can get.


  79. And remember folks they don’t have to be long pieces either, a few paragraphs to get the day started are very nice!

  80. dog's eye view

    Watching Olympics opening ceremonies; spectacular. Worth a look.

    And we can breathe freely within our living rooms.

  81. JennBe

    Brian can I post a pic in my post or do I need to link it from my blog? Just took some of P in his Barack shirt.

  82. dnd

    The Olympics? The Rockies are playing the Padres people! Where are your priorities?

  83. dnd

    Hey Brian,
    With JennBe’s concent, can you put her blog on the blogroll?

  84. I’m a sucker for these global events. Who are the Padres?


  85. JennBe

    Here are a couple I just took- http://jennbertsch.blogspot.com/2008/08/showin-some-obama-love.html

    Totally loving the Opening Ceremonies Visual Eye Candy!

  86. JennBe

    Hey Brian does it take a minute for the posts to catch up?

  87. JennBe

    I posted a response with my link in it but it is not showing up?

  88. nope, maybe it got held as spam, I’ll look

  89. JennBe

    Thanks! I see it now!!

  90. JennBe

    Hey D, I’m very bad about keeping up with my blog, but y’all can add it if you want to.

  91. dnd

    Great photos. Thanks.

    Rain delay in Rockies v. Padres. I may have to break down and watch the Olympics…

  92. JennBe

    Thanks D! He is pretty darn cute!

  93. dog's eye view

    Jenn — great pics. Good looking kids. Especially like the photo of kids with sign “dogs welcome on patio.” And the beach looks just right. Love the light.

    doots: No HD. That would be great.

    Go Gabon and Gambia and Malawi and everywhere that needs a medal. What an amazing thing to compete for your country’s first medal.

    Has Iraq paraded yet? Rooting for them.

  94. I don’t know if this is true or not, however if it is you better prepare for War.


    We may see troops or Blackwater on our streets before the election in November.

    God Bless.

  95. Hi JennBe…

    Long time no see.

    I don’t comment over at Craig’s anymore. Too much hate over there now for me to comment about anything.

    Hope things are going well for you and your family.

    Take care and …

    God Bless.

  96. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Morning kids—-

    Maybe avoiding politics today. Not sure i can take finding out the sordid details on yet another politician….

  97. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    KO’s ratings have been down some for the last week:


    Cant figure out why….

  98. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Saturdays are pretty down for me politically, but will check back in some.

  99. dnd

    How many of you use to run through the sprinkler when you were kids? How many still do? 😉

  100. dog's eye view

    Morning. Loved the sprinkler! Great video.

  101. Chef Sheila

    dnd…..just adorable! I’m passing this one along.

  102. Chef Sheila

    Hip, I turned of my Tv last night because of the JE trouble. I can’t stand it.

    Brian, I’m sorry. ;0) Phone date last night. When I saw it, the pagent was spectacular…..one thing though. Ya think all those Chinese girls dancing on the rim with cowboy hats and water bottles on their hips got tired dancing the entire time of the procession into the stadium??

  103. Chef Sheila

    An appropriate day for non-political posting. Maybe just Olymipcs and Food? ;0)

  104. dog's eye view

    Food and culture sounds great.

    My tie-in: LA Times had link to story that Paul Newman has finished cancer chemo and headed home to Conn. Wish him and his family togetherness and happiness, for however long they have, and may it be longer.

    Not maudlin; respect a guy who has lived so well and made such a difference with his life.

  105. dog's eye view

    NYTimes alert that Bernie Mac died. Think he was being treated for respiratory disease. Sad.

  106. Horsedooty

    Bernie Mac was in the hospital for complications due to pneumonia. They said it was what he died from.


  107. Chef Sheila

    How sad! and too young. He has a wife and two kids. Prayers are with them. How devestating.

  108. Chef Sheila

    Leave it to David Horsey to put the McCain Strategy in plane words.


  109. Chef Sheila

    Lets try “WORK DAY”……sheez. lol


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