Open Thread Till The Election Is Called (OBAMA: Biography Video/Convention Intro)




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  1. It’s really hard to think of an election in my life time when the election seemed so very important. We gotta win this one big!

  2. We’ve arrived, our first whack job post!

  3. For you voting coffee -holics, Starbuck’s is giving a free coffee to anyone would comes in their shops and say they have voted!

    Also Starbucks has joined (RED)

  4. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    While I vastly prefer Peets to Starbucks, gotta give them major props for joining RED.

  5. I like a place called Caribou….(not as in Barbie) I always think Starbuck’s is a bit bitter, but I’ll gt my free cup for the fun of it!

  6. OMG, My mother was just here for dinner…..she is too old to be voting….it took I’ll I had not to tell her she’s was an idiot. The pretzel logic that comes from what she sees on TV is amazing….

    I have to chill out after this…..unfrickingbelievable … Too bad the weather is going to be nice on Tuesday

  7. That being said, Palin is visiting tomorrow morning…….I might check it out because I do not think that many people will be there. But my telephoto is dead, so that stinks….so basically counting on being on the outskirts of the rally, and just getting an idea of the crowd……

    yuck…if I am sleeping well I won’t even bother.

  8. can’t you have her drugged UB?

  9. dog's eye view

    Good morning all. By this time tomorrow, polls will be open in Eastern and Central time zones and lines will be long in many precincts.

    In 12 hours today, people will be gathering for Obama’s election eve rally in Prince William County in Virginia. I would love to go; will see how we are doing with last minute GOTV (so probably will not be there, but would love to go see history).

    Hope over fear. Change for the better over status quo.

  10. dnd

    Michelle and Palin in Colorado today. McCain in Colorado tomorrow. Obama in Illinois.

    When was the last time you saw candidates campaigning on election day?

  11. Good morning,

    I can’t wait for this election to be completed. I am excited, but burned out. Mostly from the “Talking points of the GOP machine, Fox and the relentless bitteratti. My god, I have never seen such ridiculous and manufactured lack of solid judgment and logic in my life.

    The scary part, is judgment and logic aren’t really learned attributes… the chance for improvement for some is slim to none.

    That being said, I am going to walk the dogs and hope for an Obama win. 54 degrees and clear.

  12. dog's eye view

    Andrew Sullivan article in Times UK; have not read this one but it’s probably worth the time. (And note the heinous headline and subhead — thanks Times editors!!)

    (No extended reading until Nov 5th for me!)

  13. dog's eye view

    dnd: yeah, campaigning until the last: that is refreshing.

    Go Colorado!! Go Nevada!! Go Virginia and North Carolina! And Ohio — hang in there!

  14. dog's eye view

    blog just ate my Andrew Sullivan in Times UK online link.

  15. dnd

    The Broncos and the Raiders have been longtime rivals. So yesterday:

    “A plane pulling a banner saying “McCain is a Raiders Fan” flew over INVESCO Field at Mile High on Sunday as fans gathered for the Denver Broncos-Miami Dolphins game.”

  16. Final Presidential Estimate: Obama 55%, McCain 44%
    Independents break for Obama, boosting Obama’s broad Democratic base

  17. nannymm

    Good morning, everyone! We’re almost there and it’s looking good.

  18. New Video

    Barack Obama: ‘A More Perfect Union’ (Full Speech)

  19. chefsheila

    Good Morning All,

    I’ve been sleeping and avoiding most news. Just needed a break!

  20. November 3, 2008 – Obama Ends Campaign Ahead In Ohio And Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds; With Small Dem Lead, Florida Is Too Close To Call —

  21. “Obama leads 51 – 38 percent among Florida voters who already have cast their ballot.”

  22. chefsheila

    Too bad Quinpiac is considered left leaning. Someday, I would love to “know” that a poll was certifiably objective and sound sampling.

  23. dnd

    56% of the Colorado electorate has voted early:

    Not a bad turnout, and it’s not even election day.

    Most of these are mail-in ballots, which could slow down the results:

  24. Chuck Todd will be the best host of MTP ever!

  25. chefsheila

    lol Keep groveling… 😉

    Seriously, I read a hufpo that its still up in the air, but I’m going to keep dreaming.

    His regular hour on MSNBC and his working with guests at least say that he has become prominent.

    I here Chris Matthews is in consideration.

    I also hear the Gregory is suffering poor ratings too. that’s too bad.

    Ifill’s name keeps popping up and she has actually said that she would “Seriously” consider it.

    BUT! If they are going outside NBC, we would have heard something by now. Thats usually a sure leak.

  26. NBC/WSJ poll: Obama holds significant lead
    Dem’s edge nationally over McCain stands at 8 points among likely voters

  27. chefsheila

    I’m beginning to appreciate the “LA Times”. There is something about actually handling the paper that can warm up the inside words for me, like here in Palm Springs.

    This piece jumped out at me. I resembled his experince. I think its a great roundup of what this has been for us Junkies.

    The 2008 presidential campaign has been like no other,0,4603838,full.story

  28. dnd

    I think Chuck Todd is a brilliant political analyst, but I’ve never seen him interview anyone. Not saying he can’t, but just that I’ve never seen it.

  29. dnd

    My guess is that CBS and ABC hopes that Joe Scarborough will be the new host of MTP 😉

  30. chefsheila

    DO you believe this?????

    Obama is within the Margin of error in Arizona. McCain is only about 3.5 up…….could it be possible? I guess we’ll find out tomorrrow.

  31. Rezdog

    Have you seen a poster like the ones in the pic. I would love to get one so i could mat it for framing. We don’t see these ones around here. Let me know, I got American money 😉,0,6488135.story

  32. chefsheila

    LOL @ dnd!

    I never thought of that and what a thought! 🙂

  33. Rezdog

    Actually my question goes to anyone, it’s just the picture was a OH office.

  34. chefsheila


    Gorgeous Picture. Why don’t you copy it to your computer and then download and take it to like kinkos where they have copiers that will “Atom Smash” it bigger.

    I bet you can make your own or let someone at Kinkos do it.

  35. nannymm

    I seriously doubt that Matthews or Scarborogh would make the final cut for MTP. Both are way too opinionated and have a propensity to talk over their guests. Neither one is suited for a serious Sunday talk show like MTP.

  36. dnd


    They’re sold out, but maybe if enough people place orders, they’ll do a reprint.

  37. chefsheila

    Brian, the Video was good. The written piece was good too. LA Times is good . ;0)

  38. chefsheila

    Oh Sorry Rez,

    I was looking at that Store Front Picture, literally. not the poster. I bet that Poster will reprint soon.

    That store front picture is fetching. ;0)

  39. dnd

    IMHO, the genius of Russert was that he always took the opposing view point of his guests. He didn’t make any statements regarding that perspective, but asked questions that the opposition might ask. And lest we forget the “Let’s put this up for our viewers to read.”

    Schieffer puts his guests at complete ease, so they open up and are more candid. Kind of like Imus.

    George Stephanopolus isn’t a great interviewer, but he works well with his round table.

    If Chris Wallace wasn’t so partisan, I think he’d do well on MTP.

  40. Rez,

    I think that really big one is a poster and is huge! Storefront size.

    Like dnd said, the smaller one is sold out….I think the smaller one was a limited edition…..however…so maybe they will come up with a variation of the same thing..?

    The Obama store is getting very picked over,……I wonder if they win- if there will be any art work ready to sell???? That would seem like a smart move.

  41. chefsheila

    Well, looks like we won’t get Idaho and Alaska this year. The Last Bastions of NeoNazi’s are still overwhelmingly Red.

    Here’s Idaho.

  42. Rez you can to to buy posters.

  43. So does anyone think we might a ‘dam breaking effect” happening. Where McCain voters are just so discouraged they don’t show up to vote. How many people are going to stand in lines for hours to vote for someone they think will lose?

  44. Just got back from seeing Palin from the distance, she was in the neighboring town, and I was dropped off with my pups, then walked all the way home…..(farther then I thought it was)…even the dogs got tired of walking.

    Crowd size total 500-600 of which 100 were students (middle school age)on field trip -many neighbors were there just curious – most homes that surround this particular park have Obama signs.

    all in all – lack luster and short visit

  45. chefsheila

    Well, I can tell you in disapointment that my employers finally voted. They hated to, but they voted anyway.

    If an example of younger and poorer republicans go, some of the ones that I know have expressed that they are not going to vote….

    Its a toss up for how many will actually come out tomorrow, so since most elderly are likely to have voted early or by mail.

    We could in theory have a landslide tomorrow.

  46. If it’s raining, cold or snowing that will certainly discourage the elderly republicans…..

    Long lines may certainly cause that effect Brian, I could see it happening especially is you have a busy day, deadlines and other things to do…..and now that it’s getting dark early…..adds what could be another discouraging factor.

  47. chefsheila

    What we don’t know is how many ARE going to brave the hours and the weather to vote tomorrow.

  48. Most polls are showing that approx. 70% of respondents already believe Obama will win regardless of how they personally will vote. I just don’t see people standing in line for hours on end to vote for someone they will feel will lose.

  49. chefsheila

    Hi UB,

    So did you get to see Palin in the flesh?

  50. chefsheila

    Lets hope the Lesson of our “Life Time” of not voting has been broken and the first time voters will get out there tomorrow.

  51. For me Voting early is the only way to go……I vote when I have the time, and don’t have to worry about it later.

  52. The RCP average for PA is 7.6, we have PA in the bag!

  53. chefsheila

    AND. early voting should become a mainstay with all fifty states.

    Acually, I would just love to be able to vote in person here. I don’t know why I couldn’t just show proper ID and be able to vote in which ever state I am in, period.

    Just my to cents.

  54. yep, I saw her from a distance, then closer in the motorcade.

  55. I really din’t listen to what she was saying I was talking to various Obama supporters…lol…and dog owners….but her voice is real…..there is no changing that….lol

  56. chefsheila

    Don’t you think that McCain has burned his bridge completely? I can’t imagine his staying in the Senate now…..

  57. Lets see what happens with the AZ vote tomorrow Sheila.

  58. chefsheila


    Not holding my breath, but McCain’s tightening in his own state is indeed a mandate in itself. It ough to have given McCain a pause and thoughts on what is in his future.

  59. dnd

    Well, I hope everybody who hasn’t already voted votes tomorrow. Down ticket congressional races are important as well as the local elections are referendums.

    But as I said before before, those who are contemplating not to vote, probably shouldn’t. They’re most likely the low-information crowd.

  60. chefsheila

    ……My T’s are sticking…..maybe should take the bateries out of this to really give a going over to my keyboard.

  61. nannymm

    This is an interesting piece by Peter Beinart.

    Why has America turned on Sarah Palin? Obviously, her wobbly television interviews haven’t helped. Nor have the drip, drip of scandals from Alaska, which have tarnished her reformist image. But Palin’s problems run deeper, and they say something fundamental about the political age being born. Palin’s brand is culture war, and in America today culture war no longer sells

  62. chefsheila


    very enlightening. that was a great meaty piece on our evolution as a whole.

    And I agree that Palin is now a dollar short and a day late.

    If McCain has done anything, he has highlighted the changes that have have actually taken place in the American culture. A little 180 swing back.

  63. nannymm

    How many more hours till we no longer have to hear that woman speak? He voice is grating on my nerves!

  64. Chef Sheila

    Wow…..I know what you mean. I was just talking to my mom and she said…..”GOD, who are you listening too?” I said Palin and she said, “I don’t like her voice, it sounds like a chalk board.”

  65. Chef Sheila

    very informative on the Dems gains on voter turn out and ground game in that religious left piece.

    I don’t think the Right has a gain on it anymore though.

  66. dnd

    Well, put me in the column who just can’t stand the sound of Palin’s voice. I’m not sure why it is. I agree with Shelia’s mom. I’m sure when she starts speaking, dogs begin howling everywhere 😉

  67. it has a decidedly shrill quality to it!

  68. Chef Sheila

    WHEN EVER…..I hear that “USA USA” chant at a republican rally, I only hear “Facism” between the lines. Like Country First and “Small GOvernment’….I mean does anyone KNOW what small government is anymore?

    Not the Republicans aparently.

  69. Chef Sheila

    LOL @ dnd…..I’ll let my mom know. 🙂

  70. Chef Sheila

    …Oh oh Brian. “Shrill” is a code word for “Sexist”….lol watch out buddy!

  71. dnd

    I think that’s why so many conservatives are abandoning the Republican party. The neo-cons who have co-opted the Republican party are basically Fascists. I really hope that if the Republicans lose big tomorrow, they go back to their conservatives roots.

    ps. I find “Country First” insulting.

  72. Chef Sheila

    Thats what I like about you dnd. Your and I agree on more than just Richardson. 😉

  73. FOX News Poll: Obama Leads Going Into Election Day
    Barack Obama holds a solid lead over John McCain going into Election Day — 50 percent to 43 percent — according to the final FOX News pre-election poll of likely voters.

  74. nannymm

    dnd, I not only find “country first” insulting, I find most of what they say to be insulting. That “USA” chant is frightening to me, too, Sheila. It REEKS of fascism.
    Personally, I am sick of the all the insinuations the we are anti-American snobs who aren’t from the “real” America, who wave ‘white flags” of surrender to terrorists, who don’t care about family, who want to kill babies, who hate the military, etc, etc, etc. ENOUGH ALREADY! I hope that tomorrow’s results put an end to it. But I doubt it.

  75. Chef Sheila


    If Obama gets a landslide, that is mandate enough for the Republicans to go silent for a while and allow the government to do the will of the people.

    You know? I think McCarthyism never really left, but has been inherited generationally in the republican Party. I think it morphed into what we are seeing.

  76. nannymm

    I agree about McCarthyism but not about the right wing crazies going silent. They may take a little while to nurse their wounds, but they will be back. They will go after Obama just like they did Clinton. The good news is there are fewer of them now than there were back them. Hopefully there will be fewer still with the next generation. It’s all up to the kids….

  77. dnd

    I’m not so sure that McCarthyism never died. I think it was just revived. I think Barry Goldwater was a true patriot, as is Lincoln Chaffee, Chuck Hagel, Colin Powell, etc. But there is an element of Fascism in the extreme right. I hope the Republicans realize that’s it’s not working and purge them.

  78. Chef Sheila

    Yes to both. Along those lines, I think carthyism was just another word for American Fascism.

    he Ones in Idaho and Alaska are extreme examples of what exists in this country. The ones that were in the White House just put nice clothes, smiles, and Christianity on the face of facism in this country.

  79. While I have my own thoughts on the Palin collapse over at my place, I’m posting here to remind everyone about the Starbucks offer tomorrow. Just go into your local Starbucks and tell them you voted. They are supposed to give you a free cup of coffee while you sit out the wait on the results of the election.

    I voted early by mail about a week ago. Now, all I can do is wait. It’s killing me to have this long of a wait.

  80. Chef Sheila

    Me too Eprof, I sent my vote in well over a week ago now….maybe even two weeks. I know I turned it around in a day.

    Thanks for the coffee heads up.

  81. Sheila, have you been to El Paseo in Palm Desert? There are three Starbucks over there within a 1/4 mile of each other. Great place to watch the Bentleys and the RR’s and other million dollar cars drive up to buy their coffee. And, the Starbucks right at the center of Palm Springs is a great place to people watch with the huge outdoor patio, especially on Thursday nights for their weekly bazaar, sometimes spelled “bizarre.” I hope you’re enjoying your time there. I spent three months at COD fall 2006. They have a great Saturday Market on campus every week. Great time at the college and in that part of the world.

  82. dnd

    I had an interesting conversation with my brother Saturday. My brother is a hard core Republican. He’s voting for Obama. It’s not so much that he’s impressed with Obama, though he begrudgingly is, it’s that he’s very unsure about McCain.

    His worry is about Obama’s experience. I cited how well he’d run his campaign and he countered with something he read that a good campaign doesn’t guarantee good government, e.g., the Bush administration.

    As I was about to counter that the situation was different, he made this observation: he said that all the public people in the McCain campaign seem slimy, and all the public people in the Obama campaign seem nice, honest and very competent. That meant a lot to him. Perhaps this is the change that is attracting so many.

    Note, my brother is no “Joe the plumber.” He’s a psychology professor.

  83. chefsheila

    Well as you speak, so I listen Eprof,

    I’ve been resting this weekend. But was going to Palm Dessert fo see whats up this next weekend.

    I love this place, what little I have seen of it. I wish I was rich enough to come here for retirement. 🙂

  84. chefsheila

    Dnd, Your brother made a good point. I’m sure without speaking, this is the gut feeling we have all had.

    I mean, from the Candidate on down, the Obama Campaign has not lied.

  85. Yes, things are a tad bit more expensive in Palm Springs and Palm Desert than the rest of the world. Indio and La Quinta are less so and the Salton Sea area, within 30 miles of Palm Desert, is dirt cheap as they can’t hardly give land and homes away down there.

    Speaking of Palm Desserts, there’s a palm/date tree farm down in Indio where everything is made from dates. You’ve got to try a date milk shake. Oh, I can taste one right now, they’re so good. Of course, Indio has some of the best Mexican food around as that’s the community where most of the Mexicanos have settled over the years.

    Enjoy your stay.

  86. dnd

    Outside of politics, my only thoughts are that’s is only 3 1/2 months ’till pitchers and catchers.

    Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd vows to shake things up, and every time he does that it’s bad for then Rockies. So this is good news for your Dbacks.

  87. This Marist Poll reports:
    Down to the Wire…Obama Leads McCain by 9 Percentage Points Nationally: After months of campaigning, the presidential contest comes down to mere hours. Heading into Election Day, Senator Barack Obama is ahead of his Republican rival, Senator John McCain, by 9 percentage points nationally — 53% to 44% — among likely voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate. In a Marist Poll conducted just last week, Obama held a 7 percentage point lead. Among registered voters nationwide, Obama is currently ahead of McCain, 51% to 42%, respectively.

  88. dnd, I was thinking about your comments re: Tucson the other day and was wondering if you’re coming down south to watch some spring training this year? If so, let’s go to a game or two together and send our posts from the ball park. Fall league for rookies and emerging stars is in full swing in eight PHX venues right now. Haven’t been to any of the games and there’s about two weeks to go. Also, the Indians and the Dodgers make their PHX debuts this spring over on the west side in Glendale and Goodyear, AZ. City mayors are trying to get the Reds to be the next major league team to come to the valley. Unfortunately, I live about 40 miles from PHX so it’s not a situation where I can just “walk over the ball park” to watch major league teams play one another. But, in addition to going to several D-Back games a year I try to get to at least two spring training games, too. If you love baseball this is the place to be. Good luck with the shake up!

  89. dnd

    Well, I wasn’t seriously thinking about it, but I am now!

  90. chefsheila

    I’m just watching West Wing for the first time in ages…! Can we have one like that?!

  91. nannymm

    As usual. Krugman is probably right.

    Most of the post-election discussion will presumably be about what the Democrats should and will do with their mandate. But let me ask a different question that will also be important for the nation’s future: What will defeat do to the Republicans?

    You might think, perhaps hope, that Republicans will engage in some soul-searching, that they’ll ask themselves whether and how they lost touch with the national mainstream. But my prediction is that this won’t happen any time soon.

  92. chefsheila

    I think our worst fears are going to be runoff elections in Ohio and Florida……just want this to be landslide so we don’t go through weeks of angst.

  93. Obama’s grandmother has passed away.

  94. nannymm

    How incredibly sad for him!

  95. dnd

    That’s sad. If only she had lived to see her grandson elected president. My prayers to the Obama family on their loss.

  96. nannymm

    She’s with him, in his heart, dnd, and I suspect he feels her presence now more than ever. My heart goes out to him to his family.

  97. dnd

    I just got an email from a friend about Obama’s grandmother’s passing. As sad as she was, she said that the good news is that we now have someone close to the campaign lobbying directly with God.

    Given Obama’s grandmother’s accomplishments, I think that’s a good thing.

  98. BTW Peeps I’ll be opening the chat room at 6:00 EST tomorrow and leaving it open all night.


    DNC Tribute and Speech by Sen. Edward Kennedy

  100. so sad……I am happy he took the time to see her….not just recently, but while on vacation too.

    But just so sad, I have to believe she knew he would win……She got to see Obama’s incredible campaign…..She watched as the nation learned about her grandson and as they then grew to love him.

    Can you even imagine how proud she was of him?

  101. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    No I can’t even imagine how proud she was of him.
    It’s a grandmother’s job to be proud of their grandchildren, and they all do it well, but few have a transformational grandson running for president

    Somewhere up in heaven she’s running around showing pictures of her grandson and her great grandkids to everybody.

  102. While she’s up there maybe she could hurl a lightening bolt right for Palin’s head!

  103. what an awesome story of love. . .

  104. chefsheila

    God Bless that family. What a deliverance on the eve of her grandson’s election.

    You can look at it thise way though. He’s got one heck of a heavenly bleacher full of his very own heavy hitters.

    I bet he feels her right now too. She’s not about to leave completetly until all is through.

  105. nannymm

    You know, in many ways she was like a mother to him. When you care for a grandson for all those years, the bond is incredible. I know. Canyon does, too. His reaction was this:
    “OMG! Nanny! That’s like you and me. He must feel really bad like he lost his mom.”

  106. nannymm

    She isn’t ever going to leave him, Sheila. She’ll be with him forever. And we all owe her our gratitude. Who knows what he would have been without her to love, protect, and guide him. Thankfully, we won’t find out.

  107. dog's eye view

    popping in; Godspeed to heaven for Mrs. Dunham. I hope she knows her grandson is going to make history again tomorrow. (Please please please.)

  108. chefsheila

    A pin could drop while he is talking about his Grandmother in NC.

  109. chefsheila

    Spotted a tear going down his face while talking.

  110. that was hard to watch, yeah I saw that too Sheila.

  111. dog's eye view

    Andrew Sullivan: Barack Obama for President

    Haven’t read but trust it is well reasoned. (Apologies if someone else posted it already; reading the threads Weds!)

  112. chefsheila

    he’s definitely on a mission….as SNL would say, “A mission from God”.

  113. dnd

    Thank you for your perspective.

  114. BTW Sheila in regard to our last phone call, this is NOT 2000! This is not a close race!

  115. chefsheila


  116. chefsheila

    What kind of pollsing data is McCain degenerating to cause such a difference from the national polls I wonder?

  117. chefsheila

    Take note. I am eating the most wonderful Sorbet. Never seen it in other places, but that does not mean its not in your area.

    Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet. Not too sweet at all. marvelous

  118. nannymm

    McCain’s Polls: Wishful Thinking and Strategic Delusions

  119. chefsheila

    lol @ nanny

  120. nannymm

    That sorbet sounds delicious, Sheila. Enjoy some for me. I had to be satisfied with sugar free jello.

  121. nannymm

    Check this out:

    From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro
    Obama has now led in 111 straight national polls with methodologies we trust (looking back through the national trend), including the trackers back to Sept. 22-24 when a Gallup Tracking poll showed the race tied at 46%-46%. Since a Big Ten poll that showed McCain up 46%-45%, Obama has led in 117 of 119 polls.

  122. chefsheila

    OK. Mr Chuck Todd says Ohio, Penn, Virginia, and NC will be the only states we need to find out about to show who is going to be President….

  123. dog's eye view

    NYTimes has breaking news banner that Sarah Palin has been cleared by Alaskan State independent counsel investigation.

    What’s up with that?

  124. dog's eye view

    Here’s Anchorage Daily News with story that troopergate report to be released today.

    Was this a reputable investigation, or was it the whitewash version expected since the Personnel Board is stacked with Palin appointees?

  125. I have two (palin rally) pics from my phone so the quality is not that great –

    1 the truck with the plywood horse was parked on the street. I saw the owner later, he was really proud of his creation.
    2. this plumber sign is in front of a home across the street from the park.

    ( I thought the plumber thing was put up just for the rally, but a woman told me they put it up about 2 weeks ago.)

  126. Scary pictures UB, very scary!

  127. chefsheila

    Joe the Plumber is kind of a lame “Killroy Was Here” doncha think?

  128. chefsheila

    So that wasn’t a lame !@#$ try at a trojen horse maybe?…….never mind…..

  129. They were both so awful on so many levels….I don’t think I could ever provide an explanation that would give anyone the right visual…lol….

  130. The funny thing about the rally is that Obama people were eager to let you know they were only there to check it out……”Hey, I am not one of them!”

    Cars passing on the main road would yell out OBAMA ! when passing the main entrance where Obama people were holding signs

  131. chefsheila

    Its almost a joke… hopefully they will vote!

  132. chefsheila

    Do you believe the Worst Person in the World tonight? Not giving candy to children who’s parents supported a certain candidate on Halloween? How dastardly. Reminds me of Mr Potter in, “Its a Wonderful Life”

  133. Saturday Night Bash is on NBC….one hour of SNL about the election.

  134. just made arrangements to go vote with a few of my neighbors in the morning, that way if it’s a long wait we can keep each other company.

  135. chefsheila

    Oh Good! It will be on @ 9 for me too. 🙂

  136. chefsheila

    lol I’m watching Rachel now and its 6:13pm….been so weird for me.

  137. take treats….that sounds like fun, my son is working the polls, they get paid – i think about 120 for the day.

  138. chefsheila

    Don’t you think Sherrod Brown is always disheveled looking?

  139. chefsheila

    Very good! This campaign has blessed many with some sort of pay.

  140. All he needs is some posture coaching and a well starched shirt, and a fitted suit…but I totally agree Shelia

  141. chefsheila

    I have sorbet. You can have some if you want…. 😉

  142. chefsheila

    lol He’ll get that when (1) a really sweet babe is working him and (2) he needs a good job after college.

  143. no thanks, I have some mint chocolate chip

  144. chefsheila

    …..olol you talking about your son or Sherrod Brown? lol

  145. chefsheila

    Brown can’t even get his tie straight tonight

  146. the local ice cream place has Pumpkin Ice cream only this time of the year……my oldest son’s fav.

    It’s really good, but I am on my ever lasting mission to lose this extra weight… day that won’t be my mission….

  147. no – son has girlfriend , year older, and great posture, and wears a tie maybe twice a year……perfectly tied

    Sherrod needs the makeover.

  148. I need a make over too, and a house redo and all those silly things you see on tv, that happen in an 1/2 hour and cost next to nothing.

  149. Anyone else find them self feeling a bit emotional tonight. After two long years it’s so hard to believe we are actually here!

  150. I ‘m emotional……you have ice cream and I don’t

  151. chefsheila

    I’m emotional for sure. I am 180 back and forth from total bliss to total fright.


    Joe Biden Speaks At The DNC

  153. chefsheila

    Try coconut Sorbet. My newest Fav.

    I’m not kidding. That Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet was major in flavor and creaminess without Milk, of which I am sensitive too.

    Most store bought Sorbets, I find too sweet and this one wasn’t at all. But the coconut cream in it was really satisfying.

  154. I am so excited that if we lose this one, I will definitely follow Anon-P’s lead. Seriously…….this is the big one!

    I have confidence Obama will win! If he doesn’t win, I will have lost all faith in the human race.

  155. Sheila when they come out with man flavored sorbet let me know!

  156. chefsheila

    I will have lost all faith in our ability as a nation to police evil… 😦

  157. chefsheila

    …..How about Pomegranite and Raspberry……or Chipotle Chili and Strawberry?

  158. I’ll take a scoop of clooney, with sprinkles please.

  159. I loved when Joe spoke about his mother, his children and about his current (2nd) wife…….

    I am a 2nd wife. It’s a strange place of which to enter a family.
    First dude flavor: Potato Caribou-Jerky Chip Ice cream

    Man flavor: Rocky Road Viagra Chips Swirl

  160. chefsheila

    I’ll take Christian Bale for a flavor.

  161. chefsheila

    lol that Man Flavor should be named “Viva Viagra” Chip Swirl lol

  162. chefsheila

    How About “Choc-Obama-Chip?

  163. nannymm

    I’m more than a bit emotional tonight. I feel really anxious, like it’s all too good to be true. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight.

  164. yes, I’ve been trying through the day to take a nap, but the fear of missing something keeps me from falling asleep.

  165. nannymm

    It really is disconcerting. As much as I know that Obama is in great shape, I can’t help worrying. I just don’t trust Republicans when it comes to elections. And, quite frankly, I don’t have alot of confidence in a large portion of the voting public. I pray that tomorrow’s outcome proves me wrong.

  166. chefsheila

    the only way (right brian?) That McCain can win this, is if the republicans steel it and we have lawyers fanning out over the entire course of the battle Ground states. they are in position now.

    Of course, if the nation can be very proactive and vote, then we’ve definitely got a landslide

  167. Rest assured…..seriously…….it out of all of our hands at this time……

    Believe in Change!

    We are not alone in our hopes for the future, we are a small sampling of the country…….I think “we” cover , including extended family and friends, a basis of reality.

    Have faith and VOTE!

  168. chefsheila

    UB! Sheila is standing up and saluting the flag at your Verve! 😉

  169. Obama at the last rally of the campaign, seems so weird.

  170. Hi everyone…

    It’s so sad that Obama’s grandmother couldn’t hold on another day to see her grandson and son get elected to the highest office in Our Country.

    Too know that everything under the sun was thrown at him to demean and denigrate him could not stop the people from seeing him as a good decent human being worthy of their vote.

    Yet I still feel sad that America has fallen so far down the rabbit hole it might not survive.

    As I commented over at Craig’s that the Republican Fascist Nazi Party is getting ready to challenge the votes in any red states that Der Fuhrer Bush won in court in case they lose in them shows just how Evil they are.

    To De legitimize Senator Obama’s win and further divide Our Country shows the American People who rejected the policies of Hate and Divisiveness just how far the RFN’s will go to hold on to power, even if it means the Total Destruction of Our Country and Blood on American Streets as America becomes the next Iraq.

    Until Bush is gone on January 20th., 2009 we can still be put under Martial Law and any and all who oppose Der Fuhrer Bush must be concerned that their lives are now in jeopardy as well.

    I pray that when I wake up on Wednesday November 5th. that America is once again a Democracy with a Constitution. Only then and when Obama gets sworn in will I feel hopeful for Our Country.

    God Bless America and God Bless all of you.

  171. Sheila let go of the fear, the die is cast, what is about to be is to be.

  172. wow…I have never been saluted before…I’m blushing…lol 😳

  173. chefsheila

    Worh watching Brian. I watched his first on in Illinois with a thirst for change that could not describe and here he is in his last campaign speech and I can tell you I finally feel like the water is before the horse, finally.

    It certainly is a defining moment…

  174. just notice you were saluting the flag….:D

  175. And least we forget, Der Fuhrer Bush has stacked the courts as well with his Fascist Right Wing Nazi’s just like he infected every other Branch and Office in Our Government.

    God Bless.

  176. chefsheila

    God Bless you too Anon-P, there’s a lot of praying tonight for Obama and the country…..all over the world too. Amazing isn’t it?

  177. chefsheila

    lol @ UB,,,,,,,and coughing too……poor laptop!

  178. nannymm

    Well, good night, everyone. Try to get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a nerve wracking, but very exciting day.

  179. Anon-p,

    The only thing that makes me not worry about Bush anymore, or Cheny, is they don’t care, they are tired and old and don’t want to deal with anything anymore. (my opinion only)

  180. chefsheila

    ….Wait a minute Brian. Obama’s last rally is in Indiana tomorrow, right?

  181. chefsheila

    Night night Nanny!

  182. From my post on Sunday February 03, 2008

    Why I support Barack Obama.

    I listened to the speech’s given by Barack and I heard the magic, just like I did when I heard President John F. Kennedy speak in the sixties. Though I couldn’t vote at that time due to not being old enough to vote, JFK inspired me like he did so many others and I heard and felt that same spirit of hope for all Americans that I had heard only that one time before.

    Full post can be read at link below.

    Obama Post

    God Bless.
    In my humble opinion Barack Obama is the only choice we as American Citizens have to once again become the great nation we once were, in fact too be better than we were.

    I feel 100% confident that Barack Hussein Obama is the real thing. I see a new Democratic Party being born in Barack Obama’s Nomination. A party that works to unite all Americans as one people no longer divided by race or religion, but what’s in the interest of all the people.

    I don’t know what will happen if Hillary gets the nomination and how the new younger voters who have come into the party will accept her as a leader of change. If they do than we will win the White House. However, if they feel like me they may not come out to vote for her. I will vote for her, but I’ll hold my nose and bite my tongue.

    I have no illusions of what we will get if Hillary becomes the next President. I don’t really believe that she would give up the power of the Presidency that it now holds and us return to a Constitutional Presidency like we had before Der Fuhrer Bush took the reigns of power. The power of the Presidency today is no different than that of many despots and dictators around the world.
    I don’t remember who said it, but it is true. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    So from this day forward think carefully about what direction you want to see our Country headed in, toward the future or a return to the past. Do this before you cast your vote and than think some more. This is going to be the most important thing you will do in your lifetime.

    So let me say that I am proud to support Barack Hussein Obama for the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency of the United States Of America. As you too should be.

    God Bless.

  183. Hi Sheila…

    Yes it is amazing.

    Off to watch Countdown on the Web. Catch everyone tomorrow and lets all pray that Obama wins it overwhelmingly so any court challenge is moot before it even gets there.

    God Bless.

  184. Oops, screwed up.

    Full post line and link should have been at bottom. Me bad…

    God Bless.

  185. ***current report Cleveland, Ohio -today 3000 out for early voting with lines in the rain and in the dark…….

    those are Obama voters -in my opinion…

  186. chefsheila

    You mean hey have voed all ready? Thats great!

  187. chefsheila

    My heavens! That Obama Rally in Manasus is like being held in a battle field I bet.

  188. Early voting is the best thing to happen for elections…..

    That 3000 was just today, we have had several days of early voting with lines……I believe it’s happening across the country.

    okay, time for this butterfly to sleep , peace to all…….

    sweet dreams – tomorrow is history in the making!

  189. Hey UB you gone blue tooth yet? it’s da bomb!

  190. NEW VIDEO

    Michelle Obama: South Side Girl

  191. chefsheila

    Good Morning to whoever is out there……hmmmm…..should I drink the coffee this morning or just inject it?

  192. chefsheila

    Ok So Brian, If you want to get me crying first thing in the morning……I’ve seen Southside Girl before, but it got me right in the heart again.

  193. dnd

    Morning Shelia. Here’s some good news: Obama’s grandmother got to vote for her grandson and the vote will count. She early voted last month.

  194. chefsheila

    I saw that last night dnd and I cried. lol

    I just listened to Peggy Noonan’s pride in American along with her sadness for what has become of the conservatives and I cried…

    lets get this day rolling because I know I’m going to cry all day. This is going to be one great day!

    And…..Grandma Dunham is watching it, along with Barack’s whole family.

  195. chefsheila

    And Dare I muster now, what a heck of a lot of people didn’t want to hear two years ago…..Abraham Lincoln would be speechless at where emancipation has brought this country and WHO followed in his footsteps.

  196. chefsheila

    The Obamas Voting makes a great picture. 😉

  197. Happy day everyone – tears of joy – for those of us voting not only within our rights, but also from deep within our hearts, it’s going to be a great day.

  198. Well here we are election day! Morning peeps

  199. Clear and 71 here in th Cleveland area – beautiful fall voting day.

  200. I am very grateful to have shared time on this journey with all of you here on the BC, a very very special social sphere. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of you better little by little, laughing together and shedding tears together, and learning more about politics then I ever imagined…..Thank you all! 😀

    Shelia, I am a bit emotional today as well….tears are ready to flow, on command ,out of no where……

    I think I’ll take one of my yard signs and attach to outside my car, and drive by a few polling places……

    Vote Obama! Its a beautiful day! U2

    Hillary Clinton at the 2008 DNC

  202. chefsheila

    No matter what. If he isn’t voted in and thats still a possibility (Although remote) This is still an amazing day. A man of African American decent has just voted in the city of Chicago for himself as President of the United States.

    The country’s vision of itself has changed and has learned a valuable lesson about greed and race is the most remarkable two years of the “Baby Boomers” lives.

    What an election. This country has taken some large steps forward.

  203. Is this becoming the water works blog? LOL

  204. chefsheila

    just because I brought it up. Here is the comparison

    Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln

    Amazingly similar experience beween the two.

  205. dnd

    I think LBJ is looking down and smiling.

  206. chefsheila

    lol Brian, just wait until the out come. You’re a cry baby too 😉

  207. chefsheila

    You right dnd. LBJ’s Great Society mandates may have just born fruit.

  208. Who you calling a cry baby? I’m tough, tough as nails!

  209. chefsheila

    Don’t thump your chest at me hunny! I know… 🙂

  210. chefsheila

    Dog have fun with whatever “Get out The Vote” effort your doing to day. 🙂

  211. dnd

    Voting problems in PA and OH. Hummmm…

  212. chefsheila

    What kind this early dnd?

  213. dnd

    I heard not enough paper ballots, so people were given provisional ballots.

  214. chefsheila

    oh shoot! Why don’t these states just plan for the worst?

  215. dnd

    I realize what a difficult problem voting is, but with today’s technology there’s no excuse. Polling places should not run out of ballots. People shouldn’t have to wait hours to vote.

    Smacks of corruption…

  216. chefsheila

    Well, there are Democrats in Congress that are just waiting to get a majority that can free the House and Senate up. One of the issues that have been shoved aside for the last 8 years is the overhaul, streamlining, and safeguard of the voting process.

    God Knows, we’ve proven to the world now, why we need it.

  217. Ok, here I go, see you all shortly!

  218. chefsheila

    Have a great time voting! I know there will be photographers there to record your vote!

  219. dnd

    The “Naked Cowboy” endorses McCain. I think it’s significant that a guy who stands around Times Square in his underwear playing a guitar for a living is endorsing the McCain/Palin ticket.

  220. chefsheila

    lol That’s as about a stark picture as you get dnd. 🙂

    As about as stark are “Big and Rich”. Big Kenny the obvious rebel with long hair and an “Oh Wow Man” attitude is voting Obama and John Rich is as southern as you get voting McCain.

  221. nannymm

    Hi, everyone. Just got back from doing my civic duty, and this year it was pure pleasure. I guess I’m part of the water works brigade, too, because I stood there staring at the ballot, after I checked Barack Obama for President, and the tears just flowed. What an amazing thing this is!

  222. chefsheila

    YEY! Hurray for Nanny and the waterworks brigade!!!

  223. dnd

    Bill Richardson shaved off his beard!

  224. If anyone has pictures from voting today email them to me and I’ll add them to the thread!

    Senator John Kerry at the 2008 DNC
    (the next Sect. of State!)

  226. dnd

    Just got back from doing my civic duty. No lines, and the polling place serves two districts. But the place was full. I love going to the polling place and yakking with the poll workers. The election judge said she thought that the lack of lines was due to all the early voting.

    I remember Sra Burrito mentioned that Starbucks offered free coffee to voters, so I ankled it up the local grocery store which has a Starbucks (those things are everywhere!), about three blocks from the polling place, showed them my “I voted” sticker and got a cup.

    It’s a beautiful day along the front range. Sunshine and about 60 degrees. There’s a cold front pushing in from the west so it may be raining/snowing in Grand Junction for the McCain rally which is suppose to start about now.

  227. dnd

    No photo’s from the polling place. That’s illegal in Colorado.

  228. dnd

    One more thing. For those of you who buy coffee at places like Starbucks, TAKE OFF THE LID! A significant part of the coffee experience comes from the aroma. With the lid, you can’t smell it. If you’re going to pay a premium for coffee, you owe it to yourself to get everything you pay for. If you leave the lid on, you may as well be drinking Maxwell House, or whatever they serve at the convenience store where you buy your gas.

    Ok, that’s my foodie rant for the day 😉

  229. I want to take a 12 hour nap and wake and find we’ve won, this waiting is killing me!

  230. dnd

    is live streaming McCain’s rally in Grand Junction.

  231. A co-worker in the Columbus, Ohio area report:

    By the way, I got to our voting precinct at 6:20 this morning, and didn’t get to cast my vote until just before 9:00. Unbelievable turnout. – Shaun


    President Bill Clinton at the 2008 DNC

  233. chefsheila

    did you guys see this HuffingtonPost front page?

    Its great!

  234. Just a reminder, chat room opens at 6 and will be open all night!

  235. dnd

    Krispy Kreme and Ben and Jerrys are handing out to freebies to voters too. Fortunately they have no stores here locally. Don’t need the election day calories 😉

  236. chefsheila

    dnd….I have to confess this to you…

    Your moniker? that small looked like Dubya to me initially. Who is it really?

  237. chefsheila

    The Florida Sec of State reports being very please with the day so far.

  238. The ‘Obama Way’: Seven steps to success
    What his distinctive approach reveals about his possible administration

  239. chefsheila

    Pollster Calms Paranoid Dems: McCain Win Would Be Exceptionally Improbable


    OBAMA: Biography Video/Convention Intro

  241. Isn’t it (dnd’s moniker) “Get Smart” talking into a shoe?

  242. dnd

    Good eye Sra Burrito. That’s Maxwell Smart talking into his shoe phone.

    “Sorry about that Chief” or should I say “Chef Shelia” 😉

  243. lol I forget Smarts first name…..I loved that show…..

    “the cone of silence” and “Agent 99”

    Funny to me whenever that was….. 😀

  244. Brain you are doing a great job with the videos….atta a boy!

    I have to drive somewhere and do a few mindless errands….bbl

  245. Thanks UB, has anyone heard from Steve Killer Dog? I emailed him yesterday but no word back from him. I hope everything is ok.

  246. nannymm

    Hi everyone! Been keeping myself busy all day cooking, cleaning, and driving people to the polls. What an experience that was! Most of the elderly ladies were eager to talk about their plans to vote for Obama. Some seemed really surprised that they could ever bring themselves to actually do it. One lady told me that she feared her late husband was rolling in his grave. And she was chuckling when she said it. Drove 42 ladies to and from the polls. It was a day I’ll never forget. And tonight will be awesome, too. Canyon will get to witness this historic night. WOW!

  247. Good day all you happy campers.

    Well I stopped at my polling place after work so I could vote. I like going to the polls on voting day so I wondered if I would have a long line to contend with.

    I arrived at 3:20pm and there was a line outside but it was a short one. At 3:45pm I was finally inside my polling place and in another line for about fifteen minutes before I finally made it inside to the verification table to check in and receive my form for the two ballots I needed to vote with.

    One ballot was the main one for President and other Federal and State Offices. The second ballot was for Questions and Amendments.

    Once I had my ballots I sat down to mark my selections. There were the stands that offered privacy and there was two tables to sit at and fill your ballots out on. I didn’t care if anyone could see how I was voting and sat there with my sample ballots already marked and only needed to copy on my official ballot.

    I finished at 4:10pm and got my little I Voted sticker. On my way out I ask the one worker how it had gone all day and if there were long lines or any problems. He informed me that at one time the wait was an hour and a half. That was the longest waiting time they had there. He also said that it was steady all day long so it looks like it is going to be a historic election year and a record vote throughout the Country.

    Now I like everyone else will wait in anticipation for the results to come out and Obama to be named the next President of the United States.

    If McCain should happen to win then I believe that it would be through a stolen election by the Touch Screen Machines in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. And also the massive disenfranchisement of voters being purged from the rolls throughout the Country.

    I sure hope that this does not happen as I fear there will be rioting throughout the Country.

    I still feel that Bush will not allow a Democrat to be sworn in in January since he and the whole criminal enterprise they ran would be able to be held accountable for all their crimes.

    Only time will tell and I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

    Take care all and I’ll check back later tonight.

    God Bless.

  248. dnd

    I thought your were superwoman when you put up a zillion quarts of applesauce. But driving 42 ladies to the polls today confirms it.


    For nickname enter any nickname you like, if the nickname isn’t available just try another one. No password needed.

    You can change the chat room look by clicking on the down arrow next to options on the lower right hand side of the chat box, and then placing your cursor on the word theme.

  250. nannymm

    dnd….it was so exciting! I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 2012 for sure!

  251. chefsheila

    Just wanted to send an Attaboy to our Anon-P!!!!

    YES WE CAN!!!!

  252. nannymm

    Yeah, Baby!!

  253. chefsheila

    I just went to the chat room and no one is there, so I’m hanging out here

  254. chefsheila

    barack Obama in Indiana so far, ahead with only 1% in. Kentucky of course for McCain

  255. We’re all there
    you should have waited a moment or just stay logged in, geez

  256. chefsheila

    barack Obama in Indiana so far, ahead with only 1% in. Kentucky of course for McCain

    Virginia Polls closing in 26 minutes

  257. nannymm

    try again, Sheila. We’re there.

  258. We are all lucky, but now the work begins…….It’ s not that hard compared to doing nothing. life is rich…..we will make a difference……..thank you all.

    psst ( we are the change – even if it’s a tiny step…we rock)

    love to you all – a very happy camper going to sleep well.

  259. Hey im new to the forum

    and would like to contribute


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