Ghosts, by Aging Hipster

What makes BC such a wonderful place for me is the camaraderie and occasional friction from a set of 3D friends I have come to hold dear since finding them a few years back at Craig Crawford’s once wonderful web site. Though that once happy place is no longer one I personally want to visit, there are others that I check out for various reasons.

Jim Bovard’s libertarian views are always intriguing, and generally, you can find smart-alecy conversation of the best kind. I love reading Josh Marshall for good left wing commentary, though I don’t have a registered name. When I want to see what republicans are up to, there is no better digest place than Real Clear, though some people are partial to other sites that are a bit over the top for my tastes.

The explosion of blogs proves that freedom of speech is alive and well, though from my point of view, some haunts have done away permanently with civility.

So, friends, what places can you add to the list, or would place(s) would you subtract from mine?




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76 responses to “Ghosts, by Aging Hipster

  1. Well Huffpo is favorite without question, but just between you and me I do take guilty pleasure in looking at drudge.

  2. I stumbled onto this blog after Palin was announced….It’s been interesting, and some of the posters provide interesting links.

  3. Karolenna

    This may not fit completely with the request, but I like to watch CSpan and the Book Club reviews. This weekend found two interviews that were interesting. Some of you may have already read these.

    John K. Wilson, “The Improbable Quest” which is described as the first solid book “about Obama”.

    “This blatantly positive profile of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama presents the man, his positions and specific responses to the criticisms against him. Extensive direct quotes from the candidate himself plus 30 pages of footnotes buttress the book’s powerful, if partisan, presentation.”

    Anne Rubino, “Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information”

    One review says: “This lively biography of journalist Wanda Jablonski begs for a big-screen adaptation. In the 1950s, when women were rarely hired as business reporters, Jablonski became a force in the oil industry, boldly investigating deals and tracking the trade from London to Abu Dhabi.”

    It was mentioned that even big companies waited for Jablonski’s type written reports to come out because they used them so faithfully. She would have them printed on Bible-like paper because they were airmailed to companies and this saved money.

    UB, I have also stumbled onto MudFlats. Too bad many others from TM crowd don’t do the same!!!!

  4. dnd

    Since many blogs are pretty partisan, I think Hip’s approach to read those with differing viewpoints is the way to go.

  5. dog's eye view

    my fave is Andrew Sullivan with John Cole’s Balloon-Juice becoming a must read — both bloggers are Republicans horrified by their party’s current ossification, arrogance and incompetence; also like Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum (blog now hosted by Mother Jones), and checking in on The Washington Note and 538.

    Agree with burrito: Mudflats is a great site; very informative. My great hope: that it will continue to be informative in mid-November as it chronicles Sarah Palin’s fall from the stratosphere and return to life as governor/mother of 5/hunter, skinner and wild game chef. Hope the polar bear of wisdom descends on her and she decides to support President Obama’s initiatives on alternative energy technologies and reducing global warming.

    Love checking the NYTimes, WaPost and LA Times, sometimes Wall Street Journal ( several times a day.

  6. Bear

    The election is done…the media created an environment where the female candidate is immune to true scrutiny since the media will fear being labeled sexist.

    At the same time, GORDO’s racial barrage is being launched. By the first debate, Obama will be introduced as Sambo

  7. dog's eye view

    Bear: good to see you here. So hope that you are wrong. This is going to be the mother of all paybacks if Hillary’s fans’ shrieking about sexism laid the path for an unexamined and unqualified provincial politician to speedrace her way to the VP’s office.

    Anything that bubbles up from the blogs will be called the product of left-leaning Obama supporting internet sites.

  8. Bear

    Dog’s eye,

    Old white woman are pissed that Obama didn’t show them or Hillary respect yet they don’t care McCain called social security an abomination and wants to privatize it…

    People will get what they deserve this election

  9. dog's eye view

    I hear you, Bear, but if McCain is elected that means that a lot of people who did not deserve that get punished too.

    I think Obama’s going to win, but it’s nothing any of us can take for granted and it is gonna be tough.

    Palin’s choice means people who resisted admitting they voted for Bush, and don’t much like McCain, can say they’re supporting this historic ticket — go women. Yowza.

    I think the electorate is wiser this time around; we shall see. It is going to get ugly.

  10. unlikelyburrito

    I know several people who really pay little attention to politics, and they have no idea what either candidate really stands for – the just go with the flow….they believe what they hear.

    The dumbing down of America….benefits the republicans.

    We’ve had eight years of “dumb”…enough is enough!

  11. Karolenna

    “The dumbing down of America….benefits the republicans.

    We’ve had eight years of “dumb”…enough is enough!”

    Amen to that but unfortunately there are those who vote what they think is “The Gospel” and don’t use their intelligence that the Bible teaches them to have. Some even use the Bible for prejudices.

  12. colleen


    I always check the following sites: Buzzflash, The Nation, OpEd News, Truthout, Media Matters, AlterNet, Salon, and Rolling Stone. And of course, The Enquirer (ha!) Call me a socialist – please…

    RE: Palin, I am becoming more convinced she won’t make it to election day. The scandals are mounting up in the left underground and they’re headed for the main stream. She’s just a smart-mouthed, arrogant, snide one-line spouter, not a politician. Biden was graceful about her on MTP, but I don’t care how much of a quick study she is, she just won’t make it.

  13. Karolenna


    The thing about Palin is that especially this past weekend she was being run continuously on CSpan and other channels from past speaking engagements, not live in-your-face answering questions. She is being primed right now for “coming out” into the public for questions, and I suspect that the debate will be one of sarcasm and the same in-your-face snide remarks to Biden that she has exhibited before, something that the conservatives really seem to love. She will probably be just like the old man on Rick Warren getting one-liner laughs, etc. That caters to the dumb.

  14. colleen

    Karolenna – the conservatives love snarkiness, but I think the youth vote is clearly on Barack’s side and they’re coming out in unprecedented numbers. And I still think her scandals are going to catch up with her…airplanes and alleged affair and bridge to nowhere and that baby who I’m still pretty convinced is her daughter’s 1st child and snarfing up Federal money and alleged racist comment about Barack. And she’s been around, what?, 2 weeks? Time will tell, but I still think she’s toast.

  15. dog's eye view

    great to see you all here and especially you, Colleen. Agree: there is so much snow, there is bound to be an avalanche somewhere.

    Did you see the NY Times story on Mom Sarah today?

    The sneering prettily will wear thin; also think voters might be more concerned about the mess we’re in (well, most of us) and want to see some hard proposals.

    I think Obama should talk a lot about greed and short cuts and using science to better our lives — remind everyone that a war against science is in no one’s best interest (save those countries competing with us).

    Remind voters it’s McCain at the top and he is more of Bush-Cheney, no matter what he thinks.

  16. dnd

    Wait ’till the MSM investigates that kooky church she attends. They make Reverend Wright look like a Lutheran pot luck in Lake Wobegon.

  17. colleen

    dnd – snort! lol

  18. dnd

    One of the things that ticked Biden off when he was running for prez is that he couldn’t get any press coverage. Now that he’s the veep candidate, he’s getting some coverage, and my impression is that he’s a pretty good campaigner on the stump. And he was great on MTP.

  19. Steve (AH)

    Rough day at the polls for my guy, eh? On the other hand, if this is a McCain bounce we shall see how long it lasts.

    Many of the sites you all mentioned are good places to visit. is a good GOP site tuned to state politics

  20. Steve (AH)

    I’m looking forward to seeing McCain and Obama;s joint thing they are planning on 9-11. I’m not sure what it is, but its overdue for politicians to do that.

  21. Steve (AH)

    Re Palin: They cant dump her and they wont because of the current celebrity status around her. Will they keep the moose call express flying for another 58 or so days? I doubt it.

  22. dnd

    Shortly after the Palin pick you said they wouldn’t dump her. I think you’re right. This would really bring into question about McCain’s judgment, the vetting process, going with his gut, etc.

    To quote the late, great Utah Phillips: “My God! That’s moose turd pie!”

  23. Karolenna


    I hope you are correct about what you say in your 3:06 post. I am actually thinking about hosting an Obama organizer here in my home. After I downsized, I bought this fixer-upper and it’s still that 😦 (although progress has been made), so I’m hesitant to bring someone into this “situation”. I want to help in any way possible. I could actually give one almost their own apartment in the lower level where my son lived at one time. We are getting emails here in Ohio about young people coming in from all states to register people and getting people involved in the Obama campaign. They need places to stay. Isn’t that great news? I think Obama is serious about going after Ohio, and I truly believe he may have a chance with all that is happening. Many people are helping and for me to get an email to ask for housing is, IMO, unusual (although I have contributed and helped in many other ways).

    Now, all we need is for Palin to get out there and answer some questions that “aren’t canned”. Maybe her true self will “shine”.

  24. Steve (AH)


    Than CANT dump her at this stage of the game nor would they. She is driving up his numbers partially. I just dont think it will last.

    er at least i hope not.

  25. Steve (AH)

    I just hope the kids will familiarize themselves with Ohio and know it well. I understand that part of the problem in Ohio in 2004 was the kids from ACT annoying the locals.

    The Bush people used the churches for their GOTV.

  26. Steve (AH)

    Hey…in the words of a true McCain supporter—you must read why you should vote for McCain

  27. Karolenna

    Palin’s church is refuge for Armageddon!

    Friends disagree with her about taking polar bears off endangered list. Some say they don’t even know who they will vote for or if they will vote for her!!! These are her “personal friends”. So, some of you not even knowing her, would vote for her?

  28. Steve (AH)

    Yo Brian!

  29. Steve (AH)

    You’d have to be one dumb moose not to know Polar Bears are endangered.

  30. Karolenna


    The Bush people used the churches here with (then) Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell in ’04 who for some odd reason felt it necessary to carry his Bible everyplace he went. You would see this black guy on television going to meetings here in Columbus…carrying his Bible. It made me wonder “why can’t he read it at home in his own privacy”. That’s what I call “wearing your religion on your sleeve”. Unfortunately, it played into the minds of many of those who fall for that kind of thing.

    Today’s paper had a piece about the Internal Revenue Service going into churches and checking to see what they say about endorsing a candidate. Let’s hope they can find some to take off the tax exempt status list!!! Namely, World Harvest – Rod Parsley. But, they have accumulated a monumental list of attorney’s working for them because they have money given by their chosen.

  31. unlikelyburrito

    I think that we can safely say that most of the bloggers we see and read know who they will be voting for in the GE….The question is what can be done for that group (13% I think) of undecideds, to turn them to Obama?

    I went to the Obama HQ this past weekend….bought some stickers, donated money…

    Who are these undecided people?

  32. Steve (AH)


    We are well familiar with “Brother” Parsely here in this house. He is s slime.

    I am hesitant to fall in with conspiracy theories, but I always believed that Blackwell would be a perfect person, along with Katherine Harris to use the Secretary of State’s office to rig an election. I am also well familiar with his throwing out registrations based on weight and other shenanigans in 2004.

  33. Steve (AH)


    What are you seeing in your area of Ohio there?

  34. Steve (AH)


    Lots of undecideds at work in North Carolina. My supervisor is a true undecided- he voted for Bush in 2004- cant make up his mind. Others lean one way but aren’t sure.

    I am willing to bet there are about 15 million to 20 million undecideds. the election will go down to the night before….

  35. Steve (AH)

    The Rust Belt is ground zero in this race.

  36. colleen

    Palin won’t be dumped but she will come to the point wheere she will withdraw because she is “too much of a distraction”, so she can save the Goofy Old Party the embarrassment of their ridiculous choice of her in the 1st place. Or she won’t because she really is delusional and thinks she’s qualified. Either way, the GOPers lose.

    and, Karolenna, to open your home would be a wonderful gesture, unless you plan to make the cover of Architectural Digest with John and Cindy. If that’s the case you could feature one of your other many homes, right???

  37. unlikelyburrito

    I live outside of Cleveland – this area has been suffering economically for the last 5 years. The foreclosure crisis is compounding the loss of revenue to the city. The city can’t fund enough police so crime is way up, they can’t fix the roads, bridges, or schools and entire high-rise buildings are empty…..This area should easily go for Obama/Biden……
    also Cleveland is heavily Catholic.

    It’s south eastern and rural Ohio that is the challenge as I understand it.

  38. unlikelyburrito

    Obama is doing very well on Oberman.

  39. dnd

    KO is tossing his softballs. If KO would try to nail him, that would give Obama an opportunity to hit one out of the park.

  40. Obama was good, said just how he’s going to counter McCain/Palin “change”, don’t let em fool you, just more of the same.

  41. unlikelyburrito

    I think Obama is right in that after the dust settles….people will boil it down to more of the same? or change?
    I was really upset when Bush won a second term….I can’t even think about this country if McSame wins. Those Ohio idiots that voted for him – I know a few – better not screw it up again.

  42. dnd

    I reported last night that Rasmussen called to poll me. Well they called again tonight. This immediately sent up a red flag, since any good poll has to have a sufficiently random selection. I’m suspicious if I was called again because I completed the poll last night. The poll tonight started the same as last night, but took a weird slant. They were asking questions if the press was fair, if the press wanted one candidate to win would they slant the questions, etc.

    Of course I told them that the press was clearly biased as they were giving McCain/Palin a free pass. Or as much as you can convey that with a “press one if you…”

    So my take away tonight is, don’t trust anything that comes from Rasmussen. They are either biased or incompetent. Or both.

  43. Steve (AH)


    I am thinking that driving Cleveland up as high as possible would be good. That might counteract SE Ohio.

  44. dog's eye view

    Karolenna: it would be a great idea to offer housing to an Obama organizer. Believe you me, you will NOT see much of that person, and be prepared for him/her to come in after 1:00 -2:00 a.m. and be out again the next morning.

    Makes SUCH a difference to the campaign, and people who host volunteers are the best.

    You would cheer the organizer up after a rough day too.

  45. Obama told us exactly what was coming, that the repugs were going to try and make this election about small things, looks like he’s right.

    DnD don’t assume every poll call you get is for public consumption, that could be a poll for a campaign testing out strategy.

  46. dnd

    You convinced me, I’m voting for McCain! LOL!

  47. Steve (AH)


    Wasnt that post great???!

    absolutely loved it…gotta run gang….see you at 3 am or so

  48. dnd

    You may be right. At the beginning of the poll they said this would be sold to the media and other organizations, so it could a campaign. If they call me again, I’m tempted to really mess with them. Redneck, right wing social conservatives for Obama!

  49. chefsheila

    Hi Guys.

    Coming up for air and back from Portland.

    Hip, my favorites are TPM, Slate and the Swamp…..of course Huffington Post.

    As far as papers, I read Christian Science Monitor, Editor and publisher, Seattle Post Intelligencer, and NYTimes.

    I used to be an avid Washington Post reader, but it has taken a weak turn.

  50. chefsheila

    Rachel Maddow is doing a great Indie job. She is a breath of fresh air.

  51. Karolenna


    “I am also well familiar with his throwing out registrations based on weight and other shenanigans in 2004.”

    I sat out in the rain in ’04 working with during the election. We had heard that Blackwell was putting in more voting machines where needed. Turns out afterwards he did but they were placed in “known Republican” voting areas. That is the truth. He is slime to me and yet I think he will still try to come back into politics. I truly believe he rigged the election for Bush. There were blue collar workers who could not stand in the rain for hours upon hours to wait to vote because they were not getting paid while waiting like the white collar workers were, so they left and went to work not able to vote. That is why I believe we need to change our election process all over the country to a weekend election so everyone can participate and have a legitimate time to vote. I realize there are people who still work weekends, but there could be some overlap for them as well.

    What am I seeing here in Ohio? Well, I’m in the town where John Kasich (Westerville) grew up and still has roots here (even an ex), so that should give you an idea of what I see. But, I do believe Ohio is a true toss-up. Right now I can’t say but I’m hoping (and praying) that Obama will be the winner in the end.

  52. Rachel needs more talking heads, the show needs more “zing”, but it’s the first night and she’s finding her way.

  53. chefsheila

    Right now, this looks like the Rachel Maddow Show from Air American A La TV. I’m sure she will hit a stride in the weeks to come.

  54. Rachel has a tough job, seeing as everyday, every show and every network is looking for the “new” news on this election.

  55. dnd

    Rachael & Pat. Like Hepburn and Tracey. Or not. 😉

  56. chefsheila

    Buchanon hates Maddow because she is gay….OK? LOL

    Rachel knows it. Buchanon knows it. This makes a good friction, but not great contributions to the show.

  57. dnd

    I think Buchanan hates Maddow because he knows she’s smarter than he is. And because she’s gay…

  58. Karolenna

    I’m not even watching and I hate Pat Buchanan!! Better go check it out.

  59. chefsheila

    Thanks UB.

    I was trying to access the add from the Obama site and it wasn’t working for me. I just fowarded it to all I know. ;0)

  60. colleen

    and, Kathy, to pile on a little re: McCain’s recklessness here’s an article:

    McCain’s Mean Streak: He Only Pushed One Woman in a Wheelchair

    and a cartoon:;_ylt=AkLp2zOAdcv93rCo7v3SOZ0VvTYC

  61. dog's eye view

    Good morning. Andrew Sullivan did not put up anything yesterday — save a picture of the day — and no explanation or guest blogger sitting in. Last post was his long article; really no blogposting since 9:48 Sunday night.

    Am very worried that he’s ill or — there’s some blog-rumoring he is in danger of losing his Atlantic job over the Palin baby rumoring posts. (In Andrew’s defense, he posted links as information but never fully bought into the story.)

    On pins and needles because AS is my absolute favorite, my desert island site.

    Would hate to see an exceptionally good blogger done in by an email campaign to get him bounced.

    We need more outlets with critical thinking, not less.

    Worried that — if Atlantic does put him on hiatus or fire him — that he’s got a no-compete clause for a specified amount of time that could silence him during the final 60 days. That would be too horrible.

  62. dog's eye view

    Page 1, Washington Post today: Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home.

    There’s a maverick reformer for you.

    ANCHORAGE, Sept. 8 — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has billed taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office, charging a “per diem” allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business.

    The governor also has charged the state for travel expenses to take her children on official out-of-town missions. And her husband, Todd, has billed the state for expenses and a daily allowance for trips he makes on official business for his wife.


    Later in article: Palin’s spokesperson says it’s fine for all family members to travel on state business and receive a per diem, even Trig. But: State Finance Director Kim Garnero: “We cover the expenses of anyone who’s conducting state business. I can’t imagine kids could be doing that.”

    Post points out Palin family’s travel expenses are way less than previous Gov. Murkowski (that jet! — $93,000 for Palin’s flights vs. $463,000 previous year for Murkowski) — which is what campaign and media defenders will probably seize on — but I would say this does not look real good or ethical.

    Lots of the “per diems” followed Trig’s birth, when the “back to work in 3 days” governor stayed at Wasilla home for about 5 weeks.

  63. chefsheila

    Morning everyone.

    My contribution this morning is David Horsey;

    I shall call her Mini Me.

  64. morning , I am about to head out. I’ll leave you with a video…..

    I can’t understand people who want to continue with a republican regime. They do not seek peace, but rather they bitch their fool heads off about the media and Hillary…..sickening….(I think we all know they type)

    got to go to the dog park…..and breathe

  65. yes we all the know the type UB, saw that vid last week, spot on!

  66. chefsheila


    Awesome. Lets send that one around the nation!

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