Sources are reporting that John McCain has tapped Alaska gov Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  John McCain yet again showing his contempt for the women of America has picked a far right, gun toting  anti-choice female as his running mate.



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  1. Karolenna

    Just think, he’s old and she’s a heart beat away from being president. Lord, I’d hope that intelligent women throughout this country see what he is doing, but from what I’ve heard these past few months some women have gone off the deep end. As I’ve said before = cut off you nose to spite your face.

  2. Chef Sheila

    So she is Pretty….is that all he needs? Does he think that pretty and smart with even less experience is the best way?

  3. dog's eye view

    I think it’s a cynical way of reminding people that (in the GOP opinion) pretty and smart and less experience is leading the Dems ticket.

    As in: you have a problem with Palin’s experience? My friends ….

    It’s a pretty good choice for getting a second look; it’s still Bush Cheney’s third term.

    Wonder if Hillary Clinton will campaign harder to try to thwart this, or will sit back and laugh bitterly….

  4. dog's eye view

    a choice between a record and a speech

    a choice between someone ready to govern America and someone qualified to be junior senator from Illinois

    (they’d say New York if it was Hillary)

    calling Obama a fairytale…

  5. Obama picks a world respected leader as his running mate, McCain picks a little experienced gun packing momma as his running mate. You tell me who has the judgment and temperament to lead this country!

  6. dnd

    Well, she’ll be pailin’ next to Biden in the debate!

    Get it? Palin. Pailin’. Oh never mind.

    There goes McCain’s lack of experience charge.
    Remember how McCain’s always harping about the earmarks targeted towards Alaska?
    I doubt her positions are going to get many indies.

    What were they thinking?

    If they wanted to get the chattering class talking about this rather than Obama’s speech, they succeeded. But announcing on the Friday before a three day weekend isn’t exactly going to get the average Joe to notice.

  7. phillis schlafly in waders

  8. dnd

    “The American Margaret Thatcher!”

  9. dnd

    And a creationist too!

  10. dog's eye view

    This has backfire potential.

    Let’s just hope more people vote with their heads or their hearts than organs further south.

  11. Palin also supports the teaching of creationism in public schools, under the name of “intelligent design.”

    A fucking flat earther, give me a break, this gets richer by the moment!

  12. dnd

    She’s not gonna last to the general election. We should start a pool to guess the day she’s dropped.

  13. Just wait till to Hillary comes out swinging against choice, what an insult to Hillary supporters!

  14. horsedooty

    Thursday, July 31, 2008 19:12 EDT
    Alaska’s governor being investigated, too

    Sen. Ted Stevens isn’t the only Alaska Republican who might be in hot water. The state’s Legislative Council, a bipartisan panel made up of both state senators and state representatives, voted earlier this week to spend up to $100,000 investigating Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of the state’s former public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan. The investigation will consider whether Palin sacked Monegan because he wouldn’t fire Mike Wooten, a state trooper who’s Palin’s former brother-in-law, and whether Monegan was pressured to fire Wooten by Palin or members of her family or administration.

    Wooten is currently going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with Palin’s younger sister. Monegan says he did feel pressure to fire the trooper before he himself was fired on July 11. Palin replaced Monegan with Chuck Kopp, but Kopp resigned last week over revelations of a 2005 sexual harassment complaint against him.

    All this comes at a bad time for Palin, especially because the investigation was brought to national attention on Thursday by the Wall Street Journal. She hasn’t been discussed much as a possible running mate for John McCain recently, but her name has come up on numerous occasions, and she’s been endorsed for the ticket by people like Nat Hentoff and the National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez. Bill Kristol has also said he thinks she should be McCain’s pick, and predicted she would end up on the ticket — of course, given his record as a prognosticator, that could have been the real death blow to Palin’s chances.

  15. dnd

    This gives Hillary a tremendous opportunity to shine in her support for Obama.

  16. dnd

    It’s McCain’s birthday, but Axelrod got the gift.

  17. Notice all the empty seats!

  18. dnd

    Memo to McCain: Don’t push the anti-corruption angle until the investigation is finished.

  19. wow, her husband is a snow mobile racer!

  20. dog's eye view

    dnd: may I put your Axelrod comment up on TM and say it’s from you? It’s SO PERFECT.

    Just got an email from my Seal Beach friend: McCain must be desperate.

  21. Bristol, Willow, and Piper?

  22. dog's eye view

    Don’t you love how baby blog’s comment generator suggests Michael Palin?

    This is a Monty Pythonesque moment.

  23. dnd

    Conspiracy theorists are hinting she’s the only one who would accept the veep slot.

  24. dnd

    How could McCain pick someone with so little qualifications?

    Because he spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton, you commies.

  25. 🙂

    Good one dnd, you’re on fire today!

  26. PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama’s gain in support among registered voters from Monday to Wednesday of this week was in part the result of gains among conservative Democrats — the group among whom the Democratic nominee had lost ground last week as he slipped to an overall tie with John McCain.

  27. Karolenna

    “Notice all the empty seats!”

    I told you they were having problems filling seats and were busing in people to be in the audience.

    I’m compiling comparison information for Obama/McCain. Anyone who has some good comparisons already put together email them to me. My daughter lives in a very wealthy area (county is one of top wealthiest in country) where there are mostly Repugs. She just told me some are asking her for information on Obama. Her neighbor said she heard that Obama is going to raise taxes if you make over $70,000, but if I am correct you must make over $250,000. McCain actually has a false ad running here in Ohio that says Obama will raise your taxes if you make over $45,000. I’m going to get specifics so my daughter can send to everyone she knows who is still deciding. We’re going to get a log of Repugs here if we can make a legitimate comparative case for Obama.

  28. Ok, now I’m scared ,she’s been a PTA chairman, we had better just concede the election now.

  29. Chef Sheila

    Dan Quayl in Pig Tails.

  30. Chef Sheila

    Someone just called her Sarah the Baracuda.

  31. A high ranking Democrat woman needs to come out and gut the Palin pick.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Act like a cat Brian. When the time is right. That is how this high stakes game is played.

    In the mean time, I just checked other blogs and there is only one so far (with people who are and have been against a black in the Presidency) that think this is good idea. Even some of my more right wing visit sites are shivering in their boots.

    The big question this time and its up to Axelrod, is the perfect opportunity to display the two men as the natural choice now.

    I doubt that they will let the Republicans paint them what they are not. But Right Wing Talking POints Add Naseum just came out to play.

    There are a majority that will say, I’m so confused, its up to us to explain Add Naseum too. ,

  33. Karolenna

    Thought this was cute. McCain and modern technology.

  34. dog's eye view

    Mr D outdid himself on Trail Mix:

    I’m going to donate $25 to the McCain campaign, I’m so happy. I was terrified that they’d get Romney, send him to Michigan and take the state. But ole Maverick proved that judgment does count and he picked an unknown from a state people still think is owned by Russia. Thanks John!

    Posted by: Mr. Democrat | August 29, 2008 3:26 PM

  35. Kathy

    first thoughts-
    1. Can you imagine if the dems picked an equivalent candidate?
    2. The right wing talkers are falling all over themselves to hide their contempt- it is almost laughable.

    But may main thought- as a 45 year old with a 9 and 11 year old who is only self employed and on the school board- how can she possibly be the VP- which is not a 40 hr a week job- and be with her kids, and esp. cater the special needs of one?

    I think any women in equivalent situations to me- past or present- would have a hard time imagining it.

    It seems like such an attempt to get a woman- any woman- hey, lets get all the Hillary voters!! The Hillary voters I know will not be swayed to vote for a pro life evolutionist, with zero familiarity with international issues. It is an insult to them.

  36. It’s 3:00 AM and in the White House a phone is ringing. Do you want Giget answering the phone?

  37. dog's eye view

    Jack Cafferty just read this letter on the air; more on his blog:

    …..I am sure Hillary did not mean to put 18M cracks in the glass ceiling so that a pro-life, pro-gun, home-schooling nobody from the frozen tundra of Alaska could slide in. GO OBAMA…

    another letter:

    Not at all Jack, he simply reinforces his message of double talk. Experience was never the critical issue, the real issue was judgement. McCain said in April of 2003 that he expected no Sunni/shiite conflict, didn’t support additional troops in Afghanistan until very recently and said within the past 12 months that knowing everything that he now knows about Iraq, he would have still invaded. If anyone on this earth had any questions as to why he was 5th from dead last in his class that should have answered them. His VP pick is simply more of the same. He has now motivated me to donate to Obama. If the citizens of this country elect McCain they will get exactly what they deserve.


  38. Steve (AH)

    A purely political pick- nothing more—this is just like Ferraro in ’84. She was chosen solely gfor her gender.

    What, he couldn’t get Kay Bailey Hutchison?

  39. Kay doesn’t like John McCain.

  40. dnd

    Took mom to lunch today. I asked her what she thought of Obama’s speech. She said it was magnificent. Her only criticism was she thinks he should have smiled more. Then she started laughing and asked if I’d heard who McCain picked for his VP. She thinks he’s toast.

    She thinks the Biden pick was perfect.

    Recall that this is a woman who prefers to vote for Republicans, but always goes for the best candidate. And she was for Obama long before I was.

  41. dnd

    “A high ranking Democrat woman needs to come out and gut the Palin pick.”

    That woman will be Hillary Clinton. And she will make Palin regret she ever said yes to McCain.

  42. Steve (AH)

    “Kay doesn’t like John McCain.”

    McCain doesn’t like romney

    McCain didn’t like Huckabee

    MCCain didn’t like Rudy

    er uh…..notice a pattern?

  43. Steve (AH)


    Tell your Mom hello

  44. Karolenna

    Isn’t it strange that women who supported Clinton will give up on any of the issues that should matter to them merely to get back at us who did not support Clinton and vote for Palin. Talk about sexism.

  45. Chef Sheila

    This is telling. An interview question answered for a TIME two weeks ago……Her answer is very confused, to say the least.

    Really puts the Kabash on her foriegn Relations future.

    Palin on Iraq

  46. Chef Sheila

    Flashback: Palin Said She Didn’t Like Hillary’s “Whining”

    By Greg Sargent – August 29, 2008, 3:00PM

    Today in Ohio, new McCain veep pick Sarah Palin made a big play for Hillary voters by referencing her now-famous “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” quote.

    But Newsweek reports that back in March, at a Women and Leadership event held by the mag, Palin’s view of Hillary wasn’t quite as charitable:

    Once onstage, together with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, Palin talked about what women expect from women leaders; how she took charge in Alaska during a political scandal that threatened to unseat the state’s entire Republican power structure, and her feelings about Sen. Hillary Clinton. (She said she felt kind of bad she couldn’t support a woman, but she didn’t like Clinton’s “whining.”)

    Via Politico. Imagine how surreal it’s going to be when Palin evokes Hillary’s name at the GOP convention — and the arena cheers for her.

    If you all dig up more past examples of Palin dissing her new heroine, please send along.

  47. Steve (AH)

    I dont think she is ready for the national stage.

  48. Karolenna

    Isn’t it ironic that she has wolves shot from airplanes to protect the moose that she shoots to make mooseburgers?

  49. Rachel looks tired, btw apparently Gov. Palin doesn’t believe global warming is man made.

  50. Steve (AH)

    She’s also a creationist and “home skewler”

  51. dnd

    How can you be governor and be a home schooler?

  52. It’s a small state in terms of population, she has lots of free time.

  53. dnd

    Sure it’s a small state in terms of population. And a lot of the land is federally owned. But they control huge resources, or at least the access and transport of those resources.

    I’d think a special needs infant would be a full time job.

  54. Don’t fret it dnd, in 8 weeks she’ll have all the free time she needs too teach the little ones how the earth is 6,000 years old.

  55. Kathy

    dnd- where did you read she is a homeschooler?

    her wikipedia has been taken over by the PETA crowd

  56. Hey bill Maher returns tonight, can’t wait to hear his take on the Palin choice.

  57. Chef Sheila

    Now this is what we should be talking about!

    Democratic National Convention Ratings: 38 Million Watch Obama’s Acceptance Speech

  58. Yep Sheila, more people than watched the opening of the Olympics, or the Oscars.

  59. Karolenna

    My son just told me, Brian, that Obama’s speech got more of an audience than the opening of the Olympics. I’ve said the entire world is watching and interested in this election for sure. Can you imagine what they would think if McSame gets in.

    I’d like to go to Italy next year. My girlfriend and husband go every year and she says you must do everything not to look like an American. Maybe that would change with Obama.

  60. Honey lots of things will change with Obama ~ Biden.

  61. Chef Sheila

    Talk about Cranky! 😆

    McCain Gets Prickly During Time Interview

    Reporters have frequently commented on the degeneration of John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” policy throughout the campaign, but his lack of openness with the press came to the fore in a recent interview with Time Magazine. Below are some excerpts from the interview.

    McCain at first seemed happy enough to do the interview. But his mood quickly soured. The McCain on display in the 24-minute interview was prickly, at times abrasive, and determined not to stray off message.

    There’s a theme that recurs in your books and your speeches, both about putting country first but also about honor. I wonder if you could define honor for us?

    Read it in my books.

    I’ve read your books.

    No, I’m not going to define it.

    But honor in politics?

    I defined it in five books. Read my books.

    In 2000, after the primaries, you went back to South Carolina to talk about what you felt was a mistake you had made on the Confederate flag. Is there anything so far about this campaign that you wish you could take back or you might revisit when it’s over?

    [Does not answer.]

    Do I know you? [Says with a laugh.]

    [Long pause.] I’m very happy with the way our campaign has been conducted, and I am very pleased and humbled to have the nomination of the Republican Party.

    A lot of people know about your service from your books, but most people don’t know that you have two sons currently in the military. Can you describe what it means to have Jack and Jimmy in uniform?

    We don’t discuss our sons.

  62. BTW has anyone noticed just how thrilled Joe is to be on Obama’s big journey?

  63. McCain’s ‘Hail Sarah’ Pass

    His choice for veep is all but set up for failure in the fall.
    By Jonathan Alter

  64. dnd

    Others have said she’s a home schooler. I don’t have any direct evidence, so it may just be a rumor.

    BTW, I have nothing against home schooling. I just wondered how you can do that and be Governor at the same time.

  65. Kathy

    Dnd- that’s fine- just was wondering-

    here is a video where Craig Ferguson calls her a naughty librarian

  66. Kathy

    I am thinking of Maher, and John Stewart, and SNL, and the Onion……we were just given a world of possibilities

  67. Kathy

    What DOES a VP do exactly?

    “But as for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does everyday? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.”

    from interview with Larry Kudlow a month ago

  68. Chef Sheila

    Wow Kathy, This ladie is a real live green horn and I don’t think there’s enough rooms for the kids at the Naval Observatory…..

  69. Steve (AH)

    Good morning troops…long weekend ahead. I have heard from my sister and a couple of old friends in Gustav’s path. They are pretty anxious as you can imagine….still trying to figure out this weird person McCain picked. It’s a big gamble for all of us…she appears to be nothing more than a far right small town mayor and beauty queen. I never saw this one coming.

    Having said that, I don’t necessarily believe every negative thing I see about her. What I know I don’t like, but I am willing to learn more about her.

    I am open minded about her because I am firmly committed to Obama/Biden.

  70. Steve (AH)


    I did completely read the Alter piece. I agree with it. I think McCain has really rolled the dice. Its purely political, and I see no thought to governing.

  71. dog's eye view

    Hi Steve. Wishing you, your family and KDN a good weekend.

  72. dog's eye view

    Welcome to the PalinDrome

  73. Chef Sheila

    Morning friends,

    Drinking a cup of coffee and listening to Gustov.

    TMI this morning. Whereas we should have been basking in the after glow of the DEM Convention, we are talking non-stop about Sarah Bararacuda and Gustov….

  74. good morning peeps.

    Sheila it’s a good thing that people are talking about Palin, it’s talk driven by shock, I do think the chat needs to focus on how this rabid right winger stands on the issues, and just how pathetic is it for McCain that he had to go to one of the most extreme righties of his party!

  75. Chef Sheila

    Well here is is. I knew I recognised her for sure. She is an Evagelical Christian Conservative. McCain went for the bases support.

    Too bad being an evangelical has become a political act to the Right Wing. Its so wrong.

    I know some of you have bad feelings about Christians now. I have dreadful feelings about the politization of my chosen Faith.

    Just remember, there are those like me out there too. We are growing in leaps and bounds. But for now, we have another election year where the Extreme Right Wing is going to TRY and rear its ugly head again.

    This time they won’t suceed.

  76. Chef Sheila

    I agree Brian. We should start with HER issues and take them right apart.

  77. dnd

    Hope your sister and friends don’t get hit by Gustav. That must be scary.

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