Repression of Free Speech at the Republican Convention, by Horsedooty

First let me say, who would have thought that the police in St Paul, Minn would have freaked out and started over reacting in such a vile manner. Amy Goodman and and Nicole Salazar of Democracy Now! were illegally arrested and wrongfully detained by the police as were other journalists and private citizens. The city of St. Paul now has a large stain on its reputation. I smell lawsuits coming in the not to distant future.

Read about it here:

Vote for McCain/Palin if you want more of this type of treatment of this country’s citizens and journalists. Vote for Obama/Biden if this makes you as sick as it does me. The choice seems clear to me and hopefully to you.

Now that I have brought you down, have as good a time this weekend as you can.

Adios para ahora, mis amigos

Yo soy un demócrata amarillo del perro.

¡yo soy Horsedooty!



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35 responses to “Repression of Free Speech at the Republican Convention, by Horsedooty

  1. this is not the first time this has happened at a GOP event, remember that couple who the police detained in NC while the prez was in town so they couldn’t protest the war? They sued and won.

  2. I did hear about Amy Goodman getting arrested. We have some work to do, but for now I am going to take a few hours for myself and watch some football

  3. colleen

    besides journalists, McCain’s fellow vets were escorted away because he didn’t like their message either…police state?

    As Vets Take to the Streets to Protest the War, McCain Snubs IVAW at the RNC

  4. dnd

    I believe the term is “Minnesota nice.” 😉

  5. dnd

    McCain and Caribou Barbie at a fund raiser in Colorado Springs this morning. Apparently their strategy is to make joint appearances in uber-right strongholds and gen up a little excitement. And cash.

  6. dnd

    For a little change of pace, I got this on the Friday after the Dem convention from Richardson:

    At this historic Democratic National Convention, so many of our Party’s great leaders–Sen. Edward Kennedy, Sen. Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore, among many more–have made the undeniable case for change.

    Last night I had the chance to add my voice. I had the great honor to speak at Invesco Field on the last evening of the convention

    I spoke of how, in my lifetime of diplomacy and governing, our country has never faced as many difficult challenges as we do today. A sinking economy. Two wars. An energy crisis.

    And I spoke of the choice between John McCain and Barack Obama.

    John McCain wants to keep us in Iraq for 100 years. He wants to give even more tax breaks to oil companies. He wants to continue every failed policy of George Bush for four more years.

    After my speech, I joined that spirited crowd of almost 80,000 and watched Barack Obama accept our nomination to be our next President.

    He spoke of the defining moment we, as a nation and a people, face…the chance we have in this election to keep the American promise alive.

    Barack Obama has the vision of change this nation needs. And in Joe Biden, he has found a true partner and ally who shares his vision.

    The choice is clear. For the hope we need . . . for the change we need . . . for the leadership we need . . . we must elect Barack Obama as President.

    Now we have just over 60 days to show each and every American that they have a choice. To make our nation safe, strong, and respected. To live the American dream once more.

    I promise I will continue to work by Barack Obama’s side and do all I can to elect him this fall. And I promise to remain a steady voice for diplomacy, for reason, and for respect in our relations around the world.

    Finally, I promise to share this journey with you. Together, we will elect Barack Obama and choose a new America.

    You’ll be hearing from me again soon.


    Bill Richardson
    Governor of New Mexico

    PS – If you haven’t already made a contribution to help retire my campaign debt, I’d appreciate it if you could send $10 or $25 now. Please go to and contribute today. Thank you.

  7. BevnTempe

    Random thought about McCain/Pailn’s “CHANGE” in no particular order from Arizona

    • Arizona is “CHANGING.” It is going from hot, to sort–of-hot, to warm, and to sort-of-nice. Arizona may also be changing this year from Red to Purple!

    • McCain divorced himself from the Republican party during his acceptance speech because he thought the Republican party needed “CHANGE.” Perhaps this is why he married Cindy a week after his divorce from his first wife. That’s a big “CHANGE.”

    • Heart singers Ann and Nancy Wilson said a “cease-and-desist” letter has been sent to the Republicans telling them not to use the song, “Barracuda” when introducing Hockey Mom Sarah Palin. “The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission,” according to a statement issued late on Thursday on behalf of the sisters. Guess they’ll have to “CHANGE” than song.

    • Palin fully supports her pregnant daughter’s “choice” of keeping her baby. But she doesn’t want the rest of American women to have that choice to make a “CHANGE” in their own private decision.

    • Guiliiani and Palin have ridiculed Obama for being a community organizer. All volunteers are group organizers. Groups and organizations all over the world, including both political parties use volunteers. They are the backbone of community service. Volunteers are honored each year during National Volunteer Month for service in the community “The theme for 2008 was ‘Volunteer to Change the World’.”

    • When McCain caved in to accepting Palin over his own choice of Lieberman, is that an indication that the Maverick was forced to “CHANGE?”

    • Will McCain/Palin talk about issues concerning the American people or just use the word “CHANGE” and hope that convinces the voting public?

    • Was McCain relieved that GWB and DC had to “CHANGE” their plans to attend the GOP convention

    • Is McCain becoming concerned that Palin rather than himself brought about the “CHANGE” in his campaign since she was picked for VP?

    • Are Hockey Mom’s elitist? She says Barack Obama is an elitist or is that another way of “CHANGING” the meaning of uppity?

    • Since McCain voted 90-95% of the time with GWB in the past, is McCain’s idea of “CHANGE” to miss almost every vote taken since the campaign began to avoid appearing to agree with GWB? “John McCain has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 88.3% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which McCain did not vote. John McCain has missed 407 votes (63.8%) during the current Congress.”

    • After taking the crash course of “McCain for Dummies” in order to answer unscripted questions by reporters, what will happen if she doesn’t agree with the “CHANGES” between her view and McCain. Will she have to take the full class?

    • While playing “Pick the Best Candidate for VP” did McCain win the “Booby Prize” in the game “Take a chance on “CHANGE?” (admitted Sexist comment.)

    • If by chance there is victory in McCain/Palin’s camp, let’s cross our fingers and toes that McCain’s heartbeat does not “CHANGE.”

    • While preaching to the BASE section of the choir (misspelling and pun intended) were the other sections thinking about “CHANGING” to another chorus?

    • As one of the 18 million cracks in Hillary’s glass ceiling, this is one crack who will not “CHANGE” for McCain/Palin.

  8. chefsheila

    Hi Bev!

    Lots of thoughts there. I liked “McCain For Dummies” alot. What a hoot!

  9. chefsheila

    So Bev,

    What’s you take on McCain as a sentor?

  10. Hey Bev, welcome aboard, glad to see you’ve joined our little group.

  11. tom

    Unfortunately we are down to the “Lesser than 2 evils” and I won’t vote that way The Media doesn’t represent the “Independent Party” I for one will vote for Ralph Nader, NOT because I think he will win but at least he stands up for working class people and has been a proven advocate for them all his life. The Corporate Parties have to feel the bite of losing votes to the Independents. With a new Dem or Rep president Washington will continue to operate as it is and there will be only superficial changes.

  12. dnd

    Great post with great points. It’s pretty funny that the McCain campaign has to co-opt the “CHANGE” motif. One would think they’d be clever enough to think of something original.

  13. dnd

    If you don’t think either candidate supports your views and Nader does, then that’s a vote I can respect. Much more so than the “spite” voters.

    BTW “lesser than 2 evils” implies only one evil, so that’s a good thing, right?

  14. BevnTempe

    Chef Sheila – he’s a Republican – what can I say?

  15. dnd

    Gail Collins thinks McCain is running for Senate majority leader:

  16. colleen

    dnd, I love gail Collins, but McCain is gonna have to settle for minority leader

    here’s another good article referencing Doots’ early stuff:

    St. Paul’s Police Protest the Press

  17. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Priceless! LOL!

  18. Steve (AH)

    Busy today troops…checking in some today though….

  19. colleen

    good morning, folks. just to beat Doot’s topic to death, here’s another little article about the cops and the RNC

    Confessions of an RNC security guard

  20. chefsheila

    Good Morning. Joe Biden is on MTP This morning.

  21. chefsheila

    Just saw this. Fantsatice. Thank Colleen. Leave it to another Cbob-o-phile to see this….and Madmustard too!

    Dear CC –
    Did you think I would give her that long ?????

    She’s dead Moose Meat …..

    Mad Mustard, Craig Crawford, and Colorado Bob ……. Al up at the same time …. Kiss my grits,

    Posted by: RWC | September 7, 2008 1:41 AM

  22. chefsheila

    …..OK So I have to drink a cup of coffee to spell even half as good….. ;0)

  23. chefsheila

    Biden just hit the Right to Choice right out of the Park!!!

    YEY JOE!

  24. chefsheila

    That man can really talk straight

  25. It’s a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.AndrewJohnsonAndrew Johnson

  26. chefsheila

    Doots and DND,

    Hatch Chilis on CBS Sunday Morning

  27. chefsheila

    DND and Doots

    Hatch Chilis on CBS Sunday morning.

  28. chefsheila

    I brian,

    The Blog Burped….. lol

  29. chefsheila

    ok.,….my laptop burped. I posted about the hatch chilis and then minutes later, I saw it was in la la land. so I posted again….but didn’t post.

    So I turned of my computer and started over and everything posted.

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