Sect. Of Speculation? by BrianInNYC

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I find myself strangely ambivalent about the selection of Senator Clinton as Sect. of State.  While I certainly feel she is up to the job, she is by no means my first choice.  In all candor I’m nervous about the idea of a Clinton in Obama’s cabinet, I worry about the drama that always seems to follow the Clintons around (not always of their own making I’ll admit).  While I do see the political benefits of bring Hillary into the fold, I do worry that in the long run this is not  the wisest course for Obama to be pursuing.



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97 responses to “Sect. Of Speculation? by BrianInNYC

  1. chefsheila

    Morning Brian.

    I’m with you! I am sick already of all this speculation.

    However, I really think it will die down when they all get to work. I bet by then, a LOT of News Anchors will want to see what they all can do to get this country out of this slide.

    Remember, the Magazines and Newspapers are laying off NOW. Under our radar. The Networks will most likely begin trimming their ranks after the Inauguration.

  2. Nannymm

    I’m ambivalent, too, Brian, but for somewhat different reasons.
    I think Hillary would do a great job and would be a real asset to Obama’s cabinet. However, I’m not sure it’s best for her because all the Clinton haters will be out in full force (Hell! They’ve started already!) trying to gin up controversy where none exists and create problems out of whole cloth. Hillary has spent far too many years having to fight that and I’m not sure she needs to go through it again. That being said, I support whatever decision she and Obama come to. And for once I’d like to see the haters on our side just STFU and let Obama make the choices he is comfortable with.

  3. chefsheila

    BTW, I think this is a great strategy. Think about this;

    Clinton’s color and bigger than life can really deflect off the economy woes and give the press something to do instead of “Micro-picking the new administration so much 😉

  4. Nannymm

    Just what we need, a new al Qaeda tape. They can’t even wait till he’s sworn in.

  5. Nannymm

    True, Sheila. I just hope they aren’t picking her bones.

  6. I guess al Queda didn’t get the “Obama is a secret Muslim” email!

  7. chefsheila

    LOL This means Al Quaida is nervous.

  8. The truth of the matter is that al Quaida tape is good for Obama. Though I’m sure the GORDOs of the world will claim Obama arranged for the tape just to fool us all!

    Politics in the Twilight Zone!

  9. dog's eye view

    I don’t think Hillary’s a good fit for State (although she’s plenty smart and a hard worker) and think she’s a very effective senator. Further, I’m not sure WJC wants all of his information public (which is not to suggest any nefarious dealings; just that he’s been reveling in the privacy since leaving office).

    Great to offer HRC a Cabinet position, and State’s the plum assignment, but I don’t think it’s an ideal job for her considerable skills and talents….

    Leaving one to wonder: is there a twofer here? Who takes the vacated and safe NY Senate seat?

    PS: Am already gagging when hear “Team of Rivals” and I don’t even watch much TV news!!

  10. chefsheila

    Brian thanks for that aritcle. Its puts another twist on this “Agonizing” she is doing right now.

    Listen. I would not be surprised if in the next 20 years, we find out by historians that this partnership was formed at the “Feinstein House” meeting that took place in June.

  11. dnd

    You bring up a good point. The Hillary haters are already out in force. I wish they’d just get over it.

  12. chefsheila

    Dog, Good to see you here!

    I LIKE the Team of Rivals. I always wanted to see the country forced into bipartisonship. lol Something that worked well in the past and that we’ve all lost. the knowlege that something is bigger than our little selves.

    Talking about our generation as a whole, not any of us in particular 😉

  13. dnd

    “PS: Am already gagging when hear “Team of Rivals” and I don’t even watch much TV news!!”

    Me too! I wonder how many of the chattering class have even read the book. You really don’t want a rival at State.

  14. chefsheila

    So now we have to go through this “Is She or Isn’t She” crap? lol sigh………

  15. Nannymm

    She is an effective senator, dog’s eye. I guess that’s another reason why I’m ambivalent. I voted for her in 2000 and 2006 and would be sorry to see her leave the Senate. I’m also concerned about who would replace her. I hear Nita Lowey is a possibility. I’d be OK with that.
    And, you’re not the only one who is sick of this “Team of Rivals” nonsense. It’s way overdone!
    One other thing bothers me about some of this speculation by the press. They are beginning to make it sound as if Obama is approaching his appointments in a politically cold, shrewd and calculating manner, as opposed to him taking a long hard look and making appointments on the basis of what is best for the country. It’s annoying. Not everything is political theater.

  16. chefsheila

    Your right Nanny. The Press is trying to make Drama where there isn’t one. So there again is the Add nauseum effect.

    I’m tired of the “Clinton Officials in the Cabinet Where is the Change” rib-poke. Its obvious to anyone that thinks, Change is from the inside too.

  17. chefsheila

    BTW, Clintion is a great senator. I voted for her while I lived in New Yorker. I could not have been more satisfied with her as Senator.

    I have no doubt that Clinton would make one of the best SecStates in our life time.

  18. Nannymm

    It’s ridiculous, Sheila. Where do they think Obama is going to find experienced people to staff his administration? In the phone book? Or should he appoint people without experience and fumble around for 6months or more trying to get up and running? Maybe “Heck of a Job Brownie” is still available? What is wrong with these people? Obama promised us COMPETENT government. That’s exactly what I see him trying to deliver. I understand the press need to create news to fill the airwaves and pages they rely on for their existence, but they take it way too far. And the so-called net roots is going wild. I wonder how long before they start tearing Obama apart. I think everyone needs to sit back and let him get up and running and see how he does before the bitch fest starts.

  19. Huckabee: Gays Haven’t Crossed ‘Civil Rights’ Violence Threshold

  20. chefsheila


    Obama brings change and real change is a slow procress. He’s going to bring this nation kicking and screaming to CHANGE.

    It shows with Chris Matthews who is relfecting the rest of the Liberal Base. They don’t understand what they just voted for.

    They don’t know anything other than what has been shoved down their throats for 20 years. So they want blood, even if its their own noses.

    I’m starting to think Obama’s got a lot of spoiled kids on his hands. He’s going to have to be the calm parent letting the little kids have a few tantrums until they see its not going to work.

  21. chefsheila

    From my Paster’s lips, I’ll give you a good anology,.

    We all need to learn new habits as a nation. New habits are hard to get used to as adults.

    First we have to believe that the new Habit (Change) is worth bringing about. Then we have o practice the new habit until it becomes the one that has replaced the old.

    We’re going to crawl first, and then trip and fall before we can run. So keep getting back up. It will come.

    As a country and a group, Unity is the first habit to relearn……gonna be a loooonnggg crawl. 😆

  22. BevnTempe

    I sincerely hope people understand that on Jan. 20th things aren’t going to automatically change just because Obama was elected. Change will happen but it will take time,

    I agree that Hillary would make a great Sec of State, if Bill doesn’t try to share the office.

    BTW for those of you who are COLD, it’s still in the 80’s in AZ!

  23. I have a cold, who’s going to make me soup?

  24. chefsheila

    Its going to be 83 here 🙂

  25. chefsheila

    I made Jewish Penicilin yesterday…

  26. Fedex me some, all I have is raman noodles

  27. chefsheila

    Speaking of soup. I have to go work. See ya’ll in a while!

  28. Nannymm

    How about mushroom barley soup? That’s what I’m making, with homemade onion wholewheat rolls on the side.

  29. Nannymm

    Hey, Bev, you gotta a spare room? It’s frickin’ COLD here!

  30. Clinton said to be unsure about Cabinet job
    Adviser says senator likes to be her own boss, is agonizing over decision

    I have a feeling when push comes to shove she’s not going to take it.

  31. Nannymm

    32 is a heat wave! It’s 6 here.

  32. Well no one got that pic right.

  33. Nannymm

    It’s a good pick, though.

  34. I like Dashle, I thought he would go to Agriculture.

  35. chefsheila

    I’m happy with that one too!

  36. dnd

    The interesting thing about all this “Team of Rivals” stuff is I haven’t seen anyone talk to Doris Kearns Goodwin about it. Except for Imus this morning. You can listen to it here:

    BTW, Goodwin thinks Hillary would make a great SoS.

  37. dnd

    I think Hillary would have been a better match for HHS, but Daschle is a good pick. Let’s get universal health care coverage. It’s good for business! Especially GM.

  38. chefsheila

    I saw Doris Kearns Goodman all last week until even though I am delighted when she is on, I said to myself, “Enough”. She even popped in on FNC.

  39. chefsheila

    Well, whatever is going to happen with Clinton, At least her followers will know Obama tried to hand her the Obama Moon.

  40. Nannymm

    I agree, Sheila. Obama is a decent man who is trying to do his very best. It’s not so much that he is trying to hand her the moon, as he is trying to make good choices for his administration and the country. He must believe that she is the best fit for the position at this time. I don’t think he’d offer it to her just as a consolation prize or to appease anyone.

  41. Nannymm

    I wish we could come up for another name for the wackos who CLAIM to be Hillary supporters but are really just complainers and anti-Obama people. I was a Hillary supporter originally and still support her in whatever work she will be doing. There are many others just like me. We supported Hillary wholeheartedly without denigrating Obama. And when it was clear that Obama would be the nominee, we embraced him and worked our hearts out for him. We rejoiced when he was elected. And we will continue to support him when he takes office. BUT…we still love Hillary and want what is best for her. So, when people say “Hillary supporters” we know what they mean but it still doesn’t feel quite right to us. So, any suggestions for a new term to define them?

  42. dog's eye view

    Interesting that Daschle was offered and accepted HHS before Sen. Clinton’s decision about State is out or final. Closes a door to what seemed to be a better fitting cabinet post for her. (HHS usually not as “glamorous” as State, but in a terrible recession/economic freefall, with health care reform on the national agenda?? I think HHS is a major post for a country returning to threats to its domestic health.)


    Here’s excellent Steven Pearlstein column on his proposal for a bailout/restructuring plan for the (used to be) Big 3. Bears a full read — lots of good ideas. (Too many to pull out a paragraph or 2 as an appetizer for you.)

    He apparently hosted an online reader chat about the column; link is included.

    A Voice of Reason Puts Automakers on the Road to Rescue

    Of course I like that column begins with praise for Obama, but it is not a hagiographic piece.

  43. dog's eye view

    For Brian and Harbor: an AP John Edwards story from the weekend, which I neglected to post earlier.

    PS: check out this headline that appeared in South Carolina’s The State newspaper with this story:

    Edwards resurrects to anti-poverty crusaide

    Yes. Am thinking it’s been changed since. Makes you think that Miss South Carolina beauty pageant The Iraq contestant is interning at The State.

    Or that Edwards might consider a crusade for literacy should poverty prove too ambitious a target.

  44. dog's eye view

    OMG. Just tried the link from above. They’ve retained the headline. For about 3 days now. LOL.

  45. more and more I’m thinking the Hillary appointment won’t happen, just a hunch.

  46. horsedooty

    Nanna, as much as I would love to see this follow thru to prison time for both those yeahwhoos , I don’t this will have any legs.

  47. chefsheila

    I don’t think its hunch Brian,

    If this is all true, they are being Premaddona’s.

  48. Notice the title of the Chris’s lead off story today?

  49. chefsheila

    Yup. Everyone is getting tired. I just wonder what the Clintons are thinking…..Chris is right. If she’s really smart, she’ll do everything in her power to take this job and do it right.

    Secretary of State is the most important job of the rest of this and the next decade.

  50. I do find the fact that the Clintons have hired a team of negotiators for the vetting process troubling. They have a bad habit of acting like they are doing you a favor.

  51. chefsheila

    Well…..premadona is a pain in the side. So if this is it, then bring on John Kerry!!!!!

  52. A reminder of why we Dems were better off with Obama as our nominee than having Hillary leading the party.

  53. chefsheila

    Here comes 7,000 Brian. We’re almost there…

    NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street hit levels not seen since 2003, with the Dow Jones industrial average falling below the 8,000 mark, as the fate of Detroit’s Big Three automakers and the economy disheartened investors. Stocks finished at their lows of the session after the automakers pleaded for relief during a second day of hearings in Washington. The heads of General Motors Ford and Chrysler are asking for a massive infusion of cash to prevent millions of layoffs and stave off bankruptcy.

  54. Yep Sheila it seems to be right around the corner, sad but true.

  55. dnd

    Do you want a SoS who voted for the war in Iraq? Or who “dodged bullets in Bosnia?”

  56. dnd

    Thomas Friedman:
    “Is Obama considering Mrs. Clinton for this job in order to get her off his back or as a prelude to protecting her back? ”

  57. dog's eye view

    I was kind of wondering if he was giving her a chance at some real bullets to dodge…

  58. Nannymm

    At the rate things are going, we are heading for Depression 2. I just don’t see how Congress can let the auto industry fail. The results will catastrophic.

  59. “dodged bullets in Bosnia”, LOL!

  60. Nannymm

    The more people diss her, the more I hope she does become SOS.

  61. chefsheila


    Your right! he auto industry, now matter how bad they’ve been, will push us over the edge.

    I don’t think the Government will let it happen, but I really think they WILL put the reigns in on a lot of stupid moves and crap.

    I think the govenment will put a management team in for oversight for a while.

  62. Oh nann don’t deny us a joke or two along the way, we’re allowed to have our fun! I’m sure over the next few years Obama will have a foot in the mouth moment too and trust me I’ll ride it till that dog just won’t hunt anymore!

  63. Who the hell did David Gregory’s makeup today? He looks like he’s wear a spray-on tan.

  64. dnd

    Broder on today’s thread:

    “It may be moot and it certainly is presumptuous, but I would be less than honest with readers if I did not say what I believe: Making Hillary Rodham Clinton the secretary of state in Barack Obama’s administration would be a mistake. ”

  65. dnd

    David Ignatius on today’s thread:

    “Yes, I know the “Team of Rivals” argument for Hillary Clinton as the ideal secretary of state for the Obama administration. But before it’s a done deal, let’s consider the counter-argument that this crew could prove to be a “Ship of Fools.””

  66. chefsheila

    I love both of these men. They always put the arguement out there very well. But that is why they are political journalists. They ain’t the President.

    Sure did enjoy both of the pieces though. Thanks for the brain love.

  67. chefsheila

    Do you guys realize its only 4:20pm here?

  68. dnd

    I don’t remember who coined the term “poli-porn” but that’s what this has turned into. Has anyone in the press said anything about Kerry or Richardson? Anything?

  69. chefsheila

    They boh were notified that they were being looked at too… Doesn’t feel like it, does it?

  70. chefsheila

    Wh is the southern guy on matthews? He is profoundly “republican talking points only. Additionally…..poor grammer to boot.

  71. Nannymm

    I think he mentioned that his state was Tennessee.

  72. dnd

    Zack Wamp.

    I don’t remember who he was backing in the primaries, just that his arguments were something you’d hear on Rush.

  73. chefsheila

    thanks guys, as you can guess, I wasn’t impressed.

  74. chefsheila

    lol Zack Wamp……maybe Swamp coming into Ellis Island and someone took pity on him? that is the most striking southern name I have seen to date…..

  75. chefsheila

    now I LIKE this Dem Mike Feldman on hardball. He’s saying something that I can finally agree with. lol

  76. dnd

    What did Feldman say Shelia?

  77. chefsheila

    How about a nice moment for ya’ll. I went…..AWE……

    Obama Surprises Biden With Cupcakes

    WASHINGTON — What does an accomplished man of the world get for his 66th birthday?

    Well, President-elect Barack Obama already gave Joe Biden the vice presidency. So, for his birthday, Obama gave Biden two ball caps and a rendition of the birthday song.

    Biden’s birthday is Thursday, but Obama surprised his No. 2 after their weekly lunch Wednesday at the transition office in Chicago. According to staff, Obama presented Biden _ a Delaware senator with decades of foreign policy experience _ with a dozen cupcakes decorated with candles and teased, “You’re 12 years old!”

    Staff reported that Biden, ever astute in the art of politics, laughed at the his boss’s joke. He responded: “Maybe in dog years!”

    Obama led the rest of the staff in song, then handed over some Chicago-themed gifts: a White Sox cap, a Bears cap and a bucket of Garrett’s popcorn, a hometown favorite.

  78. chefsheila

    Feldman said that Obama was going to manage from the center enabling him to get cooperation from both sides to make Bold Sweeping Changes for the better!

    😉 Well done

  79. chefsheila

    I heard that on local news tonight. Congrats!!!

  80. Don’t congratulate me, this is a human rights issue, congrats to us all!

  81. chefsheila

    True….And I Helped.

  82. Nannymm

    I hope we all prevail on this one!

  83. chefsheila

    Cheerleaders abound on Prop 8. so many petitions everywhere that were passed in to convince whoever that everyone was blown away.


    When you go to this article, scroll down to the comments section. See how many posts by the GOP it takes to concince you the “base” is totally over the cliff. It feels good to be in the mainstream.

    Hugs and manhugs all around.

  85. chefsheila


  86. dnd

    Was Napolitano picked for Homeland Security because she can see Mexico from her house? 🙂

  87. tony

    Where’s the changes. Most of Obama’s picks were connected to Clinton’s admin. Here we go again. Bush,Clinton,Bush, Clinton. Looks like the smoke got really heavy during this election campaign.

  88. I’m sure she will handle the job effectively. Perhaps she is a brilliant choice given her campaign assertions that she had superior credentials and experience in foreign policy.

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