For what did they die? by Horsedooty

It is autumn, and the air is crisp and cool at night at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

It gets very quiet at The Wall around midnight. The tourists have gone home, and are all tucked into bed.

A homeless Vietnam veteran patrols the black granite panels. He tells us that he has cancer and is having a hard time getting any benefits from the Veterans Administration. He lives in a mission that houses those who have nowhere else to go, but the doors don’t open until 11 p.m.

story by Joe Galloway  McClatchy Newspapers



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56 responses to “For what did they die? by Horsedooty

  1. horsedooty

    God, is she through? NO, shit!

  2. Finally, one can only wonder how many extra chromosomes she has!

  3. dnd

    I remember the first time I visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Around the mall people were laughing and chatting, as tourists are want to do. When we descended into the memorial it was eerily quiet. If people spoke, they spoke in hushed tones. Some were sobbing. Some placed flowers. Some put pieces of paper over loved ones names and rubbed pencils over it to get a trace of their name. Some were vets who were talking about their buddies.

    Suffice to say it was a very moving experience.

  4. Yes dnd it’s a very moving place, whatever one’s feeling are/were about the war they really don’t matter when one is at the wall.

  5. Yes dnd it’s a very moving place, whatever one’s feeling are/were about the war they really don’t matter when one is at the wall.

  6. dnd

    Given the tepid response to Palin’s speech at the RGA, I’m thinking a lot of Republican’s are wondering what they got themselves into with Caribou Barbie. Tim Pawlenty really seems to be cool to her.

  7. Well she is Pawlenty’s primary competition at the moment, no surprise there.

  8. Nannymm

    I think they are trying to tell her to get lost. But she is too damned dumb to get it. But, as Doots said on the previous thread, let her keep on digging. It’s good for our side.

  9. Nannymm

    BTW…good afternoon, everyone. It’s a cold, gray, rainy day here without a single leaf left on the trees. Snow is forecast for tonight. But, I’ve got a roaring fire going in the wood stove and it’s toasty warm inside.

  10. dog's eye view

    Enjoy that fire, Nanny. I made some homemade gingerbread; waiting for it to come out of the oven in about 15 minutes. Something about fall and rain….

    On Palin: some of the smarter GOP might have thought “well, somebody’s got to lose with John McCain, and maybe this will stick it to the fundamentalists” without realizing her potential for most content-free sheer celebrity.

    Bobby Jindal was smart enough (and honest enough) to stick to working hard for Louisiana, a basket case state beset by a hundred year hurricane. He will get noticed for any improvements over the next few years.

  11. Nannymm

    I hope so, dnd. Palin is frightening!

  12. dnd

    For those who wonder why I want T. Boone Pickins as Sec of Energy, watch the clip of his appearance on the Daily Show last night:

  13. chefsheila

    Hey Ya’ll,

    I’m taking a break. Going to be busy for the next few days as usual. 90 degrees and santa ana winds coming to visi for the weekend……argh!

    DND, Very nice rememberance. I was at the opening ceremony for the Wall. It was a very teary day. When I was stationed in Wahington it was the same and when I went back for my broadcast news job, it hadn’t changed.

    YOu never understand how many people died, until you see that wall and see all the relatives and friends that use it as a cemetary.

    Its a life changing realization

  14. chefsheila

    Now come one Dnd! lol I would love to go back as a chef in the White House.

    However, do you realize there has never been an African American Chef in the White House of on staff as just a prep cook? the only African Americans have been Butlers and Valets.

    As a matter of fact, how many African American Chefs do you see on TV?

    So, I think the ones on the short list are definitely filling the type of change President and Mrs Obama what to present. I say blessings and good fortune to all of them.

  15. I’m sorry but T. Boone’s new popularity makes me nervous and I don’t trust him.

  16. dnd

    Rick Bayless isn’t African American. Neither is Art Smith. They are clebri-chefs. Only Daniel Young is.

    This is the post-racial administration. None of those guys have your diverse background.

    Ok, everybody, we need a petition drive to get Chef Shelia in as the White House Chef! Who’s with me?

  17. Nannymm

    Sign me up, dnd. Wouldn’t it be great to have Sheila on the inside? And what an opportunity that would be for Sheila! Has there ever been a woman WH chef?

  18. dnd

    The current WH chef, Cristeta Comerford, is a woman.

    I agree with you that it would be great for backchannel to have Shelia in the WH.

    Shelia, we need your resume! Do we email Michelle Obama about this?

  19. dnd

    I’m curious as to why you don’t trust Pickens. The guy’s 80 years old. He’s a billionaire. He has no skin in this game. He could ride it out very comfortably.

    My thoughts are that his efforts are 1) patriotic and 2) he want’s to make a buck. Making a buck in in his DNA (though he’s donating the profits from his latest book to the Fisher House). Putting him as the head of Energy will short term deny the making a buck part, but allow him to fulfill his patriotic desires, something that’s probably driving him more in his later years.

  20. Since 1980, Pickens has made over $5 million in political donations.[13] He was a financial supporter of President George W. Bush and contributed heavily to both his Texas and national political campaigns. In 2004, Pickens contributed to 527 Republican groups, including a $3 million contribution to the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth attacking Bush’s rival, John Kerry, and $2.5 million to the Progress for America advocacy group. In 2005, Pickens was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of George W. Bush.[14][15][16]

  21. dnd

    Well we all make mistakes. Smart people like Pickens learn from their mistakes. 😉

    Pickens is a conservative. But his energy ideas are not. They are radical. And they belong to no political party.

    How would things change if America no longer relied for foreign sources for energy. And think of how much money we’d make if we sold/licensed this technology to the rest of the industrialized nations, particularly China and India. And how would this change the complexion of the Middle East if the price of oil fell to $10/bbl and there was very little demand?

  22. his ideas are fine, but no man who paid for swift boating has any place in the next cabinet IMO

  23. dnd

    I don’t think Al Frankin will be the only SNL alum to enter politics. My prediction is that Victoria Jackson will be next. She’ll be on the 2012 ticket with Sarah Palin.

    “Why am I voting for the fantastic McCain/Palin ticket? Simply because my “world view” is based on the belief that The Bible is the inerrant, holy, Word of God, and the Republican stance on abortion, marriage, government control, taxes, education, health care, charity, military, defense, democracy and freedom – lines up closest with the Bible’s message.”

    Check out her web site:

    Watch the video of her first political speech.

  24. Hillary for SOS? could be interesting.

  25. chefsheila

    Hillary For SecState is a great thought. Sure would give the PUMA’s something to keep blathering about though. 🙄

  26. chefsheila

    It actually sounds quite serious. the Obama poeple don’t leak.

    I think this is a way to gage reaction to the thought.

    OR It could be real since Clinton went to Chicago on “personal” business.

  27. Nannymm

    I have mixed feelings about it. While i think she would be a great SOS, I think she is an excellent senator who has much to contribute on the legislative front. I also wonder if she would even want to give up her senate seat.

  28. dnd

    “Hillary for SOS? could be interesting.”

    Certainly not even close to being the most qualified. Hillary likes giving directions rather than taking them. Would put the kibosh on her future Senate career. No idea who Paterson would replace her with.

    Interesting? Yes. Plausible? No. Don’t know who/how this was leaked, but I’m curious to know.

  29. chefsheila

    Well dnd,

    It really could be a purposefull feeler to gage public reaction.

  30. chefsheila

    Time to go make the donuts!!

  31. dnd

    Good point Shelia. I’m thinking this may be some political maneuvering. The Obama camp will put it out. The Clinton camp will decline. A kum-by-ya moment will ensue.

  32. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!

  33. chefsheila

    Morning All…..Drinking the necture of life

    After a night to contemplate this Clinton SOS Leak, I think it could be brilliant. Obama wants a team of rivals. people who challenge him. Clinton is certainly qualified and could be fanastic in that spot.

    It would give Obama an advantage and would serve to give her a high spot in an administration. Since she’s toast on the President Spot.

    Just a thought.

  34. chefsheila

    Sounds like everyone is talking about team of rivals this morning. Do they know Obama loves that book?

  35. dnd

    What if Clinton did a bad job? It would be really dicey removing her from that spot, and would generate a lot of ill will and hurt feelings.

    Obama could easily do worse, but I question this pick.

  36. chefsheila

    Sounds like everyone is talking about team of rivals this morning. Do they know Obama loves that book?

  37. Nannymm

    dnd, it is highly unlikely that Clinton will do a poor job. She excels at everything she tries because she is smart, hardworking, and extremely dedicated. And contrary to what many say about her, she gets along well with people and is a team player. I think she is a natural for the job.

  38. dnd

    With all due respect, Sen. Clinton ran a horrible campaign. Infighting, divisive and strategically misguided. She had a ton of money and early on was the presumed nominee. It was hers to lose and she did.

    State is a HUGE department. I wonder about he capacity to manage it.

    I’m not saying I don’t think Clinton is dedicated and talented. She’s hugely talented. The Senate seems to be the perfect match for her skills.

  39. chefsheila

    Nanny, I agree. Clinton has a lot going for her!

    There are going to be cabinet picks that we don’t agree with.

    At the same time, I trust Obama’s decisions. After these alst two years, I trust him.

    Now doesn’t mean Clinton has it either. For all we know he just had a Q&A session on it in Chicago and she either didn’t do so well or failed i.

  40. chefsheila

    The word is, he doesn’t quite like the present list of contenders for SecState.
    I think he’s looking for a dynamic out there SecState. Afterall, we DO need some “Schmooz” power to sooth the world feathers.

  41. Nannymm

    dnd, point taken about her campaign. I hope she learned a big lesson from that!

  42. dnd

    Richardson has lots of ‘schmooz’ power. He’s a demonstrably successful diplomat. He’s run large organizations. What’s not to like?

    I think Clinton, Kerry and Lugar would all be good. They all have similar qualifications. But none of ’em have Richardson’s qualifications.

    The interesting thing to contemplate with a Hillary pick is how/if she would use her husband? Or would the fortune her husband made in his associations with foreign countries and companies represent a conflict of interest and cloud her selection like it did in the campaign?

  43. dnd

    Smart people learn from their mistakes. Hillary is a very smart person. I’m sure she learned tons and it will help her with her Senate reelection bid.

  44. chefsheila

    Preaching to the chior dnd. My preference is Richardson too.

    My observations are just trying her on for size. its seems she is being considered. I’m possitive that the Obama campaign let that one out of the bag to get the general reaction and it seems that there’s not much opposition yet.

  45. dnd

    What I’m curious about is no-leak no-drama Obama campaign let this one out, knowing the huge amount of drama it would generate. Now, unless she say’s no, there’s got to be some blowback like there was when they didn’t vet her for veep.

  46. chefsheila


    Stretch this one on for size. Andrea Mitchell doesn’t get tossed trash. This one has merit. SO, the Obama People were given an order to do it.

  47. dog's eye view

    yup, the leak itself was most interesting and not the usual procedure. Is it a “watch yourself” leak directed at someone else?

    I think Hillary would be a good SecState, but condition of offering it would have to be having a phenomenal second and third in command who would run the department. Hillary’s a good senator, and would be a good diplomat, but there is NOTHING we’ve seen to indicate she’s a good manager. Too much deference to loyalists. Wising up after absorbing the lessons from her horrible campaign staff is not going to be enough.

    Lukewarm on John Kerry as SecState, but maybe another important post.

    Also re Hillary: wouldn’t she be better as a special counselor (rank of cabinet member) for healthcare and competitiveness issues? (Phrase it that way: if it helps US business compete, easier to swallow than merely looking out for citizens in the world’s (formerly?) richest country…)

  48. chefsheila

    Don’t look now, Our Jamie has Clinton for SecState on our Fantasy Board and she could be right.

  49. chefsheila

    Le me add this thought to all this “She can’t manage crap. Department of State manages itself. Ever four to eight years they get a new head Diplomat. Department of state is there to serve that diplomat and our country.

    Clinton have nothing to do with balancing the books and her immediate staff will be Obama political Appointees.

  50. I don’t see the Hillary thing happening, and am curious what the whole “leak” thing is about. I still think it’s going to be Kerry.

  51. chefsheila

    hey! I didn’t mean to type crap, I ment Stuff! I have a migraine this morning and could not cut through the fog.

  52. chefsheila

    So remember, SecState doesn’t run the State Department. State department is put together with career non-political people to assist Secretary of State in carrying out the Huge task of schmoozing properly with the rest of the world. A huge task in itself.

    If I remember right, only about 5% of State is a political appointment

    Thats why he person has to be the Ultimate Head Diplomat.

  53. chefsheila

    This is going to be interesting. WHo will it be?

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