Kristof: Racism without racists, posted by Chef Sheila

Folks, this is a very important piece by Nicholis Kristof, a Pulitzer Prize Winning OpEd Collumnist for New York Times.  I was trying to write something about silent racists myself when I came across his work.  Since he says everything I wanted to express, well I thought we should honor his writing instead.

By Nicholas D. Kristof
Published: October 6, 2008

One of the fallacies America’s election season is that if Barack Obama is paying an electoral price for his skin tone, it must be because of racists.

On the contrary, the evidence is that Obama is facing what scholars have dubbed “racism without racists.”

The racism is difficult to measure, but a careful survey completed last month by Stanford University, with The Associated Press and Yahoo, suggested that Obama’s support would be about 6 percentage points higher if he were white. That’s significant but surmountable.

Most of the lost votes aren’t those of dyed-in-the-wool racists. Such racists account for perhaps 10 percent of the electorate and, polling suggests, are mostly conservatives who would not vote for any Democratic presidential candidate.

Rather, most of the votes that Obama actually loses belong to well-meaning whites who believe in racial equality and have no objection to electing a black person as president – yet who discriminate unconsciously.

“When we fixate on the racist individual, we’re focused on the least interesting way that race works,” said Phillip Goff, a social psychologist at UCLA who focuses his research on “racism without racists.” “Most of the way race functions is without the need for racial animus.”

For decades, experiments have shown that even many whites who earnestly believe in equal rights will recommend hiring a white job candidate more often than a person with identical credentials who is black. In the experiments, the applicant’s folder sometimes presents the person as white, sometimes as black, but everything else is the same. The white person thinks that he or she is selecting on the basis of nonracial factors like experience.

Research suggests that whites are particularly likely to discriminate against blacks when choices are not clear-cut and competing arguments are flying about – in other words, in ambiguous circumstances rather like an electoral campaign.

For example, when the black job candidate is highly qualified, there is no discrimination. Yet in a more muddled gray area where reasonable people could disagree, unconscious discrimination plays a major role.

White participants recommend hiring a white applicant with borderline qualifications 76 percent of the time, while recommending an identically qualified black applicant only 45 percent of the time.

John Dovidio, a psychologist at Yale University who has conducted this study over many years, noted that conscious prejudice as measured in surveys has declined over time. But unconscious discrimination – what psychologists call aversive racism – has stayed fairly constant.

“In the U.S., there’s a small percentage of people who in nationwide surveys say they won’t vote for a qualified black presidential candidate,” Dovidio said. “But a bigger factor is the aversive racists, those who don’t think that they’re racist.”

Faced with a complex decision, he said, aversive racists feel doubts about a black person that they don’t feel about an identical white. “These doubts tend to be attributed not to the person’s race – because that would be racism – but deflected to other areas that can be talked about, such as lack of experience,” he added.

Of course, there are perfectly legitimate reasons to be against a particular black candidate, Obama included. Opposition to Obama is no more evidence of racism than opposition to McCain is evidence of discrimination against the elderly or against war veterans. And at times, Obama’s race helps him: It underscores his message of change, it appeals to some whites as a demonstration of their open-mindedness, and it wins him overwhelming black votes and turnout.

Still, a huge array of research suggests that 50 percent or more of whites have unconscious biases that sometimes lead to racial discrimination. (Blacks have their own unconscious biases, surprisingly often against blacks as well.)

One set of experiments conducted since the 1970s involves subjects who believe that they are witnessing an emergency (like an epileptic seizure). When there is no other witness, a white bystander will call for help whether the victim is white or black, and there is very little discrimination.

But when there are other bystanders, so the individual responsibility to summon help may feel less obvious, whites will still summon help 75 percent of the time if the victim is white but only 38 percent of the time if the victim is black.

One lesson from this research is that racial biases are deeply embedded within us, more so than many whites believe. But another lesson, a historical one, is that we can overcome unconscious bias. That’s what happened with the decline in prejudice against Catholics after the candidacy of John F. Kennedy in 1960.

It just might happen again, this time with race.



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  1. This is a great piece Sheila, glad you found it and shared it with us. You and I have discussed this topic several times. It drives me crazy when people say Obama should be higher in the poles. Yeah and here’s the answer why, of course when you try to explain this to them they always respond “you think everything is racism” well in a subtle way it is. Human nature will always gravitate to that which is most like self!

  2. chefsheila

    I know Brian. There are so many well meaning people who don’t want to believe that the discomfort they feel when they see or hear Obama is not his politics. More times than now, its his skin color and the legacy from the last generation that hasn’t been erased yet.

    Worse yet, is that while we all Kumbaya around the Legacy of Martin Luther King, his message is not really heard by this part of the population. They just outwardly cloak themselves in his memory and don’t really believe it, themselves.

  3. chefsheila

    Actually Brian,

    I’ll confess. Since I became aware of this phenomena, during this election. I have begun to see the “Code” words and the body language that I wasn’t aware of before. In others as well as myself.

    once you tell yourself the truth, you make a lot of progess in ridding yourself of this.

  4. hmmmmmmmm, code words, I’ve heard that phrase before.


  5. Thanks for the article Shelia, it really identifies the issue of the non-racist voters, the ones who get the most upset when call on for espousing racism.

    I know quite a few of them.

    got to get walking……I haven’t walk for a month….this sux!


  6. And to top it off it’s weigh-in day for our biggest loser contest at work……unhappy Monday


    enjoy your day!

  7. chefsheila

    lol Have a great day UB.. Hope the loss is big!

  8. Obama leads in ND

    Barack Obama is shown with an edge against John McCain in a North Dakota presidential race that has narrowed to a statistical tie, according to a new Forum poll.

  9. chefsheila

    A very good sign!

    UPDATE: 16 Newspapers Endorse Obama on Sunday, 2 for McCain

  10. chefsheila

    Brian, remember during the prmaries, we started seeing the possibility of changing the whole electoral map of traditional red states?

    Some people called us stupid and limited thinkers…….

    WOW! It may happen.

  11. It just might, that ND poll is quite stunning

  12. chefsheila


    lol I hope Obama hears about this one.

    106-year-old voter chooses Obama

    A 106-year-old American nun living in a convent in Rome could well be one of the oldest voters to cast a ballot in the 2008 US Presidential election.

    Sister Cecilia Gaudette, who last voted for President Eisenhower in 1952, has registered to vote and says she will vote for Democrat Barack Obama.

  13. chefsheila

    Palin on MSNBC,

    She is saying the same old stuff. I hear nothing new.

  14. McCain is giving a really stupid speech, all anger.

  15. chefsheila

    Poor McCain….watching his Virginia Beach stump speech…..more of the same.

  16. chefsheila

    great minds Brian.

  17. chefsheila

    ohoh, here it comes,,,, State of the race and straight talk……

    Take away your right to vote? Where did that come from?

  18. Code words alert

    “I come from a long line of McCains’

  19. chefsheila

    lol another “Code Words” alert.

    I’m going to beat his “You Know What” = HELP!!!

  20. chefsheila

    exerpt from Hillary Clintons speech yesterday. A call to arms!

    And in this election, failure is not an option. We must commit ourselves to making sure we elect leaders who will put people first, remember who built this country, who sacrificed and made us what we are today.

    “That’s why this week I am barnstorming across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and on to other battleground states that we can and must win because we cannot afford 4 more years of the last 8 years and that’s all the Republicans offer.”

    “My friends, this is an all-hands-on-deck moment for America. We’ve got to work hard and we’ve got to work together. This is a fight for the future and it is a fight we must win.”

    “It really comes down to how much each of us is willing to do in the next 23 days. Sure, the polls show Barack and Joe ahead now and that’s good news. But I don’t pay much attention to polls. Nobody should be lulled into any false sense of security.”

  21. This Marist Poll reports:

    Presidential Race in Ohio:

    · Obama Has a Narrow Lead Over McCain in the Buckeye State: The presidential race in Ohio is no longer a statistical dead heat. Among registered voters, Senator Barack Obama now outpaces Senator John McCain 48% to 40%. A Marist Poll conducted just last month had McCain and Obama each with the support of 44% of registered voters. Among likely voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, Obama has 49% compared with 45% for McCain. Support for the candidates split along party lines. 85% of likely Republican voters report they back John McCain. A similar proportion of likely Democrats — 89% — are behind their party’s candidate. Independent voters are divided. 44% say they back Obama while 47% report being for McCain. 6% of these key voters have not made up their minds.

    This Marist Poll reports:

    Presidential Race in Pennsylvania

    · Race Opens Up in Pennsylvania…Obama Pulls Ahead by 9 Percentage Points Among Registered Voters…Has Double-Digit Lead Among Likely Voters: The once tight presidential race in Pennsylvania is now tipping in Senator Barack Obama’s favor. He leads Senator John McCain among the state’s registered voters 49% to 40%. Among likely voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, Obama is in front of McCain by 12 percentage points — 53% to 41%. In a Marist Poll released less than one month ago, Obama had the support of 45% of Pennsylvania’s registered voters compared with 42% for McCain. Among the state’s likely voters, Obama had 49% to 44% for McCain in the previous poll. Pennsylvania’s likely voters currently divide along party lines. 88% of Democrats and 83% of Republicans likely to vote on Election Day now support their party’s candidate. A majority of Independents — 53% — favor Obama compared with 34% for McCain. 12% of these voters are still undecided.

  22. chefsheila

    Great News Brian!

  23. Karolenna

    Hey Folks, Today is a state holiday so I’m not working, but have many things to get done, so won’t be able to chat long.

    Went to my relatives in SE Ohio this past weekend for a family gathering. I’m proud to say that ALL of them are now for Obama and one is working hard at the campaign headquarters there. My 80-year old uncle told me when I walked into the gathering that he was voting for McCain/Palin, knowing he would a response from me. I turned around and showed him my back side and said “you can kiss this then”. He laughed and laughed. Said “no I’m totally for Obama”. He did the same thing to my daughter when she came in.

    You may have heard that Palin was in Gallipolis yesterday. My brother and his wife and my aunt and uncle (same one as above) were at Walmart when “she rolled in” later in the day to get diapers for her son. Wouldn’t you think she would plan ahead for things like that, but, Oh, it’s a photo op with the “common folks”. My uncle told my aunt he wanted to at least see what she looked like, so he went back in to see her. He’s 80 but very curious and a smart one!!! He actually met Hilliary when she was at Bob Evans Farms in the spring.

    It’s as I have said before, Obama needs to go to that particular area. He was in Portsmouth, but that is several miles south of there. Palin intends to spend a lot of time in the area next few days. McInsane has gained on Obama by 0.4 points since Thursday according to

    I believe Bill and Hilliary are planning to go into that area in the next week or so. When I was driving home coming up Rte 7 there were a bunch of McCain/Palin supporters along the highway gathering for something. There were probably about 100 people. I was be-bopping along with my music blaring and saw them. Scared my little dog because I slowed down, rolled down the windows and shouted “Obama” to the top of my lungs at least six times as I passed. They looked to see who it was. Probably thought I was crazy but it felt sooooo good.

  24. chefsheila

    Grea post K,


  25. Karolenna

    According to the article in the Tribune, Palin was traveling up Rte 7 so maybe those people I saw were just waiting for her.

    One said: “She was really down to earth,” Ashley Fisher said. “There was no ego and she treated us with respect, which sometimes you don’t get from political people.” Yes, as a potential leader of the free world do we want someone like that? Oh, we’ve had someone like that for eight year, haven’t we. Look what a mess we’re in now. My family and I concluded that Palin makes Bush look like a rocket scientist.

  26. There goes Missouri!

    In Missouri, John McCain’s Lead Among White Voters Has Evaporated: In an election for President of the United States in battleground Missouri today, 10/13/08, three weeks until votes are counted, Democrat Barack Obama has momentum and a meaningful advantage in SurveyUSA’s latest tracking poll, conducted for KMOX radio in St Louis and KCTV-TV in Kansas City. The contest in Missouri has swung 10-points to Obama since SurveyUSA’s last track point, 3 weeks ago. Then, McCain led by 2. Today, Obama leads, 51% to 43%. Among white voters, McCain had led by 11. Today, tied. There is movement among men, where McCain had led, now trails; among women, where McCain had been tied, now trails; among higher-income voters, where McCain had led, now trails; and among Independents, where McCain had led, now trails. In greater St. Louis, Obama had led by 5, now by 22. In greater Kansas City, Obama had led by 16, now by 31. George W. Bush carried Missouri by 7 points in 2004, and by 3.5 points in 2000. The state has 11 electoral votes, which are critical to any Republican who seeks the White House.

  27. Karolenna

    Great for those other states, but Ohio just went down to 2.2. That’s bad.

  28. PRINCETON, NJ — Voter preferences in the presidential race continue to be generally auspicious for Barack Obama’s election prospects only three weeks ahead of the eve of Election Day. Obama leads McCain by 10 percentage points, 51% to 41%, among all registered voters, according to Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Oct. 10-12.

  29. chefsheila

    Thats why it s battleground state and its still 3 weeks away

  30. What Right Wingers Mean When They Call Obama A “Socialist”

    Right-wing attempts to paint Barack Obama as a socialist aren’t just disingenuous. They’re rooted in a history of conservative smears against black leaders.

  31. That link I just posted is a must read, fascinating article, really puts it all out there.

  32. chefsheila

    A tax break for every new employ here in the US.. now that makes sense.

  33. chefsheila

    Obama’s Economic Rescue Plan is a delight for my ears!!! I hope this gets out throughout the US

  34. McCain could take a lesson from Obama about how to deliver an economic speech!

  35. chefsheila

    I’m glad he’s passing out the guilt to all of us.

  36. Outstanding, talking about savings, and living in our means!

  37. chefsheila

    This man is proposing a challenge to all of us as one nation. Its like the Race To the Moon or the Volunteerism challenge.

  38. chefsheila

    “This another one of those moments where America overcame”


  39. chefsheila

    Go goodness, he’s making me “tear” up! grab the hankie!

  40. chefsheila

    This guy just darned makes me cry! lol

    That was a barn burner!

  41. Amazing contrast between the two of them, just amazing!

  42. dnd

    Yeah, Obama talks about shared sacrifice. McCain talks about “fighting” and cutting taxes.

    BTW Shelia, great post. Kristof nailed it.

  43. chefsheila

    Thanks DND.

    Yes, these two speeches together are so far apart.

    Obama just trumped McCain with sweeping proposes that out think McCain’s old ways.

  44. chefsheila

    I can just see the side movement to grab the next open chair in the Obama/McCain musical chairs game.

    Another percentage point up!

  45. McCain is all attack and excuses, Obama offers plans.

  46. dnd

    The latest McCain attack ad caught my eye:

    Notice that the images in the ad center around a contact sheet (where a strip of negatives is pressed against the photographic paper and exposed to see all the images without enlarging them). It dawned on me that few regular people use film anymore. Seems to me that this ad is saying that McCain is old and out of touch!

  47. Today, the key line of John McCain’s rebooted stump speech is directed at his rival, Barack Obama, and it goes a little something like, “We have him right where we want him.” That was the plan, all along, you see!

    So funny!

  48. chefsheila

    lol Good point dnd.

  49. chefsheila

    Ok…..Time for the Chef to go find food on her sick day. Later!

    John McCain embraces the role he relishes — and had predicted he would be in

    As McCain — with a smile — cast himself in a beleaguered position and eagerly accepted the challenge, it rang a bell with us. And here’s a quote he provided reporters in late June:

    I’m the underdog in this race…. I’m behind. I’ve got to catch up and get ahead. And I expect to do that about 48 hours before the general election.

    So partisans on both sides of the battle can take heed — by his own lights, McCain has plenty of time for a stretch run.

  50. TOLEDO, Ohio – Democratic Barack Obama on Monday called for more immediate steps to heal the nation’s ailing economy, proposing a 90-day moratorium on home foreclosures at some banks and a two-year tax break for businesses that create new jobs.

  51. horsedooty


    I resent the thought that because I use film I am out of touch with the rest of the world. In my world, if you want quality you shoot as large a negative and you can and in my case that is an 8×10 inch sheet of film. I then make a contact print. Ask Dog or Sheila what the quality is like. 🙂

  52. dnd

    I said “regular people” not professional photogs like you. Outside of photography stores the only film cameras you can buy these days are the “disposable” units.

  53. dnd

    Dow up 936 today. Yee Haw!

  54. Granny

    good news to hear about Missouri.I live in SW Missouri and get mainly the McCain views. Also went to see Biden last Fri and his speach was inspiring plus there was a good crowd and no protesters.Worth the three hour wait!

  55. chefsheila

    Granny! So good to hear great news from Missouri!

    Come again and be apart of our cheerleading team. 🙂

  56. dnd

    The Arapahoe Basin ski area opens Wednesday.

  57. Karolenna (now)

    RCP National Average
    Obama 50.0
    McCain 42.6
    Obama +7.4

    Florida now +5.0
    Missouri has moved up as well (just since this morning).

    But, remember folks, McCain has Obama “just where he wants him”!!!!! Obama is where we want him as well and let’s hope it holds for the next three weeks.

  58. nannymm

    Well I finally made it back from the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. We picked 6 bushels of macs and some galas. The kids picked HUGE pumpkins. Tomorrow, I start making applesauce, pies, apple butter, etc. But for tonight, I’m going to just sit and try to catch up on all I missed today. My feet are killing me! LOL

    Thanks for that great post today, Sheila. Kristof makes many excellent points and is an insightful writer; I suspect many readers were squirming just a little bit by the end of his piece. And, of course, I’m sure we all know people who fit the non-racist racists he describes. But i think there may be something in there for each of us. I know that I will think of his argument in the future when I need to make a decision that involves someone who isn’t “like me.” Maybe by being more conscious of “unconscious racism” we can move further towards eliminating all racism, whether conscious or not.

  59. chefsheila

    Nanny, you are absolutely right. Kristoff really gave me a reason to rethink all people and my reactions to them. He’s a great thinker and writer.

  60. Awe you guys are the best……After a long day at the office, I love to read your comments and thoughts………..all interesting.

    Nanny – ” But i think there may be something in there for each of us. ” I could not agree any more.

    ps. I was the biggest loser today… – to my surprise. There’s 101.00 in the pot for the winner.

  61. nannymm

    You know, Sheila, I think it’s an uncomfortable thing to face that prospect in ourselves, But the introspection is so valuable. I think it’s the ability to do that in a serious and meaningful way that enables us to grow and not fall into old traps and ruts.

  62. where are you guys watching these daily speeches? cspan? or on line?

  63. chefsheila

    Nanny, I had one of those “Come Uppence” situations this year, involving an old classmate and the way my parents ended up helping to shape the rest of his life.. Sad and very valuable to have seen in me someone that I thought I WASN’T. taught me a new way to look at the world through a minority’s eyes. Especially what children indeed suffer because of this “Silent Racism”

  64. chefsheila

    Believe it or not, yesterday was CSPAN. Today was MSNBC. Obama’s was riveting and it was magnificent

  65. Tell me: why Biden is so likable?….is it his voice, his smile, his sincerity……I have held him close in my heart for years, even when I didn’t have a clue what he was saying…..charisma?

    (remember political novice here)

  66. nannymm

    I really wish I had known when Obama was going to speak so I could have recorded it. Later, after Canyon is asleep, I’ll check and see if the speech is online. If anyone has a link, I’d appreciate it.

  67. nannymm

    I think he’s just a really genuine guy, Burrito.

  68. You and my mother UB, she’s got the major hots for old Delaware Joe!

  69. Brian, I have told you before, I think your Mom rocks!

    At least, I am in good company. 🙂

  70. chefsheila

    Joe Biden is real! He really likes people. He would climb the highest mountain for any human being. His constiuents know this and we do too.

    He is brilliant about most issues because they all involve humanity and he is humanities greatest advocate.

    That is why most media and republicans can’t really find fault in him.

  71. chefsheila

    Here you go Burrito and Nanny,

    Obama Economic Rescue Plan for the Middle Class

  72. Hi everyone…

    I would like to make two statements.

    First I want to tell everyone not to get too excited over the nine hundred point gain on the market today. This is not going to last and it will turn back down again.

    I see the market hitting bottom around 7000 and 7500 before its all said and done.

    Also there is still the credit card bubble that will burst more than likely within the next 6 months. That’s when the shit will really hit the fan as people will no longer be able to charge anything anymore. Just like in 29 after the crash and start of the depression.

    My grandfather told me that him and my grandmother would not have eaten if not for the local grocer they had a long relation with for many years, both as shoppers and friends. They carried them for a very long time with credit at a time where a mans word was his bond. Not so today.

    Second the noise was deafening over the two comments I left over at Craigs this morning. I truly hope the Secret Service can protect Senator Obama and his family.

    Like Lewis said they are playing with fire and they will get burned. And unfortunately so will America when the people take to the streets.

    Anyway that’s all I have to say. If you read my comments and checked out the links I put in them let me know what you thought about them.

    Thank you all and …

    God Bless.

  73. chefsheila

    Have a great day anon-p 🙂

  74. I love Obama telling his supporters not to boo McCain, class act!

  75. chefsheila

    Me too. Five leagues above the frey

  76. Anon,

    I believe what you say about the dow and the credit card crash about to happen is true.

    There is hell to be paid to say the least, but there’s another element brewing…….the younger generation is not into mass consumption…..and in a consumer based economy -recovery will have to move to production…making something (anything) that others want to buy.


  77. “the stones” lol did you hear KO say that…lol

  78. chefsheila

    ….lol I did and KO’s got stones saying it on the air.

    UB, You really think our kids are not into consumption? did we grow this bunch up in the information age with lots of credit cards at their beck and call? Generally, I mean.

    I remember having to pull my son into reality after he though my checking account was a bottomless well of ‘He-Man” dolls. ;0)

    He was 10 years old. I made him do the months bills, which was too scary for him after that. lol That was extreme. After that I had a kid saying, “Do we have enough money for electricity?”

  79. My kids are not into consumption…..they ride me when ever I buy useless things…..granted only one is female, and she is an artists, and boys just don’t need much.

    But overall the trend is aquire less ….even my son’s friend think its hip to shop second hand shops. So yes, in answer to your question, they want less material things….that is after they get their laptop, and cell…then they are set.

    It has become such an issue here, that our Christmas Holiday will be completely different this year….. At home and at work.

    Mind you, mine are past the santa claus phase. : )

  80. chefsheila

    Thanks for your input. being a single parent since before he could walk, most of his life with me, we were poor and so anything electronic came from his dad….as matter of fact, Christmas was mostly his father too.

    Poor kid. 🙂

  81. I can only speak from my own perspective….and of coarse they ( my children) are going to befriend kids who think likewise.

  82. chefsheila

    Don’t me wrong, My son grew up appreciating sacrifise.

    But I have seen so many rich kids sinse then, I think I may be a bit scewed in my view.

  83. dog's eye view

    Attention to detail:

    Bristol Palin’s baby to be daddy missed the registration to vote. Oh well.

    He’s still wishing the McCain-Palin ticket the best. Although he likes what he’s seen of Obama, not knowing much about him.

  84. dog's eye view

    baby blog ate my Levi Johnston speaks piece. From the NY Times AP, natch.

  85. Shelia,
    You should be proud of what you have provided ( I believe you are) , things mean nothing – love means everything.

    I can’t imagine being in your position, however, I understand the challenges, from a distance.

  86. chefsheila

    No biggy Dog. I am just another single parent in thousands. I just kept my nose to the grind stone and didn’t give up.

  87. if you know what I mean…..

  88. chefsheila

    Woops I mean UB! lol Thank you.

  89. chefsheila

    They do!!!! You would not believe what some of them have come to believe as something they deserve…..I’m glad there are “Bill Gates” in the world that don’t believe in giving their kids all of it.

  90. ………and now you’re going to be a granny, when you’re barely out of your thirty’s……

  91. chefsheila

    LOLOLOLOL Oooooo I love you UB!

  92. yeah, you see the extremes…I think, however, I see the positives which may be the minorities…I don’t know anything…..

    Life is hard, then you die……if you don’t have any fun in between it’s your own damn fault!

  93. chefsheila

    I feel the same way!!!! Hey! you think thats a Democratic thought?

  94. Shelia, I think we have scared Brian into his “safe place”

  95. maybe, but I am an independent – democrat ..lmao….

  96. chefsheila

    LOL Brian loves strong women lol 😈

  97. chefsheila

    Well, I’m a moderate. that used to just make some so mad when i stated that. But even Moderates take sides in important elections.

  98. chefsheila

    Now THAT was the most ungodly evengelical pastor I have ever seen……he’d make me run to the nearest exit.

  99. I posted about him yesterday, no grass growing under my feet! One would think he’d at least get his theology right!

  100. chefsheila

    Even pastors are “Low Information Voters”

  101. chefsheila

    Richard Lewis cracks me up!

  102. just a point to read and consider later:

    regarding the different gods and all…….my god doesn’t exist.

    ..but I am still hopeful 🙂

  103. chefsheila

    I’m hopeful for you too 😉

  104. I loved him calling himself a “spiritual agnostic”. I think that’s how I’m going to start referring to myself.

  105. chefsheila

    Richard Lewis was maniacally zinging between laughter and fear. It was amazing.

  106. I will refer to myself as a ” somewhat, on occasion, a spiritual agnostic” ……

  107. woo hooo cleveland person on tv

  108. the Plain Dealer the worst newspaper in the nation

  109. chefsheila

    Well, poor Rachel has to pay her dues before she gets the high rolers

  110. chefsheila

    I honestly don’t see how McCain can get the better of Obama after today’s speech. The talking points of the speech will just be repeated in the Debate on Wednesday.

    I hope there is another bounce out of this week.

  111. Cleveland is the mistake on the lake, ripe to be taken over by anyone.

    Example: Peter B Lewis……founder (still living) of Progressive insurance, they pushed his money out of the city and state……too many demands on “his” money….idiots

  112. Omg – he was licking his comb and then combing his hair

  113. chefsheila

    ……its wolfowitz……..Blah!

  114. I have to go to bed…..I feel like I am watching cartoons without the pretty colors!

  115. chefsheila

    Good Night!

  116. chefsheila

    …..KO and Rachel have been like a great thanksgiving meal. I feel very satisfied and full 🙂

  117. dog's eye view

    Burrito: I have to go to bed… I feel like I am watching cartoons without the pretty colors!

    Great comment.

  118. chefsheila

    Oh Boy Nanny, I may need to cover my eyes. Shades of Kerry looming in my memory.

    Well! Lots can be solved with a landslide.

    By the way,, Good morning 🙂

  119. nannymm

    Let’s hope you’re right, Sheila.

  120. chefsheila

    From you lips to God’s ears Dog. 🙂

  121. chefsheila

    Now this is what I like to see!

    Obama Slams McCain’s Economic Plan: “A Day Late And 101 Million Middle-Class Families Short”

  122. dnd

    Bush announced this morning that they will be implementing what is essentially the Gorden Brown plan with the banks; recapitalizing the banks. The Dow is up triple digits.

    Didn’t Paul Krugman say this is what they should do a couple of days ago?

  123. chefsheila

    Yes he did. I bet he’s glad to have been of help! 🙂

  124. dnd

    Politically McCain really dropped the ball when Lindsay Graham said McCain’s economic plan would be announced Monday and they didn’t.

    Technically, there are some good points in his plan, some bad, and some questionable. I agree, as does Obama, forcing retiree’s to withdraw from their IRAs should be relaxed, and rethought for the long term. Allowing early withdrawal from retirement accounts without tax penalties may result in many boomers being destitute in their retirement years.

  125. chefsheila

    Agreed DND. This is very slippery territory

  126. dnd

    Firefox question for any of you that have seen this. For some reason firefox has quit playing audio/video from some, but not all, sites. I can get the audio/vidio from those sites with Google Chrome. Is there some site specific setting? I’m running Firefox 3.0.3.


  127. have you tried restarting firefox?

  128. dnd

    Yeah, I restarted it, but I have it save the tabs and windows. Maybe I shouldn”t?

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