Obama Should Name A Cabinet — Now! by eProf2.

Bill Clintons Cabinet

Bill Clinton's Cabinet

Barack Obama should name his Cabinet — now. He should have a “balanced” and diverse group of intelligent, articulate Democrats and moderate Republicans and Independents lined up to not only show the American people who will run the government but as a counter to the Palin effect.

What is the Palin effect? Having a woman on the national ticket, very articulate even if she doesn’t know her facts or anything about the Bush Doctrine, lots of fluff, and lots of lipstick, all of which has the entire public talking about her for the past two weeks and shifting attention away from Barack Obama’s campaign efforts.

If Obama stays on his present course, Americans will spend the next 50 + days talking incessantly about Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin only. That’s not a very good strategy for winning the election. If the Republicans, as announced by Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign strategist, is to be about personalities and not issues, Obama naming a Cabinet will further focus on multiple persons and their respective strengths to running government. A government that falls further into disarray each day, especially on the economy.

In addition, Obama can bring Hillary Clinton back into the contest in a meaningful way by announcing he will appoint her to the US Supreme Court with his first appointment. See my previous post on this overlooked opportunity for the Obama campaign.

So, if I could give any advice to Obama it would be for him to quickly announce his Cabinet. Get Palin off center stage!

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74 responses to “Obama Should Name A Cabinet — Now! by eProf2.

  1. eprof while I get your point I can’t agree with it. I think there is a big risk of Obama being accused of jumping the gun if he started naming a cabinet at this point. That being said I see nothing wrong with strong hints being dropped and Obama being seen out and about with some of those who might end up in his cabinet.

  2. dnd

    Obama event is getting under way in Golden. You can watch a live stream at


  3. dnd

    Good point that Palin is a distraction. And now she’s not going to cooperate in Troopergate.

    I think Obama needs someone (Bob Rubin?) to come out and say: “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!”

  4. dnd

    Rockies lost big to the Pads last night. We’re a half game behind the Giants! And they suck!

    Your Dbacks could do us a big favor by sweeping the Giants.

  5. Great piece eprof2 , it’s so very nice to hear fresh ideas.

    Well, I can see both points (eProf@ & Brian’s), what if he starts meeting with people to get some speculation out there, as to who he may, or may not, be considering?

    Obama has to walk a tight rope everyday, and McSame can fall flat on his face…and everything is just fine.

    This is such a peculiar election , seeing as we (USA ) is in dire straights, in every single area( I can not think of one thing that is going the right way for us, not one) ….and McSame has a chance?

  6. chefsheila

    Eprof, I think it would be great,, except that if I was to do this, I would think about the last week of the election. The closer the time, the better the excitment.

    Great strategy though. This time around it could be a game clincher.

  7. Obama just did something very clever, tied the current banking crisis to the S&L crisis of the 80s, which of course hints at the Keating 5. Very clever!

  8. dnd

    On the financial market debacle Obama brought up the S&L mess in the 1980s. Clever. Not just because of the Keating Five. One of those S&Ls was the Denver based Silverado that had Neil Bush on the board.

  9. Bear

    I would like to see Chuck Hagel in any cabinet he names…

  10. chefsheila

    ooooo…..That is brilliant! not just clever, brilliant.

  11. dnd

    My prediction: Hagel will be Sec. of Defense. No brainer.

  12. chefsheila

    Yes about Hagel. I think Clark really burned his bridge on that one.

  13. go go Obama ! It’s time more people start listening to what Barack is saying – Thanks again for the link to his speech….I would have forgotten it was being webcast.

  14. Obama’s speech in Colorado was pretty amazing, and really specific on the economy.

  15. chefsheila

    Yes it was! Brought a little less stress to my ears. He really is a calming balm in the midst of all the Republican mess isn’t he?

  16. The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update shows the presidential race essentially tied, with John McCain holding just a slight one-point advantage over Barack Obama, 47% to 46%. The candidates have been in a statistical dead heat for each of the last five days.


    goodbye Palin bump!

  17. chefsheila

    Very clever add by Moveon. Looks like my pennies were well spent.

  18. Yeah the 527s are stepping up to the plate, it’s a good thing!

  19. I went to the Obama sight and the McCain sight – and looked for events….Both have a place where you can enter your zip code – and enter distance from your home home – I used 10 miles

    Obama has 43 events planned
    McCain has 1

  20. chefsheila

    Hmmm….I wonder why? That doesn’t make much sense, really. I have a friend on the McCain campaign for CNN. He’s sending me Journal entries from the road. I’ll ask whats up.

  21. This are the events set up buy volunteers, not appearances by the candidates….

  22. Maybe they are waiting for Palin to join him, He hasn’t exactly been packing the house when she isn’t with him.

  23. I should have made that more clear in my original post…so these would include things like fund raisingevents, phone banks, door -2-door drives, watching televised interviews, meet and greets…..basic grass roots organizing.

  24. I’ll take a mulligan on that last post. : )

  25. Can you believe that McCain is on the stump today with Jack Kemp. Now talk about the face of change! Two old white guys!

  26. lol…..They look older then most people grand-parents….old-farts

  27. chefsheila

    I am amazed Kemp has been pulled out for this……I actually like Kemp, but talk about dusting off the ancient…..he’s last century’s politics.

  28. chefsheila

    Hey Mulligan! lol Thats OK. I am still wondering why the guy can’t do this on her momentum. You’d think Palin had enough wind at her back to give him some too.

  29. dnd

    They need someone who understands economics and who isn’t Phil Graham.

  30. Or someone who doesn’t look like the cold finger of death is tapping on his shoulder!

  31. chefsheila

    Well certainly know that we DON’T want Graham for Treasury, now do we……. 🙂

  32. chefsheila

    Robert Reich?

  33. dnd

    Bob Rubin for Treasury, Robert Reich for Labor.

    That’s my pick and I’m sticking with it 😉

  34. chefsheila

    Well….OK Then lol

    He’s probably going to come up with a whole new treasury Secretary, since these last couple were involved in deregulation of some of the mess that is happening now.

    But they have to put the little brilliant man somewhere!

  35. dnd

    Jack Kemp is actually a pretty smart guy, economics-wise. He’s from the Milton Friedman school of thought.

    In other news, Fed decides not to lower interest rates. Smart move. Not many arrows left in that quiver, so they need to save them for a rainy day.

  36. Anyone know this poll? I’ve never head of it.

    New York, NY – The Diageo/Hotline Daily Tracker Poll finds a slight upturn for the Obama-
    Biden ticket in the contest for the Presidency. In today’s Poll, Obama-Biden is at 46% and
    McCain-Palin is at 42%, with 10% of voters undecided.


  37. dnd

    Never heard of the poll, but Diageo is the largest booze business in the world.


  38. Interesting that are willing to shell out the bucks for this, I’m sure it’s not cheap. Needless to say I like the results!

  39. dnd

    In times of financial distress, people drink!

    Trivia time: Diageo owns Guinness. Guinness has, ounce for ounce, the same calories as light beer.

  40. dnd

    Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  41. Fiorina: Palin Lacks Experience to Run a Company

    Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina amended her comments from earlier today that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could not run a major corporation like HP.

    How? By saying that Sen. John McCain couldn’t run one either.


  42. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Fiorina should know, she drove HP into the ground.

    Good thing she’s an economic adviser for the McCain campaign 😉

  43. this is the right one….where she’s say she doesn’t think John McCain could run a major corporation….it’s cut off at the end…I wonder how she explained her statement?

    She makes a great addition to the team….she rich like McCain and has an ego that matches, if not surpasses, Palin’s….bird of a feather

  44. dnd

    I’ve been thinking all day about your idea that Obama should state that he’d put Sen. Clinton up for SCOTUS. I’m not so sure.

    Hillary has high negatives, so doing this prior to the election could bring out the Republican base.

    Hillary has never been a jurist, so there’s nothing to convince me she’d be a good jurist. Not saying she wouldn’t, I just don’t know.

    It would look like pandering.

    I think Hillary likes making laws more than ruling on them.

    Just my $0.02, but thanks for putting it out there. Posts that make me think are what I’m here for.

  45. horsedooty

    James Carvle is just eviscerating Leslie Sanchez on CNN right now. Carvle is saying today is so bad for McCain that 9-15-08 is the day that McCain lost the election.

  46. chefsheila

    You know dnd and not to pile on Eprof,

    But I was contemplating the same thing today. Energising the base just before the election is probably what would happen.

  47. chefsheila

    Wow….Its the Economy Stupid! Says James Carville

  48. dnd

    Carville vs. Sanchez isn’t exactly a fair fight.

  49. chefsheila

    Yes and I’m phsyched lol carville is finally getting reved up. ;0)

  50. chefsheila

    WELL! Its about damned time!!!!

    Hey Chris is taking Fiorina apart segment by segment

  51. chefsheila

    Great about McAulife.

  52. Watching Fiorina being lynched is the most fun I’ve had in a while. And please, what does she use a paint roller to put on her blush?

  53. dnd

    Funny. The McCain campaign says that Palin has more executive experience than Obama (though they neglect to say anything about McCain). Then Fiorina says he & she couldn’t run a major corporation, on the day when three major corporations failures are in the news. I’m betting she’s thrown under the campaign bus after the cable cabal has their way with her tonight.

  54. Now that’s a bus I’d love to be driving, I hate that cow!

  55. dnd

    Correction Brian, as a “maverick” she’d be an unbranded cow.

  56. chefsheila

    I am so enthused about McAuliffe…..Carville….we could have won without them, but we can win better wtih them!!!

  57. This is McCain’s new ad on the economy, wow talk about anemic. Compare this to what the Obama folk released today!


  58. Afternoon everyone. When I was penning this post I thought I’d be lucky if one or two would agree with the strategy. So, it’s ok to pile on. I mostly wanted to stimulate discussion and thought, which was achieved. If you want to see what others are thinking on this (which I didn’t do until just a few minutes ago because I dislike reading a similar post before my own words are on the screen) google Obama Cabinet.

    I couldn’t find any posts on when Obama should announce his Cabinet but I did find quite a few interesting suggestions for him when he’s ready to name his Cabinet. Traditionally, the Cabinet is named in late December or early January, sometimes one name at a time, sometimes all at once.

    My suggestion to Obama was mostly based on the idea he could name several prominent politicians and academicians now in order to get Palin off the front page, especially if he named several women to his Cabinet to dramatically show the difference between readiness and not so ready for prime time in the White House.

    So, once again, it’s ok to pile on as I fully expected it.

    Thanks, Brian, for allowing my posts to be shown here for the wider audience and friends established a long time ago over at CList.

  59. eprof always a pleasure and you’re always welcome to share your threads with us. BTW I’m not sure having Palin off the front page is such a good thing for Obama, not with the news coverage she’s been getting over the last week or so.

  60. chefsheila

    EPROF as always you are profound and we weren’t piling on….all though you might like it. ;0) lol

  61. Karolenna

    Hey Gang,

    Don’t have long right now due to everything happening here with the disaster and cleanup, but I was thinking after someone mentioned the other day that H. Clinton was a little lackluster in her presentation for Obama wonder if the old man has offered her a cabinet position, just like I know he probably has for Whiney Lieberman? Clinton and McCain were very close especially during their travels.

    I may be able to get on later but there is so much to do to clean up after the big storm. My daughter was here doing laundry. She said AEP said they may not have power until Sunday. That’s a full week and a full week of going out to eat. Restaurants are running out of everything. Can you believe this, but, “McDonald’s” on Polaris Parkway was “taking reservations” the other day. That’s unbelievable.

    Don’t know if you can open the thread but look at the photo of the electrical pole. There are many poles and trees like that all over. Later.


  62. Kathy

    news story on how Chevy Chase wants Fey to destroy Palin

    what is really funny is the Obama ad on the site about voter registration


  63. Morning homies, some good news to start your day:

    Obama leads McCain by 2 points: Reuters poll


  64. horsedooty

    hi Kathy,

    I happened to be watching mojo the other morning when Chase said that stuff. Joe was taken aback.

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