The Fall Pilgrimage, by dnd

It’s time. It happens every year. I know it’s time when it comes to me in my dreams. I can smell them. And so, it is time I make my annual pilgrimage to Dean’s Farm Produce, in Brighton, Colorado, to get my roasted chilies.

Dean’s isn’t a sleepy road side produce stand, nor is it a yuppified new-age supermarket. Dean’s is one of those metal warehouses that cover about an acre, with one third set aside for retail. When you pull into the dirt parking lot, you can smell the chilies roasting. Everyone is bi-lingual, except gringos like me. They don’t only sell roasted chilies. You can get bushels of tomatoes, corn, onions, 50lb sacks of pinto beans, dried flaked chilies, cukes, and fresh chilies of every type.

And while there is a plethora of produce to pick from, we all know what we’re there for: roasted chilies. Sure we’ll get other stuff. But nobody leaves without roasted chilies.

I usually get a couple bushels of roasted chilies. Some hot Hatch, some Espanolia, or maybe some Sandia’s. Depends on my mood that day. After they are roasted, they’re put in big plastic bags, and then into cardboard boxes. On the ride home, I roll up the windows on the car so it is engulfed with the aroma of roasted chilies. Once home the chilies sit in a sunny spot on the patio for three hours to steam in their own juices. Then, while I’m listening to the Rockies game, they are packed away in quart freezer bags, for their long winter’s nap.

Why, your may ask, would anyone want two bushels of roasted chilies? Well, as the saying goes, if you have to ask…



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24 responses to “The Fall Pilgrimage, by dnd

  1. Considering I’m a diet of mostly boiled chicken, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal for the time being I consider this post to be a little more than cruel! Damn you dnd, damn you to hell!


  2. horsedooty

    are you hosting a stay over next week? I can be there in about a day if you are cooking. 🙂

  3. dnd

    Well, I’m back. Got a bushel of hot Hatch and a bushel of Sandia’s. The Espanolia’s got hailed out this year.

    One of the great things about going on Sunday is Denver’s best jazz station, KUVO, plays “Cancion Mexicana” on Sunday mornings. A mix of New Mexico, Colorado and Tejano music:

    While I was there a elderly lady was pushing a shopping cart, was picking fresh chilies from the bins. As I got a little closer, I noticed she was wearing an “Obama ’08” button. Yeah, I think Obama will get the Latina vote. Si Se Puede!

  4. dnd

    On the local new this morning, a reporter who covered McCain/Palin speaking in Colorado Springs noted that the speeches were almost identical to the speeches they gave at the RNCC. Not sure what to make of that…

    Even more interesting, remember all those flags they were waving at the Colorado Springs event? They were pilfered from the DNC. Flag-gate:

    I wonder if this will hit the national media?

  5. Yeah I saw that about the stolen flags, typical.

  6. horsedooty

    I have seen several “Tejanos for Obama” here in Texas. I think the Latino vote will come out for Obama.

  7. dnd

    I just got polled by Rasmussen. Not a human on the other end, one of those “push one if” deals. I was impressed by the fairness of the technique in the questions and the alternate ordering of questions relating to candidates.

    Basically they asked how I felt about McCain, Obama, Palin & Biden, what I thought were the major issues and demographic and affiliation stuff.

    Not a very through poll, e.g, on issues they just asked which I thought was the most important, not to rank them, so I’ll take Rasmussen results with a grain of salt.

  8. The only value the daily polls have is using them to poke the opposition when they are in your favor.


  9. dnd

    “Damn quiet today folks.”

    Sunday night football?


    After months of accusations of political bias and simmering animosity between MSNBC and its parent network NBC, the channel decided over the weekend that the NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host David Gregory would anchor news coverage of the coming debates and election night. Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Matthews will remain as analysts during the coverage.

  11. I’m telling you Gregory will be the next host of MTP. Right Sheila?

  12. Steve (AH)


    Is there anything better than local food? We have a place not far from here that we swear by. I should know. I spent a lot of summer shelling peas.

  13. dog's eye view

    Hi Steve; good morning.

    You can read the NYTimes article for what it will not say as much as what is provided: the word “conservative” never appears — Fox News is described as successful and provocative:

    “The success of the Fox News Channel in the past decade along with the growth of political blogs have convinced many media companies that provocative commentary attracts viewers and lures Web browsers more than straight news delivered dispassionately.”

    (No mention of the liveliness of the Daily Show — where most younger viewers get their straight news, either.)

    The word “liberal” appears 4 times, twice describing Olbermann’s show, once calling Rachel Maddow a liberal radio host.

    NYT calls Bill O’Reilly a commentator, period.

    The word “partisan” is reserved solely for the liberal Olbermann et al at MSNBC.

    “Al Hunt, the executive Washington bureau chief of Bloomberg News, said that the entire news division was being singled out by Republicans because of the work of partisans like Mr. Olbermann. “To go and tar the whole news network and Brokaw and Mitchell is grossly unfair,” he said, referring to the NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell.”

    Last: please note this caption from website, under pictures of MSNBC talent:

    Keith Olbermann, left, and Joe Scarborough. Mr. Olbermann’s liberal show is MSNBC’s most successful.

    (No characterization whatsoever of Morning Joe.)

    Note also that Chris Matthews gets a pass throughout the story, other than being called longwinded by Olbermann at some point. No mention he was made to formally apologize to Clinton campaign.

    This sounds like MSNBC falling back under corporate parent, the GOP-supporting GE. Also like NBC might be hearing from sponsors about its relationship with MSNBC and trying to protect its own corporate brand.

    I’m fine with Olbermann being described as liberal. It’s the complete sidestepping that he’s a reaction — maybe over-reaction — to the partisan, uberconservative bent of Fox News, that seems dishonest to me.

    The biggest loser on this deal seems to be Matthews, who gets tossed back to commenting and Hardball — Olbermann will have his show before and after the debates.

    Last: doesn’t it turn out MSNBC reported accurately here?

    [The McCain camp complained that] MSNBC had reported Friday morning that Ms. Palin’s plane was enroute to the announcement and she was likely the pick. But McCain campaign officials warned the network off, with one official going so far as to say that all of the candidates on the short list were on their way — which MSNBC then reported.

    “The fact that it was reported in real time was very embarrassing,” said a senior MSNBC official. “We were told, ‘No, it’s not Sarah Palin and you don’t know who it is.’ ”

  14. dnd

    Interesting article. I don’t think I’d classify KO as a partisan. He may not slam Democrats and Republicans equally, but he does slam both. He’s clearly biased, but his show is opinion, not hard news, so what’s the big deal?

    As for NBC and GE, I think they’re more concerned with ratings than ideology.

  15. dog's eye view

    I do find Keith partisan; he’s with the intelligent life on earth party.

    I think MSNBC and the NYTimes both caved to whining from McCain campaign and GOP (including sympathizers) at large, each in its own way.

    Who cares. I prefer C-Span for most political coverage — watch the event itself rather than listening to an abbreviated account.

  16. I have no problem for MSNBC coming off as leaning toward the left, after all the right has Faux. The problem for NBC was that unlike Faux, MSNBC is not an entity unto itself.

  17. horsedooty

    as long as MSNBC has Pat and Joe, I don’t think you could actually call MSNBC totally liberal.

  18. Karolenna

    I think slamming MSNBC the way they are doing leaves some space open for another network to fill in. I will NEVER EVER watch Fox (unless it’s this week when Obama is on there). I’ve actually started watching international news stations because you especially get more pro-Obama from them. The world is watching this election to see if the Neocons get their way this time. They are doing any and everything possible to get McSame and PPPalin in office. God, I can’t imagine Caribou Barbie Palin sitting there waiting for another Bin Laden attack and what the hell that broad would do.

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