Michelle Obama Sighting in Keene, New Hampshire by Kathy

It is Student Week for the Obama campaign – and Michelle appeared yesterday at Keene State College to get out the  student vote.  Close to 1000 showed up, mostly  students, with quite a few others ranging from babies to the elderly.  I had seen Michele here last December, and she spoke from the heart about her working class roots, talking about the dignity of work and growing up with a dad with MS who struggled to get dressed in the morning. SHe makes a strong argument how she and Barack Obama knows what it is like to have been a studnet facing a mountain of student loans, and while he could have had his choice of a top paying jo after law school, he chose to organize everyday people to get them houseing and jobs.  Her intelligence, warmth, and love her her husband  shine through in her speech.  Michelle exudes a love for the promise of America  and after a few minutes in her presence, one has no doubt that Barack possesses the intellect, strength of character and organization to lead our nation.

The goal of the day was to get students to not only register, but to vote.  From hearing students speak after the event , she completely closed teh deal.  The audience was highly motivated, optimistic and ready to do “what it takes”.   Immediately after there was a march down to city hall where a crowd registered.  NH is one of the only states that offers same day registration, but  as 80% turnout is estimated, as much that can be done ahead of time is being strongly encouraged.


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79 responses to “Michelle Obama Sighting in Keene, New Hampshire by Kathy

  1. Ah the joys of living in a swing state, we see no one here in NY! Sounds like a great event.

  2. Raleigh, N.C. – For the first time in any of PPP’s Virginia polling this year the race is something other than a two point lead for Barack Obama. He now leads 51-43 in the state.


    Rock and Roll baby!

  3. horsedooty

    nice update Kathy. We had Sarah Barracuda here in Dallas a few days ago. I didn’t go.

  4. really doots, you didn’t go? Go figure!

  5. chefsheila

    Kathy, I love your eye witness accounts. We live vicariously through you this season.

    The Pictures. Was that your husband holding the sign up?

  6. WASHINGTON — The economic upheaval is threatening to topple Republican Congressional candidates, putting more Senate and House seats within Democratic reach less than a month before the elections, lawmakers and campaign strategists say.


  7. chefsheila

    What a difference in couples……one is really very wholesome by today’s standards and the other is a “posterchild” for hidden abuse and a soured loss of respect for the country they live in.

  8. dnd

    Great report and great photos. I think it’s really important to get young people motivated to vote in swing states (and everywhere else) and Michelle is doing a great job.

  9. horsedooty

    “really doots, you didn’t go? Go figure!” nope LOL

  10. chefsheila

    McCain transition efforts doesn’t surprise me……more of the same.

  11. dnd

    That Cook County Sheriff should be honored. Kicking renters out of their homes because the landlords not only is unfair, it’s not going to help the economy.

    Besides, keeping people in foreclosed homes until a buyer can be found keeps the property maintained. Many of these empty properties quickly fall into disrepair or victims of vandals and thieves.

  12. dnd

    Meant to say “because the landlords defaulted”

  13. dnd

    The Dow hit it’s all time high one year ago today. Now we’re down by about 1/3. And that’s not even the problem in our financial markets. That is, of course unless you’re retired and living off of your stock dividends…

  14. chefsheila

    Tucker Bounds slandering and outright lying al over the air waves.

  15. you could really see his frustration coming right through the screen, I thought he was going to start banging his head against the wall.

  16. horsedooty

    I just got a statement and I have lost about 1/3 of the value of my measly little account and have contacted my broker (wachovia) and told them I can’t afford to play anymore. I just talked again to another rep and he tried to make the point that the market will recover. I told him I understand but as a retired guy I need to move it all to a money market account. That is what we are gonna do.

  17. chefsheila

    Sorry to hear that Doots and for sure you have to look out for yourself. Its too late to play the market.

    the last time this happened, I lost my whole mutual fund. Interest plus whatever I put into it monthly for 10 years. I could not believe it.

    This last time, I invested 10,000 into my condo’s down payment. Now my condo has lost 70,000 in value….

    Take care of youself bud.

  18. chefsheila

    oh and I’ve been investing in a whole life insurance for the last 20 years. Supposed to give back monthly upon retirement age. I’m afraid to look at it.

  19. chefsheila

    Hip, Here is a spirited OpEd about Georgia. You like it and the rest of us should read it too! A little sugar for the day.

    Shocker — Obama Wins Georgia!


  20. Hard times all around, sucks.

  21. dnd

    Not sure the money mkt accounts are all that good right now. Not sure they’re all that bad either. Short term CD’s, treasuries or TIPS might be something to look at. TIPS (treasury inflation protected securities) might be particularly attractive, as if the market is flooded with liquidity, could be inflationary, which will screw the market even further.

    Bottom line is that I think we’re gonna see a lot of volatility for the foreseeable future until there’s more confidence in the credit markets.

  22. chefsheila

    Yes, I’ve been told the CD’s are the only good bets right now…..I’ve been told that right now Govenment Bonds are not a good idea….thats a weird thought isn’t it?

  23. dnd

    When I was buying my roasted chilies last month, I saw a lot of people buying 50lb bags of pinto beans. I’m starting to think that was a pretty good idea 😉

  24. horsedooty

    Dnd, I understand. Money Markets may not make much if anything but they don’t lose either. I asked the broker what kind of shovel I should use to dig the whole in the backyard for the tin can full of money will go. He did not think it too funny. My point of going into the Money market is to stop the stock market losses. It also keeps me from having to pay taxes on the money right now. I am starting to think that is why and how I got a cold this week. Now that I have done this I actually am starting to feel better.

  25. dnd

    As long as you have your cash in a money market deposit account and not a money market mutual fund, you’re safe.

    And I agree that stress can make you sick. Glad you’re feeling better.

  26. dnd

    “Colorado officials are disputing a report that they illegally purged voters ahead of next month’s elections. ”


    Check out:


  27. dnd

    Smart move. Dow down 355, below 9000.

  28. The Markets us telling us not to vote for McCain. It will stabilize after the election. I think it will go down to 7,000 before it levels off.

  29. horsedooty

    pretty g-d scary at 8578

  30. Well do the math, the market seems to be averaging around a 500 point loss a week (this is very quick math on my part). 4 more weeks till the election.

  31. dnd

    A one day drop of 7.3% is not a good thing. GM at it’s 1951 level. Iceland’s currency has basically collapsed.

    Good time to be in cash. Once there’s some confidence in the credit markets, it’s gonna be a great time to buy. I think 2009 will be a slow year, but it’ll be positive.

  32. dnd

    I realize the fall in GM was sales, but I’m curious about GMAC.

  33. Didn’t GM sell off GMAC a couple of years ago?

  34. horsedooty

    Cash is a good thing. I have decided that a spade shovel is what I will use to bury my tin can of money in the back yard.

    On CNN some gov money guy was just asked by Ali Velshi (CNN money guy) what the plan is. He does not have an answer. Every time someone from the WH or Treasury speaks down go the markets. We may be screwed.

  35. It’s a good time to be poor, so much less to lose, so to say.

  36. horsedooty

    hey I was poor before I can not afford to lose much of anything.

  37. horsedooty

    wiki says that it was sold several years ago

    google “who owns GMAC”

  38. dnd

    GM sold off a controlling interest in GMAC, not all of it. But they’re still big into auto lending so if they can’t lend any money, that’s not good. I think they’re also big into real estate, but I don’t know if they’re a big part of the sub-prime mess.

  39. chefsheila

    This article is as complete as its gets I think. The further you read into it, the more Names you see that have bought divisions of GMAC

    GM sells part of GMAC division

    By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY
    General Motors (GM) said Thursday that it has sold a big chunk of one of its financing divisions, a cash-raising deal that is the latest in a series of bold moves by the financially troubled automaker.
    GM says its General Motors Acceptance Corp. arm sold 78% of its GMAC Commercial Holding unit, which is involved in commercial mortgage lending and other services, to a group of investors for $1.5 billion in cash.

    GM said the unit also will repay $7.3 billion in loans from within the company, bringing cash proceeds from the deal to nearly $9 billion.

    The sale comes a day after GM announced a huge buyout offer to 126,000 hourly employees at its plants and supplier Delphi. The buyouts are designed to help the automaker reach a goal of shedding 30,000 blue-collar jobs. (Story: GM workers asked: Deal? or No deal?)

    Right now, GM is about “raising the cash,” says Argus Research analyst Kevin Tynan. “The magnitude of the restructuring they are going to have to go through is expensive. … You have to stockpile it.”

    GM had more than $20 billion on hand at the end of 2005, but lost $10.6 billion last year because of high labor costs and sluggish sales.

    GM has sold other pieces in recent months, letting go of stakes in Suzuki and Fuji Heavy Industries.

    David Healy, analyst at Burnham Securities, thinks the equity stake sale is aimed at enhancing the value of a unit that has been dragged down by GM’s debt ratings, which have fallen to junk status.

    He says GM has enough cash at present to finance its restructuring. And he points out that the cash from the deal will flow to GMAC, not to the parent company.

    The GMAC Commercial Holding stake was bought by a group led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Five Mile Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. The unit is changing its name to Capmark Financial Group.

    “With investment-grade ratings from the three primary rating agencies and enhanced access to the capital markets, Capmark is poised to fully realize the opportunities that exist for each of its businesses,” Capmark CEO Robert Feller said in a statement. Feller had been CEO of GMAC Commercial Holding since 2003.

    GMAC Chairman Eric Feldstein says the deal allows his company to “redeploy a significant amount of capital.”

    GM shares closed down a penny at $22 Thursday

  40. My brother is experiencing a slowdown of sales at his dealership and most customers are financing through Subaru and not the local banks.

  41. dnd

    Remember eight years ago when all the boomers believed they were going to be able to retire early?

    Now we’re thinking well be lucky to be able to say “Hi! Welcome to Wal-Mart!”

  42. dnd

    I just took a peek at the Chicago Board Options Exchange volatility index. It’s huge. Based on that, I think the market will sink tomorrow too. And giving everybody the weekend to worry about things, it’ll probably go down on Monday too unless some financial leaders make some bold moves.

  43. chefsheila

    Think about this vision……….the day after the election, the bottom line will be that the McCain will only get 15% of the vote because of his crazy unamerican over the line actions these last few weeks.

  44. Just days after John McCain scaled back his campaign in Michigan, a new Rasmussen Reports survey of voters there shows Barack Obama with a 16-point lead on his Republican opponent.


    Hot damn!

  45. horsedooty

    gonna be great to see how Hannidy and Limpaw spin this landslide that is coming on Nov 4. Especially if on Nov 5 the stock market starts to rise again. That is my one great hope for this. It could set the R’s back a hundred years.

  46. dog's eye view

    Wonderful post, Kathy. Michelle is a force!

    WaPost writer’s tribute to his much missed old dog — Old Dogs are the Best Dogs.


  47. dnd

    I think Hannity and Limbaugh are praying the Democrats sweep everything. This will give them something to complain about when things aren’t perfect. Feigned outrage is their stock-in-trade.

  48. horsedooty

    I remember listening to Rush when Clinton won and he really did sound depressed. Most of it was self-flagellation, wondering what else he could have done to turn the election toward the R’s. It was great to hear.

  49. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    Hi everyone. Been too busy to get near this PC or watch the news all afternoon. Did Paulson give another speech today? Next time he or Bush open their mouths, someone needs to .
    duct tape them shut! They’re talking us all into the poorhouse.

  50. chefsheila

    With only a sample of 600, I’d like to see someone start polling in earnest there!

    But the real pipe dream would be Idaho!

  51. That would be quite something if McCain lost the inbred redneck vote!

  52. Obama was in Ohio today I believe.

  53. Barack Obama has purchased a half-hour of primetime television on CBS and NBC, sources confirm.

    The Obama campaign is producing a nationwide pitch to voters that will air on at least two broadcast networks. The ad will run Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 8 p.m. — less than a week before the general election.


  54. chefsheila

    As far as Virginia? The Mason/Dixon poll is the smokie mountain region and its

  55. dnd

    Cincinnati I think.

  56. dnd

    John Lennon would have been 68 today.

  57. dnd

    Speaking of volatility indexes, see Pat Buchanan blow a gasket on Hardball tonight is a clear indication that Obama has a strong lead.

  58. chefsheila

    Again, I was nearly thinking the same watchin that old fart blow hard wind! He would not be so insistent is it wasn’t so bad.

  59. dnd

    Back at ‘ya Brian:

  60. Now be honest how many of you always thought this was just the SNL theme song?

  61. chefsheila

    Troopergate investigation will be released tomorrow. Another day to silly season on Palin.

  62. horsedooty

    nbc now at 8:45 cdt sat nite live update on now

  63. Mary-Margaret aka Nannymm

    G’night all. Hopefully, I’ll be around more tomorrow. Have a good night.

  64. National Debt Too Big for National Debt Clock to Handle


    if it’s not one, thing it’s another…

    Happy Friday !

  65. dog's eye view

    Interesting Wall Street Journal column, likening world financial crush to Britain in the early 1970s, when house prices tanked, some banks failed and stocks dropped 75%. Notes that once recovery finally began, it moved so quickly that gains accrued to those already in the market. (i.e. don’t liquidate everything; you might not catch the updraft).


  66. dnd

    Dow futures down 400. The holiday retail season is not gonna be good.

  67. chefsheila

    On the lighter side. Just heard Joe Biden say this,

    “Sarah Palin was in 2nd grade when Joe Biden cam into the Sentate at 29. thats true. However, Sarah Palin was in 6th grade the next time John (McCain) had another idea,”

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