Walking the Walk by dnd

In the 60 minutes interview, President elect Obama said he missed “going for a walk.”

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, said: “Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

With the current fitness problems in America, I hope one of the things President Obama will do is to encourage people to just get out and go for a walk.

One of the local TV stations here is involved in “community walks.”


One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I have a problem at work, the easiest way to find a solution is go for a brisk walk.  Somehow walking clears my mind and the solution becomes obvious.  It doesn’t work with swimming, running or biking, because you have to pay close attention to what you’re doing.

Walking is indeed the best possible exercise, and I hope as President, Mr. Obama will be able to indulge his desire to walk.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’ll go for a walk in this beautiful autumn weather.



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71 responses to “Walking the Walk by dnd

  1. Nannymm

    Nice post, dnd. I just finished my daily walk, on the treadmill today since it’s 17degrees and windy outside.

  2. Another advantage of being a dog owner, multiple daily walks!

  3. BevnTempe

    Walking is one of my passions. I have been a “mall walker” for approx. 10 years, in addition to using the treadmill at the gym. I have been unable to pursue my passion for about a year due to foot surgery, then removal of titanium screws from that surgery, then 2 stress fractures from the screw removal. I am so looking forward to walking again, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

    Just a hint to everyone – make sure you don’t have a nickel allergy if you are have to have titanium placed in your body. It can really cause a problem.

  4. chefsheila

    I’m a walker. Especially down here! So nice.

    BEV, Man! Sorry to hear that. I hope you can get out there soon, but don’t push it too soon either.

  5. horsedooty


    please don’t tell me about the horrors of titanium screws in the ankle. I just got 2 in my right tibia about 3 weeks ago. I am going to my first post surgery evaluation on this Thursday. They say I am on the shelf until Jan.1, 2009. Good luck with your walking.

  6. chefsheila


    I was wondering if you were snowed in. I don’t even know where you are. I imagined you were somewhere near Buffalo. I’m sure I’m wrong. lol

  7. chefsheila

    Mary? I are you baking a 1000 fruitcakes? 🙂

  8. hmmmmmm fruitcake. I love fruitcake.

  9. chefsheila

    The rest of the article is a grid of the magazines. Who came in, in the black, although most were barely in the black and who was in the ” minus” catagory.

    2008 Was An Advertising Annus Horribilis For The Monthlies.


    We know the primary reason: the meltdown on Wall Street caused by the banking/brokerage collapse. The impact spread this fall like a prairie fire, and with many companies at or on the verge of bankruptcy (Circuit City and General Motors are now the most notable), it is no surprise that advertising is crumbling and magazine staff layoffs are abound. Only 2001’s -7.54% differential is recently comparable, but that cause–the September 11 attacks–was not American-made. This is…and the economy turned a soft 2008 into a horrific one. Here is the monthlies’ quarterly timeline followed by year-end data since 1997:

  10. chefsheila

    I love homemade fruit cake. The whole country doesn’t get it. They are too used to a generation of that gross store bought stuff.

  11. BevnTempe

    Good luck with your recovery and hope it doesn’t take as long as mine! Just watch for rashes.

    Sheila – thanks for the good thoughts.

  12. horsedooty

    I like fruit cake too. I will eat the gross store bought stuff cause that is about all I could get. Maybe some airmail service stuff.

  13. Nannymm

    I’m on the eastern side of the state, Sheila. We only have about 6″ on the ground right now. But it is bitter cold. Temp is 12 now and dropping. Wind chill feels like 0. Inside, the wood stove is keeping me nice and toasty. I love wood!
    Actually, I’m baking bread today and an apple crisp. I don’t do fruitcake; don’t know anyone except one brother-in-law who eats it. I’ve already started my holiday cookies, though. Made bourbon and rum balls the other day. Canyon and I selected a few new cookie recipes to try this year. We’ll get started on those soon.

  14. Nannymm

    Doots, my son has 7screws in his leg and 5 in his foot and a plate that holds it all together (hockey injury on his 16th B’day.) He has never had any problem with his. When he was first injured, we were told his hockey days were over and that he’d never walk normally again. Six months later her was back on the ice and went on to play in college. At 29, he still plays and has never so much as limped. His only complaints are that he can “feel it” when it’s really cold and damp and he sets off metal detectors nearly all the time.

  15. chefsheila

    Nanny! You are a granny for sure!!! lol I would love to have that with my grandchildren.

  16. Nannymm

    I am not happy about this Lieberman vote today. NO WAY should he retain the Chair of Homeland Security Committee.
    I’m all for forgiveness, but this guy is not the least bit sorry for what he’s done. And he didn’t do his job as chair anyway. His a** needs to be kicked out of that chair!

  17. horsedooty

    Bevn thanks for the nice comments and Nanna I am with you on Loserman. He needs to become a Republican. I am hoping the good people of Conn come to their senses this next election and send him to the junk pile.

  18. Nannymm

    You will, Sheila. By the time your new little one is 3 he’ll be begging to help you. Just be prepared for a BIG mess! Last time I made cupcakes with my 3yr old grandson, I had chocolate batter in my hair, on the ceiling and on everything within a a 10 ft radius. My daughter-in-law and I laughed so hard that tears were flowing and our sides ached. The little guy looked like he’d rolled in the batter. So, here are my tips for you: make extra to actually bake, wear old clothes, and cover or remove anything you can’t clean easily. And one more thing, dough makes a great toy, entertains little one for hours!

  19. dnd

    Hope you can get back to walking soon. You too Doots.

  20. dnd

    Ummm. Fruitcake. When I was little I’d pick out the candied fruit and eat that. Now I like the homemade stuff that has whiskey or rum, but no candied fruit 😉

  21. horsedooty

    thanks Dnd. I am walking now sorta trying very hard not to put weight on the right side. Crutches help. Wheel chair is like a Cadillac.

  22. Nannymm

    You need to try my rum and bourbon balls, dnd. 😀

  23. dnd

    Since we’re talking screws, here’s my story:

    Years ago I broke my hip, and they patched it back together with screws and plates. About a year later at a checkup the surgeon was looking at the X-ray and said: “You’ve got a screw lose.” I told him that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. He said: “No really, look at the X-ray.” Turns out one of the screws had worked it’s way out when the bone regenerated.

    So you are all free to say I’ve got a screw loose. It’s true. Literally 😉

    ps. Nannymm, like your son I can feel it when it turns cold. And I too set off metal detectors. Every time.

  24. chefsheila

    lol Great conversation.

    ….sigh….dnd, you just gave me fodder. 😆

  25. Nannymm

    That’s OK, dnd. I’ve lost my marbles.

  26. chefsheila

    I can raise you, “I’ve lost my Waistline” lol

  27. chefsheila

    I could say I’ve lost my “Bite” but I got it back. 😆

  28. chefsheila

    well….time to get breakfast on. See all you old coots later! 😉

  29. Well it looks like Lieberman got his kumbaya moment!

  30. Nannymm

    It stinks! What is wrong with our party???

  31. dnd

    My guess is Reid struck a deal with Lieberman to keep his chair, i.e., Lieberman will do as he’s told.

    Besides the Republican’s got nothing for Lieberman. Outside of his hawkish position on the Middle East, Lieberman is a flaming liberal.

  32. chefsheila

    Just to add to this.

    The whole next couple of months are going to be attempts at Kumbaya because this is what Obama wants.

    He wants to show the Republicans how to act. basically cutting their !@#$ down to size.

    The press would have been echoing “More of the Same” comments.

    Lieberman is on notice from within, believe me.

  33. dnd

    Mickey Mouse turns 80 today!

  34. chefsheila

    Happy Birthday Mickey!

  35. dnd

    There’s a reason so many Democrats and independents like Hagel. He’s assumed the “straight talk” mantle McCain abandoned after 2000.

  36. Protests Over a Rule to Protect Health Providers

    WASHINGTON — A last-minute Bush administration plan to grant sweeping new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion and other procedures on religious or moral grounds has provoked a torrent of objections, including a strenuous protest from the government agency that enforces job discrimination laws.


  37. chefsheila

    thanks Brian. really enjoyed hearing from Hagel finally. He’s a rare bird. I’m going to miss his presence in the Senate.

  38. chefsheila

    Bush and “his” party just need to go to paraguay and set up shop there if they don’t like US here. Bottom line. At this point its only about a 1/4 of the country…..hey they can all go to Alaska!

  39. dnd

    I don’t think you’ll have much opportunity to miss Hagel. If he’s not a major player in the Obama administration, I’ll be really surprised.

  40. dnd

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senate Democrats today voted to keep Sen. Joe Lieberman in their caucus but strip him of a subcommittee chairmanship, a deal brokered in part by Sen. Ken Salazar.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers,” Salazar, a Colorado Democrat, said as he left the meeting where senators approved the compromise.


  41. chefsheila

    I like Salazar’s remark. 😉

    Now lets get Clinton off the Table. I’m already tired of it.

  42. Well Jamie and Karolenna picked correct on the AG!

  43. dnd

    Good pick for AG. Would have preferred Fitzgerald, but Holder will be good. With all the former Clinton staff in the cabinet, how does this impact Hillary at SoS?

  44. dnd

    I’m with you. I’m getting tired of the Clinton drama. I think a lot of it is pushed by the press because of it’s tabloid nature.

    BTW, keep your eye on Salazar. He’s gonna be a player.

  45. dog's eye view

    Hello all. Tried a walk with the pups — it was short because it’s gotten very cold here! 36 and windy; feels 27 (to the computer); needed the hat and gloves and warmer coat left at home!

    OK: shall expect to see some bourbon ball and fruitcake recipes (am with dnd on that one: of the spirits-soaked type; fruit optional; flammable is fine). Chefs??

    Good article in NYT today on localized internet-based investigative reporters. Would be a great turn for journalism; some of the “MSM” old guard papers are by turns ossified and offering pop culture crap to attract eyes.

    Will put link up next — this blog eats my NYT stuff too often.

  46. dog's eye view

    NYT: Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs

    …”a new kind of Web-based news operation has arisen in several cities, forcing the papers to follow the stories they uncover.

    Here it is VoiceofSanDiego.org, offering a brand of serious, original reporting by professional journalists — the province of the traditional media, but at a much lower cost of doing business. Since it began in 2005, similar operations have cropped up in New Haven, the Twin Cities, Seattle, St. Louis and Chicago. More are on the way.

    Their news coverage and hard-digging investigative reporting stand out in an Internet landscape long dominated by partisan commentary.

    ….“These are some of the big questions about the future of the business,” said Robert H. Giles, curator of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. Nonprofit news online “has to be explored and experimented with, but it has to overcome the hurdle of proving it can support a big news staff. Even the most well-funded of these sites are a far cry in resources from a city newspaper.”

    The people who run the local news sites see themselves as one future among many, and they have a complex relationship with traditional media. They say that the deterioration of those media has created an opening for new sources of news, as well as a surplus of unemployed journalists for them to hire.

    ….[many of these new sites are nonprofits along the lines of PBS, competing for donor money and grants; advertising will not sustain their efforts]

    [Per “Voice” founder/local San Diego businessman Buzz Wooley: ]

    “Information is now a public service as much as it’s a commodity,” he said. “It should be thought of the same way as education, health care. It’s one of the things you need to operate a civil society, and the market isn’t doing it very well.”

  47. dnd

    Nannymm & dog,
    Remember how I said it was 16 degrees here last Saturday for the food drive? Well it was a record breaking 77 degrees today. Shorts and T-shirt weather.

    Of course the high for Thursday is forcasted to be 36 degrees 😉

  48. It’s too fucking cold, I’m not ready for winter!

  49. horsedooty

    was 78F here yesterday and today was 68 back in the lower 70’s tomorrow and then a high of 58F on Thursday. I think it is part of the cold front dnd is talking about. But hey what do I care, I am house bound.

  50. chefsheila

    ….85 degrees and holding

  51. going down to 27 tonight here

  52. dnd

    I kinda like the change of seasons. I’ll change my tune when it’s 20 below in February 😉

  53. chefsheila

    I’m enjoying the warm weather because it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cold this summer in the PNW. I’m topsy Turvy.

  54. chefsheila

    I have to make this observation. Their has not been enough time or enough evidense to say that there is no change.

    The change is going to come from what we have already seen in Obama. A complete change of attitude and that means all those “Clinton Era” appointments too. How single planed of the media…..They just don’t get it. They’re living in the 90’s

  55. chefsheila

    Maybe its just Matthew’s snotty whiney ways that got to me just now……

    has anyone noticed that Tweety Changed his hair color? He’s more toe-headed as in Whie Blond. The yellow is gone.

  56. dnd

    I don’t know about Tweety’s hair color, but II think the perfect moment was when Dennis Leary said that Joe Lieberman would be the pooper scooper for the first puppy.

  57. chefsheila

    I laughed! Dennis is right. There will be a lot of jokes abound from the White House.

  58. AP calls Alaska Senate race for Begich

  59. Nannymm

    What’s that now? 58? We may get to 60 after all.

  60. yep, 58 if include the snake in the grass Lieberman.

  61. Nannymm

    BTW…Don’t talk to me about cold. It’s 11 degrees here; feels like 3. We even have ice in our driveway. I finally had to break down and drag out my winter sweaters and coats and stuff. Grrrr! I am not at all ready for this.

  62. Nannymm

    ya mean “the snake is an ass?”

  63. dog's eye view

    Good morning. A sunny 28 degrees here in DC area (computer feels like 20); snug and warm in the house, drinking coffee and pups snoozing under the desk.

    77 degree Denver area weather; that explains the walking!

    Although walking’s a great pleasure anytime of the year (unless you’re walking along a busy road because your car broke down, but I digress) and it’s amazing more people do not do it. Walking in the winter affords the pleasure of looking for beauty in an austere or sometimes even black and white environment.

    That said, I think Thomas Jefferson would enjoy thinking while cruising around in a convertible with the top down too, as long as the traffic was moving (even better, light or nonexistent)… think I read that Bruce Springsteen used to go driving late at night when he was thinking or working out lyrics in his head.

    Sheila: can you post that Martha or Maxine thing to the web somehow? It was funny (and useful to us Martha wannabes…)

  64. Nannymm

    Good Morning, Dog’s Eye and everyone. It’s sunny here, too, but only 2 degrees. Winter is definitely upon us here in the North Country.

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