The Season to Share, by dnd

mac & cheese

mac & cheese

Saturday, 16 November 2008, Brian put up a thread titled “Empathy.”  That same day a local TV station had a food/clothing/toys drive.  They collected a record amount. 211 tons of food from 5 metro Denver sites and 10 other sites in the state.  This, despite the slow economy.  That’s empathy.

Some kids from Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-professional health care honor society dropped off a paper grocery bag asking for food and clothing for the needy, to be picked up by the pledges on Sunday.  I ran up to the local grocery store and loaded up on canned tuna and boxed macaroni & cheese to put into the bag.  At the checkout, the clerk said: “You must really like mac & cheese!”  I just smiled and said:  “I sure do.”

As I write this on Sunday, I notice many of my neighbors have filled their grocery bags and set them out for the AED pledges.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthians that the three greatest virtues were faith, hope and charity, the greatest of these being charity (1 Corinthians 13:13).  I disagree that these are virtuous.  To me virtue involves sacrifice.  Faith, hope and charity make people feel good.  Few things make one feel as good as charity, particularly in trying times like these when it is so needed.



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55 responses to “The Season to Share, by dnd

  1. Who doesn’t like mac and cheese, just ask Sheila! But don’t ask her what a special ingredient is!

  2. dnd

    Morning Brian. Feeling better today?

  3. yeah i am, thanks for asking. Hows by you and how things in the Mile High City?

  4. dnd

    Doing well thanks. Chilly here today, but that’s to be expected this time of year.

    In answer to your first question, I don’t care for boxed mac & cheese. But kids love it, so that’s why I bought it.

    I like it with Gorgonzola or Gruyere and Emmental, and a little white wine and Kirsch.

    I’m dying to know what Shelia’s secret ingredient is 😉

  5. Nannymm

    Good morning, Brian and dnd.
    Glad to hear your feeling better today, Brian.
    Nice post, dnd. The Boy Scouts do a similar food drive here, called Scouting for Food. We’ve been involved since Canyon was a cub scout. The kids have fun doing it and learn that it feels good to do something for others.

  6. Nannymm

    hmmm…isn’t Sheila’s secret ingredient velveeta?

  7. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s a secret!

  8. Gore on GPS, he looks good, he’s slimming down.

  9. dog's eye view

    Great idea about donating to a food drive. Will load up a bag from Trader Joe’s this week.

    Am sure the mac and cheese was a great hit with kids and others.

    Sheila uses Patti LaBelle’s recipe, which was published in Oprah’s magazine. It sounded scrumptious and deadly to the arteries. (4 cheeses plus Velveeta, a near-cheese, half and half, some butter, I think, maybe a few ‘ludes…)

    But mostly delish.

  10. Nannymm

    I hope Obama finds a way to utilize his expertise. The man is simply brilliant. Of course,Obama is brilliant also. Isn’t it great to see suck knowledge people back in the forefront?

  11. Nannymm

    that should be knowledgeable.

  12. dog's eye view

    suck knowledgeable people?


    Brian: just seeing if anyone read it. Regrettably, no, but maybe the same effect if you have a double serving.

  13. Ludes were my favorite drug of all time, I still mourn the fact they are no longer manufactured.

  14. Nannymm

    They aren’t?

  15. dnd

    I think if you eat enough Velveeta, it has the same effect as Quaaludes 😉

    Back in college we had a neighbor that made a great chili con queso dip with Velveeta. We always invited her over to watch football with us 😉

    Yeah, Gore looks like he’s been laying off the Velveeta. I’m with Nannymm; Gore’s a remarkable spokesman.

  16. Quaaludes became increasingly popular as a recreational drug during the 1960s, and during the disco club scene in the 1970s. They were often used during sexual activity because of heightened sensitivity coupled with relaxation and euphoria. The drug was more tightly regulated in Britain under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and in the U.S. from 1973. It was withdrawn from many developed markets in the 1980s, being made a Schedule I drug in the US in 1984.

  17. dnd

    I always thought the best use of Quaaludes was to calm down someone who’d taken too much LSD.

    I’ll never forget that SNL skit with Dan Ackroyd portraying Jimmy Carter, taking calls while doing a fireside chat. He talked someone down by saying: “Take a couple of ludes, drink a beer and put on some Allman Brothers.”

  18. Always good advice, save the Allman Brothers, I was never a big fan.

  19. Nannymm

    20years? 😮 Shows how long since I’ve indulged.

  20. Plan Begins to Emerge to Rescue Citigroup

    Under a new proposal, the government would shoulder losses at
    Citigroup if those losses exceeded certain levels, in
    exchange for a stake in the troubled bank.

  21. Nannymm

    How low do those loses for Citigroup need to go? Do you have any more info or a link, Brian?

  22. steamed veggie dumplings, and orange beef with brown rice!

  23. dnd

    No soup? You must be feeling better.

  24. I’ve reached my soup limit, I need some real food

  25. chefsheila

    LOL Wha a thread!!! Yes, I played Hooky and went out “Shooting” AKA PHotographing today.. AWESOME.

    Here’s my Share for the day.

  26. nice pictures, what’s with the pink camera?

  27. chefsheila

    I love pink! Its my new color!

  28. chefsheila

    I am very impressed with Jarret.

  29. dog's eye view

    Beautiful photos Sheila. I was worried when you weren’t online yesterday, but what a good reason to be absent.

    A longhorn! How far away was that?

    Anyway, looks like you had a great day hiking and shooting with film.

    Does not look like that here! Lots of brown and frost.

  30. chefsheila

    Lisa, I was just off road about 50 ft when I saw them and then hiked up for a bit. Ths camera is good.

    Not too far, because I am an over weight middle aged woman…..who thinks she’s 20! lol I was absolutely lucky yesterday. The God’s were with me because I can’t remember when there were so many opportunities.

  31. Nannymm

    Beautiful pics, Sheila!

  32. chefsheila

    Thanks nanny! How was Thanksgiving!

  33. chefsheila

    The Story
    From ABC …

    Democratic sources tell ABC News that President-elect Obama’s transition team is working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill so that on Obama’s first day in office, Jan. 20, 2009, an economic stimulus package has passed both houses of Congress and is awaiting his signature.
    Only a few weeks ago, the numbers under discussion were in the $100 – $200 billion range. Now we’re hearing numbers in the $500 billion range. And from what I can glean from the economists whose opinion I most respect, that only gets us to the threshold level of what will be needed.

    Late Update: Needless to say, with so much money on the table, a lot of the people who got us into the mess will be lining up and lobbying for hand-outs. The bottom line, I think, is that the money has to go toward building real stuff — primarily infrastructure — and pumped into the hands of people who will immediately spend it, i.e., middle and lower-income people who will spend it on necessities.

    This is really going to be a titanic struggle. It would be fascinating, even fun to watch it unfold if it weren’t that all our futures depended on the result.

    –Josh Marshall

  34. chefsheila

    How About A Little Levity…

    Real Oversight

    If we’re serious about oversight, can we get the makers of Q-tips to finally come clean about what their product is really for?

    I mean, enough of the lies. It’s a new day.

    –Josh Marshall

  35. dnd

    Great pics!

    What kind of camera did you get?

  36. chefsheila

    The Man! Early to defy Bush and Cheney by publically opposing the War and then opposing the strategies for that year until he was silenced.

    Scowcroft Protégés on Obama’s Radar

    WASHINGTON — Many of the Republicans emerging as potential members of the Obama administration have professional and ideological ties to Brent Scowcroft, a former national-security adviser turned public critic of the Bush White House.

    Mr. Scowcroft spoke by phone with President-elect Barack Obama last week, the latest in a months-long series of conversations between the two men about defense and foreign-policy issues, according to people familiar with the discussions.

  37. chefsheila

    its an Olympus FE-340……and WOW….does it have great bells and whistles.. Who needs to know how to manipulate a picture anymore.

  38. dog's eye view

    She: you beat me to it! Just popping over to post the very WSJ article about Scowcroft.

    Good to see adults being listened to.

  39. chefsheila

    Obama said that best and brightest across the aisle…..he just did it here. Scowcroft is my hero and has been the one to tip my earlobes forward for years.

    He Speaks truth not talking points.

  40. chefsheila

    Are we all waiting with baited breath for the Press Conference today? 9am on the Left Coast.

    I’m wondering if this notion from the press of both Administrations working together for the last two months is such a good idea.

    At this point, I’m not willing to listen to anything the press says.

  41. chefsheila

    I mean some coordination is a good thing and it looks as though they are in Transition. However, I don’t think working above and around such incompetent people like Paulson is such a good idea, unless Paulson reliquishes his leadership over treasury……I just don’t see that happening now.

    BUT. what I do see is positive feedback for hope on a regular basis.

  42. chefsheila

    Here is what has been under the radar for while. Now if the plight of the ones who are in Tent Cities could be highlighted….

    Job Centers See Crush of People in Need

  43. chefsheila

    What sucks about the Big 3 is that even though they need the help and are (beside’s the Government) the largest employers in the US, they are also incompetent and HAVE to be changed from the top down this time.

  44. chefsheila

    Morning Brian!

  45. dnd

    I agree, Scowcroft is brilliant and speaks truth to power.

  46. dnd

    Shelia, financial guru says you should buy stock in a company a monkey could run, because eventually that will be the case.

    Clearly, the automobile industry needs more capability at the top than a bunch of monkeys.

  47. chefsheila

    Amen! But should a bunch of Proven Monkey’s in the Congress be telling the ones at the top of “Big 3” how to “Change”……

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