It’s official, we have a running mate!



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  1. Chef Sheila

    Hurray!!!!! Biden Woo Hoo!

  2. Chef Sheila

    A Clear and Present Attack Dog with Panash!!!

  3. Chef Sheila

    Sheila Happy Dances!

  4. Chef Sheila

    LOL WooWoo! Doesn’t look to good at the other place though. A little sad.

  5. Chef Sheila


    Thanks for the heads up. I got one from Obama campaign for the swiftboating protest too. I’m going to do it for my area.

  6. You mean PUMA central? fuck em!

  7. Chef Sheila

    Read up to KGC and just chicked the whole thing again. I am not going there anymore. Craig is worth reading, the rest are not.

  8. Chef Sheila

    Chicked… I meant Chucked

  9. Chef Sheila

    I am so proud for Biden. No one deserves to be put on a ticket for Vice President more than Joe!

  10. Yeah E. is going more nuts than usual.

  11. I guess Obama has decided he can win without the shrew vote! I’m going to bed, night.

  12. Chef Sheila

    Night night. Me too!

  13. Karolenna


    Is the ad the same one that is playing here in Ohio from the “American Issues Project”? It’s pretty bad when Fox and CNN are refusing to play. It was MSNBC where I saw it which may mean they are on my shit list. Don’t know what I would without CM. I’ve tried to email him or someone his staff before. Anyone know an email address?

    I hope so many call tomorrow and send message that it takes their systems down. At least that’s what I’m going to try to do. I can’t sleep so I may get started tonight.

    BTW, have you seen the ad? I’m surprised it took this long for them to get anything out because it ran here yesterday.

  14. Chef Sheila


    I just sent you a copy via email

  15. Steve (AH)

    Good deal

  16. dnd

    Biden’s a great pick. Gonna be interesting to see what he has to say in Springfield and Denver.

    What I’m curious about is the NYT link Brian put up at 1:25 am. It said: “The brief text message from the Obama campaign came about 3 a.m., less than three hours after word of the decision had begun leaking out.”

    How could they write, in the past tense, that the text message came out at 3 am, when the article was publish before 2 am?

  17. dog's eye view

    hi dnd. They might have refreshed the story since Brian put it up. I was surprised the text msg was sent as late as it was.

  18. dnd

    Yeah dog, who’s awake at 3 am, except the media?

    Some pundits are wondering if going with a long time DC insider will dampen the change message. The only other choice would be Tim Kaine, and then they be questioning Kaine’s lack of experience.

    One major positive for the Biden pick is he’s got a pretty good self-deprecating sense of humor. The late night comedians will now have some material.

  19. dog's eye view

    I was up until about 3 — went to see the Boxmasters last night and they were even better than Doots said. One of the best concerts ever. Shot a bunch of digital video; will share it with you all.

    Anyway, the text message had not arrived or been reported before I drifted off to sleep.

    Think Biden’s a solid pick, and hope that he and Obama can prevail this fall. It will be a tough, tough fight. They’re a good team, though, with good values, good advisers and crossover appeal.

    Biden should be helpful with the Reagan Democrats.

  20. dog's eye view

    Love this comment from rob! on John Cole’s Balloon Juice blog: Great comeback to use:

    rob! Says:
    McCain already has an ad out against him, using a quote from Biden where he said (in 2005) he’d be “happy to run with OR against McCain.”

    if I was Biden, my response would be “yeah, i would’ve been happy to run with the McCain of 2005. But that John McCain is gone, having been replaced the moral-less, Rove-led, base-fluffer he has turned into.”

    August 23rd, 2008 at 7:27 am

  21. Chef Sheila

    You can tell its Election year, Joe Scarborough’s Right Wing Prayer Beads are showing….

    He says Mitt Romney’s economic experience blows everyone else away. I say he’s another uber rich guy who knows how to make money for himself and not the average guy in the country.

  22. horsedooty

    wrt the Mittster, I always say that he will remind everyone of the guy that laid you off. Mojo is just wrong like he normally is.

  23. dog's eye view

    hey doots, good morning. The Boxmasters rule! And got to chat briefly with Brad Davis, who says you are a great guy, one of the best. Although we all knew that.

    Yep, the GOP can go with an all-plutocrat ticket, and some in the media see a level playing field. A millionaire is a millionaire. Not.

    Does sound like Romney was a successful financial executive; he’d be a solid pick for McCain there.

    C-Span running interview with Colorado GOP chairman Dick Wadhams.

    The gentleman who ran George Macaca Allen’s successful campaign against Jim Webb (oh, wait) and worked briefly in a mortuary before settling on the GOP as his life’s work.

  24. Chef Sheila

    The conspiracy theorists abound now. Its amazing to me that a bunch of so called Progressives could be treating this ticket as though its poison to the common man.

    It also amazes me that those who shall remain nameless could thing that the VEEP Ticket selection, building up for a week was lame.

    That was the smartest use of the press I’ve seen in years!! Axelrod ROCKS! What a way to keep the nation’s mind on Obama’s positives and off any percieved negatives that the McCain campaign was trying to dish out.

    The only other story picked up by the press this week was John McCain’s houses.


    If those who shall remain nameless want to miss out on the campaign of their lifetime,….then so be it!

  25. Chef Sheila

    Love John Ridley..

    The Elitist Tipping Point

    Folksiness is a queer thing. You can be from a well-to-do family, attend an ivy-league school and be a “regular Joe” like George Bush, or you can be from a well-to-do family, attend an ivy-league school and be “haut monde” like John Kerry.

    Or you can grow up living on food stamps in a single parent home, attend an ivy-league school and be an “elitist” like Barack Obama for implying that people get upset and myopic when they lose their jobs.

    Though it’s nearly indefinable, elitism’s like porn: you know it when you see it, and what somebody else likes doesn’t necessarily turn you on.

    And yet, we’re electing the president of the US; still the most powerful person in the world. I don’t want an underachiever working on my car’s transmission. Why would I want someone regular sitting in the Oval Office? Sorry, give me somebody who’s demonstrated a capacity to excel. The cliché gotcha question of journalist is asking candidates what’s the price of a gallon of gas at a particular locale. Can the candidate demonstrate with a single answer that he (or she) is a person of the people? Brother, I don’t care if the candidate knows the local price of gas. I care if he fully understands the metrics that drive up or down a barrel of oil.

    So the question isn’t how many houses John McCain owns. The question is: does he understand what’s negatively affecting the equity of those houses and what can be done about it and how can such gross fluctuations be prevented in the future?

    He’d better hope he doesn’t have to check with his staff to answer that one.

  26. dog's eye view

    Sheila: you called it right.

  27. Chef Sheila

    Thanks Dog,

    Beware of false Democrats. They will cut off their noses to spite their faces after a while.

  28. Chef Sheila

    You know, there are a lot of plants out their silently dividing and a lot of weak people are falling for it. Too bad their are so many out their with the “me me me” syndrome.

  29. dog's eye view

    There has been a lot of turnover at a blog many of us frequented; why can we see the agenda and the few remaining oldtimers not?

    Lots of division and the enemy of my enemy is my friend …


    This was interesting; Politico story quoting John McCain’s older brother, Joe, who lives in DC suburbs:

    when they grew up, mom Roberta handled the finances while their dad was at sea or in the service; same division of labor in John and Cindy household (except that Cindy is managing her own money, primarily, which John DID not make)

  30. Karolenna

    “when they grew up, mom Roberta handled the finances while their dad was at sea or in the service; same division of labor in John and Cindy household (except that Cindy is managing her own money, primarily, which John DID not make)”

    When was the last time you actually believe Cindy McCain “managed” anything but possibly a decision in a board room? Or, the decision to give one of their maid’s about what to eat. I think it was yesterday I saw where the McCain’s spent $273,000 last year on their household staff. Naturally all of those homes need staff even when they aren’t there.

  31. Chef Sheila

    When it comes to wealth and the Uber Rich, they all have people that manage their portfolios. The last person I worked for had a whole comptroling staff. Don’t even think Cindy McCain doesn’t have a wing under the corporate umbrella that manage staff and household finances. They have a mandate for certain management that she instilled, but that is all.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Morning Brian!

  33. Sheila we all have to rethink our cabinet picks now that we know who the VP is going to be. I’ll rerun fantasy cabinet on Monday. And congrats on getting this one right (don’t let it go to your head).

  34. Chef Sheila


    Your diversity and White Man’s Republican Party. I’m beginning to really beleive you have pinpointed a very big point about Why Obama is polling toe to toe with one of the most inadiquate Republican Presidential candidates in History.

  35. Chef Sheila

    Why thank you Brian. Girl got some game still. Monday would be just right for a game of cabinet pick.

  36. dnd

    Geraldine Ferraro, still a staunch Hillary supporter, said today that what Obama needed to prove was that he had good judgment and that selecting Biden demonstrated good judgment.

  37. dog's eye view

    More reasons to love Balloon Juice:

  38. Chef Sheila

    Now Thats a Change for the better dnd, thanks for sharing!

    As Chuck Todd just said, there will be a SMALL number of Hillary Supporters not voting at all or voting for McCain. But then the rest that were holding out will be supporting the ticket now that Biden has been chosen.

  39. dnd

    Hey Hip,
    We haven’t got a KDN report in a while. How’s the pooch?

  40. dnd

    Cripes, there’s already a huge crowd in Springfield. And it’s hot and sunny. Hope there’s plenty of water for the crowd and some EMTs to deal with any problems.

  41. Biden is going to feel like he’s fallen through the looking glass!


  42. Tweety must be on cloud nine, Biden and Tweety are cut from the same cloth.

  43. Chef Sheila

    Ketih Olbermann is a real live poet when he is inspired.

    Great opening statement

  44. Steve (AH)

    Whats with the three AM bashing? Thats when i get up!!!

  45. Steve (AH)

    Dog report-

    She’s doing pretty good (not great) and will have an exam on Monday morning. i have not been home with her but my wife has…

  46. 3:00 AM bashing? I’m missing something.

  47. Steve (AH)

    How many people don’t know how many houses they own any way?

  48. Steve (AH)

    Yeah! It think it was at about 8 AM- someone said “who is up at 3 AM?” Me for one!

    Heck its almost my bed time now…

    just kidding

  49. Steve (AH)

    I will check back in later

    gotta feed the chickens

  50. Chef Sheila

    Here are the nuts and bolts of why Clinton was not offered the position.

    In Charity and Politics, Clinton Donors Overlap

  51. Chef Sheila

    And This…

    Clinton Library Got Funds From Abroad
    Saudis Said to Have Given $10 Million

  52. Chef Sheila

    and This…

    Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation
    A firm that has donated to the president’s charity is accused of collaborating with the government in its crackdown on Tibetan activists. Hillary Clinton has spoken out against China’s actions.,0,499290.story

  53. Chef Sheila

    Its all out there. Just some digging required.

    Bill Clinton knows Obama would be commiting political suiside if he Picked Hillary. As a matter of fact, I’m sure Hillary Clinton was counting on the Clinton push back to secure the presidency for herself.

    This is too shakey for such a crisis era.

    The Clintons are toast. They’be been bought and in turn had put the Presidency in jeapardy with the people who bought them through their HUGE donations to his foundation.

    No one puts forth the trype of money we are talking about without wanting something back.

  54. Sheila if Obama had wanted Hillary none of that stuff really would have mattered. Bottom line, he didn’t want her, and who can blame him.

  55. Chef Sheila


    A whole lot of people want to know. Why can’t I start a discussion like this?

  56. dog's eye view

    The info is great, Sheila, and thanks for putting up the links. It’s still pertinent.

  57. start a conversation like what? not sure what you mean.

  58. Chef Sheila

    Your welcome Dog, Still trying to find the public record for POlitical doners. I saw it last year. It was very telling that the CLintons had deep ties to the middle east and asia, It gave off a real question of pay offs and influence. Not a good thing when running against that in the first place.

  59. Chef Sheila

    I was carying a discussion over….I don’t blame Obama at all for not wanting Billary. I was giving some answers to why the Obama Campaign probably didn’t feel obligated to pick her even though she had so called 18 million votes.

  60. Chef Sheila

    Wow…got shivers of anticipation for the springfield address.

  61. you sure it wasn’t a hot flash gone wrong?

  62. Chef Sheila

    No anticipation feels better 😎

  63. Karolenna

    Here is a list of some of The Clinton Library Foundation donors.

    Probably one name you won’t actually see on the list right away is Tony Rezko, which we all know is there. We just won’t see it until (what was it she said) 2012. That was when she thought she would already be in the WH.

  64. dnd

    Had Sen. Clinton won the nomination and someone unearthed something really ugly about Bill’s financial dalliances, there’d be a whole lot of people pissed at Hillary, in the same way people are pissed at Edwards, in that they had full knowledge but decided to run anyway.

  65. Chef Sheila

    Great point dnd. The only ones who would have been surprised are the ones who didn’t bother to look. All the doubt is there and the RNC was just waiting.

    This is why they are so darned disapointed Hillary didn’t get it. AND, this is why I am not suprised so many of Hillary’s supporters are voting for McCain. They were really Rush Limbaugh’s army anyway.

    A lot of people willing to fall on their swords for the right by voting for someone they knew they could beat in November.

    At least not voting for him based on this Blackness is more honest.

  66. dog's eye view

    Am an idiot not to have mentioned that C-Span 1 has a great interview with Biden from August 2006 up now, awaiting Springfield, IL event.

    It’s been great. Am sure they will rerun it tonight. Very informative look at the man.

  67. Chef Sheila

    oo. I’ll be watching tonight! Thanks Dog!

  68. dog's eye view

    apropos of nothing: driving to Annapolis last night and Air Force 2 (I presume) came in for a landing just behind me over 95. Flew very low just over the roadway. Always love seeing the presidential aircraft, it’s a thrill, and hope there will be much better passengers aboard come January.

  69. I hope this event comes off on time, I need to go back to bed.

  70. Chef Sheila

    In an about 10 minutes right?

  71. dog's eye view


    I have been curious about that one forever. So much information did not come out on Bill’s donors and business activities — it’s almost like he would only give it up if HIllary was somehow the nominee, or maybe not even then and brazen it out.

    He’s done that before. I can see him refusing and complaining about Cindy McCain’s untransparency as a smokescreen. But not willing to provide the info so Hillary could be second banana and maybe the Clintons truly do not think Obama will win.

    All that privacy gone.

    Maybe the Obama campaign did not vet Hillary because they didn’t get anywhere with Bill and let that go rather than leaking, like Hill’s campaign would have.

    Also, if they did find something ugly and link it, the PUMAs are going to thank them? Not.

  72. dog's eye view

    Brian: hope you will feel a lot better. How long until you’ve pretty much recovered?

  73. dog's eye view

    what’s this music? Like it; don’t know the song?

    Is it U2?

  74. dog's eye view

    Obama Biden. The first placards. I would bet Biden’s name won’t fade off, like Dan Quayle’s did. Remember those Bush bumperstickers?

  75. Chef Sheila

    I like the mistake that keeps getting voiced now.

    “Obiden”. Its great!

  76. dog's eye view

    real straight talk

    not blustering about national security

  77. dnd


    Shouldn’t that be O’Biden? He’s Irish 😉

  78. Chef Sheila

    Obama’s speech was powerful and heartfelt. When he does this, its just hard to beat!

  79. dog's eye view

    not political:

    Wine Spectator found out for awarding a non-existent Milan restaurant (with a purposely horrible wine list, had they read it).

    heh heh,0,5377368.story

  80. Chef Sheila

    7 kitchen tables! LOL

  81. dog's eye view

    ladies and gentleman: your kitchen table is like mine….

    knew where he was going with that one!

  82. Chef Sheila

    “they require more than a good soldier”. “They need a GOOD Leader”

  83. Obama has found his attack dog!

  84. dog's eye view

    Chuck Hagel statement on Biden selection:

    “Joe Biden is the right partner for Barack Obama. His many years of distinguished service to America, his seasoned judgment and his vast experience in foreign policy and national security will match up well with the unique challenges of the 21st Century. An Obama-Biden ticket is a very impressive and strong team. Biden’s selection is good news for Obama and America.”


    great speech by Biden. So glad to see him out there, watching Obama’s back. And I think Hillary will give some equally excellent speeches laying out the choice before us. As will Bill.

  85. dog's eye view

    I have been disappointed in my friend John McCain… swiftboat tactics …. campaigns are a test of character…

    there’s something about Barack Obama that brings people together….

    Welcome to the contest, Mr. Biden. Well said.

  86. dnd

    Obama just won PA.

  87. Chef Sheila

    Man’s making me cry!

  88. dog's eye view

    And hope Ohio is listening too.

    It is a beautiful day.

    Please America, do the right thing. Get us back on the right track.

  89. Steve (AH)

    Biden gave a great speech- I had actually forgotten how good he was at that. I think he may have outdone Barack.

  90. Steve (AH)

    Dang, Kerry could have used some that in 04!

  91. Chef Sheila

    Mathews just put it really well. Biden Just tied McCain forever to Bush.

  92. dog's eye view

    what a pleasure to hang with positive people

  93. dog's eye view

    what did KDN think?

    Does Biden have a dog?

  94. Chef Sheila

    So much better have hope! Don’t you guys think so?

  95. Both men kept their speeches short with lots of punches, well done!

  96. dog's eye view

    I liked Biden’s rapping the podium to make his points, sequentially.

    Gave us a taste of good speeches to come at the convention.


    Incidentally: did all get their text messages? I have never checked for mine.

  97. Steve (AH)

    You know KDN loved it- she’s a yellow dog—ok a black dog—Democrat

  98. Steve (AH)

    This is a pretty darn good pick, I’d say.

  99. i got mine, but was asleep when it came.

  100. McDeath is not going to be happy today!

  101. dog's eye view

    site of the House Divided speech

    reason enough to choose the site

  102. Chef Sheila

    I got mine a half hour after the press got it, but then I am left coast. We are used to being last. ;0)

  103. dnd

    Paul to the Corinthians said the three greatest virtues were faith, hope and charity.

    Martin Seligman, a psychology prof at U. Penn did a study and those who have hope tend to be more optimistic and happier.

  104. dog's eye view

    incidentally, did you catch the GOP soundbite yesterday pointing out Obama might get a 15 point bounce out of convention? It was said Clinton got a 16 point bounce.

    That’s called raising expectations too high and claiming he couldn’t meet them.

  105. Chef Sheila

    dnd, I really believe that. Its been a part of my life and I can’t help but believe that its kept me alive.

    I think the differance between you and I and Others who will remain nameless, is the hope factor. I feel sorry for someone who has lost hope.

  106. Steve (AH)

    When is McDeath ever happy?

  107. Steve (AH)

    Dog Eye- I did see that 15 point thing- pretty silly

  108. dog's eye view's_House_Divided_Speech

    The speech contains the quotation “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, which is taken from Matthew 12:25: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. Lincoln was referring to the division of the country between slave and free states. The “house divided” phrase had been used by others before. Eight years before Lincoln’s speech, during the Senate debate on the Compromise of 1850, Sam Houston had proclaimed: “A nation divided against itself cannot stand”.

    The most well-known passage of the speech is:

    “ “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

    It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.


    C-Span: first election since 1960 with two sitting US senators on the ticket.

  109. Chef Sheila

    Typical Strategy to offset the bounce and make it negative.

    However, I wonder if they figured on exactly Biden’s stance.


  110. Chef Sheila

    Talk about re igniting the hope! Holy Smokes!

  111. Steve (AH)


    Don’t GOP candidates always say something like “I don’t pay attention to polls”

  112. Chef Sheila

    ….Thats a thinker Stever, I believe both sides of the aile have used that thought when it suited them.

  113. Chef Sheila

    Greg Craig emerging as a great surrogate for the Obama Campaign.

  114. dog's eye view

    Andrew Sullivan’s live blogging the Springfield speech.

    And his take on Biden as the choice.

    “…. Biden has aspects of the Cheney pick – he’s older, more seasoned and more adept at foreign policy than Obama. But no one imagines that Obama would delegate – and all but abdicate – critical decisions to Biden the way Bush has to Cheney.

    …. This strikes me, in other words, as a pick for a candidate who is already very serious about governing – and making calls that forgo a campaign buzz for the sake of the country if he wins. Putting country first, you might say.”

  115. Chef Sheila

    Yes on Greg Craig! Referendum on McCain not Obama.

  116. hey nobody noticed i changed the thread pic!

    thankless job the blog mastering stuff!


  117. Steve (AH)

    Actually I did- just didnt write anything. Looks great Brian

  118. dog's eye view

    you are the best, Brian. Thank you!!

  119. Steve (AH)

    Im out for a bit Rock on kids

  120. screw the thanks, send cash and drugs!

  121. BTW Biden has disproved one theory. You can campaign for the VP slot and get it! LOL

  122. Chef Sheila

    Your the Best Brian…..:lol:

  123. Chef Sheila

    You can’t beat what just happened. What a ride into the convention!!!!

  124. The thing I love most about Biden, he’s a die hard party man! Unlike a certain couple who’s name I shall not evoke at this moment, he doesn’t put his own future above that of the party! Go Joe!

  125. dnd

    One thing that dawned on me at today’s event is how both Obama and Biden can give inspirational speeches.

    McCain has a problem with that. And I’m hard pressed to think of anybody on his veep short list who can. Any ideas on who that might be?

  126. dnd

    “screw the thanks, send cash and drugs!”

    I’m sending my spare cash to Richardson. He’s still got campaign debt. As for drugs, I think I have some ibuprofen in the medicine chest…

    I thought Biden said on MTP that he didn’t want to be asked. Was this Br’er Rabbit and the Briar Patch?

  127. Chef Sheila

    To be exact, Biden said he didn’t want to be asked but if he was, he wouldn’t turn down a chance fo serve his country.

  128. Chef Sheila

    Romney did a good job about his religion. I gotta hand that to him.

  129. Chef Sheila

    Don’t you just want Obama to makes Susan Rice his NSA and really show what a really great African American Woman with a great strategic (not strategery) mind can really do?

    It would be like, lets make this right this time!

  130. Oh come on dnd, I knew he wanted he job when he said he wouldn’t turn it down, and was out there aggressively attacking McCain. He’s long had white house ambitions, and knows he will be too old to run again in 2016, so this was he best shot for white house glory.

  131. Nap time, i feel like crap, but the Biden role out was a nice lift to me spirits.

  132. Chef Sheila

    Brian, that statement is too surface.

    Biden’s Gravitas has always been his “Heart On Sleeve” patriotism. His everyman feel. I have no doubt that his real reason in running for President is that he really believes he can save the country and all the average guys in it.

    For that reason, he is perfect.

  133. Chef Sheila

    Chuck Todd! Chuck Todd! Chuck Todd!

  134. Sheila I’m not one of those people who thinks ambition in a politician is a bad thing. But if you really believe Biden wasn’t running for the VP slot more power to you.

  135. Steve (AH)

    C-Span is re-running Biden’s speech right now in case you missed it the 1st time

  136. Chef Sheila

    Of course he was and just like all the rest. But he was running for President first and it was more than just his ego. ;0)

    Gotta go shopping. Later!

  137. Steve (AH)

    Have fun Sheila, Im out again too and will check in later

  138. thank god she’s gone shopping, now i can nap!

  139. dnd

    Most veeps are forgotten to history unless their infamous. Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle, and most certainly Dick Cheney. I bet a lot of the younger crowd doesn’t know that 41 was Reagan’s veep or that HHH was LBJ’s veep.

    Biden has an opportunity to go down in history as a veep that made serious positive contributions. I hope he gets the chance.

  140. dnd

    I agree 100% about Susan Rice. And I’d like them to bring back Samantha Power too.

  141. dnd

    “Most veeps are forgotten to history unless their infamous”

    Doh! Where’s the grammar checker? Meant to say:

    Most veeps are forgotten to history unless they’re infamous

  142. dnd you must have thought for a moment you were on the other blog, we don’t make an issue of typos in here.

  143. Chef Sheila

    I’m baaaaack!

  144. Karolenna

    “McDeath is not going to be happy today!”

    Brian, McDeath doesn’t even need to be happy. All he does is listen to what the hatchet men write then go out and read what they say; that plus wait for the attack ads that he has probably not even seen. Sound like someone else you have known for about eight years? He’s probably home loading up on vitamins and sleeping.

  145. Karolenna

    Am I the only one on here without a real life or did anyone see that old 1988 speech that Ann Richards gave at the convention. It was just on CSpan. God, that was good. I just loved her. She could really give a good speech.

  146. Chef Sheila

    I remember Anee Richards speech to this day. Memorable and funny.

    You dserve a day off to vegetate on the couch!

  147. Karolenna

    “I’m baaaaack!”

    Sheila, you’re always baaaaack. You’re like the energizer bunny.

  148. Chef Sheila

    Thanks K,

    I don’t feel very energised right now though, I feel like a nap!

  149. Chef Sheila


    Biden is only worth between $100 and $150,000.00. Now thats what I call someone who understands.

  150. dnd

    “Biden is only worth between $100 and $150,000.00. Now thats what I call someone who understands.”

    Shelia, where did you hear that. It doesn’t sound credible. His home is work ~$1,000,000

  151. Chef Sheila

    dnd, I heard on Hardball three times now. Been the subject of three conversations…

  152. Chef Sheila

    Aparently, he took out a second mortgage on his home to send his son to college.

  153. Steve (AH)

    awake and checking in

  154. dog's eye view

    on things not always being what they seem; the saga of Clark Rockefeller

  155. dnd

    Morning Hip.

    One of the interesting things about yesterday’s announcement is that Obama never mentioned McCain. Biden did. Nothing nasty or snarky, but with a sigh, a smile, disappointment and disbelief about his old friend. Yup, Biden was the perfect pick.

  156. dog's eye view

    Obama and Biden both need to make this election a referendum on Bush Cheney and McCain’s being a continuation of the same policies under new management.

    Getting that out of office would be a welcome change and what people are anxious for.

    They need to join McCain at the hip to Bush — which is in some ways unfair, because McCain has tried to run for air on some issues — but there’s way more in similarity than difference, and the approaches (free market as solution to everything, unless it doesn’t work for selected industries — like defense profiteering).

    McCain is not going to do anything for universal health care coverage, or on most issues that matter to Americans. His economic adviser thought we were a nation of whiners for noticing the middle class is getting hollowed out by competition from globalism while tax relief for the wealthy is more important than ensuring a better life for your average American.

  157. dog's eye view

    Brian: how are you feeling today? Hope you are much better.

    I am a little tiny bit sad the Olympics are ending. That’s a first. It was cool seeing the Beijing streets and parks the marathoners ran past.

  158. No better, no worse, but thanks for asking.

  159. dog's eye view

    Caroline Kennedy dodged the vetting Hillary question. She earlier mentioned a report that Hillary did not want to be vetted if she was not going to be chosen. What is CK referring to? (I’ll check Talking Points and HuffPost now in event story is lurking there.)

    Not consenting to being vetted — or letting it be known you will not cooperate with the vetting — is different from not even being considered as VP. Obama may hate the Clintons’ tactics, but it’s hard to believe he didn’t consider possibility that he might have to go with her. He’s been pragmatic throughout.

    So need to find out what the actual facts are there. I would not be surprised if HRC and WJC chose not to be vetted because they mistrusted another campaign with their personal information; there is rancor between the two campaign operations.

    Am wondering if the deal was “you can vet me in return for nominating me” (and you are stuck if you find anything that makes the ticket vulnerable, or if family members are not forthcoming with their information).

    And then: sowing more dissension among the Democrats. He wouldn’t even vet me. I got dissed again.

    Does anyone think Patty Solis Doyle was actually hired to assess HRC vulnerabilities as VP, from someone in the know? She could have been moved to another position in the event they did go with HRC and had to bring Hillaryland into the organization…..

    Although: I wonder if the Atlantic mag article was the last gasp for that idea. Cannot see Obama and his advisors wanted to ally with such a leaking organization, filled with people who fight with each other and don’t think he can win (or should, in event he could).

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