Youtube moments, by unlikely burrito

This election has been anything but dull and boring partially due to the never ending supply of candidates, supporters, and pundits who momentarily suffered from foot-in-mouth disease and/or other particularly awkward moments. Some of these people are currently enjoying this election from the cozy underside of a bus located somewhere very far away.  Here’s a sampling, some funny, some frightening, some unfortunate and some just plain shocking!




Little jerk

Was white





No, I don’t

No, I don’t – Part 2

Encore medley

Please tell us what your favorite is, or just add to the collection. There is a cornucopia of content out there, its harvest time.



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145 responses to “Youtube moments, by unlikely burrito

  1. McCain: Fundamentals of Economy Are Strong

    “How Do We Beat the Bitch” Extended Version

  2. The Early Word: The Freddie Chronicles

    I think the Rick Davis story is going to be the final nail in McCain’s coffin.

  3. chefsheila

    UB, FUN! Thanks for the lightness today

  4. chefsheila

    I’ll tell ya, I have watch the “Chris has a feeling” tape three times now. Still get a laugh out of that one!

  5. horsedooty


    my local paper ran that Rick Davis story today in the paper. I am pretty amazed that it saw the light of day in this area.

  6. Doots was it on the front page?

  7. horsedooty

    no Brian it was about 7 pages back in the election section. One page had stuff on Repugs (this article) and the other was on the Dems.

  8. horsedooty

    that Torpedo person said this on TM today.

    isn’t is funny that if you are trying to get money from the gov’t to feed children or get them to pay some health care it is called Socialism. If you are getting the gov’t to help the rich stay rich and keep the stock market afloat it is called a gov’t bail out.

  9. chefsheila

    Yes Doots and the Republican Party Platform has a statement in it that they didn’t believe in “Government Bailout”……..Hmmm….. 🙂

  10. horsedooty

    I sometimes think we ought to let McCain win this election. I am pretty confident that as screwed up as stuff is right now both of those yahoos won’t be able to do to much more damage and if it goes like I think it is gonna, then the Repugs will get more blame and won’t be able to mount a serious campaign for about a 100 years.

  11. horsedooty

    in the last post I referred to “both of those yahoos” and I should have stipulated that I meant McCain/Palin.

  12. fewwwwwwwwwww, scared me there for a moment doots!

  13. Hi everyone,
    what’s left 40 days? or so? Going to watch the debate at a local wine bar – should be fun.

    McCain asked how many house he owns ?

  14. dnd

    Sra Burritio,

    Great piece. This is the first election that will be cataloged by youtube.

    Who can forget Harriet Christian?

    Hey it got her some time on Fox!

  15. Who could forget Harriet Christian!

  16. Fox News (not really) national poll says Obama is ahead by 6

    RCP average now favors Obama by 3.7

  17. Holly shit, McCain is asking to delay the first debate due to the economic conditions. BIG CHICKEN

  18. dnd

    Next thing you know, Bush will want to delay the election.

  19. dnd

    McCain’s move is a political stunt. He must have read the polls this morning.

    It may backfire. The economy is Obama’s strength.

  20. What a scum bag, using a national crisis as a political stunt.

  21. horsedooty

    this is without a doubt the political stunt of the campaign. Obama said exactly the right thing and is planning for the debates. This is the exact time when the country needs to hear each of candidates thoughts on how to resolve this emergency. McCain is wimping out big time.

  22. chefsheila

    I’m glad Obama said Going ahead.

    McCain is a bombastic old prune of a candidate. He’s scared.

  23. dog's eye view

    gimmick. I hope this one lost McCain the election.

    LOVED Obama’s calm observation that a president has to be able to handle more than one matter or crisis at a time.

  24. another McCain stunt. This is sickening….what a loser

  25. This is a the same two faced old fool who said the economy was “fundamentally sound” just a few days ago.

  26. I just got home, where did Obama say he plans on debating Friday night?

  27. chefsheila

    Is the gas shortage making its way up the coast Steve?

  28. we got gas today. Filled up all three of my cars.

    They are rationing it to 20 dollars per customer in NC


  29. torpedo

    he said that the thought this is exactly the time for debates. the country wants to know what each man would propose to fix this problem.

  30. Moderator: Time for the debate

    Obama: Ok, I am ready

    Loser McCain: Wait time out…I changed my mind in the last 7 days. This is a crisis now and I cant go on.

  31. If McCain wants to solve the problem let him sell some of his houses and 13 cars…

  32. chefsheila

    My friend from CNN on the McCain Campaign Trail just wrote that McCain has suspended his campaign and is on his way back to DC.


  33. chefsheila

    Americans Respond to McCain Stunt
    SurveyUSA has just completed a snap poll on response to John McCain’s request to cancel or postpone the presidential debate.

    Several questions. But two key ones.

    What to do about debates?

    Hold as Scheduled 50%
    Hold with Econ Focus 36%
    Postpone 10%

    Suspend Campaigns?

    Suspend 14%
    Continue 31%
    Refocus on Fin. Crisis 48%

    Would canceling the debates be good for America? 14% say yes.

    –Josh Marshall

  34. chefsheila

    ((Holding Head))…..Reid told him to stay away…….

    Reid To McCain: Stay Away From Washington, Please
    By Greg Sargent – September 24, 2008, 5:15PM
    An aide to Harry Reid tells me that John McCain called Reid this afternoon, only to be told by Reid that it wouldn’t be helpful if McCain came to Washington.

    The aide adds that Reid read aloud to McCain the statement he just issued, in which Reid said…

    “It would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation’s economy. If that changes, we will call upon them. We need leadership; not a campaign photo op.
    “If there were ever a time for both candidates to hold a debate before the American people about this serious challenge, it is now.”

    Oh, to have been on that call.

    Late Update: Ben Smith makes the fair point that Reid’s declaration to McCain is a bit of a shift from the message coming from the Senate leadership yesterday, which is that McCain’s support would be helpful in getting a bailout passed.

    It seems clear, though, that Reid was telling McCain that his return to Washington would be unhelpful specifically in the current context of his unilateral call for a suspension of the campaign, which actually risks politicizing the process more, not less.

  35. dog's eye view

    Would JFK have postponed the debates? Reagan?

    Anyone who felt the American people deserved some serious and maybe even honest answers in a time of crisis and unrest?

    Aside from poor judgment or cowardice: can you think of another reason McCain pulled this stunt? Maybe more bad news coming down the wire on his staff or economic policy?

  36. chefsheila

    No….He pulled it to ram home a notion that only he is taking this seriously, not Obama. Its a multi-layered ploy.

    He’s going to try and pull the Presidents coat tails for recognition too. I would not be surprised to have it noted that he is at the President’s address.

    In my opinion, he wants to take more time to get ready for the debate.

  37. This is crapola.

    This is about one thing: his loser campaign. This has nothing to do with the good of the country. That guy hasnt been in DC for Congress since the Spring.

    He said just days ago the economy is “fundamentally sound.” Whats changed? the poll numbers.

  38. And I thought that the “economy is strong” comment would be the death of him. Backing out of the first debate of a historic election….what the hell is McCain thinking…..what a drama queen….and not a bright one at that.

  39. Ploy…you hit it on the head sheila

  40. Since MCain can’t uphold his commitment to debate, maybe he should send Palin in his place

  41. He’s making a mockery of the whole election process….and he’s a chicken sh*t old man.

    I have nothing nice to say about McCain or any republican.

  42. Tweety is just the gift that keeps on giving. If there is a way to sound like a total misogynistic assininity, he will find it every time. Creepy crawly sleeze, thy name is Matthews.

  43. dnd

    “this is without a doubt the political stunt of the campaign.”

    Oh, I dunno. Picking Palin is number one in my mind. But this is a close second, from the candidate who not too long ago said he didn’t know too much about the economy.

  44. dnd

    Here’s what I want to hear from Bush tonight: “Congress shall not recess and will stay in session until a viable solution to the financial crisis is resolved.”

    Of course, he’s of the shoot first, aim later philosophy, so I don’t think we’ll hear him say that.

  45. See Sheila , I told you Obama wouldn’t go for it!

  46. dnd

    Please elaborate on what Tweety said. I’d rather not watch Hardball unless I have to 😉

  47. chefsheila

    Hey Jamie! Welcome……checking my body order……yep, I’m ready for company!

  48. Hey Jamie, good to see you….I can remember when I didn’t know who “Tweety ” was….lol

    ….off to a soccer game…..bbl

  49. Karolenna


    Sheila, the people who are already supporting the old man are now saying “I told you so; he means it when he says country first”. They are so stupid they wouldn’t know a ploy when they heard about it or saw it.

  50. horsedooty

    hey Jamie good to see ya!

  51. Wife just said “He is like a college student who has been partying too much and doesnt want to take the test>”

  52. He IS a chicken Sh*t old man, absolutely well put…stick to your guns Barack, and finish him off.

  53. chefsheila

    Steve! Good one!

  54. I just hope Barack will stick to his guns and go in there and get him. Or else we will be with War with Spain in 2009! or Iran! or Russia!

  55. Jamie, here? Knock me over with a feather!

  56. Wow, two new polls just out for Colorado, one says Obama leading by 9 (yes folks 9), the other poll from Rasmussen shows Obama leading by 3.

  57. McCain blinked today, it was a bad move, I’m so glad Obama wasted no time in rejecting it. If McCain was serious he wouldn’t have made his offer publicly, but behind the scenes and both candidates could have released a joint statement.

  58. chefsheila

    lol Jamie may personally “H” Obama, but she’s voting for him. Thats 100% courage not a little patriotism. TM has taught me that this year.

    Who cares about Lapel Pins!

  59. chefsheila

    Ari Fliescher on MSNBC

  60. dog's eye view

    Welcome Jamie! Interesting news day.

  61. Seriously this have been one of them most exciting campaigns in a very long time, from the primary to the general.

  62. chefsheila

    In my history, because its not a death (persay) that has made it so interesting and a nailbiter.

  63. So anyone think Bush is going to apologize to the American people tonight for being the worse president ever?

  64. Glad to have Jamie or any other friendly and civil person….

  65. Yes, Brian, i think Bush is going to beg forgiveness and ask not to be hauled into court for violating his own Patriot Act by supplying false intelligence to the US in 2002-2003.

    Its going to happen tonight

  66. chefsheila

    This is purely a Hail Mary……

  67. McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

    In this scenario, the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin would be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined, and take place in Oxford, Mississippi, currently slated to be the site of the first presidential faceoff this Friday.

    This was all about Palin not being ready, sneaky bastards.

  68. Brian, got some spam stuck in the hopper, can you unfreeze it?

  69. correction- it isnt spam, its story about McCain maybe not showing up

  70. If McCain doesn’t show up he might as well concede the election Friday night.

  71. Obama’s first remark at the debate should be something like, “And let me say how glad I am to actually see Senator McCain here”


  72. dnd

    What do you mean Palin’s not ready. She’s spent two days meeting with heads of state. What more do you need?

    “She’s a hottie.”
    — Henry Kissinger

  73. dnd I was frankly shocked Kissinger agreed to meet with her, he may be a lot of things, but he’s certainly no slouch and to take part in such a charade shocked me.

  74. Brian I agree. If McCain skips out he will lose the election. Obama needs to stay focused and prepare and be there.

    Palin….something is up with her. Cant figure it out. They are hiding her.

  75. KO time—gotta watch tonight. Good night all.

  76. chefsheila

    Kissinger is and has always been a leg chaser. Hi s one weekness. Come on Brian. He wanted some Camera time too. His second favorite pass time.

  77. don’t let him off the hook, there are things more important that Kissinger getting a chance to cop a quick feel!

  78. chefsheila

    He’s not copping a feel, he’s flirting….very important Republican Tactic. You ought to know that. 🙂

  79. chefsheila

    Did you hear that? LOL


  81. chefsheila

    Have to watch Letterman tonight to see him take McCain to task for lying.

  82. chefsheila

    Did you hear that? The President is inviting both Candidates to a meeting tomorrow? Oh boy. The WH has playing into McCain’s hands.

  83. BTW not to blow my own horn, but, I did say two days ago this bailout would turn into a huge GOP nightmare!

    Sheila I do think Obama should accept Bush’s invitation for tomorrow. Give him a chance to measure the Oval Office for the new drapes!

  84. chefsheila

    I don’t think he has a choice now. lol But McCain is sure going to look bad anyway. The letterman thing is going to be all over the place.

  85. Oh the letterman piece I suspect will go viral very quickly

  86. dog's eye view

    yeah, re White House meeting: talk about eating into Obama’s debate prep time with a can’t refuse invite which involves travel too.

    RE: Kissinger: Sheila has him pegged.

    Remember how he was enlisted to tutor Dan Quayle as well?

  87. Karolenna


    This is one of my favoriates.

    Flipflopping (from the “Straight Talk”)

  88. Palin makes Quayle look like the Einstein of politics.

  89. dnd

    “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

    — Henry Kissinger

  90. dnd

    Bush looks like he shoulda gone pee before he stepped up to the podium.

  91. Well that was Bush at his most humble, not humble enough though.

  92. chefsheila

    I missed it of course….

  93. dnd

    I always find it interesting for the call for bipartisanship when your partisan politics made a mess of things.

  94. chefsheila

    Don’t they all? The real meaning in a call for Bipartisonship for a crisis is, “Mommy!”

  95. yeah like when they say things like, “they’ll be plenty of time later on to asses blame”

  96. chefsheila

    Don’t you think its amazing that around this time in 2001, we were seeing the up swing of 9/11 imposed recession and the President was saying the best thing you could do for the country was, “Go Shopping”.

  97. chefsheila

    Gonna be a long 5 weeks……

  98. chefsheila

    YES YES YES!!!!!!

  99. For the economy:
    This is what I am going to do: I am going to support the small independents places. Chain stores off the list, chain restaurants off the list….local independents only, and if it cost a tad bit more it will be worth it to me. Also going to refrain for buying “made in china” items. Baby steps I know….and I think I will finally ditch the family van……..for something more gas efficient. …..

  100. chefsheila

    Good for you.

    For mine, I’m going to step up my purchase of a bicycle. I’ve been buying “Made in America” for years……there isn’t much left, but maybe we’ll start seeing them again.

    I will beginning buying local products, as in food.

  101. chefsheila

    Finally someone talking about the “Keating 5”

  102. I told you it would come up Sheila.

    (she never listens to me)

  103. Keating 5, they will have to educate the public on it, it was so last century ….

  104. chefsheila

    Well now that Rachel has featured it, Keith will do more and Chris will devote and entire Show to it next week.

    Then 360. Sky is the limit on this one.

    About time!!

    Not to mention the Pastor Muthee debacle.

  105. I love my bike…..I’ll buy from other countries, but not china..

    My baby motor cycle got escorted away….pout…it has some engine issue. Let me tell you, having a bike break down on you is perhaps is one the the most humiliating things.

    I had to get it from point A to point B without any help. 😦

  106. OH PLEASE let McCain not show up Friday night, I want to see that empty stool on stage!

  107. They should just put a McCain bobblehead in his place.

    Stake to the heart

  108. Obama’s full press conference from earlier today:

  109. good night thinking people….you are all so special


    I just sneezed 12 time in a row… that important? no it is not, but it’s the truth, and that’s what is important.


  110. Given that we would never have had the odious George W. Bush in the White House in the first place if it wasn’t for your blow jobs, Bill, it seems obvious that you owe it to the people of this country, and especially to the parents whose kids died in the Iraq War that Gore would never have started, and to all the parents whose kids would be killed in the WarFest that would be a McCain/Palin — sorry, Palin/McCain — administration to do everything in your power to get Barack Obama elected.

    But that’s not what you’re doing, Bill, and it’s not going unnoticed. We see your rage, Bill, it’s too huge to hide. We see that — as Chris Rock so brilliantly pointed out — it pains you to even speak Obama’s name. We see you petulantly rooting against him even as you go through the motions of doing the barest minimum on his behalf to avoid being blamed if he loses.

  111. Morning folks…..due to the financial crisis- I will be suspending showing up for my job until a Bi-Partisan solution appears that I agree with.

    Once the Bi-Partisan solution appears that I agree with, it will be back to work

  112. dog's eye view

    re John McCain suspending campaign and not running ads: could this also be a sign of financial distress? Maybe he knows he’s having a bad week; he’s not known for his economic expertise, his campaign manager is in the news for more recent compensation by Freddie Mac and lying about it, and viewers will tune McCain’s ads out while their focus is the bank crisis.

    Plus his poll numbers and Palin as VP are tanking — maybe this is a desperate attempt to conserve resources and hope for a more favorable environment next week, while attempting to seem “presidential” by dealing with crisis?

    George Will called it right on McCain’s temperament being unsuited to presidential deliberations and tasks.

    Also will be interested in September fundraising totals.

    I hope this is the week that put a stake through the McCain-Palin ticket’s chances.

  113. dog's eye view

    Hi Steve. Best wishes to you and family and KDN.

  114. dog's eye view

    Pew Research Center on telephone polling techniques: yes, there is a significant difference when polling cell phone only users. Check out the chart at top right. Fascinating.

    Pew: “the cell-only respondents were significantly more supportive of Obama (by 10-to-15 percentage points) than respondents in the landline sample. For example, in the September survey Obama led McCain by a 55%-to-36% margin among cell only voters, but the candidates were tied at 45% in the landline sample.

    In large part, this reflects the fact that a substantial minority of the cell-only sample is younger than 30 – a demographic group that has consistently backed Obama this year. Traditional landline surveys are typically weighted to compensate for age and other demographic differences, but the process depends on the assumption that the people reached over landlines are similar politically to their cell-only counterparts. These surveys suggest that this assumption is increasingly questionable, particularly among younger people.”

    Cell Phones and the 2008 vote — an update

    Quite aside from young people: think how many professionals you know who are reachable easiest by cell and use their landline for a fax line or answering machine or screen the calls.

    Also: what about voters in economic distress? The landline is easily replaced by a cell, which has more utility.

    And consider urban residents: it’s a long wait for landline connection with a move; more and more people experiment with going without and find it a reasonable alternative.

    This is not the year young voters won’t turn out either. If they turned out in the primaries, they are not likely to sit out the general, particularly when the country is heading for the worst economy they have ever known.

    Hope a lot of conventional wisdom bites the dust this year.

  115. dog's eye view

    Colorado political blog; suspect dnd might read it.

    It’s got McCain’s “accidentally released” talking points on campaign suspension.

  116. chefsheila

    Morning Ya’ll,

    18,200 hits on google over night for;

    John McCain Disses Letterman

    and 786 for David Letterman Mocks McCain Cancellation Replaces Him With Olbermann

    By tonight and after Olbermann talks about it, going to be BIG.

  117. dnd

    It’s funny. After the conventions McCain criticized Obama for not wanting to debate enough. Now he wants to bail out of the first debate. Now that’s a maverick.

  118. chefsheila

    Thats a sneaky “McCain First” kind a guy….

  119. chefsheila

    Let me clear. The only ones that are falling for this, are the ones who aren’t paying attention.

    The Right Wing is disgusted too.

    This live broadcast of his grandstanding of the worst kind. “McCain First”

  120. dog's eye view

    for Burrito’s youtube moments theme:

    from Balloon Juice: 5:35 clip of Couric-Palin interview last night. (Full interview is second clip in link.)

    She was fed her Rick Davis explanation and trots it out twice in first segment (without actually denying Rick Davis has a conflict of interest).

    Uses a finger in describing Obama. And will get back to Katie once she learns a fact or two about McCain’s actual regulatory record. (He’s a maverick reformer, you see.)

    I don’t like Katie Couric much, but she was great here.

  121. dnd

    McCain is speaking at Clinton’s global initiative, about the financial crisis! Glad he’s not politicizing this!

  122. chefsheila

    YOu notice the first “BIG MAN” strike was about fairy tale “Earmarks” in this financial crises I mean please!

    There would not be earmarks in this……

    He is taking the time to show his Presidential ways. But anyone can make a political statement.

  123. chefsheila

    I may not understand……but what is he doing?????

    He just said that he suspended his campaign……..gross! he is making a political speach!

  124. Well more good news for Obama this morning, new polls have him up by 2 in NC, and up by 10 in Michigan.

  125. chefsheila

    Rassmusen is worth reading. Having Obama out ahead of McCain by 2 in NC is worth looking at.

  126. yeah, I mentally add 3 points to Obama’s side on any Rassmusen poll.

  127. dog's eye view

    Morning all. Did you watch Bush’s speech last night? I did not. And — regrettably — fell asleep before Letterman.

  128. dog I posted the youtube links, scroll up.

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