Fantasy Cablinet Picks ~ Round 3

FDRs Second Cabinet

FDR's Second Cabinet

Folks it’s that time again, we’ve had one debate by the top of the ticket, and the only VP debate.  It’s time to look at your picks and make adjustments accordingly.

But I have some requests (this is a pain to update so please follow instructions).  I’ve dropped some of the offices people made selections on, those offices I’ve dropped from the list are not cabinet picks and lets not overload the list.  For your post with your picks or changes start the post with the words “CABINET PICKS” in all caps.  If you’ve already made picks only list the choices you’re changing, not your entire list.  Also please list your picks in the same order as the chart (use your browsers tab, that’s what tabbed browsing is all about.




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97 responses to “Fantasy Cablinet Picks ~ Round 3

  1. So far I don’t think I’m going to be making any changes from my original picks, I’ll give it more thought through the day. Something I have decided to do is to keep John Edwards in the AG slot. I still think he’s the best man for the job and enough will time have passed from his troubles over the summer and I STRONGLY feel that such a personal matter should not exclude him from the office.

  2. Of course you can Jamie, all are welcome.

  3. I’ve added a column for you Jamie.

  4. I’ve made two changes to my picks, I’ve added Jeffrey Liebman for Treasury, and Linda Darling-Hammond for Education.

  5. I’m having a senior moment, what’s the name of the former senator who lost his arms and legs in Vietnam that was so disgracefully swift boated by the repugs?

  6. horsedooty

    Max something

  7. horsedooty

    right thanks dnd

  8. Thanks, that’s who I’m picking for Vet Affairs.

  9. dnd

    Cleland would be a great pick for VA. I’m gonna have to steal that one. Thanks Brian.

  10. chefsheila

    Good Morning. I slept in.

  11. chefsheila

    Brian thanks.

    I haven’t seen that video, but in waiting for meet the press…..slept through it. I heard an add played here local. It was about the economy and at the end he said, “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message because….” Don’t remember the rest. Has anyone seen something like that?

  12. chefsheila

    OK, SO Please move

    Honore into FEMA Position
    “Execllent Choice” Cleland for VA

    I’m thinking. …..

  13. Sheila gets an F for following directions today, no gold star for you!

  14. These are Jamie’s picks, she emailed them to me

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Secretary of the Treasury
    Secretary of Defense Wesley Clark

    Attorney General Eric Holder

    Secretary of the Interior Robert Kennedy, Jr.
    Secretary of Agriculture Katherine Sebelious
    Secretary of Commerce
    Secretary of Labor Robert Reich
    Secretary of Health & Human Services Gilbert Omenn

    Secretary of Housing & Development
    Secretary of Transportation Bryan Willson
    Secretary of Education
    Secretary of Energy
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Max Cleland

    Secretary of Homeland Security Abolish it.

    Ambassor to the U.N. Susan Eisenhower
    National Security Advisor Tara Sonenshine

    Director of the CIA
    Chief of Staff Daniel Plouffe

    FEMA Russel L. Honore

    Health Care Tsar

  15. chefsheila

    So shoot me. I just woke up ;0)

  16. Consider yourself shot, Jamie gets an A for following instructions! LOL

  17. Jamie question for you, is your choice for State what you hope to happen or what you think will happen? I don’t think Hillary wants to be that closely attached to the new admin.

  18. dnd

    As a rule, I don’t like east coasters as head of Interior since it looks after so much public land in the west. Not to say I liked James Watt, but it makes more sense to have someone with roots in the west at Interior.

    That said, I think Robert Kennedy Jr. is an interesting pick.

  19. Yes dnd, I found her RFK Jr. pick interesting also, probably a good choice too, but my god the repugs on the Hill would go nuts. But if we get a filibuster proof Senate (he said with his fingers crossed) it could happen.

  20. chefsheila

    Well, On Jamies Defense of that pick, Kennedy has been a long time fervent advocate too. So I understand her pick.

    That said, Kennedy’s show “Ring of Fire” really shows off the Kennedy fight for people well. He might be a better Health and Human Services pick?

  21. dnd

    I think RFK at HHS is a good pick, but I’ve got Elizabeth Edwards there, so I’m putting him at HUD.

  22. Is that a pick dnd, I can’t tell SINCE YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

  23. chefsheila

    LOLOL {Sheila Sticking out tongue}}}

  24. I’m putting in RFK, Jr. into Interior also, Good pick Jamie, really, he had been off my radar.

  25. I already put his choice down!

  26. chefsheila

    Face the Nation was preempted by football…..this time of year if very frustrating to me.

    Anyone watch?

  27. Here’s three more:

    Commerce – Hilda Solis

    Education – Marva Collins (because of her age substitute anyone she recommends)

    Energy – Bruce Alberts

  28. dnd


    Secretary of State Bill Richardson
    Secretary of the Treasury Bob Rubin
    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
    Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald
    Secretary of the Interior Brian Schweitzer
    Secretary of Agriculture Katherine Sebelious
    Secretary of Commerce Michael Bloomberg
    Secretary of Labor Robert Reich
    Secretary of Health & Human Services Elizabeth Edwards
    Secretary of Housing & Development Robert Kennedy Jr.
    Secretary of Transportation Christy Todd Whitman
    Secretary of Education Hillary Clinton
    Secretary of Energy T. Boone Pickens
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Max Cleland
    Secretary of Homeland Security Gen. Russel Honore

  29. chefsheila

    Bill Gates in on Zakarias

  30. dnd

    Addendum on my picks:
    * Keeping Robert Gates at Defense might be a good idea.
    * Bill Gates at Commerce might be interesting.
    * Hillary would probably be happier and more useful staying in the Senate. Jill Biden is my second pick for Education.

  31. Ok, got Jamie’s two additions, dnd I’ll do yours and anybody else’s when I get home, I gotta get ready to go to Strawberry Fields and give peace a chance. (that’s a play on words, if no one gets it I’ll be very disappointing in you all!)

  32. Brian,

    My choice of Hillary at State is based on several things. I don’t know if she would want the job, but if she agreed it would be in line with Obama’s admiration of “Team of Rivals” as this is exactly what Lincoln did with Seward – Put an able, qualified opponent who darn near defeated him.

    She knows virtually all of the world leaders and if for no other reason than Bill’s charitable work is respected by them.

    It is high enough on the totem pole that it doesn’t look like a “have to do something nice for her” after thought.

    The only other place he could put her other than leaving her in the Senate as his point person would be the Supreme Court

  33. dnd

    Zakarias’ GPS is the best program on television. The only reason I didn’t give him a Cabinet position is because I’d miss his show. He’d be a great national security adviser.

  34. dnd

    I don’t think Hillary is as qualified as Richardson for State. But you make a good argument.

    I think she’s completely unqualified for SCOTUS. Never been a jurist. Not a lot of law practice. I think she prefers making laws rather than ruling if they’re constitutional.

  35. chefsheila

    Jamie, Brilliant and I agree with you!!

    Dnd, I am there too. I love Zakarias. The most level headed, true to form Journalist on the tele…..the only one actually.

  36. chefsheila

    I am very impressed with Bill Gates’ conviction of not leaving his entire fortune to his children. His reasoning is very thoughtful and loving toward his children.

  37. chefsheila

    I know I may sound old, but doesn’t Palin’s attacks on Obama yesterday, remind you of Nazi Propoganda?

  38. Gallup Daily: Obama Leads for Ninth Straight Day, 50%-43%
    Poll includes two interviewing days following vice presidential debate

  39. dnd

    W.r.t. Palin, where’s anon-p when we need him?

    Steve Schmidt sounds a lot like Goebbels.

  40. chefsheila

    I know, I’ll have to Email him for a great thread post!!! lol Get some brains and juice free flowing around here.

  41. dnd

    Full agreement on Zakarias. The show is fantastic and it is his knowledge of the field, talent and brilliance that make it that way.

  42. Karolenna

    On CNN today they were talking about the close lead Obama now has in Ohio and RealClearPolitics shows him gaining one point from yesterday, but our conservative rag newspaper that we have conducted its own poll. That poll shows Obama leading in Ohio today by 7 points and a 10% lead with people regarding change.

    “Amid growing concerns about the economy, Ohio Democrats are coming home to Sen. Barack Obama, giving him a 7-point advantage in a new Dispatch Poll as the volatile presidential campaign swings into its final month.”

    “Although both are attempting to persuade voters that they would bring about the change America needs, the survey shows that Ohioans are buying that message more from Obama, by a margin of 10 percentage points.”

    If you go to the link, check out the Stahler cartoon on the page.

    BTW, my two “Westerville for Obama” signs are up. Just hope I can keep them there. There’s another “one” down the street. No comments yet!!!

  43. dnd

    You have to understand that I will be upset if Richardson ever again serves as anything higher than dogcatcher. Come to think of it, he’s not good enough for the pooches.

  44. dnd

    Some of the greatest jurists on the Supreme court were never jurists and a few weren’t even attorneys. They have clerks to do the legal research and finding precedents.

    After that it is judgement , writing ability for the presentation of arguments, and most important reading of the public will on an issue i.e. when is it time for the decision that makes a great change in Civil Rights to happen.

  45. Brian, what’s a Cablinet? See your headline.

    My picks to come later. In addition to the Cabinet, Obama will have more than 5,000 political appointees. Please don’t ask us about our picks to the National Tea Tasting Board — yes, there is one!

  46. chefsheila

    LOL EPROF, I could change that for Brian, but NOPE! Thats a great catch. We’ll just let it lie.

    Who’s the teacher here anyway. 🙂 You great!

  47. chefsheila

    Well Folks. With Jamie and EPROF here I hate to blow this town, but Church awaits. After a week like this, I’m on need of some refreshment. Time to “Bail” out. And then go see the Momsie.


  48. Brian,

    I’m in agreement with Bloomberg for treasury so you can add him in.

  49. dnd

    I thought you use to like Richardson. He’s the greatest diplomat on the world stage we have. I realize that some feel he betrayed Hillary, but he did not. That was a ploy used during the primaries.

    Hillary has a host of outstanding qualities and abilities, but nothing she has can compete with Richardson for State.

    As for your statement: “Some of the greatest jurists on the Supreme court were never jurists and a few weren’t even attorneys” can you cite some examples? I’m not disputing your claim, I’m just curious. The role of the supremes is to interpret the Constitution, so you don’t need to be a jurist. But you do need more than a nodding acquaintance with how these decisions are made.

  50. dnd

    65,000 in today’s Denver Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure

  51. dnd

    I respected his work until I found out he was a two faced, lying, manipulative, and dishonest man.

  52. dnd

    Just to clarify about the Supremes. They were all lawyers in the sense that at one time or another they had been admitted to the bar to practice law in some state. Many of them, particularly in the first 100 years, never attended a law school or received degrees in the law. Rather they “read for the law” with some practicing attorney until the local bar deemed them qualified.

    One of the greatest Chief Justice John Marshall only attended law classes for seven weeks.

  53. dnd

    It’s Phils v. Dodgers in the NL!

  54. Jamie. You sent me to the books and the Internet to spend the last two hours researching every single member of the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justices. Every single one of them, as you say in your latest post, either “read for the law” as apprentices, attended law school or law lectures, or were deemed qualified by a local or state bar association. However, all were considered to be lawyers.

    I discovered some interesting trivia during the past two hours. One being that two of our SC Justices were prisoners of war during the American Civil War. Kentucky produced more Justices than any other state. One former President sat on the Supreme Court, William Howard Taft. One grandson of a former SC Justice likewise served on the Court, John Harlan. John Marshall was the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as the first three quit fairly quickly after their appointments because they didn’t feel like the court could do much to help shape the new Republic and sought more significant roles in the new government. One of our early Justices was admitted to the British bar in London prior to the Revolution and never was admitted to a bar in the United States.

    William O. Douglas served longer than any other Justice. I got a chance to meet the man as he was from Yakima WA and would come home in the summers to roam the Cascades and hang out in town. I also interviewed him in late 1979, just a few weeks before his death in January 1980.

    So, Jamie, thanks for the challenge of spending a couple of hours in the books and on the Internet researching the Supreme Court. It stirred the old political science juices in my old bones and older brain. Thanks.

  55. dnd

    ” WASHINGTON – By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin targeted key goals for a faltering campaign.

    And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret.”

  56. Eprof2

    Apparently we share that “I really have to know that NOW” gene. It is a delightful if time consuming aberration.

  57. dnd

    My Dodgers WILL go to the World Series. 🙂

  58. dnd

    Good luck. I haven’t been a Dodgers fan since the days of Roy Campanella. My mom is still pissed about why they moved from Brooklyn.

  59. For sure, Jamie. Unfortunately, there are way too many “I’ve got to look that one up” opportunities here, on CList, and other sites I visit.

    This was a good one for me as it felt like old school. I studied one summer at the University of Virginia on a fellowship under Henry J. Abraham, one of the foremost scholars on the Supreme Court. Now that was a mind bender as he had us in the “stacks” of the campus library and in the Law School library each every day of the six weeks in residence. It was a ten to twelve hour a day experience, including a trip to the Supreme Court when Reynolds was being decided, the 1981 case on females serving in combat and being drafted. We got front row seats and stayed for the entire oral arguments plus a behind the scenes tour of the Court.

    Time to do some other things now as my Sunday is quickly evaporating. See you online tomorrow.

  60. dnd

    You see that’s why they are MY Dodgers. as a little girl, I liked them when they were in Brooklyn and having them move to my home town in 1955 turned me into an undying fan.. I thought they did it for me.

  61. Evening peeps, ok, all changes to the fantasy cabinet have been made. I suggest you check the chart to make sure I have you down for the correct picks. Next round in two weeks.

  62. Couple of errors on min.

    I’ll resend the list to you in email

  63. chefsheila

    Awe so sad. God Bless her.

    HEY Jamie! So good to see you adding to the mix here. 🙂

  64. chefsheila

    I just have to embellish this thought. It is sooooo nice to have terriaki and gyoza in a region that is saturated with Asians from every country on the other side of the Pond.

    I forgot how pure and lovely the flavors were.

  65. hey there – everyone….I need a weekend to recover. Brian I sent you something too late and most like in the incorrect format….i’m okay with it no worry.

    I got some sort of Union Button for Obama from my mother, indirect from my brother… International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E). We are the Brothers and Sisters who construct, install, maintain, and operate the lighting and sound equipment, the scenery and special effects which thrill and delight audiences

    I guess I know what that brother does for a living now….geez…..

  66. Didn’t get anything from you UB.

  67. UB got it, check the chart to make sure I got your picks right.

  68. it all looks correct, you do good work…. 🙂

  69. chefsheila

    I just saw a crawler on BET during the color purple. An alert showing when the deadlines for registration was in DC, Det, and LA. I’ll be darned.

  70. I hate it when I get this tired…..everyone have a great night. Tomorrow is Monday – week one of the biggest loser at the office….I didn’t even try…….I’ll be putting money in the pot….

    sleep well butterflies


  71. chefsheila

    UB,,,,,, lol That is why it was time for bed!

  72. morning peeps, well we’re up to 8 points in the Rasmussen!

    Monday, October 06, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 52% of the vote while John McCain earns 44%. This is the highest level of support ever recorded for Obama and is his largest lead of the year. It also continues a remarkable twenty-five days in a row where the Democrat’s support has never declined by even a single point. The Democratic candidate has gained six full percentage points of support since Lehman Brothers collapsed to start the Wall Street mess.

  73. dnd

    From the “well, duh” file:

    “A growing number of economists believe the country is on the brink of — or already in — its first recession since 2001 and that it will be longer lasting.”

  74. dnd

    Will the IRS audit the Palin’s return since they didn’t report the per diem as income?

  75. duh is right dnd, hard times ahead.

  76. chefsheila

    And here’s my “Wonk” contribution for the day 🙂

    Aparently the Obama Campaign has put this out on the web.

  77. Rez since grandpa cranky pants can’t accept donations how do they know they broke all records?

  78. opps, posted that on the wrong blog, LOL

  79. dnd

    Would Tina Fey be a better pick for veep than Palin? I’m serious. Sort of…

  80. chefsheila

    Oh Please lol.

    Tina would be a great VP as compared to Palin….

  81. dnd

    Holy shit, the Dow is down 580.

  82. dnd

    First time the Dow is below 10000 in four years. Crap.

  83. chefsheila

    Markets are sharply down all over the world.

  84. chefsheila

    I’m wondering if this Horse Race is really over now and that all of us are thinking, “Enough all ready”. Pull this bunch out of the White House. No more republican White House for now.

    I can’t help but think McCain will only get that 25% that is the Republican Base and all the rest are ready to vote for Obama to solve this mess.

    Get ready for the Grey Hair Barack. Its coming your way!

  85. chefsheila

    Well Mark this day. Below 10,000. 1990 something was when to went above 10,000

  86. chefsheila

    If anyone hasn’t seen the Add on Keating Five, here it is

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