An Open Letter to Colin Powell, by BrianInNYC


On February 5th, 2003 you addressed the United Nations Security Council to sell the world George Bush’s war in Iraq. In your address you made the following two claims, “there can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more.” and you stated that you had no doubt that Saddam was working to obtain nuclear weapons. Both of these claims have proven to be false. I will not speculate as to whether or not you believed these claims to be true or false, they have proven false and more than 4,000 Americans are now dead, as are countless Iraqis, to say nothing of the billions upon billions of dollars that we will never recoup. At the time of the lead up to this war numerous reports were published that you felt this war was a bad idea and despite that, and despite questionable intelligence you became the administrations chief salesman for this war. Millions of Americans supported this war based on your word! I will not speculate into what your motives were for towing the administration line. In all candor I think the proper thing for you do was resign. 5 years later, in large part due to your efforts this war still rages on with no end in sight.

In 5 short weeks Americans will go to the polls for what may be the most important election in our country since 1968, and like that election whether or not to end a war plays big in the outcome in this election. The two candidates running are no stranger to you Sect. Powell, it’s been widely reported that Senator Obama frequently seeks your advice, and I’m certain you are more than familiar with Senator McCain’s stance on the war. One candidate talks of ending the war, the other still speaks in terms of “victory” though all know victory is not a word one can use to describe any of the possible outcomes in Iraq. Sect. Powell it’s time for you to make amends to the enlisted people and the country you undoubtedly love, declare it’s time to end this war and endorse Senator Obama for president of the United States.



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93 responses to “An Open Letter to Colin Powell, by BrianInNYC

  1. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    Excellent post. Have you printed this and sent it to Colin Powell? Have you considered submitting it, either as is or in a slightly revised form, as a “letter to the editor” to the NY papers?

  2. Granny

    Very good post and I too wish you would send it to Powell or some newspaper. Sorry but he needs to come clean if not for the country for himself. The last 8 years have been a blot on our country that will take years to erase if it ever can be. Thanks again

  3. thanks for the kind words, nan you should set up a wordpress account, go to

  4. dnd

    I gotta agree. Not much Powell can do to vindicate himself, but coming out against the war would be a good start.

  5. dnd

    Did Palen have a wire? The conspiracy corner says yes. Why would she have called “General McKeirnan”, “General McClelland?” She has no reputation of being a Cival War history buff. And she clearly hasn’t much understanding of the war in Afghanistan.

  6. What does she have much understanding of? And why would she need a wire, she basically gave the same answer to every question.

  7. chefsheila

    Granny! Welcome to the blog. Come back and post with us more often!

  8. chefsheila

    Nanny, I’m glad to see you here too. Awe a great Friday and a great post by Brian.

    Hey Brian, you Should send it to Secretary Powell for sure.

    And Maybe some to some fans…. ;0)

  9. Sure, you have his email address?


  10. Another NH poll:

    MANCHESTER (AP) – A new poll by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College shows Barack Obama leading John McCain.

    When asked whom they plan to vote for on Nov. 4, 49 percent said Obama and 37 percent said McCain. Another 11 percent said they are undecided.

  11. dnd

    Palin Bingo:

    Too bad there’s not another debate, but this should be useful for future speeches.

  12. PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 has Barack Obama leading John McCain by seven percentage points, 49% to 42%.

  13. Well done, Brian! Of all the people involved in the run-up to the war in Iraq, I have nothing but contempt for Colin Powell because of all the WH assholes he (Powell) knew it was the war was a lie from beginning to end and he could have stopped the pre-emptive war from ever happening. Did he fall asleep at the war college when his instructors lectured on the moral consequences of pre-emption? Was he asleep when the concept of “just wars” was introduced? Could he as a reasonable person actually believe in the mobile tractors, the one vile of anthrax, and the nuclear mushroom in 45 minutes? I hope he’s condemned to stay a long way away from Obama and other future decision-makers. When someone knows better and still acts out the negative they deserve contempt. And, Powell is at the top of my list.

  14. chefsheila

    Hi Eprof,

    No one has more contempt for Colin Powell than Powell himself. Believe me.

    However, Obama has been using Secretary Powells counsil the whole time. A lot of Obama’s and Susan Rice’s understanding and depth have been coming from Powell too.

    So maybe that will give some a sense of “Making up” for what he has done. I know its going to take a long time, but Powell does deserve the chance to right a wrong.

  15. Sheila what the hell is he waiting for? He’s been out of govt for 4 years now.

  16. chefsheila

    Honestly. I don’t know. I just know he has been playing a part in personal counsil for Obama. There must be something else going on with the Campaign. Like some reason Obama doesn’t want it? I have no idea.

    Meanwhile, your letter is still relevent.

  17. dnd

    Congress passes bailout bill.

    Now is it going to work to ease the capital markets?

  18. Sheila, I believe in redemption, too. And, maybe he’s playing a quiet role in the background. If Susan Rice is depending on her connections to Powell as a possible foreign affairs advisor, then heaven help us. That’s almost like saying, Henry Kissinger was helpful to Condi Rice. Double heaven help us!

  19. In all candor I don’t care what Powell does, but for some reason he still carries a lot of sway with moderate voters, and hence I think he needs to come clean.

  20. chefsheila

    Agreed you two. I’m just giving you some solid background.

  21. Sheila is Powell’s “devil’s advocate”.

  22. chefsheila

    And….Since I know Brian is waiting for this.

    Since I personally knew and watched Powell as Commander Joint Chiefs, before during and after the Ist Iraq war. There is a huge humbleness and a real live love of country AND a huge patriotismand moral servatude in this man. He will hold the lives of the fallen directly on his soul for the rest of his life.

  23. chefsheila

    No Brian. I am nothing but a voice of reason. Because vigilantism can get away from us. While I hold him accountable too. I don’t want to hang him. He’s not evil like others. He let his fear overide his judgement and it cost lives.

    I’d say, thats a lot of live with. I’d say thank goodness Obama knows better.

  24. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    If he were to endorse Obama, that alone might go a long way towards salvaging his reputation. It could be seen as an effort to finally repudiate his support of Bush and the war. Obama might even find a role for him in his administration that would allow Powell to “make amends” so that the last entry in his bio would not be that presentation to the UN.

  25. chefsheila

    Here is a hot line. but its dated.

    July 01, 2008

    On Call Exclusive: Obama Met Privately With Powell At His Office

    Sen. Barack Obama and retired Gen. Colin Powell met privately two weeks ago in Powell’s personal office in Alexandria.

    Peggy Cifrino, Powell’s spokeswoman, confirmed that the presumptive Democratic nominee and the retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff chatted June 18, one-on-one for about an hour at the Armed Forces Benefit Association, where Powell rents space.

    “Just an informal conversation,” Cifrino told On Call.

    “There’s no looming endorsement,” she added. “They came to talk about issues.”

    Obama’s campaign declined to comment.

    The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation that Powell could back the Democrat, a sign of his disaffection with the Republican Party and the Bush administration. The nod could, of course, also carry weight with voters concerned about Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. In poll after poll, the only consistent question in which McCain bests Obama is on the matter of who is best able to handle national security issues. A Powell endorsement of Obama would certainly be a blow to the Arizona senator’s chief selling point — that he is better prepared to be commander in chief.

    Conservative columnist Robert Novak penned a piece June 26 in The Washington Post speculating that: “Powell probably will enter Obama’s camp at a time of his own choosing.” Later that day, in an apparent effort to counter Novak’s suggestion, Juan Williams, NPR Senior Correspondent/FOX News Political Contributor, touted a McCain/Powell pairing.

    The GOP is concerned, with good reason, about the impact Powell’s endorsement would have on the presidential contest. Still, has Powell’s cross-party appeal been tarnished by his support for the war? Would he help or hurt Obama with his base and more moderate voters who want their next president to withdraw from Iraq?

  26. dnd

    McCain is in Pueblo Colorado, making fun of Biden’s performance last night and praising Palin like she ran away with it. Senile old coot.

    My guess is that most of the crowd is from Colorado Springs. Pueblo is a blue collar town.

  27. dnd

    Why don’t you give your old boss a call? I’m sure Powell would be glad to hear from you. And maybe you can twist his arm 😉

  28. chefsheila

    lol Right….. 🙂

  29. dnd

    Since the next debate is a “town hall” format, we need to put together a pool for how many times McCain says “my friends” and “maverick.” Or maybe there will be a McCain buzzword bingo game.

  30. I had a dream the other night and in it, McCain broke his hip and had to use a walker for the remainder of the campaign, i woke up laughing. true story!

  31. chefsheila

    Great Idea! And lets see if McCain takes on some of Palin’s verbage. Like if he slips and says, “You Bettcha!” Or maybe how long it takes for him to use “Joe Sixpack”

  32. dnd

    I’m serious. Just tell him you want to put down a bet on the Army-Navy game, and then just subtly work Obama into the conversation 😉

  33. dnd

    Dow loses over 1000 this week. Unemployment rate is 6.1%, a five year high. This week’s jobs report: not good:

  34. Ok, lets talk some tactics. I think by pulling out of MI McCain is now basically cornered in Ohio and Florida, he will continue to play hard in PA because he’s going to try to hold Obama down in PA, but we have enough power surrogates to make up for it.

  35. dnd

    By pulling out of MI, what kind of message is McCain sending to Ohio and PA? Remember during the primaries when he told a MI crowd: “your jobs are gone and they’re not coming back.” Senile old coot (McCain, not you Brian 😉 )

  36. I’m thinking the same about Ohio, dnd, pulling out of MI could cause a domino effect throughout the midwest (from my mouth to God’s ear)

  37. Brian: Your post about Powell, you absolutely read my mind. i was talking about this this very mroning.

    Polls continue to look good!

    I will try to get in later tonight. I will also look for some more news on early voting.

  38. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    I read somewhere (TIME?) that McCain is moving staff to Maine. Thinks he can pick up one electoral vote in Maine’s 1st congressional district. He must be getting desperate if that’s true.

  39. Waste of money on his part, The entire North East is Obama’s. Just look at what happened in the Maine Caucus. Based on demographics Hillary should have taken the state easily. My brother was a Hillary delegate, and I quote him “I’ve never seen anything like the Obama people, they just swept in and took over”

  40. Talking about Maine right now on MSNBC, weird.

  41. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    Missed it on MSNBC. What did they say?

  42. just that he was stepping up his efforts there and a few other places, Chuck Todd was very doubtful if he could save his ass at this point. Waves are hard to stop (those are my words, not Todd’s). Todd is willing to give Obama at this point 264 definite electoral votes.

  43. If McWorse is trying for that sole electoral vote in Maine, he must be counting beans trying to get past 270. If pulling out of Michigan they must see $$$s drying up.


  44. Karolenna

    Speaking about Ohio, I can tell you one thing…these young “kids” working for Obama are killing me and just when I start back to work! They couldn’t get enough Obama signs from the campaign so they had their own made with our city put on them. I get mine tomorrow.

    The boss is on the Ohio State oval on Sunday beginning at 3:00 where they are registering people and voting at the same time. The Secretary of State had the laws changed so people here can register and vote the same day up until October 6. The Repugs have tried everything possible to fight this.

    There is a state-wide contest among the Obama campaigners and the neighborhood team leader who gets the most new registered voters in their group for the last four days gets to introduce Springsteen on Sunday. This is one message I just received: “One point will be given to every door knocked and two points for every person registered. The only way to win this: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!”

    I receive about a half dozen emails a day and just had a phone call to work the phone banks on Sunday. It’s a generational thing and these people know what is at stake. Finally, the youth of this country are taking part in democracy!

  45. it was over heard Palin asking -I’ve got a four month old, I’m about to be a grandmother, and I have to change McCain’s diapers too?

  46. horsedooty

    boy, when Krauthammer says you are gonna win against his guy, you have to think this may be a done deal

  47. exactly doots, Charlie just threw in McCain’s towel.

  48. …and now Missouri! This is an absolute must read about what is going on in the Show Me State. This is fantastic on site stuff. McCain is toast. Trust me, gang—read this

  49. Karolenna, you Ohions dont get too cocky up there. Save some mojo for us down here…

    Down here in Georgia we are trying to pull some peaches into the Obama basket. VERY high turnout in early voting in the Kerry counties around ATL. We are close to 210,000 votes in statewide. I’m thinking we are likely ahead 55-45 by a conservative estimate.

  50. Hey My Mom has throw in the towel. She said she can’t find one single woman who even likes Palin even a little bit….

    McCain lost the election the day he picked Palin as VP….that’s what the 82 republican Mother says.

  51. good catch on that article, Steve.

  52. I love how they mock the fact Obama was a community organizer, that’s where he learned how to put a machine together!

  53. chefsheila

    Yes steve, that was a great article!

  54. That just shows how they do not understand that real change comes from individuals…..working in mass

    you can’t dictate change…like they tried in Iraq…..

  55. Karolenna

    I’ve been around for a number of elections, but I’ve never seen so many “well-known” people in this area for an election. Madeleine Albright was even in my little suburb’s library the other day speaking to people.

    My daughter has always thought I was crazy for getting to excited and involved with politics, but when I called her tonight on my way home from work she was in her office on the computer trying to get facts and figures for Obama together to present to neighbors. Little Aubrey (my little 8-month old granddaughter) was trying to get her attention and getting fussy trying to entertain herself and my daughter said “Mommy’s got to work on the election”. Such music to my ears. My daughter!!!

    I don’t think Obama is going to allow McInsane to have Ohio.

    Steve, my ballot goes in the mail tomorrow.

  56. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    And I’m sure he now remembers that it’s their 16th.

  57. Karolenna

    KO was on fire tonight. Anyone see him? I loved the clips of Palin and Bush in their respective debates. Sounded exactly the same…even the wink! And Palin with the “nuk-a-lur”. God, why can’t they pronounce that word. Must be a Repug thing.

  58. Once I heard about masturbating pundits everything else was a blur.

  59. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    It’s not a repug thing, Karolenna, it’s a MORON thing.

  60. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    Rachel is off to a rip roaring start tonight.

  61. yeah palin was really thrown by Joe getting emotional, she should have been prepared for that, Joe is well know for his sentiment.

  62. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    Joe brought tears to my eyes with that. Palin is cold. Behind that smile I saw no real warmth.

  63. “Never get so mad you forget why you love them.” – Obama

    from the article Brian linked

  64. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    If ya sent me something, Brian,I didn’t get it yet.

  65. I sent it to the group mail list

  66. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    got it and replied

  67. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    They’re not likely to prevail. They’re just trying to stall till after the election. For all the good that do ’em.

  68. chefsheila

    I just have one sentance to describe this…..”They are toast”

  69. chefsheila

    Good Morning Everyone!

    David Horsey Does the Debate first thing In honor of Colleen.

    I think horsey was thinking of Tina Fey when he made this one.

  70. dnd

    The tax returns are in! Turns out Todd isn’t much of a provider.

    I can see why she takes per diem for living in her house. Hard to raise four kids in Alaska on their income.

  71. chefsheila

    lol Oh how horrible…..especially in such an exspensive state!

  72. chefsheila

    Remember though. Her govenor’s pay puts them in another tax bracket.

  73. chefsheila

    Can this be McCain’s October Surprise?


    Republican state legislators, at the behest of the McCain campaign, have now filed an emergency appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court trying to shutdown the ‘Troopergate’ investigation. The plaintiffs (echoing the Bush v. Gore decision) claim “the plaintiffs and Alaskans will suffer irreparable harm” if the Branchflower report is released, as scheduled, next Friday, October 10th.

  74. chefsheila

    If you are going to read anything today, please eat this one up. just a nice simple opinion piece.

    The Joe Biden Show

  75. dnd

    Palin: “Say it ain’t so, Joe! There you go pointing backwards again … Now, doggone it, let’s look ahead and tell Americans what we have to plan to do for them in the future. You mentioned education, and I’m glad you did. I know education you are passionate about with your wife being a teacher for 30 years, and God bless her. Her reward is in heaven, right?”

    Three things:
    1. Apparently Palin doesn’t think much of education, because a look at her tax returns doesn’t show any college savings for her kids.
    2. Teaching is its own reward.
    3. Was she aware that Biden’s first wife died in a car crash? When Biden said he knew what it was like to be a single dad, did she think it was from a divorce?

  76. dnd

    Great link Shelia. Biden’s the authentic candidate. Palin’s a phony.

  77. chefsheila

    Good Morning dnd,

    Yes, sometimes its the simple things that count. Authentisity is clear and simple and Joe Biden exudes more Oh Shucks than Palin, while supporting my fears with his talent for communicating the path to the fix, whatever the fix may be.

    Joe Biden has been consistant for that since 2000 for me. He has great courage of conviction.

  78. McCain plans fiercer strategy against Obama
    GOP plans to focus on Democrat’s judgment, honesty and personal ties

    Here it comes folks, is everybody ready?

  79. dnd

    Yeah Shelia. Biden’s a regular guy. With an extraordinary intellect.

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