Shoot Me I Still Don’t Love Him, by Guest Blogger Jamie

Obama ~ Clinton

Sen. Barack Obama ~ Sen. Hillary Clinton

It was 1957 and Elvis Presley’s second movie was about to be released. I had begged my mother to take me to the Midnight Showing in Fresno and she had refused because of long hours on her feet. She definitely did not need to take a 13 year old to the movies at midnight. The day of the showing, she relented and we were in the audience with members of the Fresno sheriff’s department on all the exits, just in case the teenyboppers got out of hand.

About a quarter of the way through the movie Elvis started singing “Gotta A Lot of Living To do” and there was a close up as his head swung around and those vibrant blue eyes were about ten feet high in close up on the screen.

Youthful hormones being what they are, I started to leap up and there was this hand on my wrist, and a whispered voice, “Honey, they like it if you resist a little.” I banged back down and started to laugh. Never since have I been tempted to scream at a rock star or head in a direction just because everyone else was going there.

In 1968, I had my political hero in Robert Kennedy. Again there were excited crowds. Some seeing a return of the lost “Camelot” of JFK and some hearing the message of “Change”. All were very excited with hands reaching out to touch and feel a part of a new wave about to break. It all ended in tragedy on the floor of the kitchen in the Ambassador Hotel. Even then with my faith in the ideals and goals, I hadn’t been tempted by the throngs and giddy atmosphere, but that was the last time I was tempted to be excited about a candidate until this year. Oh there were other campaigns, but not one that engaged by heart as well as my brain. It was simply a another political position not a love affair.

This year I had Hillary. For the first time in a long, long while I was tempted. She was practical. She was well educated and verbal. She was brilliant and accomplished. She was in her 60s and had been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt. Her life in many ways on a grander scale was a mirror of mine … all of the challenges, set backs, and gather it together to try again. Even now, I feel as if the nation made a mistake.

So there he is: Twenty years younger than I am. Much less experienced than I really want in a President, but brilliant, willing to learn and with the basically liberal goals that says caring about others is in the best interest of the country as a whole. He is followed by the throngs, screaming their adulation. Everything about me cringes. Too much hype and hypnotism, “They like it better if your resist a little” echos in my ear, but Hillary says trust me, I’m still here and watching him for you. He’s okay. So I will vote for Obama and hope, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on him and I’m not about to scream.



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90 responses to “Shoot Me I Still Don’t Love Him, by Guest Blogger Jamie

  1. Well Jamie I can only think of two things to say in response. First, you don’t have to love him, just vote for him. And second, shoot me, I love him, LOL!

    Thanks for writing the piece I enjoyed reading it, and hope you don’t mind I used a different picture than the one you sent, for some reason I couldn’t lift yours out of the email you sent and while searching the web came across this one and thought it was a good pic of both senators.

  2. PS, he does truly care about the welfare of his fellow man, and the nation, on that score I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. horsedooty

    hi Jamie,

    welcome to the backchannel. Interesting perspective. It is gonna be rough trying to straighten out the destruction that has take place by the Repubs in the last 7 2/3 years. Hopefully Obama will make some progress in righting the ship called the USA.

  4. chefsheila


    My compliments! Your thoughful piece was eloquent and brave. Your trepidation is born from age and lack of faith. There was a time that I hated Bill Clinton, but I got over it finally. I hope someday you will change your mind too.

    That said, as long as you vote, you are fine in your feelings. Its another thing is you just don’t vote.

  5. CBS News Executives “Aggravated” By Letterman’s Use Of Internal News Feed: Report

  6. Well done, Jamie! Bravo!

  7. Huckabee:McCain Mistake Not to Debate

    I really hope he doesn’t show up tonight, I think he will, but I can dream!

  8. Palin took aim at gift-giving to state officials as part of her ethics agenda but has kept more than $25,000 in gifts in the 20 months she has been governor, The Washington Post reported in a story in its Friday editions. A review of state records shows that gifts came from industry executives, municipalities and a cultural center whose board includes officials from some of the largest mining interests in Alaska, according to the newspaper.

  9. dog's eye view

    Great post, Jamie. Love your mom’s advice!!

  10. dog's eye view

    inspired by comment on a NY Times readers’ thread on impasse in the bailout talks:

    “….I am reminded of the words of Fred Thompson at the RNC just a few short weeks ago with regard to the Democrat’s characterization of what was the economic outlook at that moment. “Listening to them, you’d think that we were in the middle of a Great Depression.” The RNC delegates laughed. No one is laughing now.

    — Nancy, St. Louis, MO” (comment 234, best to sort by “readers recommendations)

    Someone (Burrito? all of us) needs to put together a youtube video of the comments at the GOP convention. See whose worldview turned out to be more accurate.

    We should work one up — it would drive some traffic here! Let’s see if Mad and Good Morgan are up for it too.

    Painful to listen to the drivel, but we could scan transcripts …. I volunteer to pull some RNC speech transcripts for us all to review for “useful’ comments.

  11. McCain will attend tonight’s debate, just announced

  12. The Early Line: Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll

    Obama/Biden 49%
    McCain/Palin 42%
    Undec 7%

  13. dog's eye view

    Brian or Sheila: blog just ate my comment; included a NYT link.


    local news airing Palin comment last night on why she does not have a passport — her answer really bothered me, making it sound like world travelers are elitists or college students whose trips are funded by their parents.

    News to Chef Sheila, traveling in service of her country, travelers like most of us who paid for every expense.

    Palin is the one who is out of touch. And defensive and offensive.

  14. Grandpa has decided to show up for the debate

  15. The uncertainty over the nation’s economy appears to be helping Democrat Barack Obama in the state. The poll showed Republican John McCain with a one-point edge, 47 percent to 46 percent for Obama. A week earlier, a similar Research 2000 poll showed McCain held a 4 percentage point lead.

    This encouraging, but I remain skeptical we can take MO

  16. dnd

    Hey, wait a minute! If McCain’s suspended his campaign, how can he legitimately show up for the debate? Does this mean that all the other candidates who suspended their campaigns can show up to the debate too?

  17. Ok, this big!

    Matching a trend seen in national polling, Barack Obama has pulled ahead of John McCain in Virginia over the past week as the Wall Street financial crunch has put economic concerns front and center.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Obama with 50% of the vote while McCain earns 45%. Last Sunday, McCain was up two points. The week before, the candidates were tied.

  18. dnd

    So McCain said he wouldn’t participate in the debate unless there was agreement on the bill. No agreement, nor is there likely to be one anytime soon. And yet McCain’s going to the debate. Nice political stunt. Makes me want to really trust McCain…

  19. Yeah I’m really hoping that Obama nails him on this dnd, not sure how the right way is to go about it though.

  20. chefsheila

    He’s all ready trying to take credit for anything that the House Republican’s come up with….

  21. dnd

    I think the RNC is trying to give McCain credit too. Mitch McConnell was trying to say McCain’s got the ball rolling. Perhaps the crap that they were trying to pull was a well orchestrated ruse to set up a scene for McCain to be a hero.

  22. Although the fate of tonight’s presidential debate in Mississippi remains very much up in the air, John McCain has apparently already won it — if you believe an Internet ad an astute reader spotted next to this piece in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal this morning.

    “McCain Wins Debate!” declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: “McCain won the debate– hands down.”

  23. back for the bizzaro land of my life.

    Jamie, I loved your piece, and I understand how you feel….I loved Hillary, I bough the t-shirt, actually donated cash…..but she lost… I had to sort though my own feelings and considering everything that is and has gone wrong in this country , I choose to see Obama as a chance, (the only chance left) to get us back on track.

    I choose to listen to him carefully, and I choose to believe that with the support of the many newly inspired Americans that real change will happen …..

    When I listen to Obama, I hear what he means, I hear what I think is the core of his character, and I like it. I don’t care if he speaks slowly with ummms…..I believe he is thinking and being respectful to the question.

    Can you imagine having a President who actually thinks, cares, and is intelligent ?

    Yeah, I am with Brian, I love him…LOL 😀

  24. In noho ( for non-NYC north of Houston Street, NYC)

    Super Obama
    Super Obama
    Fighting gentrification

    Obama Graffiti art

  25. I have a feelings tonight’s debate is going to get pretty heated.

  26. I am going to a debate watching function tonight…..

    I really hope that Obama does well….at least Obama won’t be at risk for senior moments.

  27. I’d love to see McCain lose it and blow up…..

  28. dnd

    Nice post. Heartfelt and insightful. I’m sure you speak for a lot of Hillary supporters.

  29. fire up ! ready to go! As Obamabots would say 🙂

  30. dnd

    I think I’m gonna need some whiskey for tonight’s debate 😉

    I’m glad Jim Lehrer is moderating the debate. And I’m glad he’s feeling better.

  31. chefsheila

    To you see those Polls on MSNBC?

  32. chefsheila

    There polls that were shown, where as far as the Bailout, Economy, War, and Jobs, Obama is above the 50’s. As far as taxes, McCain is 49 to Obama’s 45%. Obama is doing WELL.

    All he has to do is make his case with conviction and McCain is done. Pole him with a stick.

  33. chefsheila

    That’s poke him with a stick!

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  35. chefsheila

    A lot of meat in that debate! I wouldn’t say a debate like that has happened in a generation.

  36. dog's eye view

    It was substantive and civil; an excellent debate.

  37. Even TM is civil tonight, LOL.

  38. dog's eye view

    Yeah, that’s a positive outcome.

  39. McCain desperately needed a knock out, he didn’t get it

  40. dog's eye view

    Talking Points Memo: Jack Cafferty discussing monumentally windy and stupid Palin non-answer to Katie Couric. Video link, and it’s short. (2:30)

    Note at end, where Wolf Blitzer tries to say Palin is “cramming a lot of information in” …. to that non-answer? To her head? Fair and balanced.

  41. chefsheila

    There! Are you satisfied? lol I just got off work twerp!

  42. chefsheila

    As jamie would say, “So Shoot Me!”

  43. chefsheila

    Pat Buchanon is eating his words after he said that Obama lost it. Now he is backing up……lol

  44. I think McCain’s body language will really hurt him, he came of crazed a few times Sheila.

  45. chefsheila

    he was contemptous quite a bit. Like something was sizzling behind the temper. Something more. It was snotty and condescending.

  46. chefsheila

    last Post of the night.

    Initial Polls Show Obama Winning The Debate

    By Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld – September 27, 2008, 12:21PM

    Okay, we thought that McCain had a slight upper hand tonight (though we also said it wasn’t a game changer, which is basically another way of saying that McCain didn’t do what he had to). But the initial polls suggest that viewers give the nod to Obama in a big way.

    Here’s the CNN poll, conducted among debate-watchers:

    Regardless of which candidate you happen to support, who do you think did the best job in the debate — Barack Obama or John McCain?
    Obama 51%
    McCain 38%
    Did _______ do a better or worse job than you expected?
    Obama: Better 57%, Worse 20%, Same 23%
    McCain: Better 60%, Worse 20%, Same 18%

    Next, regardless of which presidential candidate you support, please tell me if you think Barack Obama or John McCain would better handle each of the following issues:

    • The war in Iraq: Obama 52%, McCain 47%

    • Terrorism: McCain 49%, Obama 45%

    • The economy: Obama 58%, McCain 37%

    • The current financial crisis: Obama 54%, McCain 36%

    Thinking about the following characteristics and qualities, please say whether you think each one better described Barack Obama or John McCain during tonight’s debate:

    • Was more intelligent: Obama 55%, McCain 30%

    • Expressed his views more clearly: Obama 53%, McCain 36%

    • Spent more time attacking his opponent: McCain 60%, Obama 23%

    • Was more sincere and authentic: Obama 46%, McCain 38%

    • Seemed to be the stronger leader: Obama 49%, McCain 43%

    • Was more likeable: Obama 61%, McCain 26%

    • Was more in touch with the needs and problems of people like you: Obama 62%, McCain 32%

    Based on what _______ said and did in tonight’s debate, do you think he would be able to handle the job of president if he is elected?
    Obama 69%-29%
    McCain 68%-30%

    And the numbers released so far from the CBS poll of undecided debate-watchers: 39% said Obama won, 25% said McCain won, and 36% said it was a draw. Forty-six percent said their opinions of Obama went up, compared to only 31% who said the same about McCain. On the economy, 66% said Obama would make the right decisions, compared to 44% who said the same for McCain.

  47. Jamie,

    Welcome and stick around. This is a sane and safe place.

  48. A few thoughts on the debate:

    I thought it was a tie. Maybe McCain got the better of Barack. I really cant say. I thought both of them looked pretty good. McCain I thought was a bit mean and condescending. Some people like that in a President. I think it is a bad trait in anyone. Obama was a bit too wordy. I thought both guys were evasive. I didn’t know that McCain could mash emotional buttons like that.

    I’d like to think that a tie for Obama is just as good as a win. Obama’s best moment was when he mentioned McCain’s weird remarks about Spain from earlier in the week. McCain’s was when he demonstrated his grasp of Ukrainian politics. That was impressive and a little comforting.

    I’ve voted and so has my wife. I am trying to have a hand in getting 10 votes in the box. I have 8 more to go.

  49. Sheila thats an interesting poll, would like to know about the internals, sample size etc….sometimes the spin on these things can change. We will see how well Palin does. I’m betting she wont do so good based on her stumbling interview with that tough journalist….Katie Couric

  50. 10,ooo early votes in Dekalb County, GA. Make sure you check out the article and the pic

  51. dnd

    I thought they both were pretty flat. Snoozer of a debate. Given that it was McCain’s topic, Obama did ok. McCain was pretty solid, after a week of being flakey.

    Two things bugged me:
    1. McCain would never look at Obama, even when being directly addressed. He looked like a grumpy old man who wanted to lash out. I’m assuming this was a calculated move because McCain’s much more engaging.

    2. Turns out McCain was doing serious debate prep (complete with two podiums) in DC. The whole “suspending the campaign” was a load of crap.

  52. happy Saturday…..on my way to the dog park…..wanted to mention two things:

    1. As I recall McCain dropped the , “my friends” last night

    2. When talking about the bailout and Greed – it provides an opening for Obama to slam the bush/mccain/palin policies towards big oil.

    Thanks for the poll Steve…’s looking good so far

  53. It was a snore, and when a man doesn’t look you in the eye he is hiding…very telling…..McCain is afraid of Barack Obama , intimidated……or carries deep hatred…….or a combination of all three.

    Brarack needs to used the “Get Shorty Line”

    “Look at me!”

    howling has started the furry ones must go – enjoy your day.

    : )

  54. dog's eye view

    interesting about McCain’s not looking at Obama — I missed that entirely since I usually listen to debates more than watch (distracted by visuals), but it’s discussed by a lot of bloggers and their guests.

    Someone who professed to be a psychologist commenting at Talking Points opined the non-viewing was an anger management technique or evidence of McCain’s fear of Obama (yeah, right, derision maybe) or primate behavior.

    If this one was a snore, I suspect the VP debate will not be.

    Who moderates that thing?

  55. Oh yeah, I think the body language showed that McCain was afraid of Obama. There was plenty of shifting in his shoes and silly snickering when Obama would talk about McCain’s record.

  56. Didnt mention when I posted earlier about the 10K voters in Dekalb County…that county was carried by John Kerry 72-25% thats a very good sign.

  57. Kerry 200,787 73%
    Bush 73,570 26%

    Those are the exact figures, so that much early voting is good. You can guess that Obama is likely up in Dekalb 7000 to 3000 early on.

  58. Turnout in Fulton County is heavy so far

    1600 in first two days…thats another Kerry County (61-39)

  59. dog's eye view

    I watched PBS. David Brooks had the most inane post-debate comment. He wondered whether either candidate had resonated with “values” voters. (Like Ronald Reagan did.)

    Great. We don’t have enough religion or culture wars in our politics. Maybe he’s setting up next week’s comment, that Gov. Sarah spoke to “values voters.”

    Americans get this one, even if D Brooks does not. They are watching the economy closely and most understand the cost of military misadventures, in lives and dollars and opportunities lost.

  60. I’m sure neo-con Brooks is a down to earth guy. he’s just like you and me. I bet he even clears Brush!

  61. dnd

    It’s gonna be interesting to see if McCain has the same body language in the next debate.

  62. Good early voting numbers in Arlington, VA (Kerry 68-31)

  63. I wonder what the overnight TV ratings were for the debate

  64. chefsheila

    Good Morning.

    I’m going to look at the overnights right now. ;0)

  65. chefsheila

    Interesting look at opinion patterns. Don’t look with the “WHO WON” Attitude. Look at the information on the POll.

    Like, look how the Indies are falling. Look at the rates of Republicans and Democrats voting opposite and so on.

    I see a sampling of the reagan dems, And where the Indies are falling. How both candidates are consistantly splitting the vote and now,

    The in the end, Obama wins anyway.

  66. chefsheila

    Oh Sorry, here is the overnight polling by one buisness.

  67. dnd

    Paul Newman has died at 83.

  68. chefsheila

    Thanks dnd,

    1. RIP Paul Newman. My first crush.

    Bob Herbert is amazingly astute at all times. He’s just as sharp on Palin.

  69. chefsheila

    Breakthrough Night for Obama

    Madeleine Albright

    Tonight was a breakthrough for Senator Obama, who showed himself truly ready to be president. He responded knowledgeably, thoughtfully and confidently to the toughest questions on the economy, Iraq, and terror. Meanwhile, Senator McCain spent so much time attacking his opponent, he neglected to show how a McCain-Palin administration would differ from Bush-Cheney. As a result, Obama answered the threshold question about his candidacy; McCain did not

  70. chefsheila

    Sarah Palin, MIA

    Amusing moment on CNN just now. Wolf Blitzer, coming out of a commercial:

    “We’ve been getting some emails from views out there wondering why we spent some time interviewing Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee and not Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee. We would have loved to interview–we’d still love to interview Sarah Palin. Unfortunately we asked, we didn’t get that interview…We’re hoping that Sarah Palin will join us at some point down the road.”

    I’m told that Biden appeared on every major network tonight except ABC (which only turned him down because Palin wasn’t available, on an equal-time sort of basis).

    It’s pretty strange when a candidate can’t trust his own running mate to be out there spinning on his behalf.

    And it’s funny that a lot of McCain supporters seem to think that’s about media bias and not the fact that Palin is in lockdown somewhere.

    –Michael Crowley

  71. chefsheila

    OK Guys,

    How amusing is this? 🙂

    CBS News Executives “Aggravated” By Letterman’s Use Of Internal News Feed: Report

  72. Morning peeps,

    Here’s some good news to start your day:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote while John McCain earns 44%. This six-point advantage matches Obama’s biggest lead yet (see trends). Obama is now viewed favorably by 56% of voters, McCain by 54%.

  73. So sad about Newman, very very sad.

  74. chefsheila

    Now this somes it up for me!

    Beyond Ideology, a Generational Clash

    One candidate cited Churchill and Eisenhower, and described George Shultz, who served in Ronald Reagan’s cabinet, as a “great secretary of state.”

    The other promised anxious voters a federal budget that could be examined on a “Google for government” and accused his opponent of having a “20th-century mindset.”

  75. dnd

    I’m trying to think of my favorite Paul Newman movie. For me it’s a tossup between “Cool Hand Luke” and “The Hustler.”

  76. chefsheila

    The Absolute for me was EXODUS. Still a tear jerker for Sheila

  77. Cool theme! Need more comments!

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