Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, by Horse Dooty

John McCain is constantly harping on Barack Obama for his position on the surge that took place in Iraq. Obama’s position was that the troop surge would not work. Obama now says that the surge has been effective. There were some other factors that were involved that caused the violence to be reduced.

In my opinion, Barack should come right out and state what the other factors are. If he did so, McCain and the good General Petraeus would have to eat some crow. The other factors are simply embarrassing but they are not secret. They also expose the US strategy to ridicule and pessimism.

Obama has taken the high ground on exposing this tactic. I am not so inclined. All you really need to know about the surge is that it should have been called the “splurge”. It has been the Bush administration’s secret weapon all along. Well, we did send some extra troopers to Iraq nearly 38,000 to be exact. What that did in the first half of the year, says Army Col. Douglas MacGregor (Ret.) “the surge provided extra targets for the insurgents to shoot at.”

One might contemplate what happened? What turned the corner on the surge? The Bush administration applied constant pressure on Gen Petraeus to tamp out the violence and produce results in the theater. Gen Petraeus started to cut deals with a lot of the armies of the enemy combatants. This program was called the Concerned Local Citizens. If the enemy armies were willing to become at least temporary allies of the US military, the US would just pay them not to fight. To date there have been about 70,000 enemy that are now former enemies and on the US payroll. Pretty effective way to do business but it has cost you and me $700,000 a day. A DAY! That translates into $255 million a year. We can pat ourselves on the back because the “surge” is working and it is getting Bush some good press. Yeah, the death toll did drop but you expect that for $255 million a year. McCain and Bush are so proud.

I think this solution could work at home. We spend a ton of money per offender on the War on Drugs. This year we have spent $56 billion thru this month. We have arrested about a million people so that math works out to be $56,000 for each person put in jail. We could empty our courtroom jams and prisons by just paying the offenders a lot less than $56,000. They could go to school, get a GED or drive a new car if they would just clean up their act. Hey, it worked in Iraq.

The illegal immigrant issues could be solved the same way. Pay them to stay home. We spend a lot of money trying to keep the Mexicans in Mexico. The Mexicans here in the US will probably send about $15 billion to Mexico to help support their families. The simple solution is to double the $15 billion and start mailing the checks to Mexico. We could remove the “fence” on the Mexican border and we would not have to station troops there plus all the Border Patrol that are currently patrolling the area.

The Iraqi’s will receive $3,640 per year. What is really embarrassing is that is 6 times the amount each of us received with the Bush economic stimulus package this year. We were sold out cheap. If they want me to vote Republican and support ExxonMobil, be against gay marriage and not vote for Obama, they need to up the ante. I suspect that they won’t send us any money and they probably suspect that I won’t be voting Republican in November.

(Thanks to the Fort Worth Weekly and the article by E.R. Bills)

Have a good weekend.

Adios para ahora, mis amigos

Yo soy un demócrata amarillo del perro.

¡yo soy Horsedooty!



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59 responses to “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, by Horse Dooty

  1. dog's eye view

    MacBook/iPhoto tech question for fellow Apple fans out there:

    I downloaded some video footage (with sound) to iPhoto that I shot using my digital camera.

    I would like to share the video with some friends by email.

    Do you know how to do so? I am new to iPhoto. I am using Tiger OS X (not on Leopard yet).

    Many thanks.

  2. Rezdog

    Great post HD. Splurge is right; in iraqi payroll and GI blood!

  3. Doots Obama has stated repeatedly the other factors that have contributed to the current conditions in Iraq, the Anbar awaking for one.

  4. Karolenna

    Hi All

    Christian group to air commercial supporting Obama during the Warren forum. I also have read that several religious groups are supporting Obama and right now he is ahead of McCain but McCain is closing in probably due to that filthy book that is out.

    “One of Matthew 25’s most prominent members who will be featured in the TV commercial is Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, a black preacher from Texas who recently officiated Jenna Bush’s wedding and spoke at President Bush’s Inauguration. Caldwell supported Bush’s during the 2000 campaign but now backs Obama.”

  5. dog's eye view

    dog engaged brain rather than typing fingers:

    trying the Mac’s iMovie application for working with, um, movies.

    Crossing fingers the Wiener Dog race footage shows up. If so, will share. Go dachsunds.

    doots: saving reading your essay for long line at DMV. Gotta have something to look forward to!

  6. great minds think alike Karoleena, or at least read the same blogs!


  7. dog's eye view

    Jerry Wexler, record producer extraordinaire, has died at 91.

    Among his work: lots of Ray Charles, Aretha’s “Respect”, Percy Sledge: “When a Man Loves a Woman” — stopping there but there’s plenty more. Incredible life and talent.,0,7686214.story

  8. Karolenna

    Brian, I actually had typed out this post and thought it was too long, but it is important. We need this voting block. Sorry for the length. On the Rick warren Obama/McCain forum tomorrow night, I actually believe Obama could come out appealing to more people than McCain. I personally hope that McCain goes on first and Obama last. This morning’s Dispatch had a piece that said Obama is now ahead with the Christians in almost all categories but that is dropping. I’m thinking it may have a lot to do with those stupid lying emails going around.

    “If the presidential election were today, Barack Obama likely would become the first Democrat in 32 years to win among born-again Christians.

    In fact, of the 18 faith segments tracked by pollster George Barna, the Illinois senator currently leads in all but three. Only two groups of evangelical Christians and those with an “active faith” favor Republican John McCain.”

    “To end on a more pro-Obama note, I should add that even though there are risks for Obama, talking to Warren is even riskier for McCain. For evangelicals, Obama comes to the conversation with low expectations while evangelicals are desperately looking for a good evangelical reason to support McCain.”

    “Warren is not part of the gang that has kidnapped Jesus and replaced him with a doppelganger who looks like Jesus, but doesn’t sound anything like him.”

    “Warren is in the religious middle, where, as the enormous popularity of his book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” attests, most Americans of faith are to be found. He opposes abortion, but his main focus is on the issues on which Jesus focused: poverty, disease, hatred, community, and stewardship of the environment.” [I think this is important for Obama.]

  9. dnd

    This whole Russia/Georgia flap made me think that it should be a tip-top priority to develop alternative energy sources and license that technology world wide. My guess is that Russia couldn’t afford to pounce on Georgia were it not for the petro-dollars propping up their lame military. Oil and gas are their only exports. Think of what the world would be like if they didn’t have anybody to sell it to…

  10. dnd

    Interesting thread. You’ve found the most cost effective way out of this mess.

  11. dnd

    Remember last week when I was complaining about the heat and that record breaking streak of 90+ days?

    Well the high today is suppose to be 58. And it’s snowing in the mountains…

  12. Chef Sheila

    LOL Wow, Its 92 here and 103 in Portland Ore. Everyone is talking about the weird weather.

  13. Chef Sheila

    Well, just stopped by to read. Hava a long day ahead. See ya’ll later!

  14. Tornado warning for NYC, very weird.

  15. dnd

    Word is that the big swag get for convention attendees is Aug 23 is Todd Helton bobble-head night at the Rockies-Reds game.

  16. Yes I had to google Ted Helton

  17. Chef Sheila

    Not much exposure to Baseball, eh Brian? ;0)

  18. Chef Sheila

    And whats a swage get dnd? I know it has to be easy, but I’m clueless.

  19. none at all, I tend to only follow sports where as little clothing is worn as possible.

  20. dnd

    “Tornado warning for NYC, very weird.”

    You’re not in Kansas anymore Brian.

  21. dnd

    “none at all, I tend to only follow sports where as little clothing is worn as possible.”

    Sumo wrestling?

  22. Chef Sheila

    So, 92 in Seattle, 103 in Portland, 58 in Denver with Snow inthe Rockies, and Tornado warnings in NYC

    Anyone else want to add and scare the crap out of the rest of us? ;0)

  23. Chef Sheila

    Brian is probably talking about Wrestling.

  24. dog's eye view

    wonderful temperate weather in Virginia. 76 degrees and a little humid. Crickets. Bats were flying around last night but don’t see them now.

  25. Karolenna

    “Anyone else want to add and scare the crap out of the rest of us? ;0)”

    Yes. This will scare you to death.

    McSame wins the presidency. Actually, he’s already talking as if he is president and is sending his envoy of Whiny Ass Liberman and Graham to check things out for the president (McSame). (While putting out commercials that Obama is acting as if he is president.)

  26. Karolenna

    Talking about wrestling…will this work?

  27. Chef Sheila

    LOL…..Now thats a man with as little clothing as possible!

  28. Chef Sheila

    actually, listening to Countdown, I’m Blown out of my socks about McCain taking it on his own send people to Georgia….and when Secretary Rice is all ready there….

    Now we get to see if the Country is crazy enough to vote for this guy….

  29. Chef Sheila

    oh and Georgia paid $800,000. I said 250,000 so I was weigh off!

  30. “Sumo wrestling”

    har, har,har


  31. Chef Sheila

    Hey I’ve about 8 “MSNBC Breaking News” emails that Luckily I didn’t open. Apparently they are infected emails.

    So on behalf of Countdown who are trying to let you guys know, Don’t open them. No matter how enticing the thought.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Well Brian, The clothing is minimal for the Wrestler and they are cut… just can’t see it

  33. dnd

    All this talk about Rick Warren and his purpose driven life made me think that rather than Warren, I’d prefer Colorado Bob to be asking questions of the candidates.

    For those who weren’t around during the Colorado Bob era, lets just say that he had an interesting philosophy on life.
    And did not suffer fools gladly…

  34. Steve (AH)

    Good morning Kids

  35. Steve (AH)

    Jim Bovard always has a unique perspective. He’s one of the those Libertarians I have come to respect and seek out for his insight. Here are a few of Jim’s thoughts on the conflict between Georgia and Russia.

  36. colleen

    Hi, Steve (*waving*) – a kiss for KDN!!

    off topic, but an article by one of my favorite writers, Joe Conason

    A pre-convention memo to Hillary Clinton

  37. colleen

    good morning Steve, hi to KDN!!

    I just tried to link an article by Joe Conason at that is a wonderful memo to Hillary Clinton and some advice about handling the convention and PUMA, but again I got spammed, so I am sending it to your emails.

  38. dnd

    Here’s the piece that Colleen tried to post:

    Brilliantly written political strategy for Sen Clinton.

  39. dnd

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of the King.

    ‘Ok everybody, what’s your favorite Elvis tune?

  40. dog's eye view

    Heartbreak Hotel, for sure.

  41. Chef Sheila


    Read the “Memo”. I wish more would jump here just to make a point.

    AND make sure you email Brian with your “The Dog Ate My Link” experience.

  42. Chef Sheila

    My favorite Elvis song is “In the Ghetto”

  43. Chef Sheila

    Heads up Brian, its coming your way.

    Oh Gosh…..A little controversy for you day (tear in my eyes…..from crying or laughing, you decide.

    Naked Daniel Radcliffe Delays “Harry Potter” Film

    Warner Bros. has announced moving its sixth Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” from Nov. 21, 2008, to July 17, 2009. The reason? Officially, there is no reason, except that “a spot opened on the summer schedule.”

    That’s not much of a reason. The real story? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be right in the middle of his sensational, highly publicized run on Broadway in the play, “Equus.” Radcliffe appears naked in the play, on stage, and has sex in it was well. That’s not the image Warner Bros. wants associated with bespectacled Harry, who remains chaste and virginal.

    Indeed, posters for Equus are up all over New York, of Radcliffe’s naked torso superimposed on a horse’s head. This is not the sort of thing that’s taught at Hogwarts. For the movie to open on Nov. 21, Radcliffe would have to do publicity entailing answering questions about blinding horses and having sex with them vs. flying around and making potions.

  44. Chef Sheila

    Woops! Here is the link, although I gave you the whole clip.

    Oh! And make sure you look at the poster below for the full impact.

  45. dnd

    Who’s hungry? Here’s what Michael Phelps eats to keep that chiseled physique:

  46. Chef Sheila

    That was gross, but he got where he is by doing it…..all though I wonder how he’s going to bring that standard down, once he is not training anymore.

  47. dnd

    I wonder where he gets grits in China 😉

  48. Morning peeps. Sheila I’ve seen a naked pic of Daniel Radcliff, Harry has grown up nicely!

  49. Chef Sheila

    LOL Oh my….

  50. Chef Sheila

    A very valuable piece by David Broder about his look at the Obama Machine. Make sure you read it. its short. the Vibe I get is ALA MLK and this could be the key to why it is working so well.

    Obama’s Well-Oiled Machine

  51. eprof2

    Well done, HD. I guess BushCo would think the $300 plus for the former enemies now on the US payroll rather cheap considering we’ve “lost” more than $10 billion which can’t be accounted for thus far in Iraq. I also agree that Obama should state clearly why the surge or splurge is working and not hesitate to do so. One more move to the center, I guess.

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