Happy Halloween!

[Sen. Barack Obama stops by the Clintons for a Trick and a Treat, 2007 SNL Skit]




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84 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. night all, i do not have a costume for tomorrow….that’s a bit of an issue for me………………..

  2. chefsheila

    Now Thats! A perfect depiction 😉

  3. Kathy

    Happy hallloween too-

    Not sure if you have seen this yet- cool photos:


  4. nannymm

    Happy Halloween Morning!

  5. nannymm

    The Economist endorses Obama!!

    America should take a chance and make Barack Obama the next leader of the free world

  6. chefsheila

    Yawning……..Where’s the coffee……..Sretch……

  7. Well here we are, the last weekend of the campaign, I never thought we’d get here!

  8. chefsheila

    I for one am so ready for the end…….dragging my brain across the floor…..

    I don’t know how Obama has done it.

  9. chefsheila

    Kathy, Very appropriate. I love the Yes We Carve Pictures.

  10. chefsheila

    Rahm Emanuel – Chuck Todd just said something that makes sense. Emanuel is looking to the Speaker of the House position someday. So Chief of Staff is probably not the best place for him.

  11. chefsheila

    …..Well Brian…..I posted that last night. Just goes to show you, never post at night here. No one reads. ;0

  12. chefsheila

    Excuse me while I continue a conversation with myself!

  13. In case any of you didn’t realize it, the picture on today’s thread is a link to a SNL skit, CLICK IT!

  14. chefsheila

    Enjoyed the SNL Skit. 🙂

  15. chefsheila

    ……..I have to say this…..I’m so very tired of Palin’s voice. What does it remind me of? Some over bearing person who has too much hot air.

    There is no control or bearing in her voice. Its almost about o crack with the over use to get attention

  16. horsedooty

    to me it is very condescending.

  17. chefsheila

    Obama reacts to report about Rahm Emanuel approached to be White House chief of staff
    By Lynn Sweeton October 30, 2008 8:50 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
    COLUMBIA, MO–Barack Obama was asked Thursday night about an AP report that Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) has been approached to be a chief of staff in an Obama White House.

    On the tarmac after landing, Washington Times reporter Christina Bellantoni asked Obama about a possible Emanuel appointment.

    “I’m trying to win an election…” Obama said.

    Is that a no?

    “Plouffe is my chief of staff,” Obama said, a reference to his campaign chief of staff, David Plouffe.

    I asked Obama chief strategist David Axelrod–who has also been Emanuel’s media consultant–about the report.

    “Don’t believe everything you read. I don’t,” Axelrod said.

  18. chefsheila


    her voice may be that too……All I know is, I wouldn’t want a voice like that for 4 years. I can’t help but think she’s putting this one on.

  19. chefsheila

    Looking at the Real Clear Electoral Map,

    Georgia has gone full out Toss Up. Congrats Steve!


  20. chefsheila

    I have to make a statement after watching how many rallys are being held and scheduled until Election Day…..I’ve never experienced this many.

    Being on the Kerry Campaign, and covering the Clinton/Dole, there was NEVER this much coverage.

    I feel for the News Crews and AND the event managers and he candidates themselves. there’s going to be a bunch of ver sick and exhausted people by the end of next week. No matter who wins.

  21. Republican Senator Ted Stevens has fallen eight points behind Democrat Mark Begich in his bid for re-election, and most Alaska voters now believe Stevens should resign from office.


  22. chefsheila

    You know Brian…..no one on the campaign would be saying that unless they had reached that particulary comfort zone!

  23. dnd

    The Obama campaign is doing big ad buys in Georgia, North Dakota and Arizona. Whew!

    33.5million watched the infomercial. Whew!

  24. dnd

    Sarah Palin is now saying that Obama will appoint judges that will confiscate your property. Well we already have them. I guess she wasn’t familiar with the Supreme court ruling in the eminent domain case Kelo v. City of New London. But then we knew that from the Katie Couric interview.

    And now McCain is calling Obama a socialist!

  25. chefsheila

    Amazing the amount of junk Palin is throwing…..McCain ought to be ashamed!

  26. BevnTempe

    Happy Halloween to everyone from Arizona – try carving your own pumpkin!

    I agree that these last 4 days are really getting tiresome and I’m ready for it to be over. Obama is doing great – McCain keep trying to come up with something. Thank goodness I did early voting. The lines at the library in Tempe have had 4-5 hour waits.

  27. dnd

    35,000 ballots in Colorado to be tossed by Sec of State Mike Coffman:


    Another reason not to use mail in ballots.

  28. chefsheila

    woooo……..Dnd, thats horrible!

  29. dnd

    That’s about 2% of the electorate here (back of the envelope calculation). Because they are mail-in ballots, it’s probably a greater percentage of likely voters. It’s getting so much press, my guess is that a lot of people are contacting their county clerks to clear things up. And the word is that lawsuits are being prepared.

    ps. Sec. of State Mike Coffman is a Republican 😉

  30. dnd

    Barack and Michelle in Pueblo, Colorado tomorrow. He’s also gonna be in Henderson, Nevada tomorrow.

    It was last Sunday that he drew 100,000 in Denver and 45,000 in Ft. Collins.

    Think he wants to win the Rocky Mountain west?

  31. Today’s PPP has Obama ahead by 10 in CO.

  32. (CNN) — Former Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria this week he intends to vote for Democrat Barack Obama on Tuesday.

    Duberstein said he was influenced by another prominent Reagan official – Colin Powell – in his decision.

    “Well let’s put it this way – I think Colin Powell’s decision is in fact the good housekeeping seal of approval on Barack Obama.”


  33. chefsheila

    WOW LOLOLOL Duberstein? For heaven sakes!

  34. dnd

    “Duberstein? For heaven sakes!”

    I doubt that’s what McCain said 😉

  35. chefsheila

    Yea~ F~!@#@#$%% is more like it…..lol Now we just need Pat Buchanon and its an inside straight

  36. dnd

    Good news: The weather here is wonderful. 10 degrees above average. T-shirts and shorts weather. Should bode well for the Obama rally tomorrow in Pueblo. So I took a stroll down to the post office. Tons of Obama yard signs. Granted, I’m in a pretty blue part of the state, but it was heartening to see so many.

    Bad news: I saw two McCain/Palin yard signs that had been pulled up, tore up and left on the ground. The McCain yard signs were on public property, which is a no-no here, but that’s not the point. Obama wants to unite Americans. ALL Americans. The vandals who pulled out those signs are not in line with the values of the Obama campaign. They’re just making things worse.

  37. dnd

    Is Gov. Napolitano term limited? Are there plans for her to make a Senate run?

  38. BevnTempe

    Yes, she’s term limited. Don’t know of her future plans, but I’m sure she will advance.

  39. ABC Poll just out:

    The 2008 campaign enters its final weekend with an advantage for Barack Obama in tone as well as substance: Likely voters are twice as apt to say John McCain has gone too far in criticizing Obama as to say Obama’s crossed the line in taking on McCain. It might be worth it for McCain if his criticisms were gaining traction – but the latest
    ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll suggests otherwise. Slightly more likely voters see a bigger risk that McCain would create too few government regulations than that Obama would create too many – one of McCain’s lines of argument. And 54 percent see Obama as a “safe” choice for president, deflecting another McCain thrust.


    Obama ahead by 9.

  40. Just got a call from the Obama folks, going to some getting out the vote calling on Monday.

  41. Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 10/28-30. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines)

    McCain (R) 48
    Obama (D) 47

    Early voters (17 percent of sample)

    McCain (R) 42
    Obama (D) 54


  42. chefsheila

    Hey Brian,

    Bevintempe gave us that one about 5 posts up thread.

    Your so excited these last few days, your not reading he thread, just posting. 😉

    BTW, BEV, thats exciting news. I can only pray that would be true…….so I’m holding my breath that Arizona is ours!

  43. chefsheila

    LOL Its still exciting

    And this one on fivethirtyeight is a good read.


  44. dnd

    Studds Turkle has died. He was 96.

  45. Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A federal judge in Ohio has ruled that counties must allow homeless voters to list park benches and other locations that aren’t buildings as their addresses.

    And Barack and Michelle and Bruce Springsteen to visit Sunday

  46. is it terrible that I’m giving out sugarless (york peppermint patties) for halloween?

  47. dnd

    York makes sugarless peppermint patties? WHY THE HELL DIDN’T SOMEBODY TELL ME?

  48. I don’t know if they make the regular size one, but the mini ones they do.

  49. chefsheila

    Wow! The best news in a year…..sugarless.

  50. Did everyone just see Axelrod? Smoke and mirrors!

  51. chefsheila

    I did and he really amazes me.

  52. He’ll be a great chief of staff!

  53. chefsheila

    lol…no! David Plouffe!

  54. horsedooty

    I agree I love York Peppermint Patties.

  55. chefsheila

    That was a great Palin catch on the constitution….can someone please find one and then assign her an interpreter? 😉

  56. chefsheila

    I love the fact that they are now sugarless Doots!

  57. dnd

    Crumble up Peppermint Patties in vanilla ice cream. I’m not big on sweets, but for this I can make an exception.

  58. nannymm

    Those sugarless York patties are good. I buy them for myself. One of the only candies I like that I can eat.

    I just finished with the trick or treaters. We had over 400 kids by my friend’s count. They were coming by van loads. It gets worse here every year.

  59. a note of warning about sugarless candies, too many could have you in the bathroom for a long time!

  60. chefsheila

    ….lol…..Well Ronnie, we knew you weren’ Republican 😉

  61. dnd

    Now if Nancy will endorse Obama, that’d be something 😉

  62. dog's eye view

    Peggy Noonan with some kind words for Barack Obama (and John McCain too) in her Wall Street Journal column.

    Begins: “The case for Barack Obama, in broad strokes:

    He has within him the possibility to change the direction and tone of American foreign policy, which need changing; his rise will serve as a practical rebuke to the past five years, which need rebuking; his victory would provide a fresh start in a nation in which a fresh start would come as a national relief. He climbed steep stairs, born off the continent with no father to guide, a dreamy, abandoning mother, mixed race, no connections. He rose with guts and gifts. He is steady, calm, and, in terms of the execution of his political ascent, still the primary and almost only area in which his executive abilities can be discerned, he shows good judgment in terms of whom to hire and consult, what steps to take and moves to make. We witnessed from him this year something unique in American politics: He took down a political machine without raising his voice. …”


    PS: you Backchannelers might have already found this one! Haven’t caught up with the thread.

    Happy Day of the Dead!

  63. chefsheila

    I was wondering when you would get here dog! I have respected Noonan for many years. I think her early break for Obama has lead a lot of other Republicans this way too.

  64. chefsheila


    Morning all! I hope we have a gaggle for talk show commentary tomorrow. I love it when we talk. 🙂

    I have to get ready for work. I have a full day of cooking and a dinner for guest tonight.


  65. nannymm

    Good morning, all!

  66. chefsheila

    Morning nanny! Sorry I can’t stay. Time to do the “Pits” for work! lol

    I’ll be back later.

  67. morning peeps and peepettes

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