Chaos In Clintonville, by BrianInNYC

Lost in this past weekend’s self-righteous tongue wagging over the private life of Senator John Edwards was an article published in Politico previewing an upcoming article in Tuesday’s The Atlantic  detailing the inner workings of Senator Clinton’s campaign.  While several pundits have speculated as to what will be revealed in the article about the tactics Mrs. Clinton used in her run for the White House for me what is becoming more and more apparent is that Mrs. Clinton was never ever able to fully take charge of those worked for her.  Not exactly a quality one looks for in a president of the United States.

“The eight-page blockbuster, “The Front-Runner’s Fall,” draws on internal memos, e-mails and meeting notes to reveal what the magazine’s September issue calls “the backstabbing and conflicting strategies that produced an epic meltdown.”



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141 responses to “Chaos In Clintonville, by BrianInNYC

  1. colleen

    The article at Time is very telling. Hillary’s luke-warm support of Obama is perpetuating bad behavior from those who won’t accept her loss. I’m sure after the conventions the first McCain ad that will be trotted out will be of Hillary’s comments about herself and McCain being commander-in-chief material while Obama “gave a speech.” As far as their pledge to raise $500,000 for each other, and his falling short, do you know anyone who still wants to give to Hillary’s failed campaign?

  2. Chef Sheila

    Good Article Brian,

    It is becoming apparent that running a campaign was a bit over her head. The first mistake she had was her choice of campaign leaders….It could be that her choice of the best, were just a load of Premadonas. There seemed to be BIG EGO all round with not a lot of substance….or maybe even just as old guard as the Clintons.

    No infusion of new ideas. Just like the republicans who can only function on the cut throat plain, these particular Democrats were stuck on old and tired notions.

    Someone finally listened to the population and acted on what they wanted to see in a candidate.

    I will also add that changing direction to reflect the will of the people, as in drilling, does not bother me. Obama was listening to the pleas of the people.

  3. Chef Sheila

    Morning Colleen,

    Are you off today?

  4. colleen

    Hi, Sheila, yep I’m off work…had to have an MRI this AM and have to go to a funeral this PM.

  5. Chef Sheila

    Good Golly!

  6. colleen

    Not a pleasant day. I’m still having lots of back problems after 2 months of chiropractor 3 times a week, so I had an MRI to see if there’s a disc problem. And my best friend’s Mom died, this is just 4 months after my friend’s husband died. Very sad.

  7. Chef Sheila

    You mean its the same family? Gosh, my heart goes out to her. Prayers for the family.

  8. Chef Sheila

    And you, not a good thing. get that pain under control girl. Good luck!

  9. Sucks colleen, hope things are soon looking up.

  10. colleen

    thanks, guys, no matter what though, I’m not as whiney as the bitterati!

  11. I know people with multiple forms of cancer who are les whiny than that crowd.

  12. McDeath giving a speech right now on CNN regarding Russia and Georgia, very much a Cold War speech, amazing.

  13. Chef Sheila

    I was wondering when he was going to do this…didn’t have to wait too long. Wonder if Obama is going to continue his vacation or if he is going to speak too.

  14. Chef Sheila

    Actually, all surrogates should start talking for him.

    Biden, Nunn, Richardson,

  15. horsedooty

    so Sheila, how did the meeting go last night? Are you still in love?


  16. Chef Sheila

    Doots, lol

    never said I was in love. I am in like though. We shall see. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am dealing with someone who is dealing with chronic pain. When he is not in pain, he is a dream come true for me. When he is in pain…..which unfortunely I saw yesterday, I just wasn’t sure.

    So, if it is worth it, I’ll let you know. What a wonderful man though……

  17. Well my client for this afternoon just postponed till tomorrow. I guess you people are stuck with me for the day!

  18. Chef Sheila

    LOL Oh Darn…..

  19. I’m touched by your love.


  20. colleen

    hey, back to Hillary, I looked at Politico’s excerpt from the upcoming Atlantic, some nasty stuff. Dontcha hate it when people put things in writing? Can’t deny the meanness and hostility.

  21. Yeah everything is coming to the surface, no one wants to be blamed for what happened.

  22. dnd

    Obama issued a statement from his vacation condemning the violence and calling for an immediate cease fire.

  23. dnd

    Good luck with the MRI. Hope the results are encouraging. Glad you can be there for your friend.

  24. ” no one wants to be blamed ” -no kidding, these people still need to find employment, who would want that failed campaign on their resume?

    The communications sound very unprofessional, that is never a good sign…

    You can’t blame the MSM or Obama for Hillary’s internal campaign issues……

  25. dnd

    “You can’t blame the MSM or Obama for Hillary’s internal campaign issues……”

    “YES WE CAN”
    — anonymous Hillary supporters…

  26. colleen

    UB – I’d probably just leave that part off my resume and pretend I’d been on an extended vacation out of the countrt with no phone…

  27. colleen

    thanks, d nd, we’ve been friends for over 40 years, and she’s really the only “family” I have left in these parts

    re: the MRI, I feel sure it’ll show no disc problem because the pain seems so localized on my left side, but we’ll see…

  28. Just got an email from Steve, Killer Dog Nasty is at the vet and it’s not looking good. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the little guy, and his dad too!

  29. colleen

    that, Brian, is a big fat joke. when is someone going to hold her responsible? what about “the buck stops here?”

  30. colleen

    oh, no! poor little KDN, love of my life, cutest smile ever.

  31. Of course it’s a joke colleen, the who Hillary crowd has become a colossal joke!

  32. Oh no….crossing our paws over here for Killer Dog Nasty…and Steve.

  33. “YES WE CAN”
    — anonymous Hillary supporters…

    funny dnd…..but probably true… 🙄

  34. I sent him my cell number if he needs to chat and anything happens. Lets hope it goes well.!

  35. horsedooty

    crossing my fingers for KDN


  36. colleen

    I out for awhile, see you guys late afternoon or early evening

  37. dnd

    Hoping KDN is back to tail-waggin’ soon.

  38. dnd

    Larry Johnson needs to seek professional help. Blaming Edwards for Hillary’s loss is beyond a stretch. Had this come out during the primary season, it would have reminded everybody of what Hillary’s husband did. Hell, it is now, and it can’t be a good time for Hillary.

  39. dnd

    From a Stephanie Miller listener, a silver lining in the Edwards cloud: it proves Ann Coulter wrong. She said he was gay.

  40. Anyone who dares to speak negatively of The Hillary is the enemy. These people are truly nuts!

  41. Chef Sheila

    Oh no, Praying for KDN too!

  42. horsedooty

    I back slid a bit this AM and visited you know where. The bitteritti are really stirred up. Edwards is being blamed for Hillary losing. Hard to believe.


  43. Karolenna

    Hi gang. Back for a while but have many online to-dos this morning.

    Had to laugh when I saw your thread, Brian, because one of those liberal-leaning areas of Columbus is called “Clintonville”.

    It’s just north of the OSU campus area.

  44. Well, today it’s Edwards to blame, tomorrow ah….looking around, who will it be…..???

    By convention everyone who is to blame Hillary for losing ( long list including everyone except Hillary herself ) will be supporting Barack Obama, and then maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to hear any more Clinton whining.

    Happy side note….more Obama t-shirts at the park last night. 😀

  45. Karolenna

    I still say “one” of Clinton’s mistakes was acting and talking “inevitable”. Even when she was being interviewed she would argue that “she will be the candidate” and never “if” she is the candidate. That combined with probably the most disgruntled campaign group for a long time. She never had control of it. Marc Penn was another enormous mistake. The photo of her above is one of the better ones of her, but again I see a lot of arrogance in it.

  46. a picture is worth a thousand words…..

    McCain / Bush embrace

  47. see ya a bit later…. keep the light on

  48. More stupidity!

    Wolfson: Edwards’ Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination
    Aides Say She Would Have Won Iowa if Edwards Affair was Exposed

  49. Chef Sheila

    ,,,lol But but but, the majority of Edwards followers are now in the Obama camp…..

    Wolfson has always been a slease. I couldn’t believe it when i saw him on Clinton’s campaign.

  50. Everybody’s fault but Hillary’s.

  51. Chef Sheila

    Ok Time for my walk. Ya’ll carry on ;0)

  52. Wouldn’t it be grand if McDeath picked Condi Rice for his running mate!

  53. dnd

    Could it be that Wolfson is trying to shift the blame from what a crappy job he did to someone else? 😉

  54. Karolenna

    “Wouldn’t it be grand if McDeath picked Condi Rice for his running mate!”

    Brian, I may have missed an earlier conversation, but why do you say this? Do you think the Repugs would not like a black female, but she is popular with the well-informed ones? I don’t really care for her (because I think she’s a Bush liar), but she has indicated repeatedly that she does not want the VP. I kind of thought Bobby Jindal might be a problem for the white supremacists with the skin color thing. He is a Catholic which kind of surprises me since he is Asian/Indian, but unless they are well-informed conservatives many might not know that. Unfortunately (or fortunately if he is picked), they are not color-blind. Make sense?

  55. Just speculation on CNN earlier about who would be his running mate.

  56. dog's eye view

    Corey’s dad is close to slipping away. Here’s link to Corey’s blog, if anyone would like to drop him a note.

  57. dog's eye view

    A telling sentence by Joshua Green from the Atlantic article (quoted in Politico):

    “What is clear from the internal documents is that Clinton’s loss derived not from any specific decision she made but rather from the preponderance of the many she did not make.”


    Many people are very taken with Hillary Clinton’s guts and grit and presence, and they miss that she actually did not have the right stuff to be president, particularly in such a challenging time. Somehow, because of her high profile, it was presumed she did at the outset of her campaign, and — if you were watching what she did and how she handled her contentious campaign advisers — you finally had to conclude that that was a facade.

    Mike Allen (Politico) on camp Clinton’s disfunctional operations: “Atlantic Senior Editor Joshua Green writes that major decisions during her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination would be put off for weeks until suddenly Clinton “would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.”


    And still, she almost pulled it off.

  58. Tomorrow is going to be huge when this article hits the web, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to get rough!

  59. dog's eye view

    I know, Obama needs the vacation, but things have really hotted up ever since he packed for his trip!

  60. He needs the rest, unrested candidates make mistakes.

  61. Be the First to Know

    Barack is about to choose a running mate, and he wants you to know first. You have helped build this movement from the bottom up, and Barack wants you to be part of this important moment.

  62. horsedooty

    I can’t take it any more so here is my contribution to this afternoons festivities.

    Tony Rice Jerry Douglas Sam Bush and Mark O’Connor best pickup bluegrass band ever playing “Nine Pound Hammer”.


  63. Rezdog

    hangnail! LOL
    B, just caught your email!

  64. Thought you’d appreciate that!

  65. Rezdog

    Who was it, SNL?, that had that skit about not giving up until after the inauguration. LOL

    Oh yowl,

  66. Rezdog

    What he loves to do best to people..nothing more rofl

  67. If I were you Rez and you plan to go on TrailMush tomorrow I suggest wearing amour, cause after The Atlantic article comes out the shit is going to hit the fan!

  68. dnd

    Thanks Doots. My day is better already.

  69. Great SNL clip Rez, and as the saying goes, funny cause it’s true! “just talking, nothing else”.

  70. Rezdog

    “The Atlantic article comes out ”

    Sounds like there was a lot more distrust with Wolfson than alluded to earlier; or at least problems with him.

  71. horsedooty


    what article are you talking about? I am slow today.


  72. read today’s post doots!

  73. dog's eye view

    Paul Krugman on the Democratic party and its chances of enacting universal healthcare coverage.

    That and getting the Constitution back, safe and sound, are my biggest issues. National security includes personal security too, and you would be amazed at the aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators tethered to their job by healthcare insurance.

    I wish Dems could turn it around and say that having universal healthcare coverage enhances your personal freedom — frees you up to pursue the field or endeavor your choose, and enables parents to work outside the home, or be stay at home mom or dad, as they choose, without healthcare insurance availability being a factor. Also that preventative care costs much less than crisis care, and makes for healthier families and employees.

    It also levels the fields for businesses competing in a global marketplace, by distributing the cost of healthcare more evenly.

  74. horsedooty



  75. Rez I suspect we are going to see a lot of finger pointing going on from people who were in the Hillary camp after tomorrow. And how scummy can you get, Woflson trying to lay blame on Edwards, enough to make one’s skin crawl!

  76. Rezdog

    The more he talks the more everyone’s skin crawls.

  77. Rezdog

    “That and getting the Constitution back, safe and sound, are my biggest issues.”

    Seems like in the past ( I’m thinking RMN) that some sort of ‘heads gotta roll” moment needs to happen before we can get to that.

    And I’m not one to support a big showy criminal prosecution of Cheney et al as much as I’d love to see it.

  78. Rezdog

    bbl folks errands to run.

  79. Chef Sheila

    Everyone having trouble accessing GMAIL? {Twitch}

  80. dnd

    I am. Error 502. Never happened before. I wonder if they were attacked.

  81. Same here Sheila, they seem to be having a problem, very rare for them!

  82. Chef Sheila

    I know, I’ve had the account for over a year now and this is the first time.

    Oh well, time to serf! lolo

  83. Chef Sheila

    …..LOL or Surf…..or maybe serfing is better ;0

  84. colleen

    gee, I wonder if the gmail thingy is my fault because I just signed up today. Anyone hear from Steve?

  85. Chef Sheila


    I hope I don’t retread this, incase I missed it from you guys, but this new Obama add is too dishie.

  86. yes colleen your account was the tipping point! BTW new gmail users, one you get comfortable with gmail I’ll show you how to set up lapels that will automatically highlight your backchannel mail.

  87. Chef Sheila

    Mine isn’t yet 😦

  88. gmail is sexist! Just the Obama supporters.

  89. Chef Sheila

    well that didn’t make any sense. I was for Obama before you! ;0)

    Oh well, wait for a bit more

  90. I wasn’t sexist till I started hanging out on trailmush, go figure!


  91. dnd

    My gmail is back.

  92. dog's eye view

    oh, you’re having trouble with gmail too. Interesting.

  93. Chef Sheila

    So maybe another 5 minutes for before the Error repair wave rolls through to the Left Coast.

  94. Chef Sheila

    So did you know Hot Chicks Dig Obama? New McCain add. Honestly, I just don’t get this one. It only serves the Republican base.

  95. Karolenna

    I’m not having any problems that I know of.

    Does lapels = rules?

  96. Karolenna

    Heard them talking on CNN that Lieberman is actually being considered for McSame. I hope he picks him because I believe that for repulse many Repugs. And Ds as well. He is such a whiny azz. McSame says “he loves him”!

  97. Karolenna

    Meant “that will repulse”

  98. dnd

    Lieberman is very left wing, except when it comes to war and Israeli policy where he’s a uber hawk. McCain picking him would be a lose-lose situation, except possibly for the Boca vote.

  99. Lieberman doesn’t poll with us people of the book, the Boca crowd is supporting Obama by a close to 70%. Most of my peeps consider Lieberman a traitor!

  100. BTW I do think it’s going to be Romney, cause really who else is there?

  101. dnd

    From your earlier question about Dr. Rice, I think that would be another bad pick, as she’s too in bed with Bush (ok, not literally, unless you read the Globe). Too associated with the Bush diplomatic failures, foreign policy failures, and now she’s not doing such a great job with the Georgia-Russia confrontation (though the USSR was her area of expertise).

    Besides, I think she wants to get the hell out of DC and head to the cooler climes of Stanford.

  102. dnd

    If it’s not a dark horse, Romney is a pretty safe bet.

  103. A V.P. Hint? VP’s Convention Day Is Veteran Themed

    This could bode well for Sen. Reed!

  104. dnd

    “The shit has hit the fan!”

  105. horsedooty

    Romney is gonna remind those out of work of the guy that laid them off. Pick him.


  106. “Ickes stressed the need to maintain a $25 million reserve, presumably as insurance against a setback. The campaign wound up raising more than $100 million—but, according to The New York Times, by the time Iowa was lost, $106 million had been spent. The $25 million reserve had vanished, and the campaign was effectively insolvent.”

  107. horsedooty

    Ickes gives me a bad case of the Willie Nelsons.


  108. ithin hours of the call, the panicked staff produced a blistering attack on Obama for what it characterized as evidence of his overweening lust for power: he had written a kindergarten essay titled “I Want to Become President.” The campaign was mocked for weeks.

    So LAME!

  109. How humiliating, Hillary can’t decide whether or not to run the “3:00 AM” ad so Bill decides for her! This woman has no business running for any executive office!

  110. dog's eye view

    watching Anderson Cooper; 2 non-aligned analysts saying Wolfson’s claim does not hold up, that Iowa does not equal Ohio, and one discussed Clinton fatigue (a problem for Al Gore and for Hillary during her run). Gergen talking about the resistant Hillary supporters and work to be done at convention; ACooper talking about 1/5 HRC supporters holding out and that “she hasnt’ done anything” about that.

  111. Rezdog

    Damn Brian,
    Thanks for giving away the ending for left coasters.

  112. Rezdog

    Long article. I will get to it after late drinks and dinner. Looks juicy. lol

  113. Juicy is an understatement, this woman shouldn’t be allowed run a roadside produce stand much less the most powerful nation on the planet!

  114. It’s also makes it very clear that she decided to run as the “woman’s candidate” imagine how they would have been all over Obama had he run as “black candidate” they’d be on him like white on rice!

    (that was a great mixing of metaphors!)

  115. *whispers in Sheila ear “Jack Reed”*

  116. Chef Sheila

    BIDEN…..back attcha Brian….. 😆

  117. Biden? Never heard of him, oh yeah, the guy with the hair plugs.

  118. dnd

    That ol’ finger picker Mark Knopfler is 59 today:

  119. Chef Sheila

    Good Morning everyone!

    Now I know why Georgia is So called “Friend”. There is an oil pipeline route from the caspean going through the country.

  120. horsedooty

    morning all


  121. Well it looks like things are settling down in Georgia, this won’t come as good to the McCainiacs or Trailmushers who were so looking forward to a new cold war.

  122. Chef Sheila

    Is it just me or has anyone else thought of the hypocracy of our condeming Russia for attacking Georgia without cause….

  123. No it’s not just you Sheila, and several pundits yesterday pointed out that the US is in no position to be taking the high road right now.

  124. Chef Sheila

    Here comes the next round of Election Attacks. I think this one will take a few months to heat up, but its got legs.

    Election Central Morning Roundup
    By Eric Kleefeld – August 12, 2008, 8:58AM

    GOP Preparing Legal Effort To Challenge Voter Registrations

    The Wall St. Journal reports that Republican lawyers are preparing an organized response to Democratic voter-registration efforts, with a training session held this past weekend on how to comb through registrations and challenge them as ineligible — particularly in swing states like Virginia and Pennsylvania. The Obama campaign already has their own response underway, with legal counsel in all 50 states ready to oppose the challenges.

  125. Chef Sheila

    Wow…’s a great step foward.

    Obama Camp Announcing Republicans For Obama Group

    The Obama campaign will be hosting a conference call this morning to roll out their Republicans For Obama group, featuring former GOP Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa. Leach served in the House for 30 years as a relatively liberal Republican, most notably voting against the Iraq War in 2002, before being defeated in an upset by Democrat Dave Loebsack in 2006.

  126. Sheila Obama is the master of voter reg challenges, I’m sure he’s well prepared for anything the repugs might try.

  127. Chef Sheila

    I’m sure your right, however, this still has legs.

    I will be interested to see the lies and also how the DNC quells the cry.

  128. Chef Sheila

    Killer Dog Nasty,

    Sending healing vibes your way. Steve hope the news is even better tonight!

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