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27 responses to “OBAMA WINS!

  1. Yahoooooooooo……………….

    God Bless America


  3. chefsheila

    Doin the WAVE!!!!!!

  4. chefsheila

    WE HAVE DONE IT!!! Its a mandate……….

  5. dog's eye view

    you know, it’s been a pretty good day.

  6. chefsheila

    Nothing like the national Anthem. 🙂

    Nothing more appropriate and dramatic right now.

  7. THE BEST DAY in a long time!

  8. chefsheila

    WE DID IT!!

  9. dog's eye view

    graceful speech. By John McCain and now even more by Obama.

  10. chefsheila

    why didn’t you come into the chat room?

  11. chefsheila

    Oh well! Night all! What a wonderful and fulfilling night

  12. We took Florida and Virginia

  13. dog's eye view

    yeah, sorry to have missed the chat tonight. Opened and closed a poll; we finished about 9:30ish (Obama won my precinct) and then headed to local Obama HQ. Working inside polls was being in a bubble. So grateful to hear Ohio had already been called by time I tuned in. Got to office and young staff (and often older volunteers) were sitting around silently, watching TV (most were up by 4 today for GOTV); almost funereal, they were so tired.

    They were tuned into MSNBC on two laptops; we were all waiting and waiting for MSNBC to call Virginia. Got livelier as 11 drew near and knew California polls would close. Hugging and crying as announcement came; came home to watch Grant Park speech, which put us on notice that change is coming and sanity is returning.

    Tomorrow’s going to be a really good day too.

  14. I was watching the election results on live stream at MSNBC and what a wonderful night it has turned out to be.

    I have never been so proud of our country as I was tonight.

    Good night and God Bless.

    God Bless America.

  15. BevnTempe

    We had a party and drank champagne when Obama was declared the winner. The best picture besides the count, was of the Obama and Biden families celebrating together. What a beautiful sight. Tears were flowing.

  16. Our first family has a very new look!

  17. horsedooty

    Si se Puede!

  18. horsedooty

    now this is a mandate! hey GWB what you had was not a mandate this is a mandate.

    Saw Imus on Fox yesterday while at the hospital. Even Cavuto had Imus on a 7 or 9 second delay LOL He said he was ok with Obama winning even thou he voted for McSame. But he could not resist digging at President-Elect Obama saying we will see in a couple of years when it all comes unraveled and the NY Times harping at him…Just showed what a jerk Imus is.

  19. dnd

    Even Imus this morning said he was a jerk on Cavuto.

    He’s been gushing over Obama this morning. He told Bob Scheiffer that this was a morning that every American could feel good.

  20. dnd

    Colorado was pretty blue yesterday. Not only did the state go for Obama, Mark Udall was elected to the Senate and the Republican incumbent lost in the 4th CD.

  21. eprof2

    A new President. A new day!

  22. dnd

    I thought McCain’s concession speech was great. Had he shown the same grace during the campaign, he might be the president-elect today.

  23. chefsheila


  24. chefsheila


  25. What are you doing Sheila?

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