The Great Distraction, by Aging Hipster

Trials come and go in the political world. Some make careers and others do the opposite. We are often led to believe that these news driven trials make or break us as a nation.

What media driven zeitgeist have we been handed lately?

In a word play on Senator John Edward’s book, I present to you three trials.

The first trial involves Senator Edwards and his mistress. We all know this unhappy story broke Friday. As we learn the details about the people involved, the timeline, the fact that John Edwards chose to run for President despite knowing the risks to the Democratic Party (and hence the people’s chance to reclaim the White House), we must deal with our feelings on the matter. Is it really any of our business? Should we be angry with Edwards? Should we “forgive and forget?” Can he possibly have a career? What does this mean for us?

The main question I ask is “How much attention will this story get?”

For fairness sake, let’s bring up the second trial of Larry Craig. We are all familiar with the fact that Mr. Craig pursued a career based partially on an anti-gay agenda. He certainly made a public display of aligning himself with the so-called religious wing of the GOP. He was caught soliciting sex from a man in public restroom. Why has the Republican Party not held this man accountable? How does a sincere activist Christian react to this? What does this mean for us?

The main question I ask is “How much attention did this story get?”

The third trial is a political test for all of the American people. Last week, buried deeply in the news sections of papers and web sites across the country, a story appeared about an oil deal. As the war winds down in Iraq, American troops (after a sacrifice of 4000 soldiers and what will likely be a trillion dollars in US taxpayer dollars) are more in control of the country than ever before. Now that Iraq is stabilizing with a de facto government in place, it is ready to strike it’s first major oil deal. It’s new partner, China, will receive great rewards. The oil will begin flowing soon enough, as Americans adjust to our new fuel prices as the norm. What does this mean for us?

The final question is “Which of these stories will receive the most attention?”

I’d bet it won’t be the one about the Chinese-Iraqi oil alliance.



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  1. Embarrassing and scary that this woman is apparently from NYC, oh the shame!

  2. horsedooty

    Embarrassing woman from anywhere Brian.

  3. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    I’m curious as to how she would react if she about “Eye-Raqis” making a deal with the Chinese while she continues to “drive a lot” and our soldiers keep eating those “MREs.”

    Call me a fool, but I am betting she doesn’t know a thing about the Chinese-Iraqi Oil Deal.

  4. This campaign season has certainly proven that to be true doots, and men too, stupidity is not a gender based issue!

  5. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    *calls steve a fool*

    Get in line pal.

  6. Steve BTW the oil already flowing, Iraq now has a 75 billion budget surplus!

  7. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

  8. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Its a comfort to me to know that, big guy. Hopefully, the Chinese people will be able to share in some of the good fortunes of post-war Iraq. Heck, who knows? Maybe we will be able to increase the amount of Chinese goods flowing into the US!

  9. This post of colleen’s got held on the former thread as spam so I’m reposting it here:

    Maureen Dowd goes where others fear to tread:

    Yes, She Can

  10. Chef Sheila

    guys, I’m in a pickle,

    Been trying since last night, but I just can’t get into blogger anymore and therefore not able to send condolences to Corey.

    So please forgive me if I post here. Just could not think of what else to do. Hopefully, Corey will see it.


    All I can say is, I’m here with you in spirit. Losing my own father just a couple of moments ago……Well honey, its been very hard. Harder than I ever thought it would be.

    Having a couple of months on you, I can tell you that it just isn’t a person who has passed, he’s your Daddy. Thats big.

    So, let the mourning happen. Don’t fight it. Let it wash over you and celebrate his life, however imperfect, he was your Dad.

    You will get past this. I am just beginning to have less dressed feelings and its been since May 8th.

    Bottom line? Your Dad loves you and does not want you to mourn him. He wants you to find yourself and find life!

    Love From Sheila

  11. Chef Sheila

    Now I have to go to work. Steve, I’ll read later!

  12. Everyone should go read that Dowd piece, right on the money!

  13. horsedooty


    I did a copy and paste of your post here for Corey and put it on his blog.

  14. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Good catch on Doud, I did read it. Doots: Could you give me a link to Cory’s blog?

  15. dnd

    Great rhetorical question!

    Because oil is a fungible commodity, it doesn’t make much difference that Iraq is selling to China. But it’s interesting that this has gotten no press.

    Larry Craig was stripped of all his committees. Because he’s not running for re-election, I guess the Republicans are letting it slide and hoping it’ll be forgotten.

  16. ALERT off topic.

    I just found out that grapes and raisins can be toxic for dogs. I had no idea, and was feeding my pups grapes but a friend at the dog park told me they could be toxic. I mentioned grapes as treat hereon the BC last week….so here’s the real scoop.

  17. Other than that – I am out of here for a bit…..Have a great day!

  18. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    I picked Craig randomly. I could have gone with David Vetter or Gingrich. The pickings are a plenty.

  19. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Thanks for the heads up UB

  20. A couple of grapes won’t hurt them, it’s like chocolate you have to give them quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should feed your dog either but don’t freak if they get hold of a few grapes or a piece of chocolate.

  21. horsedooty

    I am of the opinion that one should not feed dogs human food period.

  22. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Warner’s pretty dang popular in VA from what I understand.

  23. Report: McCain’s Lobbyists Raked In $1 Billion From U.S. Clients

    Maverick my ass!

  24. Yeah Steve, and he also has a lot of middle of the road appeal too.

  25. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Tom Tomorrow is awesome

  26. Karolenna

    Steve, you are correct in what you write. Thing I can’t understand is that didn’t Edwards think he would be caught. That just blows my mind in this day and age. Also the news coming out that it was going on earlier and later than he said before is going to hurt and the press will run with as long as they can. He and Obama were the first two cancidates to get any of my money. I only gave $50 each initialy but to someone like me that’s a lot. Since then I’ve given to Obama several times as so many others have.

  27. Karolenna

    Regarding things dangerous to dogs, my daughter had a Dachshund/Chihuahua when she was little. He looked like a parts-is-parts kind of dog. Hated all men and usually bit them if allowed the chance. He got into my daughter’s Easter basket in her bedroom which was up pretty high. He ws small and the rabbit was huge. We didn’t know it until we heard this thump, thump down the stairs. He rolled into the foyer, stood up and was like a wooden dog. He’d just fall over every time he stood up. We knew something was very wrong. Called emergency vet service and they said to give him Epicat. My husband was up with that dog all night on the patio but it worked. He lived until he got cancer of the sinuses at the age of 14. We had to put him down because he was having so much trouble breathing.

  28. Steve (Aging Hipster)


    I’m pretty angry about the Edwards thing, but i won’t go there. There’s no point.

  29. Karolenna

    Reading the TrailDiscord about Clinton … I honestly believe “the stand up gal” with the rancor language, cigarette handing out of the side of the mouth, still thinks I post there. Not under this name nor any other. Unless something is directed at me personally, I will not post there.

    I actually believe some of Clinton’s mistakes were not taking the lead herself to nip things early and make decisions of her own instead of listening to sleaze bag Penn and her own husband. Her own husband is another good reason Obama would never consider her at least for now. I’ve heard people in the news compare him to Michael Jordan and others who just can’t give up the limelight.

  30. Karolenna

    Whatever Edwards did and I don’t agree with it (actually was pretty stupid for such a smart guy) he did nothing to keep Clinton from winning in Iowa. Too many research polls and records indicate that just isn’t the case and Wolfsom can repeat it over and over that Edwards caused her to lose and it is not so.

  31. Bear

    Hey all,

    The more you analyze the Clinton campaign, the more you realize that she thought she could invoke her husband’s presidency and right that good feeling back to the White House.

    I think it’s most telling that her husband stuck her with his worst advisers. If he really wanted to get her elected, he would have had Carville and Begala come out of retirement and she would have then had things wrapped up on Super Tuesday.

  32. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Well, the “There’s no point” post I made had another paragraph which was to say it would be like spamming up a blog with 200-400 comments about a candidate who dropped out in May (or was it June?) after losing. It seems kind of silly to go on and on about something like that. That’s me though.

    The other place…you know….I just don’t go there. I think if you do, you are going to get zapped.

  33. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    I did read the HRC memos this morning and it just looks like there would have been complete chaos had she been nominated. Biden and Richardson never got any traction.

    I think we picked the right guy.

  34. Amen to that steve, the last thing this country needs after the last 8 years is more Clinton drama, and they just seem to draw it like moths to a flame.

  35. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    I was urked about the post saying no one consoled Corey, since he has to approve posts at his blog and I know there were people who were extremely upset about that.

    That’s just all part of the personal nature of some of the things that were going on over there….

    Heated discussions are one thing but enough is enough.

  36. Karolenna

    This really hits it:

    “Obama also allowed Hillary supporters to insert an absurd statement into the platform suggesting that media sexism spurred her loss and that “demeaning portrayals of women … dampen the dreams of our daughters.” This, even though postmortems, including the new raft of campaign memos leaked by Clintonistas to The Atlantic — another move that undercuts Obama — finger Hillary’s horrendous management skills [amen to that].

    It would have been better to put this language in the platform: “A woman who wildly mismanages and bankrupts a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar campaign operation, and then blames sexism in society, will dampen the dreams of our daughters.”

    (Same Huffington Post thread Brian posted above)

  37. Steve (Aging Hipster)


    I knew HRC was in trouble by the fall of 2007 when i started noticing that all of the people I knew on a personal level who were dreaming she would be nominated were hard right Republicans. I didn’t personally know a single Democrat who even considered her.

    Then when i got on line I just saw this continous drumbeat for her right down to Limbaugh’s explicit endorsement, it became crystal clear.

    Its not her fault, but a great deal of this “division” was a game, and it wasnt the first time- this went back to the Dean-Kerry Fight in 2004. This time though, it was a lot more pronounced.

  38. Clinton was in trouble the moment she refused to renounce her war vote, she thought she could win the nomination without the liberal wing of party, not possible!

  39. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Well, its done now and we will see how it plays out. She ran a close campaign and lost and as we have discussed before, I think she is entitled to a little of the spotlight. It was a historic run and hopefully she will come through.

  40. It’s not the little bit of spot light that I object to steve, it’s this give her inch and she’s trying to grab a mile’s worth.

  41. 3 shots fired at Democratic Party Headquarters in Little Rock!

  42. dnd

    Very interesting point. Had Carvil and Begala come off the bench, they would have run a smart and disciplined campaign. Like Axelrod did…

  43. Karolenna

    Straight Talk Express is filled with bullshit and lies.

    “There’s something John McCain’s not telling you: It was McCain who used his influence in the Senate to help foreign-owned [Deutsche Post World Net…I know them WELL] DHL buy a U.S. company and gain control over the jobs [8,200 jobs in Wilmington, Ohio] that are now on the chopping block in Ohio,” says the announcer in the new spot, which includes recordings of the presumptive Republican nominee promising “straight talk.”

    “And that’s not all: McCain’s campaign manager was the top lobbyist for the DHL deal…helped push it through. His firm was paid $185,000 to lobby McCain and other senators. Now 8,200 Ohioans are facing layoffs, and foreign-owned DHL doesn’t care…. John McCain.”

    “In 2003, Rick Davis lobbied the Senate to go along with DHL’s acquisition of Wilmington-based Airborne Express, reported The Plain Dealer?”

    “Brown said he questions why McCain has not mentioned his DHL connection and why Davis has not stepped forward and said he knew executives with DHL and its parent company Deutsche Post World Net.”

  44. Anyone want to make book the shooter in Little Rock was a crazed Clinton supporter?

  45. Karolenna

    “Anyone want to make book the shooter in Little Rock was a crazed Clinton supporter?”

    Either that or a Redneck. Oh, wait, Clinton supporters are Rednecks.

  46. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Whats up in Arkansas?

  47. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Careful, careful, lots of good folks have moved on from HRC to Obama. lots….

  48. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Bill Gwatney, head of the party has been shot.

    Why am I thinking this is going to be a Bill O’Reilly nut like that idiot in Tennessee that shot up the UU church?

  49. dnd

    Anyone know where Bill is? He seems pretty pissed lately.

  50. Maybe he’s still in Africa.

  51. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Bill O- A MUST SEE

  52. unlikelyburrito

    I don’t like this shooting business. I am worried for the safety of Obama and all his supporters. So much hatred in people, and those little campaign centers are open to anyone.

    The report I read says that Bill Gwatney is in critical condition.

  53. Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition, touted himself as a member of McCain’s “Victory 2008 Team” in an e-mail that solicited donations on McCain’s behalf. The Republican National Committee is hosting the fundraiser set for an Atlanta hotel on Aug. 18.

  54. horsedooty

    Ralph Reed = Slimy bastard

  55. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    UB- the attack in Arkansas is most assuredly an assassination attempt. It may not be a politician but it is a political official. According to CNN< the guy showed up first at some baptist Church and then went and tried to carry it out.

    I’m betting this guy is a right winger though

  56. unlikelyburrito

    well that is just sick….the new report says

    ” Witnesses told NBC Little Rock affiliate the shooter talked with a few party employees at the headquarters, complaining that he had lost his job.”

  57. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    We will know something about the shooter’s motives soon enough, I suppose

  58. unlikelyburrito

    I am so tired of the “Clintons”

    Tired of hearing about them both. If they want to help Obama, and the country, then they should get their buts to work and quit worrying about themselves.

    It’s not about them anymore……..those days are gone!

  59. Chef Sheila

    Great poinu Steve…..what a revelation. After all that blood sweat and tears, China gets the oil…. wow!

  60. Chef Sheila

    Doots, thanks so much for you kindness of getting my post for Corey where is needed to be.

    …..and Renee had better watch her own house. She might just find a few cracks to fill there. What a rude judgemental woman. Seems to run in threes over there!

  61. I think the Atlantic article is going to be the pre-convention gift Obama could have hoped for. The dead silence from the clinton camp is amazing.

  62. unlikelyburrito

    I agree Brian, there is nothing Hillary can say in response….it looks bad for all of them….total failure. Can you even imagine how ticked off she must be…..whoa!!! What a slap down from her own people.

  63. Chef Sheila

    Me three. While it is sad that all our theorizing has come true and I am sorry its out in living color….well KARMA Baby Karma.

    I’m just sayin.

  64. Chef Sheila

    THe House of Clintcards is falling down.

    I’d say they both should rethink whether the public service of raming their wants and needs down everyones throat is wise.

    Hillary Clinton could destroy a potentially great career in Politics.

  65. Her silence over the article is worth a thousand press conferences.

  66. Chef Sheila

    I’d say positive a real positive support for Obama and humility at the convention will do a lot for me, how about you?

  67. Steve (Aging Hipster)

    Thats it for me kids, time to get KDN.

    C U Tomorrow

  68. Hey glad you’re going to get our favorite bitch!

  69. unlikelyburrito

    she hasn’t said a word has she? has anyone even asked her anything? has she responded with a ” no- comment ?”

    ~~I hope she isn’t armed~~

  70. unlikelyburrito

    see you Steve…woof woof to KDN ❤

  71. Karolenna

    Brian, it seems that this time there may be a divide amongst the religious vote according to my link above. Possibly many of them know where McSame “has been” before this election.

    “yesterday, a group of evangelicals and Catholics said they were encouraged by the proposed Democratic platform, which includes a commitment to reduce the number of abortions through prenatal care, income support and adoption programs.”

    “Joel Hunter, senior pastor at Northland Church in Orlando, Fla., a self-described conservative evangelical and registered Republican, agrees. “By supporting mothers whose will and conscience tells them to carry the baby to term, they’ve broken through a barrier,” he said. “Pro-lifers on both parties can now support Obama.”

  72. If her tail isn’t tucked between her legs she can kiss her career goodbye

  73. Karolenna

    Wasn’t Arkansas where that guy lived who threatened to kill Obama several weeks ago?

    Sorry, Steve, guess I should have said I know a lot of rednecks who will never support Obama but were Clinton supporters. They are all educated, smart people but then there are “supposed” to be those kinds of people who will never support Obama and still support Clinton. You and some others here are exceptions. I also believe there will be some other smarts ones come through for Obama especially with they realize their choices.

  74. McCain on TV right now backing away from his cold war talk on Russia.

  75. horsedooty

    yet another flip-flop? who’d a thunk it?

  76. Chef Sheila

    Now I AM suprised about that!

  77. Rezdog

    Seems “Focus on the Family Action” asked people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” during Barack Obama’s Aug. 28 appearance at Invesco Field to accept the Democratic nomination for president.”

    Some blogger * imagines what the prayer may have been. LOL

    “Dear God, could you please send buckets and buckets of rain—kind of like you did back in the days of Noah– to rain down on this uppity Negro, Osama. Dear God, we think he could be the Anti-christ here on earth; or worse, a communist. So we really need you to show him and all of his followers who is the boss. Dear God, they are talking about 75,000 lost souls in that huge house that Elway built, so there will be a nice large audience for you to display your powers.
    And dear God, please don’t let that uppity Negro think that he can take your place here on earth, because he already thinks that he has some of your powers. I see how people flock to him lord, and how they faint in his presence and I know it’s the work of the devil. We know that he couldn’t be the chosen one dear lord because, well, he is a Negro.

    Thank you for hearing my prayers dear lord, and like those Negro rappers like to say: “let it rain.”

    *Wayne Bennett (Field Negro)

    Good Christian group uh?

  78. Oh -that is really sad, and horrible.

  79. my comment was for the Ark Dem Chair….but it fits both.

  80. Hey Rez when you going to write a piece of us, how bout you lurkers, we need authors!

  81. WASHINGTON – John McCain’s chief foreign policy adviser and his business partner lobbied the senator or his staff on 49 occasions in a 3 1/2-year span while being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

    The payments raise ethical questions about the intersection of Randy Scheunemann’s personal financial interests and his advice to the Republican presidential candidate who is seizing on Russian aggression in Georgia as a campaign issue.

  82. There’s Russians in Atlanta? lol

  83. dnd

    That is really horrible news about the Arkansas dem chair. Cops killed the shooter, so do we know what the motive was?

  84. Chef Sheila

    Their Everywhere Their Everywhere!

  85. Karolenna

    “That is really horrible news about the Arkansas dem chair. Cops killed the shooter, so do we know what the motive was?”

    The man must have relatives and they need to questioned. I’d also be interested in who he supported. I actually think the HRC supporters who have not moved on are to be more feared for Obama’s life than the anti-Obama people. All you need to do is go elsewhere to hear that! Some are on the fringe and it’s getting worse.

  86. dnd

    The Ark. dem chair was friends with Hil and Bil, and was going to the convention as a Hillary superdelegate.

  87. They do not seem to be covering the shooting much on CNN, I have heard about Cindy McCain’s injured hand three times already…..(and what is with that little girl dress she has on?) scratch that…..four times

  88. Karolenna

    Just received this email message. Evidently Bush is trying to get this through before he gets out of office and it does not need congressional approval. If anyone is interested in sending a message, the link if below.

    “The Houston Chronicle says this could wipe out dozens of state laws that protect women’s reproductive freedom and protect rape victims. This “rule change” doesn’t need congressional approval.”

    “It seems unbelievable, but the Bush Administration is quietly trying to redefine “abortion” to include birth control. The Houston Chronicle says this could wipe out dozens of state laws that protect women’s reproductive freedom and protect rape victims.1 Access to basic health care for millions of women would be jeopardized. And it’s being pushed as a “rule change”—meaning, it doesn’t need congressional approval.

    Can you sign an emergency message to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, whose department is considering this rule change right now? Tell him: “Contraception is NOT abortion. The Bush Administration’s proposal to change the definition of abortion and reduce women’s access to birth control must be stopped.”

  89. Karolenna

    dnd, Thanks for the info. I haven’t been keeping up to speed today due to not feeling well. It’s as I figured, though. Does anyone know if HRC is saying anything about this? She should if she hasn’t.

  90. Chef Sheila

    Gosh,,,,these last few months are going to be a tug of war over Abortion and War.

  91. Great photo of Obama and his girls! How cute is that?

  92. Chef Sheila

    HRC is silent. I don’t think she’ll speak up for now. Afraid of the Press about Atlantic Quarterly

  93. Karolenna

    I’m sure knowing you people you are up to speed on this, but Colin Powell will endorse Obama at convention.

    “He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining his endorsement of Obama,” Kristol m a FOX News contributor, said, citing inside sources. [How nice could that be?]

    “This is not an absolute done deal, but these people are very confident that Powell will endorse Obama,”

  94. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Yeah, isn’t it weird that they’re covering Cindy McCain’s injury so much. I love the little girl dress, but I really loved the twisting back and forth when she said “oh, I’m ok.” Creepy.

  95. Chef Sheila

    Shuster….Clinton Sighting

  96. Karolenna

    Regarding Cindy McCain’s carpal tunnel situation, some of the reasons at this site will crack you up. The one I liked was “injured herself during the Miss Buffalo Chip pageant.×3791089

  97. dnd

    Cute pic of Obama and the kids. Kinda reminds me of the pics of JFK with his kids at the beach. Except it’s in Hawaii and not Hyannis Port. And Obama has a better tan 😉

  98. Dysfunction junction – that’s the Hillary campaign

  99. Chef Sheila

    Josh Green certainly is painting the Dysfunction Picture

  100. Chef Sheila

    I am so tired of Women who need to be heard!!!! Grow Up!

  101. I am tied that they seem to blossom when they continue to stir up sh*t when instead, they should be looking at the 2 candidates and picking one to support.

    They should seriously looking at which candidate they will give their vote to. So many women around the world would change places in an instance….to have rights, and to be given a chance to cast a vote. Talk about spoiled , whining, self-absorbed people….(some of them are male)

  102. They (whatever they are called) make the young Obama supporters look like the adults in th equation.

  103. Karoleena CNN had a piece earlier saying Powel would not be endorsing anyone till at least after the Dem Con.

  104. Chef Sheila

    Yep! I came to the conclusion finally after hearing another woman say, “Did you see what happened to Edwards?” “That’s it, I’m not voting for Obama…” “I still don’t know much about him…”

    That kind of woman hates men in general and wants Obama to do something he promised not to do. If he can’t be dirty in his Politics, they say he hasn’t shown them much….in the mean time that kind of woman hasn’t looked at his website and read to find out.

    I say, don’t vote! just sit down and shut up!

  105. Chef Sheila

    ………….Breathing Hard……..lost my temper. ;0)

  106. Hope you all saw the first segment of Hardball, Josh Green (author of the Atlantic article) was on.

  107. Hey we went past 19,000 hits!

  108. Chef Sheila

    WOW….and we were just talking a little bit about Green. We were watching right here on Baby Blog

  109. Chef Sheila

    I’m sure people were really interested in our discourse. ;0)

  110. Not sure if you all remember this, but it was Josh Green’s article that the Clintons leaned on GQ to kill

  111. Chef Sheila

    Sorry, too many miles between the Months of campaigning…..Josh Green is darned good though.

  112. Chef Sheila

    This managed to crack me up. AHHHHHH!!! Enjoy.

    What are candidates’ pizza policies?

  113. Can anyone with a brain really be supporting John McCain?
    Do they know what the Republicans have done to our country?

    It just blows my mind.

  114. colleen

    sort of related to today’s topic:

    Is Laura Leaving Bush After he Leaves Office Because He’s Been Hitting the Sauce Again?

  115. Chef Sheila

    Colleen Girl,

    I’ll believe it when I see it. That Dynasty just have a hard time letting their inmates out and then black ball them like Pennsylvania Dutch. Its possitively harsh. Nope, I don’t believe it….unless She is heading for Paraguay. ;0)

  116. Chef Sheila

    LOL KO the jerk! dId you just see that tease?

  117. They wouldn’t allow her in Paraguay……

  118. Haha, KO just “announced” that the VP will Biden, maybe! Gotta luv it Sheila!

  119. Chef Sheila

    But UB, They bough land down there. they are building.

  120. Chef Sheila

    BIDEN!!!!!! lol

  121. Biden…hmmm….I signed up to get the text message with the “VP pick” …did anyone else?

  122. Chef Sheila

    Me too!

    Biden! Very Articulate and very clean ;0)

  123. yes UB i’m getting the text too, and it’s going to be Jack Reed!

  124. Biden will make for a good attack dog, I’ll say that much for him, and Deleware is a safe state to pull a senator from.

  125. I like Biden, always have….and he can always hold his own in front of a camera…..not everyone is good at that.

  126. Call me shallow, but hair plugs creep me out!

  127. Chef Sheila

    >>>> Ok Shallow>>>>>walking out again.

  128. You’re not shallow Brian just ~~depth challenged ~~

  129. What can I say UB, and I tend to view the summer olympics as soft core porn too!

  130. I always thought that my one son was on the swim team due to what the girls were wearing…..and if he were on your team he’d be there for the guys. : )


  131. skimpy, wet, young, and almost no body fat!

  132. yep, and usually the swimmers are somewhat intelligent – not that even matters for viewing…

  133. Honey it don’t matter for a lot of things, I’m not looking to get married, dumb works quite nicely for a few days!

  134. lol
    a few days
    a lifetime of memories

  135. without financial and emotional damage…..I can see that

  136. Cheap sleazy sex gets a bad rap in America.

  137. lol……yeah especially if you are a politician, or married…..not like the old country.

  138. Ever get the feeling that at some point Europe just shipped off their stuck up assholes to the new world?

  139. One thing this Olympics has made me curious about is Kinesio tape, i had never seen it till these games. Has anyone used it, does it work?

  140. sometimes…. i do…. but not Sweden…. : )

  141. Kinesio tape….the black tape on the divers?….have never see it before….

  142. yep, it took me quite a while to find out what it is.

  143. dnd

    I for one am really grateful that women’s beach volleyball is an Olympic sport 😉

  144. And what’s her name’s shoulder has quite a job kenisio tape!

  145. Oh maybe it wasn’t her shoulder you were looking at!


  146. Dnd,
    Who ever said women shouldn’t be in sports? eh?
    These people work so hard to get where they are, and there are many still home that just missed the cut……it’s an incredible commitment to sport.

  147. At first I thought it was a Tatoo gone bad…..

  148. One of the things I do love about the Olympics, both winter and summer is that they ad new games as they become popular, beach volley ball, snow boarding, ect.

  149. Karolenna

    “Karoleena CNN had a piece earlier saying Powel would not be endorsing anyone till at least after the Dem Con.”

    Guess that’s what I deserve for listening to a Faux link!!!

  150. Karolenna

    VP is going to be Biden. Watch. That’s my gut. I usually go with the gut. He’s safe and he’s smart…hair plugs and all…plus I believe he has a younger wife. Doesn’t that apply to all of them?

  151. I wonder if people are hanging onto Hillary, because they really don’t want to vote for a black person? The difference between Repugs’ and Dems’ positions are huge polar opposites, who would give up on their core beliefs?

  152. I can’t quite understand why , so called democrats, are not supporting their candidate?

  153. UB I really believe the PUMA growl is worse than their bite. I suspect we will be underwhelmed by their numbers in Denver.

  154. That’s all for me…..I think that there are some that just live to bitch, and do not know how to move forward. What a great opportunity our country has…. to change course…and move forward…..Many years it’s not so apparent BUT this year there is a real chance for real chance.

    Go Obama 2008

    peace all ~

  155. Karolenna

    “I can’t quite understand why , so called democrats, are not supporting their candidate?”

    Well, sorry to say that I know some. I’m think they don’t know that they are holding their country’s best interest in their own hands. God, can you imagine even four years of McSame?

    Wish I could agree with you, Brian.

  156. dnd

    For some strange reason I’m really drawn to curling at the winter Olympics.

  157. dnd

    “I think that there are some that just live to bitch”

    So true. What a sad way to live.

  158. speed skating and snow boarding are the winter sports I love to watch.

  159. With all the excitement over the Atlantic article I never checked today’s Gallup.

    Gallup Daily: Obama Up by 6, 48% to 42%

  160. Steve (AH)

    Good morning troops

  161. Steve (AH)

    “We Are All Georgians.” John McCain

    Uh, no we are not. BTW, does John McCain ever NOT talk about using the military force when dealing with foreign relations?

  162. Steve (AH)

    Russia and Georgia: Its all about oil

    Sensible article from a left wing perspective.

  163. Steve (AH)

    Russia and Georgia: Bush hypocrisy

    I think the guy that wrote this one had good intentions but this piece just ends up being easy cannon fodder for the tired Right Wing “Blame America First” card they have been using for 30 years. Also, part of the guys point is that the USA isn’t going to intervene on Georgia’s behalf. From my perspective, I’d say we have lost enough blood and treasure fighting dirty wars.

    Read it for yourself if you like

  164. Steve (AH)

    Russia and Georgia: There Aint No Good Guys

    Libertarian makes the case for a pox on both houses. This was the best of the four I posted on the subject.

  165. Chef Sheila

    Good Morning Steve, How is KDN? Any sign of Frisky yet?

    I just have to show this crazy clip on McCain that I found….I mean, it apears to show that McCain has blurred the lines of Shady with his dealing with Georgia. Josh Marshall brings validity to it for me.

    McCain, Scourge of Lobbyists
    Let me see if I can explain this simply.

    When Sen. McCain was doing his highly circumscribed senate investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Jack’s then-firm, Greenberg Traurig, hired sometimes McCain foreign policy advisor and most-times lobbyist Randy Scheunemann “for advice on handling the Senate investigation.”

    This was while Scheunemann was also lobbying for the government of Georgia.

    McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers told the Times “he believed that Mr. Scheunemann was hired because he had worked in Congress for more than a decade and had experience with investigations, and not because of any ties he had to Mr. McCain.”

    –Josh Marshall

  166. Steve (AH)


    Saw the story about McCain. It looks basically like Georgia paid one of his henchmen 200K. They are buying him.

    KDN is resting. I’m worried about her to a degree but trying to bare in mind that she nearly died just 4 days ago.

  167. Newly released files show Julia Child was a spy

    Details about Child’s background as a government agent come into the public spotlight Thursday with the National Archives’ release of more than 35,000 top-secret personnel files of World War II-era spies.

  168. Good to hear she is resting, that is good – she’s been though a very stressful event….she just needs to chill for a bit.

  169. Chef Sheila

    Ditto in KDN. Just keep watching Dad. You’ll feel better.

    I heard about Julia Child this morning. Cool or what! I know most of her biography and frankly, it sounds like something Julia would have done for her country.

    After that, Tv would have been a piece of cake.

  170. Chef Sheila

    Ok….the first time I have ever seen this…..I’ll be watching to see if its “Fair and Benign”

    Fox News to air Obama, McCain documentaries

    Fox News Channel has set aside some key cable news real estate next week for one-hour documentaries on Barack Obama and John McCain.

    “2008 Presidential Character and Conduct” will premiere at 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday in a time slot usually held by cable news’ top-rated program, “The O’Reilly Factor.” Bill O’Reilly will be off Monday and Tuesday, making way for Monday’s Obama docu, hosted by Bill Hemmer, and Tuesday’s McCain docu, hosted by Eric Shawn. Pamela Browne is the executive producer of both programs

  171. Chef Sheila

    ….lol HUH?…..thats a first double post within a post

  172. Chef Sheila

    Must be me and my half drank cup of coffee

  173. Steve (AH)


    She slices, she dices, she spies real nices

  174. Chef Sheila

    Morning Brian and Later Gators. Time to make the donuts!

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