Oh Really? by Aging Hipster

Hubris, “Republican Brand,” Change, blah blah blah. We often only talk gaming and strategy when considering who will be President. As much of an Olbermann fan as I am, I have to admit that even Bill O’Reilly will talk to the people he disagrees with, occasionally even showing self control.
He is releasing interview segments with Senator Obama on his show in the next few days. Its quite fascinating.
Frankly, getting people of different views to sit down together will help this country greatly.
Take a look.


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113 responses to “Oh Really? by Aging Hipster

  1. dog's eye view

    From a 1990 LA Times story on Barack Obama. 1990! When he was Harvard Review editor.

    “… He still carries a passbook that belonged to his grandfather, an herbalist who was the first family member to leave the small Kenyan village of Alego, move to the city and don Western clothes.

    “He was a cook and he used to have to carry this passbook to work for the English,” Obama recalls. “At the age of 46 it had this description of him that said, `He’s a colored boy, he’s responsible and he’s a good cook.’ ”

    Two generations later, at the most widely respected legal journal in the country, the grandson of the cook is giving the orders.

    Yet some of Obama’s peers question the motives of this second-year law student. They find it puzzling that despite Obama’s openly progressive views on social issues, he has also won support from staunch conservatives. Ironically, he has come under the most criticism from fellow black students for being too conciliatory toward conservatives and not choosing more blacks to other top positions on the law review.

    “He’s willing to talk to them (the conservatives) and he has a grasp of where they are coming from, which is something a lot of blacks don’t have and don’t care to have,” said Christine Lee, a second-year law student who is black. “His election was significant at the time, but now it’s meaningless because he’s becoming just like all the others (in the Establishment).” …

    … But what truly distinguishes Obama from other bright students at Harvard Law, [constit law prof Lawrence] Tribe said, is his ability to make sense of complex legal arguments and translate them into current social concerns. For example, Tribe said, Obama wrote an insightful research article showing how contrasting views in the abortion debate are a direct result of cultural and sociological differences. ”


  2. Steve thanks for bring the Obama interviews to our attention.

  3. Religion Remains Major Dividing Factor Among White Voters


    This is interesting, and goes a long way in how hard McCain had to work in holding on to and exciting his base.

  4. chefsheila

    If no one has yet, Let me voice this.

    Thank You Bill OReilly for allowing a HUGE forum for Obama to show that he understands the Iraqi Surge better than McCain is willing to admit!!!

    There’s going to be a sway factor in that one!!!

  5. dnd

    Excellent point. Not only do people with different views need to talk, they need to listen.

  6. dnd

    Just heard this on Stephanie Miller:

    Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilot was a governor.

  7. LOL, that’s great dnd, of course the Obama haters would take a line like that as proof that we Obama supporters have raised Obama to demigod status!

  8. horsedooty

    great article Hip. Thanks for posting it.

  9. horsedooty

    on CNN this morning, they showed a little of that girl that made the vid in what I took as a response to Annie Oakley’s speech Wed nite. I took it as a slam and very much tongue in cheek and they said she was a Palin supporter. I don’t get it. The vid also reference Jesus as the ultimate community organizer.

  10. dnd

    I think they’re a little slow on the uptake at CNN. Satire flies right over their heads.

  11. horsedooty

    this is the vid that they were talking about and Chef Sheila posted it yesterday.

  12. horsedooty

    I just sent a note to CNN asking if they knew the meaning of Satire. Well, in so many words anyway.

  13. Would love to see what you wrote doots, why not post a copy here!


  14. dog's eye view

    McCain’s prepared speech; no idea how much it differs — at all — from actual remarks.


  15. horsedooty

    sorry for forgetting to do a Friday post. I lost a day somewhere. Happens some when you are my age.

  16. horsedooty

    sorry Brian, I had to use their box to send the message so I don’t have a copy of it.

  17. np on today’s post doots, but don’t know what you mean in your other post.

  18. Oh, ok, just figured out what you meant, I’m a little slow today, percoset will do that!

  19. “It now appears the Republican National Convention may be helping McCain to recoup some of his losses, though with Obama’s current four-point lead, the entire convention period to this point has still been a net plus for Obama.”


  20. dnd

    Hillary vs. Palin?

    “The names at the top of the ballot on Nov. 4 will be McCain and Obama, but the juicier battle this fall for an important group of swing voters — white working women with children — may be fought between the other two stars of the Republican and Democratic conventions, Sarah Palin and Hillary Rodham Clinton.”


  21. good catch there dnd! Hillary must be spitting nails at the thought of a Sarah Palin going after her base!

  22. dog's eye view

    ABC News Nightline report on Troopergate, apparently aired before the GOP convention.

    Interesting, but I’m posting it because there’s an amusing error with a caption within the piece (early on). Surprised it made it onto the air.


  23. dog's eye view

    John Edwards has cancelled all public appearances scheduled between now and Election Day.


  24. Latest electoral college projection:

    Obama 301 McCain 224 Ties 13


  25. ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) — A new poll suggests that Barack Obama is widening his lead over John McCain in two battleground states but indicates the race is dead even in Ohio, the state that decided the last presidential election.


  26. Howdy troops—rough week at work but what a wild ride ’08 is turning into on the Presidential Level!

  27. You want to hear about a rough week, I’ll tell you about a rough week!


  28. Brian I think you have me on that one…

    Three trackers show Obama maintains lead, but full post GOP numbers not in


  29. dnd

    Way off thread here, but I downloaded the beta version of google’s new browser, google chrome, and been playing around with it. I haven’t figured out a bunch of the features, but it’s a lean, mean browsing machine. Lotsa cool stuff. I’m sticking with Firefox. For now.

    And like Firefox, it’s open source, so I expect we’ll see a lot of the best features showing up elsewhere.

  30. dog's eye view

    Craigslist, DC: National Morning Show looking for teen parents who did not last…. can you say “Bristol Palin tie-in?” Of course, it’s usual Montel fare too…

    National morning show is looking to teen parents who tried to stay together after the baby, but couldn’t make it work. Whether you got married and later divorced, or just tried to stay together and eventually broke up, we’d love to hear your story. Please contact us ASAP at morning.show@yahoo.com and be sure to include your phone #, story, and a picture if possible.


  31. dog's eye view

    Oh really?

    Palin did list the governor’s jet on eBay. But it did not sell; they sold it elsewhere.

    McCain is out telling folks his VP nominee sold the plane on eBay and made a profit.

    Wrong and wrong.


  32. dog's eye view

    Politico: Clinton insider: she’s planning to go after John McCain in campaign appearances; not Palin per se. Obama staff suggested schedule heavy on stops in battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. She’s settling her schedule now, to include fundraising events to pay down her campaign debt.


  33. chefsheila

    Hi Everyone. I’m home to take a snooze……

  34. Sandy Goodman was deeply disappointed when Hillary Rodham Clinton didn’t get the Democratic nomination, then again when she was bypassed for the VP spot. So Goodman, a longtime Florida Democrat, flirted with thoughts of shunning Barack Obama, and perhaps even voting Republican.

    Then John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, and suddenly things became clear to Goodman: The Republicans had no place for her.

    “Boy, you are sure not talking to ME!” Goodman, 61, says she thought when she heard Palin’s views on issues like abortion rights. Now, Goodman is volunteering for Obama.


  35. dnd

    Not only did she not sell the state jet on ebay, she sold it at a loss!

    To quote James Carvil: “It’s the economy stupid!”

  36. She also sold it to a contributor to her campaign.

  37. Kathy

    Love the eBay story…
    I just heard more of Palin today- it seems she is pretty sarcastic as a regular practice.

  38. I’m sarcastic, she’s nasty.

  39. chefsheila

    I guess she fits her nickname

  40. dnd

    John McNasty and Sarah Barracuda. Feel the love.

  41. And why does he come off so angry on the campaign trail? what is that about, talk about the cranky old man, he’s like the two old man puppets on the Muppet Show.

  42. Steve (AH)

    The Palin pick is a con job. I wonder if they can keep it up for 60 days.

  43. dog's eye view

    her voice might be just the ticket. I heard her sneering at Obama for not supporting the surge, and thought “like you’re a military and foreign affairs expert” and then — hey, this could be good — her voice grates and that is going to get noticed.

    Toughness is a virtue. Meanness and belittling people? We’ll find out.

  44. dog's eye view

    yeah, Steve, Atlantic has an online poll up — do you think Palin will remain on the ticket? — and “yes” was winning by 60% plus a few hours ago.

    Wishful thinking from me, because I think she might tank; maybe others voted yes because McCain won’t want an Eagleton situation.

  45. Steve (AH)

    Dogs Eye—But the press is picking on her by….asking questions!

  46. Steve (AH)

    I still say she is a flash in the pan and people will wake up. Besides, she is making McCain look like a 2nd banana

  47. I guess the next category will be evening wear, and then on to the final last question.

    (ignore the close)

  48. chefsheila

    That was a great memory! Thank UB

  49. dog's eye view

    Yup, AP ran that story earlier and here’s the list:

    AP: Palin attended 5 colleges in 3 states (including Hawaii) in 5 1/2 years to finish her degree.

    Fall 1982 Hawaii Pacific University
    Spring/Fall 1983 North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene

    Fall 1984/Spring ’85 Matunuska-Susitana College, Palmer, Alaska

    Spring & Fall 1986; University of Idaho, Moscow
    Spring 1987

    graduated with journalism degree


  50. Nothing like elevated our best and brightest to the second highest office in the land!

  51. perfect example of how the psycho right works


    The joke is at John Edwards’ expense not Palin’s kid

  52. Anyone else going to be watching Dogtown on National Geographic tonight?

  53. dog's eye view

    yep, would rather see some real pit bulls than hockey moms in lipstick.

    What time does show air?

  54. chefsheila

    Welll…….This is SciFi Friday for me. I haven’t watched in a while. SO I will be avoiding all politics and watching Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantic. ;0)

    I know everyone cringe.

  55. cringe my ass, my flesh just crawled!


  56. chefsheila

    Oh That’s Stargate Atlantis.

  57. Kathy

    Not sure if anyone posted this – it is a letter written by a Wasilla resident and gives a lot of up close info about Sarah Palin- please circulate it


  58. Karolenna

    Hey guys,

    Just checking in briefly, but did any of you see Michael Moore on Larry King tonight? The “Right(wrong)” like to demonize Michael but that man has more soul in his one hand than most of the conservatives have in their entire body. Michael was commenting about how McCain had changed so drastically from 2000 just to win an election. He commented on how he must really feel inside himself with having to give up everything he believed in before merely to win an election. That is exactly how I feel about McCain. He has sold his soul to the devil and asked a devil to accompany him along the way in this endeavor to win the WH!!!

    BTW, Michael has a new movie that is coming out later this month. It will be free online to download and give out to anyone who wants it. From what I remember, it seems to play to the young people. I’m sure if you do some Googling you can find it. Sorry I don’t have the name right now, but Michael said to sign up early to you could be one of the first to be able to download the movie.

  59. chefsheila

    Hi K,

    Thanks for giving your heart when talking about Michael Moore. He’s an unsung hero in this nation.

  60. chefsheila


    I saw that letter and it made me pause the other day. If it can be found to be true, its pretty damning about her fiscal responsibility and her care for her constiuents.

  61. dog's eye view

    late Friday news: govt stepping in to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; companies’ executives and boards to be relieved of duties; shareholder wealth wiped out and bailout could cost tens of billions of dollars but, potentially, better to act now rather than later.

    Companies to be placed in conservatorship; govt to assume responsibility for mortgages.

    NY Times: …”For months, administration officials have grappled with the steady erosion of the books of the two mortgage finance giants, created during the Depression and converted to public companies in the 1960s. A fierce behind-the-scenes debate among policy makers has been waged over whether to seize the companies or let them work out their problems. Even after the companies are put under government control, debates will continue over whether they should be independent and how they should operate over the long term.

    The declines in the housing and financial markets apparently forced the administration’s hand. With foreign governments increasingly skittish about holding billions of dollars in securities issued by the companies, no sign that their losses will abate any time soon, and the inability of the companies to raise new capital, the administration apparently decided it would be better to act now rather than closer to the presidential election in two months. …”

  62. dog's eye view

    NY Times: US Rescue Seen for 2 Mortgage Giants


    FYI: Freddie Mac’s CEO has made over $38 million since joining company in 2003.

  63. dog's eye view

    Blog just ate the link to NY Times story: US Rescue Seen at Hand for 2 Mortgage Giants.

  64. dog's eye view

    More from NYT story; companies’ stock might retain some value, but not much.

    “Under a conservatorship, the common and preferred shares of Fannie and Freddie would be reduced to little or nothing, and any losses on mortgages they own or guarantee could be paid by taxpayers. Shareholders have already lost billions of dollars as the stocks have plunged more than 80 percent this year.

    A conservatorship would operate much like a pre-packaged bankruptcy, similar to what smaller companies use to clean up their books and then emerge with stronger balance sheets. It would allow for uninterrupted operation of the companies, crucial players in the diminished mortgage market, where they are now responsible for nearly 70 percent of new loans.”

    … With Fannie and Freddie guaranteeing $5 trillion in mortgage-backed securities, and a big share of those held by central banks and investors around the world, Mr. Paulson appears to have decided that the stakes are too high to take chances.


    Appears they are doing this to try to stop the slide and before Asian markets open Sunday.

  65. dog's eye view

    Top 3 Headlines on WaPost website:

    Treasury Plans Rescue For Fannie and Freddie
    Plan would put troubled mortgage giants under federal control, dismiss top executives, and use government funds to prop them up, sources say.

    Boeing Workers Set to Strike
    More than 27,000 assembly workers are poised to walk off the job at 3 a.m. ET after talks fail.

    Unemployment Soared in Aug.
    Employers shed 84,000 jobs, exceeding analysts’ expectations; rate is highest in five years.

  66. chefsheila

    There’s nothing in the spam que Dog.

  67. Let the vetting begin:

    In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will


    Sheila I released it from spam.

  68. Some Jewish groups have raised concerns since the announcement of Ms. Palin’s selection to the Republican ticket that discussions in the Wasilla Bible Church might go beyond conservatism. Last month, a leader in the group Jews for Jesus, which advocates converting Jews to Christianity — but which has been accused by some Jews of anti-Semitism — spoke at the church. The speaker, David Brickner, spoke enthusiastically about the “miracle” of conversions in Israel by the group’s missionaries.

    The church has also come under fire among some gay advocacy groups for promoting an upcoming Focus on the Family conference in Anchorage dealing with the so-called curing of homosexuality.

  69. Looks like the Palinista have hacked into TM!

  70. Team McCain and the Trooper

    Nominee’s ally moves to curb probe of Palin


  71. Rezdog

    Poor kid!. Messed around with the wrong girl, unless of course he wanted a shotgun marriage. LOL

  72. dog's eye view

    liked that Nat Geographic show on the Vick pitbulls and Best Friends animal sanctuary. Those trainers have some patience. Liked all the snow in Utah; it gets to be 110 degrees there in the summer. Lots of red dust.’


  73. Rezdog

    Everyone was saying last week that this story, “troopergate” was a bunch of crap. Looks like we’re seeing a Saturday Night Massacre, Alaska style to me.

  74. Rezdog

    lmao, the G Man must of let off a stink bomb in TM.

  75. Maybe he took a direct shot in the tin foil hat!

  76. dog's eye view

    Rez: greetings. Whatcha talking about?

  77. Craig’s site is down, and all the comments have vanished on the current thread.

  78. dog's eye view

    Noticed that. Tragedy.

  79. Rezdog


    Palin is trying to intervene in investigation inre the firing of the safety commiss., like Nixon did with A. Cox in watergate. she said she’d cooperate, now she’strying to rid/replace the AK leg ind investigator with her appointed commissioners.


  80. Rezdog


    Brian also had the Newsweek article link above.

  81. dog's eye view

    yeah, saw that. Tick tick tick.

  82. Steve (AH)

    Good early morning gang—the coffee is good—and I am awake!

    Let’s get some Moose Meat today!!!!

  83. Steve (AH)

    GOP wants Lieberman to switch parties now


    I say let him b/c that would mean fat mouth McCain could get his drilling done and let the people see how much reform is worth to him.

  84. Steve (AH)


    Obama said the interview with O’Reilly was great. Another source says the rest of the interview was civil, but not too civil.

  85. Steve (AH)

    later gang

  86. dnd

    Good link on Lieberman. We conspiracy theorists feel that the reason the GOP want’s Joe “Israel should be the 51st state” Lieberman is because they fear Palin will have to be dumped, and they’ll need someone to replace her.

  87. dnd

    For those who missed Thursday’s Colbert Report, he had the Queenmaker for first floated Palin for veep: Adam Brickley. A young college student blogger who (I’m not making this up) lives with his mom.


    Here’s his web site:


  88. chefsheila

    Morning Brian and friends…..now for the coffee

  89. http://www.cleveland.com/news/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/news/1218702850151340.xml&coll=2

    OHIO-Register and vote at the same time, a law introduced by Republicans but now, repugs are fighting it.


  90. rainy and gray here today, have to get to the dog park before all the week enders get there…..

  91. chefsheila

    TM Down? 🙂

  92. chefsheila

    Now a little cartton break with the brilliant David Horsey.


  93. chefsheila

    I’ll be on and off all day. You know by now this is my last work day of the week. Later!

  94. dog's eye view

    “In today’s world, it is up to the “informed patient” to make many decisions affecting treatment. My dear friend Bob Shrum, the Democratic political operative, asked Sen. Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, to call me. I barely know Mrs. Kennedy, but I have found her to be a warm and gracious person. I have had few good things to say about Teddy Kennedy since I first met him at the 1960 Democratic National Convention, but he and his wife have treated me like a close friend. She was enthusiastic about Dr. Friedman and urged me to opt for surgery at Duke.

    The Kennedys were not concerned by political and ideological differences when someone’s life was at stake, recalling at least the myth of milder days in Washington. My long conversation with Vicki Kennedy filled me with hope.”

    Author: Robert Novak, reminding that politics occasionally stops at the hospital bed.

    WaPost column: How a Tumor is Changing My Life


  95. Author Robert Novak reminding us how decent the Kennedys are!

  96. Well so much for expecting some TLC from my mother, I just called her and she said “can I call you later I’m on my way to an Obama thing”. Fine leave a sick child, see if I care!


  97. chefsheila

    For Obama…..I’d leave you too!

  98. So much for a mother’s love, pffft

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