A Clear and Present Danger, by Horsedooty

John McCain touts his judgment on Foreign Policy. He scoffs at Barack H. Obama for his perceived lack of experience in Foreign Policy. While McCain has been in office for nearly 30 years, it is clear that he has not learned very much in that nearly 30 years. McCain lately has been particularly rough on Obama about the “Surge” and how Obama was not on board with it. But it is not at all apparent that his judgment is superior to Obama’s. Indeed, the record indicates that McCain’s own judgment is quiet bad.

The jury may be out for months or even years to come on Obama’s point that the surge did not work; McCain’s own guesses on Iraq have repeatedly been off the mark. As the senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee prior to the invasion, McCain predicted Iraq would be a quick and easy victory, and even told MSNBC he had “no doubt” U.S. troops “will be welcomed as liberators.” (How did that work out, Johnny?)

McCain has missed even the most basic facts about foreign policy. McCain has said the surge of U.S. forces, which began in the spring of 2007, led to the Sunni Awakening — which started in early autumn of 2006, months before the surge was even announced. He said this on CNN.

He still manages to mangle facts on the ground even though he has been to Iraq many times. As a member of a senatorial delegation visiting Iraq this year, McCain made a big boo boo when he accused Iran of aiding al Qaeda and suffered the embarrassment of an on-camera correction by his friend, fellow hawk and turncoat, Sen. Joe Lieberman, that Tehran was aiding “Shiite extremists,” not the Sunni zealots of al Qaeda. This is pretty basic stuff if you are wanting to be the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful Army in the free world. You need to know whom you are fighting.

During a Senate hearing not to long after the Shiite and Sunni gaffe, McCain was at it again. He asked Gen. David Petraeus to confirm that al Qaeda was far more than “an obscure sect of the Shiites,” and then, apparently catching himself, added, “or Sunnis or anybody else.” Is this confused man someone anyone would seriously want to be President of the United States?

“McCain apparently is not even certain about Iraq’s geographic location. He recently referred to a nonexistent “Iraq-Pakistan border.” (The two countries are separated by more than 800 miles of Iranian territory.)” (From the Fort Worth Star Telegram.)

Far worse than such embarrassing factual errors, the Senator has been at times tasteless and insensitive with his off-the-cuff pronouncements on various topics. His statement about keeping U.S. troops in Iraq for a hundred years is probably the least serious verbal blunder in an ever-mounting total. Leaving aside the key point that Iraq is as broken up as it is, is nothing like the stable South Korea (McCain’s model for an extended troop presence), his comment was still damaging because it ignored the probable reaction in the Muslim world. Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups repeatedly charge that the U.S. is determined to undermine their civilization and act as an imperial hegemon in their region. McCain’s “100 years in Iraq” banner gives those allegations credibility and puts moderate Muslims on the defensive.

But that comment was well thought out compared to some others. McCain’s “joke” at an April 2007 campaign stop, in which he sang “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” to the tune of a Beach Boys song, was beyond tasteless. (Side note, I first heard of this parody on the Rush Limbaugh Show maybe 8 or 9 years ago.) Never to be out done, Mc Cain just this month, again offended basic sensibilities when he joked that despite the imposition of economic sanctions, America’s unimpeded sale of cigarettes to Iran might be a good thing because “maybe that’s a way of killing ’em.”

Such gaffes display a disturbing lack of judgment. (That’s my little Johnny.) At best he has a warped sense of humor. “Foreign policy is serious business, and America needs a president who carefully considers his comments rather than shoots from the hip. The world is always watching and listening, and such thoughtless remarks can do tremendous damage to America’s already tattered reputation.”

McCain’s record shows clearly that he is the definition of a verbal loose cannon, and would be a clear and present danger in the Oval Office.

Thanks to the Fort Worth Star Telegram and an article written by Ted Galen Carpenter and Malou Innocent from whom I stole from.

Have a great weekend everyone,
Adios para ahora, mis amigos

Yo soy un demócrata amarillo del perro.

¡yo soy Horsedooty



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55 responses to “A Clear and Present Danger, by Horsedooty

  1. dnd

    Great piece Doots. Carl Bernstein who wrote a great piece praising McCain in 1999,


    said on CNN that this is a very different McCain running now.

  2. dnd

    Great pic of McCain. The Schmidt/Rove McCain ads make him look like a grumpy old man. Apparently it’s working with the grumpy old coot set, according to the pollsters.

  3. BTW doots, really good piece, I’m not feeling so hot so won’t be around much today.

  4. Great piece – I wonder why so many people are willing to look past his unbalanced temperament. If anyone else acted this way or said the things he does they would be called on it.

  5. Brian and Kare- hope you both feel better real soon.

  6. dnd

    Eat some active culture yogurt or drink some of that probiotic goo. Those antibiotics kill all the good bugs in your GI tract.

    Hope you and K are feeling better soon.

  7. Karolenna

    Hey Gang,

    Guess it’s after Noon now. Feel like the day is partly wasted. I was awake most of the night and when that happens…well, you sleep in. Besides with what I’m fighting physically guess I needed the sleep.

    Doots I agree with all of what you say. I just hope the 527s can come out (rightly so) portraying McCain as the loose cannon that he is. Maybe some short clips of those explosions on the Senate floor will help as well. The people need to know what kind of guy would have his hand on the trigger. Have you noticed he can’t say ANYTHING without cards in front of him? Just like Bush, he is being targeted as their puppet for president.

  8. Karolenna

    Thought you might like to see what was in this morning’s Dispatch. Ohio is key in this election. This is a good informative piece about how the D’s far out number R’s registrations statewide.

    “Ohio now has more than 2.4 million registered Democrats compared with almost 1.5 million Republicans. (A slight majority of voters — 4 million — are not affiliated with either party.) The new Democratic dominance shows up in some unexpected places.

    Four years ago, Butler County was one of the keys to George W. Bush’s re-election. With turnout exceeding 90 percent in some precincts, the Republican president beat Democratic Sen. John Kerry almost 2-to-1 in the area northwest of Cincinnati.

    But this year, Butler County has more registered Democrats than Republicans. The GOP has added more than 11,000 to its rolls there, but Democrats have attracted nearly 33,000 new members in the past four years.”

    Now if we can get at least some of those HRC voters to show up we should have it made here.


  9. Karolenna

    I’m with Brooks. I learned some things last night I did not know about Biden how he had lost his wife and infant daughter and the fact that he goes home every single night from DC. He has been vetted and there doesn’t seem to be much the Repugs could play on against him. And, I think he is a good attack dog, something Obama needs. I actually hope Obama get down and dirty…not ugly but goes after the old man. That’s the only way he will win against the machine that is running McSame now.

    If they just keep running those clips of him digging tree trunks or whatever it is he was doing that would play well with the blue color workers. Can you imagine McSame doing something like that? But, then which one of his homes would he choose to portray such actions????

  10. Anyone else got the sense that Obama campaign handled the Corsi book story well, the story has seemed to die out pretty quickly.

  11. Well done HD! Just pulling your chain a little but how do you become “quiet bad”? Maybe like the Texas Rangers? Have a great weekend everybody.

  12. U2 eprof, we should all rest up this weekend, next week is going to be very hectic.

  13. dnd

    One last thought on Brian’s piece Wednesday on the changing demographic. It will be interesting if the next president takes that in account, to some degree, in his cabinet and staff.

  14. Karolenna


    You be sure to take care of yourself. I’m hanging in there with the meds. Do we have a choice?

    Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m pretty much finished with the olympics except for basketball.

  15. I was pretty much finished after Michael got out of the pool.

  16. dnd

    Watching McCain’s photo op on the offshore drilling platform the other day I was amazed to see the crew, the high-tech control room, and the size of the thing. It made me wonder about the costs associated with offshore drilling. Aside from the high tech equipment there’s the 24/7 staff, their accommodations, the storage tanks, the cost of transporting the crude, the cost of transporting the crew, the cost of the crew, etc.

    Contrast this with onshore drilling, where once oil is found, you have one of those unmanned oil pumps and a storage tank, with the occasional maintenance and someone to drain the storage tank. Same thing for natural gas.

    The difference in costs must be huge, though I’m not sure if offshore formations contain enough crude/gas to amortize the costs.

    Does anybody have any knowledge of this? I’m really curious and I can’t seem to find anything.

  17. horsedooty


    thanks for the chain pulling. I don’t have an editor named Sam like some we know. My dog Rance doesn’t read.

  18. Chef Sheila

    Well done Doots! Sorry I’m late, been working and watching the darned TV for some sign that this is going to happen….the veep thing.

    But nooooooo……its going to be tomorrow when he’s in SPringfield Ill.

    I bet we don’t know by text msg until JUST before he takes the stage.

  19. Karolenna

    “Contrast this with onshore drilling, where once oil is found, you have one of those unmanned oil pumps and a storage tank, with the occasional maintenance and someone to drain the storage tank. Same thing for natural gas.”

    Up until about a year ago I could have shown you evidence in photos of what happens when an oil storage tank comes undone. Actually two! It’s not good especially when there is water that goes “downstream”. But, you don’t need to see evidence of what happens when an offshore tank comes undone. You can only imagine it. I’ve been on beaches when there was a tanker rupture. You don’t want to visit that beach for a while not even taking into consider the innocent wildlife that gets killed.

    They are both bad and it takes much responsibility when drilling. If Bush had his way, we’d have no national forests or national seashores. He’d just go to some island far away and buy it for his comforts. That seems to be what all the movie stars are doing.

    My daughter will vote for Obama, I’m sure, but I keep trying to tell her that there is more at stake in this election besides taxes and money. They own a pretty good-size business and pay much in taxes. It’s not all about money. It’s about our children’s future.

  20. Chef Sheila

    So lets see….even the Military is polling toward Obama. That ought to tell these Puma’s something.

  21. Chef Sheila

    Normally, I would never read FOX. But this one struct my eye.

    Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers


    I believe a soft economy is causing this.

  22. dnd

    Bush is from Texas. Texas has almost no federal lands. Mostly DoD, some Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service and Forest Service. I don’t think they have any BLM land. So it’s not surprising that Bush has little regard for federal lands. Ask people in Colorado about the exploitation of the Roan Plateau. Not since Reagan (remember James Watt?) has federal lands been so exploited.

  23. Chef Sheila


    I Think It’s Me

    I can confirm that Sen. Obama has not called to tell me that I am not going to be his running mate. I can read the tea leaves as well as anyone, and I think this is pretty conclusive proof that I am not yet out of the running.

    I’ve been nothing if not coy about my shadow campaign for veep. Instead of telling as many people as I could that I have no interest in being asked to run, I’ve turned the traditional campaign for No. 2 on its head and told no one that I have a very real interest in being asked. I bet Joe, Evan and Kathleen didn’t see that one coming.

    At first it seemed like a long shot, but as the week has dragged on and Obama still hasn’t announced his choice, I realized that this leaves the door open. As long as he hasn’t announced, or at least called in advance to let me down easy, I figure I’m still in the mix. And just think of the possibilities: Obama/Kurtz–OK for America.

    I’ve gathered the children here at home and we’re waiting for the call. I keep peeking out the front window to see if the news trucks are gathering or the traffic is slowing down to catch a glimpse. Nothing yet, but I heard exclusively through a friend of a friend’s hairdresser that it’s all but decided. Can’t get any more solid a confirmation than that.

    –David Kurtz

  24. Chef Sheila

    Thought Ya’ll might like to see various Headlines acoss the country. 🙂

    Wall Street Journal: It’s Tim Kaine–Psych!

    Halperin: “mystery person” Is Choice #4

    Howard Fineman: It’s Biden–Unless It’s Not

    Drudge Trumpets Obama/Bayh Sticker Report

    Kaine, Sebelius Booked For Sunday Shows

    AP: Enter the Texan Dark Horse Edwards

    Biden’s Son Flew Down From Maine

  25. Chef Sheila

    Bordering on rediculous…..lol 😳

    Poorly Chosen Surrogate?

    Robin Leach comes to John McCain’s defense on luxe multi-house lifestyle.

    –Josh Marshall

  26. Chef Sheila

    This is when Keith Olbermann gets Brilliant. I mean reacting funny brilliant on the crazy stuff.

  27. Karolenna

    Did you see Chris M. get angry at that little punk who had not even been born for years after Vietnam and still say “we came home without winning”. That pisses me when I hear that kind of stuff. That war was not winnable. Heck, most of you on here were probably not even born then. It was during the draft, which McStupid wants to bring back. They tried to get my middle brother in the draft and Dad fought it coming to Columbus with a stack of health records almost two feet high. Eddie died just a few years after that with Hodgkins Disease…not one of the many diseases that was contained in his records. He was only 30. When and if the draft comes back, it’s the wealthy and well-connected who get out of it. The little guy is the one who must go and fight. Besides, the military is supposedly against it saying they don’t get the kind of soldiers they want.

  28. dnd

    Yeah, KO brought up how Romney might not be the greatest veep pick unless they’re going for the multimillionaire vote.

  29. Rich white guys at the head of the gop ticket, shocking.

  30. Chef Sheila

    Hold on there K,

    Most of us were born and in at least High School when the war ended.

    I had three cousins (one died), one brother, and my father who were over there.

    I had my very own POW bracelett and he didn’t come back. I watched every home coming for the POWS.

    I joined the Navy the year before the end of the war.

    Hip is the only one who qualifies for that remark. 😉

  31. Chef Sheila

    Well, I was being snarky to a gal friend of mine that we would all get our text msg’s ten minutes before Obama walks on the stage tomorrow…..I think it may come true…..sigh.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Amen on the Romney ticket……..

  33. Adam my BT has txt msged me 5 times today, it’s annoying because each time I’m sure it’s the VP announcement.

  34. Chef Sheila

    I just got a text msg from Verizon for a payment……My heart skipped a beat. 🙄

  35. Well at least Adam isn’t looking for money, a joint or two, but not money.

  36. Chef Sheila

    I know….Verizon knows they’ve got me! No Phone, no txt, No internet……NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  37. you better pay those people!

  38. horsedooty


    I am of the vietnam era. I was in the USAF from Jan 66 thru Jan of 70. Fortunately I did not go to VN. I went to Labrador and then to Frankfurt Germany.

  39. Chef Sheila

    Ok so before I leave to go and make dindin,

    I just checked about how many times someone can be Vice President and its unlimited. But after a President serves two terms, they can’t be Vice President. This says, Wikipedia.

    So Bill could never be Vice President to anyone (for all you Clinton addicts)

    But All Gore could be Obama’s VP (yes I know shut up Sheila…..He would never do that)

    Just checking.

  40. dnd

    The kook who sent the Denver McCain campaign a threatening letter is not going to get out of jail any time soon:


  41. Karolenna

    What some of you may not understand is that from the small town in SE Ohio where I grew up there were those who were up for the draft and did not go because of good connections. I can go home and there are those to this day who will give you the names of those individuals who “got off” at the expense of others. They will need to live with that. I too lost family in the war and WWII. What I am saying is that when the Draft Board did not meet their quotas in these small areas they tried to get everyone they could no matter what their health. I grew up as a young girl seeing my brother turned blue many, times from passing out and calling the squad and here the military was trying to take him to war ‘IN SPITE” of his health. We all knew he barely had the stamma to go through a normal day and yet my father had to fight him going. That is all I am saying. No one in my family is a wussie and would do anything possible to fight for this country, but the draft takes people who should not ever go into any battle MERELY TO MEET QUOTAS. AND, I would fight for my own if I knew they were not healthy enough to go to war.

  42. CNN: Obama campaign says txt will go out Saturday morning!

  43. Chef Sheila

    I hear ya K.

    There are actually people in the last few years that are in similar circumstances. Its horrible when just a few are at stake and the rest turn their backs because reality is uncomfortable. This is why we have to get our guy in the WH.

  44. dnd

    If you go to the Vietnam war memorial in DC and look at the surnames on the wall, you can quickly see how unfair the draft is.

  45. Chef Sheila

    Biden Biden Biden! 😆

  46. Chef Sheila

    I was kidding before, but if this is true, this is it.

    U.S. Secret Service on Way to Biden’s House; Kaine and Bayh Told Nope on Veep


  47. horsedooty

    dnd is right about the names on the wall. It was always known that the rich and well connected got to go do what they had to do in the National Guard. When I asked about the Guard, I was told there were not any openings, yet there were some rich kids that got right in after I inquired. VN was mostly fought by poor African Americans and Mexican Americans and poor white trash.

  48. Isn’t it amazing we’re even talking about the draft?

  49. Karolenna



    I don’t know if any of you can participate in this or not but please try. I’ve seen these ads that have started appearing here in Ohio yesterday and they makes the Swiftboaters look like they supported Kerry. I hate it. It is put out by the American Issues Project that is a .org. It is disgusting. I intend to start calling these bastards tomorrow. I’ve already sent at least three emails from my different accounts. This is what I received from the Obama people.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Will you please pull the false, discredited, and potentially illegal political attack ad your station is currently running against Barack Obama?

    This ad from the American Issues Project is full of baseless lies and re-hashed false assertions. It is designed to play into the worst biases and fears, not contribute anything of value to the public discourse.

    Furthermore, campaign finance experts are even questioning this ad legality because groups in the American Issues Project’s category are supposed to comply with federal campaign finance law reporting and other requirements, but this group isn’t.

    There is no room on the public airways for these kinds of lies that violate the most basic standards of political discourse. CNN and Fox have each refused to run such an ad filled with lies, and I hope you will do the same. Please take this trash off the air right now.

    Ask your local TV stations to pull this ad.

    The ad is based on lies. This attack ad is full of baseless lies and re-hashed false assertions.
    The ad may be illegal. Under federal law, American Issues Project should be reporting and complying with the other rules for political organizations trying to influence an election. But the Project is violating the law.

    The same people that swift-boated John Kerry in 2004 are behind this ad. The primary funder of the ads, Harrold Simmons, is one of the main culprits behind the Swift Boating of John Kerry and a top bundler for John McCain. The spokesman for the group, Christian Pinkston, also has ties to the Kerry Swift Boat attacks.

    This ad has no place on the public airwaves. CNN and even Fox News have refused to run this attack ad because it violates basic standards of political discourse.

    If you plan to call the station, write down the phone number below, enter your information, and hit “Next” to see ideas for what to say.

    Buckeye Cabletelevision, Inc., Toledo, OH
    Phone: 419-724-2225

    Comcast Spotlight of Boardman, Youngstown, OH
    Phone: 330-965-2229

    Time Warner Cable of Warren/Niles, Youngstown, OH
    Phone: 330-395-2225

    WFMJ-TV, Youngstown, OH
    Phone: 330-744-8611

    WKBN-TV, WYFX-TV, Youngstown, OH
    Phone: 330-782-1144

    WNWO-TV, Toledo, OH
    Phone: 419-535-0024

    WSYX-TV, Columbus, OH
    Phone: 614.481.6666

    WTOL-TV, Toledo, OH
    Phone: 419-248-1111

    WTVG-TV, Toledo, OH
    Phone: 419-531-1313

    WUPW-TV, Toledo, OH
    Phone: 419-244-3600

    WYTV-TV, Youngstown, OH
    Phone: 330-783-2930

  50. Karolenna

    The link goes to the first page to protest. What I posted after the link was the email from the Obama camp. You may not receive this because it is here in Ohio where McInsane hope to carry.

  51. CNN is confirming Biden has been selected.

  52. Chef Sheila


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