My Big Adventure into Socialized Medicine, by Horsedooty

Monday evening after dinner at a restaurant my wife and I were walking out of the store when I stepped off the curb and twisted my ankle.  I actually fell to the ground.  A nice black man and his wife and my wife helped me get up.  I was able to climb into my truck and drive the two of us to the house.  I thought that I could walk from the street to the house but I soon found out I needed help.  I took some pain killers I had for another problem and the wife got me some ice.  I camped out on the couch.  I stayed there all night and the next day Tuesday.

Wednesday is my wife’s day off.  She was nice enough to haul my fat butt to see a doctor.  We got there about noon without an appointment.  The wife went inside and got me a wheel chair and then went to park her car.  I was told I had to have appointment but I could call and talk to an emergency room nurse.  I did that and she then came out and examined me and decided I needed to have X-rays.  I wheeled myself over to the Lab and the nurse got me lined out for X-rays.  They weren’t very busy so I was called in just a very few minutes.  The Lab tech was very nice and quite funny.  The procedure took all of about 15 min.  I then was told to wheel myself over to where I came from (not what you are thinking, I was was at Clinic E 🙂 ).

The wife decided to leave and go deposit her pay check.  I sat in the lobby for about an hour and when my name was called I wheeled into the triage area with the nurse.  First stop was to the scale.  Always gotta weigh in.  The  first surprise of the day was that I have lost about 21 pounds in the last several months.  I had suspected that since some clothes I like to wear are a little looser than they used to be.  We went to her office and did the temp and the blood pressure stuff.  My blood pressure was very good yesterday-122/83 or so.  She was pleased since the last time I had this nurse I have been out of meds for a while and it really showed on the machine.  She yelled at me and she was right, I was wrong for being to lazy to order more.  No more.

The nurse wheeled me into see the Dr after she gave me a flu shot.  Dr Carter was fooling with a “walking boot”.  The X-rays showed that I did not have a sprained ankle but I had a broken ankle.  That was the second surprise of the day.   After we fitted the boot, he gave me crutches and told me to go to the pharmacy to get my pain meds.  He rolled me out of the treatment area and  since my wife was back and we both went down to the pharmacy.  I talked to the Pharmacist and was told to hang around for about 20 minutes.  My name was called a little while later and I rolled over to the window and a nice woman handed me my pain meds.   We were now free to leave.  Total time spent was about 3 hours.  Don’t know the costs yet but I doubt it will cost $100.  I still have to go to the big hospital in Dallas to see if they want to repair my ankle with surgery or just let it go.

So there you are, a perfect example of Socialized Medicine that the Republicans are so afraid of.  The name of the place I went to for treatment is the Veterans Administration clinic in Fort Worth, TX.

puede la paz estar con usted,

¡yo soy Horsedooty!



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35 responses to “My Big Adventure into Socialized Medicine, by Horsedooty

  1. chefsheila

    Very nice portrayal Doots.

    And what I have experienced over the years in the Navy and now retired.

    Also what all the countries with socialized medicine have experienced to. I certainly hope we can get health care going.

    Under the circumstances, I think Iraq, Afganistan, and Jobs are priority……I hope Health Care can piggy back on Jobs maybe?

  2. nannymm

    Nice post, Doots. That’s the way healthcare should work…if you need it, you get it. NO hassles.
    Sheila, I heard an interview Obama gave yesterday(?) in which he listed healthcare as one of his top five priorities.

  3. chefsheila

    I hope so Nanny. Just looking at the whole mess is daunting.

  4. dnd

    I’m not big on socialized health care. I’m for universal health care coverage. Either way this would allow vets who don’t live close to a VA clinic get the health care they need. And the rest of us too.

    Think of what universal health care would do for business. Fewer costs would allow for cheaper goods and services as well as increased wages. Increased wages would mean greater tax revenue. Healthy employees are more productive than than sick ones. Business’ could effectively compete with all the other industrial countries that have universal coverage. Small business, our greatest employers and innovators, would flourish. GM might actually become profitable 😉

    And think of what it would do for our seniors. Those who skip their health care to pay for food and heat would have access and prevent conditions from getting worse. They wouldn’t see their life savings dry up because of health care costs.

    And think of how it would unclog emergency rooms. Many who can’t afford health care wind up in emergency rooms, delaying services for those suffering from true emergencies.

    Universal health care coverage won’t solve all our health care problems, but it’s the pretty damn good first step.

    Ok, off the soapbox 😉

  5. dnd

    ps. Doots, Great post. Hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Granny

    Good post and replies…after having to decide between pills and other necessities and getting a call from the Dr. the other night saying my bone problem had gotten worse I am praying some kind of health care will be offered to everyone

  7. chefsheila


    Good to see you. I hope so too. In our life time

  8. I recently joined the ranks of the “socialized medicine” class. Last June I decided I could no longer afford my private health care any longer after the premiums went up to 700 bucks a month. Living in the heart of blue America I had other options left to me and I enrolled in a city sponsored health care system. This was not an easy decision for me as it meant I had to change doctors and would be receiving my health care at my nearest city hospital (Harlem Hospital), luckily NYC public hospitals are all teaching facilities and well known for the quality of their care. The system is pay as you go and is based on your income and family size.

    Three months ago when I started having a lot trouble again I called the clinic to request an appointment I was told the wait was 6 weeks. I informed the person I on the phone I was in a lot of pain and she said go to the ER you’ll get the immediate treatment you need and they will fast track you into the clinic. I went to the ER got treated, was provided by the hospital with the necessary meds to take home and was given a clinic appointment for 3 days later.

    Off to the clinic I went, saw the doctor was given more meds, including pain meds (my med copay at the hospital pharmacy is 12.00 per prescription) and was told to return in 2 weeks. About 10 days later I knew I was in trouble, called the clinic was told to come in that day, and later that day was admitted to the hospital for surgery. My total bill for the surgery and hospital stay 300 dollars (that’s right 300 bucks). I pay 40 dollars per doctor visits (including necessary labs). Apporx. 1 million New Yorkers receive their health care through this system. Based on my income my cost should be double what they are charging me but since I have a chronic illness and require frequent medical treatment they reduced my fees by half (standard procedure in this plan). I’m lucky to live in a city and state where quality health care for all it’s citizens is priority, but the point is, it is possible to provide quality health care to all Americans at a price people can afford (yes when I go to the doctor the waiting room time is longer than I was used to, but when you consider the amount of money I am saving it’s a very small price to pay.

  9. dnd

    “DENVER — A federal judge has ordered Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman to immediately stop removing names from voter registration rolls.”

  10. dnd

    In our prosperous society, I find it morally reprehensible that some should have to choose between health care and other necessities. It’s shameful.

  11. chefsheila

    dnd! Thats good news. I think your state is one of the only proactive states in the country

  12. chefsheila


    Thanks for another perspective. I’m impressed with NYC and their turn towards a well needed program like that. you are lucky my friend

  13. nannymm

    We are lucky to be from that great city of”God-less, unpatriotic, lazy, terrorist appeasing” people, aren’t we, Brian? It sure beats Palin’s America.!

  14. dnd

    Palin’s America, i.e,. Alaska is Marxist. As governor she raised taxes on the oil companies and gives the money to the residents in the form of a check. Talk about “spreading the wealth.” They get a ton of earmarks from the federal government too. Just ask Ted Stevens.

  15. guantanamo beats Palin’s America

  16. eprof2

    Doots, a very poignant post, and a campaign issue that should be one of the highest priorities for the candidates and for the US. I favor a single payer universal health care system ala France, Sweden, UK, Canada, and dozens of other nations around the world. What prevents us from implementing such a system? Will power and too much military spending! I say, if we can spend $700 billion on banks and $10 billion a month on Iraq, we can certainly afford the price tag on health care!

    Brian, your example of health care by the city is worthy of study and implementation along with the VA system by the Congress and other interest groups.

    To the two of you, and to all of us, I hope we can stay healthy and be able to afford it, too. I don’t mind growing old, but what I do mind are all the bumps and aches along the way. And, without a great health plan, you’re screwed.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

  17. chefsheila


    THanks for stopping by and take care of yourself!

  18. dnd

    Obama and Michelle in Pueblo, CO at 3pm MDT today. Michelle in Denver Monday.

  19. chefsheila

    dnd! you guys are the premere state for this election!

  20. I went to a fascinating art exhibit today, and despite the silliness of the subject matter it was a truly outstanding large scale art projectl

  21. chefsheila

    Here is the story that I don’t think has legs….

    Obama ‘unaware’ of aunt’s status

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he did not know that one of his Kenyan relatives was living in the United States illegally and believes the appropriate laws should be followed.

    The Associated Press found that Obama’s aunt had been instructed to leave the country four years ago by an immigration judge who rejected her request for asylum from her native Kenya.

    The woman, Zeituni Onyango, is living in public housing in Boston and is the half-sister of Mr Obama’s late father.

    A statement given by Obama’s campaign said: “Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed.”

  22. chefsheila

    That is good Brian. Good to have that poll with only three days to go.

  23. dnd

    I don’t know if we’re the “premier” state in the election. Ok, sure Obama’s been here twice this week, but hey, the weather has been nice 😉

    More important to us is that the Rocky Mountain region is no longer being ignored. If Obama takes Nevada, that’s going to be huge.

    I’m unclear on the strategy, as none of the Rocky Mountain states have the electoral votes that the coastal regions and parts of the Midwest do, but I’m glad they’re here and paying some attention to us.

    ps. Mitt Romney is here today also, stumping for McCain. I think he’s in Colorado Springs and then Greenwood Village, a suburb of Denver.

  24. With just three more days before the country picks its next president, the Obama-Biden ticket has increased its lead slightly among ALL likely voters. The Democratic ticket now leads by 13 points – 54% to 41%.

  25. dnd

    The Boner calls Obama a chickenshit:

    “While campaigning for Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Wednesday, Boehner told a small crowd at a bar in the college town of Oxford that failing to vote “yes” or “no” on an issue meant a lawmaker was a “chickens—-.”

    I’m so glad that McCain pledged to run a civil campaign…

  26. dnd, sadly i can top that:

    GOP Mailer In Pennsylvania Suggests Electing Obama Could Lead To Second Holocaust

  27. Kathy

    oh my god- have you heard the crank phone call with Sarah-

    How embarrassing!

  28. Listening right now, LOL, so friggin funny!

  29. dnd

    Denver paper’s account of the Obama rally in Pueblo today. Pic in the Rocky is nice:

    Wes Clark is on the stump w/Obama.

    Nothing in the Pueblo Chieftian online about the rally, other than pre-rally stuff. Maybe tomorrow.

  30. horsedooty

    so have all y’all seen this? Hilarious

  31. chefsheila

    I saw it on TV……Hilarious!!!! What an October Surprise! lol

    …..oh my aching feet!!!!

    Night all

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