The “S” Word, by dnd

John and Sarah

The Maverick and the MILF

We bugged the McCain campaign headquarters (no we didn’t) and heard this conversation McCain had with his aids (no he didn’t):

The “s” word. That’s right, my friends, sexism. That’s the reason I picked Sarah, to inject the element of sexism into the campaign. She’s an attack dog, but they can’t touch her. Any criticism of her and we’re going to trot out the sexist accusations. Look at her, a perky, attractive mother of five. One of her kids is headed to Iraq, the other a special needs child. How can they touch her?

Oh, but they’ll try. If Obama and Biden are too smart to rise to the bait, those Obamabots will for sure. And if they don’t, we’ll put in some well placed plants to do the dirty work. That PUMA bunch is mine! Those nattering nitwits in cable news haven’t figured this out yet, but they will.

The Obama crowd wants to see me lose my temper. You bet I will. The first perceived slight of Palin and I’ll come to her defense, red faced and full of outrage. It’ll be great.

I don’t care if she doesn’t have any qualifications. I don’t think the vice president’s office is worth a warm bucket of spit. As I’ve always said the only thing the veep does is check the health of the president and attend funerals for third world dictators. That’s why I’ve always said I wouldn’t do it. Good job for a woman.

Besides, I like young women who are young enough to be my daughter. Just look at Cindy!

Yeah, they think this old coot has lost his marbles with this pick, but I’ve outfoxed them. You just wait and see…



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132 responses to “The “S” Word, by dnd

  1. Thanks for reminding us just how creepy this selection of McCains is. This man has no business visiting the White House, much less living there.

    BTW I read someplace yesterday that Cindy is upset about the house jokes, her dad worked hard so she could own seven homes and fly around in her own jet!

  2. dnd

    Mike Keefe’s take on the Palin pick:

  3. dnd

    And, of course, my favorite curmudgeon, Ed Quillen, has some thoughts on the coverage of the Democratic National Convention:

  4. dog's eye view

    you nailed it, dnd. The stupidity McCain attributes to the American voter… time will tell.

  5. great cartoon, I’m sure they will like it as much and you me on TM dnd!

  6. dog's eye view

    dnd: I posted your entire comment to Trail Mix. Some screaming already by the usual shriekers, but smarter folks will read it and think about what you wrote.

    Hope you do not mind that I did so. Just thought it was an interesting take on the pick.

  7. dnd

    My second favorite curmudgeon, Frank Rich, on the coverage of the Democratic National Convention:

  8. dog's eye view

    NYTimes banner: GOP suspends most of convention activities. Monday.

  9. Steve (AH)

    I dont think the GOP has much choice. Its probably the right thing to do any way.

  10. dog's eye view

    Andy Borowitz:

    GOP Campaign Increasingly Resembling Unproduced Goldie Hawn Film
    Eerie Parallels, Goldie Hawn Expert Says

    Please check out the other features on Borowitz’s site, including McCain’s charge that Obama lacks experience running 5,000 person Alaskan town.

    I sleep less well knowing that.

  11. Weather reports are looking better.

  12. No evening events at tomorrow GOP’s convention.

  13. Steve (AH)

    This thing’s speed is TWICE what Katrina was at 18 MPH. If it keeps going that fast over night waters it will not strengthen nearly as much as Katrina.

    A Cat 3 is no joke but thats better than a 5

  14. Steve (AH)

    Something is very strange about Palin’s last child….

    She wasn’t “showing” at 7 months…

  15. Steve (AH)

    Palin’s lying about her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere. She was in favor of it, and it is public record.

  16. I think the following gives a lot of insight as just who this Palin woman is and what she represents.

    Palin connects to a key place: Exurban America
    Just-settled edges of U.S. cities could be central to GOP ticket’s success

  17. dnd

    Wasn’t Katrina a cat 3 when it hit landfall at Waveland?
    If I recall correctly (fat chance) it was cat 5 in the water and cat 3 or 4 when it hit Waveland.

  18. Steve (AH)


    It had hit 215 MPH at peak but then died out. Gustav has hit 175 and is weaker now.

    I know it is apples and oranges but it needs to come on in before it can spend another hot day out in that gulf.

  19. dnd

    Rendell & Biden & Hillary will lock PA for Obama. You heard it here first folks 😉

  20. Steve (AH)

    I’m thinking PA is going blue also. I’m wondering about Ohio. Flip Ohio and Keep the Kerrys and you dont need anything else.

    Having said that, I am thinking NM and NV and Colorado are all fully in play.

  21. dnd I’ve never thought McDeath would take PA.

  22. Steve (AH)

    Well Maybe Soccer Mommy will bail him out.

  23. Steve (AH)

    So, is there any chance the GOP dumps McCain as the nominee now that Mitens has been tossed aside like old….mittens?

  24. Steve (AH)

    Watching the coverage of Gustav, that young Governor down there would have made an impressive Veep.

    too bad he got passed over….

  25. dog's eye view

    Andrew Sullivan linked to that “whose baby” rumor too. I figured it was just nastiness on the internet; AS linked to a kos article (I never read kos) with pictures that do make you wonder.

    The strangest is the going into labor, delivering a speech, hopping an 8 hour flight and delivering in a remote hospital. Also that there were not scads of rumors floating around before the nomination that would have reached the speed-vetters’ ears.

    Here’s the Sullivan link; I think this is rumor-mongering.

    If you were trying to get away with this ploy, would you accept a nomination to be the VP and instant media attention and scrutiny? The whole thing is so squirrelly….

  26. dog's eye view

    Yeah, Jindal would have been an excellent VP choice. I thought he’d be appealing to moderates and the science-based technocrat types…

  27. dnd

    In about 15 minutes the CSU vs CU game will kick off. CSU is Ft. Collins, CU in Boulder. The game is being played in Mile High. They’ve played 80 times since the first match in 1893. Big rivalry. Ok, not as big as CSU vs Wyoming or CU vs Nebraska, but a rivalry none the less.

    Why is this relevant? Because there’s a big bunch of people going through the tail gaiters and registering them to vote if they aren’t. I predict Colorado will go blue, as will NM. And Harry Reid may just pull out NV, as Brian Schweitzer will do in Montana.

  28. Chaos at the repug convention, it would be sweet!

  29. Chef Sheila

    I’m enthused dnd! Thanks for voicing the obvious.

    You Hit the Barbie Doll right out of the Park…..or threw the sexist pig under the bus… decide. ‘-)

  30. Steve (AH)

    My view isn’t the kid, the mom or the grnadmom. I dont blame her for protecting her daughter. This looks real to me.

    The important thing is the lie and the coverup.

    Its much like her lie about her support for the bridge to nowhere.

    Two weeks from now about the only support she is going to have are the crazies over at TRailmush.

  31. Chef Sheila

    You guys, a bit earlier in the race, I’d have thought there was a smidge of a chance to take McCain out in a convention turn around, but not now. Its too late.

    The RNC and their constituents have to go with what they’ve got.

  32. Steve (AH)

    She’s got what? 2 months to explain some of the stuff that is coming out against her. All she is going to be doing is swatting down scandals…

  33. Chef Sheila

    Yes, once the Press pulls out her REAL favorability ratings and starts this monster or doubt down hill, its going to be quite a ride.

  34. Steve (AH)

    Wonderful news, dnd about Colorado. I think thats a positive sign that Obama people are proactive.

  35. Steve (AH)

    The Bridge to Nowhere thing was a complete lie, and thats the first thing people heard out of her mouth.

    The pregnancy thing, i can understand her protecting her daughter, but this is the bigs now and you cant get away with that. No way was she pregnant in that picture at 7 months.

    This is a bad pick

  36. Steve (AH)

    It also explains why her daughter was “homeschooled” suddenly right at the same time.

  37. Chef Sheila

    Hmmmmm………interesting. very sensitive though. Not for the Obama campaign. But a good subject.

  38. Steve (AH)

    Obama need not do anything.

    Here’s more on this one:

    Again, I am a Dad, I understand her protecting her daughter. What she has to own up to is she aint mayor of some little town any more. This is the first thing we found out about her….

  39. Karolenna

    My, my what a busy group today.

    Was talking with my sister this morning who was telling me that her husband had heard some talk about pulling Palin as the VP choice at the convention. He is heavily into politics and talks with Strickland at the drop of a hat. He’s an appointment of Strickland’s. Don’t know if they can do that or not, but I guess many Repugs have talked about not liking McSame’s pick.

    Let’s see how “culture” Palin can change when the old man kicks the bucket and Russia decides to invade again. God, she looks exactly like what she was before getting into politics…the local weather “girl”.

  40. Karolenna

    I bet that Dobson preacher who was praying for rain in Denver is down on his knees right now.

  41. Steve (AH)


    The Dobson crowd might now think twice about mocking God

  42. Chef Sheila

    Thats really interesting Karolenna. I am intigued about pulling someone’s candidate. Can that really happen?

    It used to be that the second place winner was Vice President. Then the Party chose the VP at the Convention. Now its the Candidate’s choice.

    But are there safe guards against this type of obvious gaff?

  43. Steve (AH)

    You must check out this post from DailyKos (and no i rarely go there- too crazy for me) to see the pix of the daughter and Mom.

    Its very clear that she is the Grandmother

  44. Chef Sheila

    I’d say james Dobson has been out of favor from God Since the 2004 election when he first made a packed with the devil himself. it always seems to come back two fold, so I’m waiting. just a matter of time before Dobson gets his come uppence.

  45. Steve (AH)

    Dobson’s a slime

  46. Steve (AH)

    Maybe she can “look into his soul” like W. did…

  47. Chef Sheila

    Steve, I’d say thats pretty compelling photos. I feel bad for the daughter. I’d say thats another case of coming back on you two fold.

  48. Steve (AH)

    I think so too, especially for the girl…

    again, I understand what Palin did, but I think we can all tell McCain didn’t vet her. This is just a stupid choice.

  49. Steve (AH)

    Obama doesn’t have to touch the story…

  50. Karolenna


    I’m not certain about pulling a candidate at a convention, but my sister and her husband usually attended the conventions as delegates…at least one or the other of them was a delegate. Their youngest son has cerebral palsy and since he is getting older now it is so difficult to get attendants to stay with him. So, they have to save time away for actually “getting away”.

    I had talked with my son-in-law about being so disappointed with Tubbs-Jones for supporting HRC, and he said she is some lady that really is a reckoning. I should say now that she “was” some lady. He had worked with her on many occasions.

  51. Chef Sheila

    he sure didn’t… I wonder how the Republicans can get past this? I don’t think so. they are going to have to lie lie lie and lie until its the triuth.

  52. Steve (AH)

    The pregnancy thing is all over the internet, and apparently this has been swirling around Alaska for some time now…

  53. Steve (AH)

    What I am trying to get straight is whether or not she was in a jet in the air when she broke her water…

    She spoke at some convention either on the day of or just before the child was born….

  54. Karolenna

    This is certainly a good week to catch many movies. I NEVER watch the Repugs. Just can’t stomach it.

  55. Chef Sheila

    ……so on the day of the announcement, the young lady holding the baby is the one in question.

  56. Steve (AH)

    Yes she is…

    …and in fact she did break her water and then got on an 8 hour flight instead of going to a hospital in Texas…

  57. Karolenna

    Don’t know about any of you other females but I think McSame is the ugliest man (especially being a Repugs) on the face of the earth. Maybe he thinks by surrounding himself with these “babes” makes him look younger and more appealing? He’s definitely not my type!!!

  58. Steve (AH)

    McCain screwed up. You can bet there is going to be a lot more of this to come.

    They just didn’t vet her and when he got ready to pick he just told them all to go to hell and took who he wanted.

    He couldn’t get his 1st choice probably and went with her…

    and he likely couldnt get along with the more conventional guys…

  59. Steve (AH)

    You could be right Karolenna.

    He isn’t the ugliest man ever to run for office. That would be either Lewis Cass or LBJ. Take your pick.

  60. dog's eye view

    This hurricane might be fortunately timed for the GOP because can you imagine the discussions going on behind the scenes after the elevation of Hurricane Sarah last week?

    I wonder if they are going to try to get the VP pick pulled back.

  61. Chef Sheila

    The Moment McCain said the “C” word for all the world to hear, I lost all respect for him.

    Using the basist of words in reference to or of your wife, really let me know that there was big time verbal abuse going on in the back ground and I wonder what else. Cindy McCain has all the ear marks of someone who has been abused for a long long time.

    So I could care about his looks, its his vibe, his body language, and public knowledge that pulls me over the edge.

  62. Steve (AH)

    He cant pull it back. They will spin it somehow.

    They are good at that. It will turn into some kind of sexist attack to ask her the questions. They will spin it like hell.

    McCain needs to be defetade. Its not even a rock em sock em red vs blue deal. Its just good for the country, which is the whole point any way…

  63. Karolenna


    LBJ had a big, ugly nose but he at least was a big and tall manly man…and a Democrat. Remember, that’s prerequisite for me.

  64. Chef Sheila

    He abused dogs, but his wife Lady Bird got the best of him at least!

  65. Steve (AH)

    It doesnt matter any way. There is going to be more on her….

    She’s an open book. If this wasnt checked out, were her taxes? Finances? This is a small town mayor. She has no busines being on the national stage, and she doesnt compare to Obama.

    He won his way through the primaries and he is highly educated. She got to her position because some old man stuck her there.

  66. Steve (AH)

    I know LBJ’s dogs names:

    Him and Her

  67. Steve (AH)

    I bet you will never forget how ugly Lewis Cass is

  68. Chef Sheila

    How cute is that! I didn’t know that.

  69. Karolenna

    McSame merely picked Palin for the religious right and the PUMA bitches. Those PUMA people had better what what they “vote” for. Isn’t it ironic that the same women who proclaim to be so independent, blah, blah, blah, would even consider casting a vote for McSame and Palin. They had only talked twice if I recall.

  70. Steve (AH)

    Honorable mention

    John C Calhoun

  71. Karolenna

    God, Steve, where did you dig up that photo of Cass? He was ugly.

    Did anyone else but me notice that McSame had his face “sprayed” with what looked like makeup in Dayton the other day? He looked like a dead man in a casket but he was still talking.

  72. Steve (AH)


    Yeah, I can get an eyeful of that at Trailmush…


  73. Karolenna

    Maybe this has been posted but it is from an Alaskan’s perspective of Palin.

  74. Steve (AH)

    You forget i am a teacher. I threaten punishment on my kids by waving a photo of Cass.

  75. Steve (AH)

    McCain’s people didnt search her hometown papers

    I’m tellin’ ya gang, they just literally picked her right off the street


  76. Steve (AH)

    Huffpo commenter:

    I own a small business. I am trying to fill an important position. I have one key candidate at this point. I have interviewed this person 5 times; I have checked references, had the individual submit a business plan and had others interview this person. I am astounded that Senator McCain spent less time and had less personal contact in selecting his potential sucessor for the most powerful position in the world than I did for my own venture. This is not the way an executive fills a key job and the issue regarding Senator McCain is the degree of serious analysis he gave to finding someone for this vital executive post..

  77. Karolenna

    This is from that link I posted above from the Alaskan. I thought it funny they don’t call Wasilla a city.

    “Before her meteoric rise to political success as governor, just two short years ago Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla. I had a good chuckle at’s claim that she had been the mayor of “Wasilla City”. It is not a city. Just Wasilla. Wasilla is the heart of the Alaska “Bible belt” and Sarah was raised amongst the tribe that believes creationism should be taught in our public schools, homosexuality is a sin, and life begins at conception. She’s a gun-toting, hang ‘em high conservative. Remember…this is where her approval ratings come from.“

  78. Steve (AH)

    Thanks dnd, I used to read Shoe all the time when i got a paper

  79. dog's eye view

    turning this thread into S for Smear, I know.

    But here’s the embedded link in that Andrew Sullivan story. Sounds reasonable, but who knows if this site is not a more sophisticated Larry Johnson-like site? It’s so easy to lie on the internet. As we have seen.

    Story’s so odd, though. The plane flight and going to extra trouble to deliver in a hospital without advanced neonatal ICU unit — if that is true?

    This might be the mother of all smears about Gov. Palin, but it is SO ODD that you would behave this way with a high risk pregnancy — mother 43 and — allegedly — knowing it was a Down Syndrome baby. You would not hop an 8 hour flight (stopping in Seattle!), if you’d been leaking amniotic fluid and feeling false labor pains. Wouldn’t you see a local doctor — due diligence — to make sure you’d be safe to fly?

  80. Chef Sheila

    LOL K,

    Wow! To put it in an Alaskan’s voice is putting it on a whole new plain.

  81. Chef Sheila

    listen, all PUMA who want her to be their candidate after this, are really Philis Schlafly followers and deserve to follow Geraldine Ferraro, who is head PUMAMA after her latest press release. .

  82. Steve (AH)

    70, 80, 90% of Hillary’s people on board. Hillary was fantastic at the convention.

    PUMAs bore the shit out of me.

    I really mean that.

    That crap got old at Mush when it just went on and on and on for months. I went there today and it is still going on. They need to STFU and just go vote for McCain.

  83. Steve (AH)

    I’m embarrased I voted for Ferraro, she’s just got a problem with black people.

  84. Steve (AH)

    McCain blogger now starts asking questions about the rumors

  85. Chef Sheila

    She sure does. Its so obvious that she is a part of her generation.

    Hillary Clinton is a shining example of good sportsmanship. Kind of a lost art in this generation.

  86. Steve (AH)

    Hillary’s cool with me, and so are her people that are on board….

  87. Steve (AH)

    If I keep posting all this preggo stuff, I will have to change my name to GORDO2.


  88. Steve (AH)

    I wouldnt say that about Ferarro, but she made an identiacl stratment about Jackson in 1988 to the one she made about Obama in 08.

  89. Well aren’t we the chatty bunch tonight.

  90. Chef Sheila

    They’ve pulled all the pictures of Little Trig with Bristol…..hmmmm…..

  91. Chef Sheila

    Investigations are always tempting fodder.

  92. Steve (AH)

    Are you kidding?

  93. Chef Sheila

    No, I take that back. My laptop didn’t load right.

    My mistake

  94. Steve (AH)

    Ok, I am out of here troops. Brian, will get something to you by mid morning

  95. Chef Sheila

    But your right. Bristol acted just like a mother, even when “Grandma” was briefly holding the baby. She paid a lot of attention and didn’t act like a Teen relieved to let go of her charge.

  96. Chef Sheila

    night Hip!

  97. Chef Sheila

    For all us Left coast people, Obama is on 60 minutes

  98. Chef Sheila

    Wow! Glad 60 minutes is still a highly rated program. Obama and Biden are hitting it out of the park again.

  99. Chef Sheila

    Wait, this will be on Utube. its a great interview.

  100. Karolenna

    What the hell is Wolf Blitzer smoking tonight? He had the “audacity” to say that in spite of the convention, etc., the polls were still even. Actually showed the same thing before the convention. But, guess what? The dates of on the screen said August 23 and 24. What the hell? Has he lost it? If that’s the case we haven’t even seen the bump from the D convention.

    Even it you go to, which is usually lower than other polls IMO, it shows Obama ahead 47.6 – 44.2. No wonder the TM crowd likes CNN. Pathetic.

  101. Chef Sheila

    here is the entire joint interview broken up into segments. Enjoy.

  102. Karolenna


    Just watched the 60 Minutes clip. Great. Sorry I missed all the action here, but I got into a movie. Sometimes I just need to “get away” from all of it.

    Another link to the clip.

    Now, think I’ll go “back upstairs” to see what is happening in the world, at least via television.

  103. dog's eye view

    Happy ending to that northern California horse sanctuary story, for now. (Its name was similar to a badly run shelter and donations foundered.)

    Since the LATimes story ran, sanctuary has received $70,000 in gifts — one was a $50,000 anonymous contribution — and can operate through the winter.

    The power of the press.,0,1932621.story

  104. horsedooty

    LOL the maverick and the MILF Brian you are one of the funniest guys I have ever met. Thanks for that caption.

  105. dog's eye view

    yeah, that was inspired. Hola Sr Doots.

  106. Not my line doots, I stole it from Bill Maher. Just watched the 60 minutes interview. The thing has so impressed me since Obama announced Biden is how quickly they have become a working team.

  107. dog's eye view

    Did you watch it on Youtube or on the link posted? I didn’t realize it would be on…

  108. I watched it on line, the link sheila posted

  109. dog's eye view

    great; will catch it in a few.

  110. horsedooty

    none the less it is a very funny line. Bill is one of the funniest guys around.

  111. dog's eye view

    Hi Steve. Happy Labor Day to you and to all BC pals and those laboring in harm’s way or fighting the good fight (whatever they perceive that to be).

  112. dog's eye view

    re Wolfson: an olive branch is an olive branch. The story says more about his capacity for denial than anything else, but welcome Howard.

  113. dog's eye view

    The “Trig’s the grandbaby” rumor has been debunked. Now I hope someone with knowledge and skill goes through that kos diary post and reviews the actual dates of the photos posted — is it possible you could look sleek as a seal at 7 months of pregnancy? Maybe so… or maybe the photos were not from the dates alleged in the diary post.

  114. Steve (AH)


    Check your e-mail, got a post for you.

    Thanks Dog’s Eye

  115. Chef Sheila

    Looks like the Hurricane is working out OK. Not too much damage so far.

  116. Chef Sheila

    The Western Wall is holding up. Lapping over, but not a full flow.

  117. Morning peeps.

    Yes Sheila so far looking good in NO, Gustav has slowed up to a cat 2. Lets hope the only damage is done to the GOP convention!

  118. Chef Sheila

    Uh Oh….Lower 9th ward is flooding according to CNN.

  119. Chef Sheila

    I think this is unconfirmed, but a a reporter is saying sperts of waters bubbling up from underneath the new wall.

    If that’s the case, I hope its gets no worse.

  120. no levy breaks sheila, over topping to be expecting. MSNBC is reporting all the levies are holding.

  121. Chef Sheila

    Well, there are 6 more hours of wind and surge. Keeping fingers crossed.

  122. colleen

    good morning, folks

    haven’t been around for awhile. good to read your stuff and good to “see” you


  123. horsedooty

    so Reverand how’s that prayer for rain in Denver last Thursday working out for you now?

  124. horsedooty

    Hi Colleen long time no see.

  125. Chef Sheila

    Hi Colleen,

    So good to see you are still kicking….well…maybe not high stepping, but kicking for sure!

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