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Brian asked us to think about a post for charities and to link to them.  My choice is your local food bank.  As the economy tightens up, the less fortunate still need to eat.  Please read this post and try to follow their recommendations.  Being hungry is not fun for anyone.

(Editor’s note,  to located your local food back please surf to



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54 responses to “My Charity of Choice – Your Local Food Bank – Horsedooty

  1. chefsheila

    Good Morning everyone!

    Great reminder Doots. I had to use a food bank for a period of time when I was unemployed and the bills exceeded my unemployment insurance. . I was ashamed, but the people were absolutely fabulous. So now, I give regularly. You never know when you’ll need it yourself.

  2. chefsheila

    Morning Brian. 🙂

    I made Bulgogi last night.

  3. You let that old drunken woman grill meat at the table?

  4. Nannymm

    Good morning! Nice post, Doots. I think the food bank is one of the best local charities you can give to. It’s easy to donate here. The local grocery stores have bins in front where you can drop food donations. And you can give cash right at the register using one, five, or ten dollar coupons that are added to your bill. The store collects the money and passes it on to the food bank. When the store has a good sale or I have good coupons for things I don’t use, I buy the products and drop them in the bin on my way out. It’s such an easy and painless way to give.

  5. chefsheila

    Morning Nanny!

  6. dnd

    Great post Doots. I particularly liked the link’s emphasis on giving cash. Much more effective. My guess is that in places where groceries are taxed, the food banks are tax exempt. And if you get a receipt, it’s a income tax advantage when you fill out your 1040. Win-win all around.

  7. dnd

    Hey Brian,
    Love the Thanksgiving theme image on the blog banner.

  8. I was feeling very “googlish”

  9. chefsheila

    Brian, I like that Lets Say Thanks, Support the Troups link. very nice!

  10. dnd

    Anybody else notice we’re over 50,000 hits?

  11. Nope, I hadn’t noticed, thanks for pointing it out dnd, we rawk!

  12. dnd

    Think people aren’t hungry?

    “PLATTEVILLE — A second day of a field gleaning Sunday at a Platteville area farm has been canceled because an unexpected crowd of 40,000 people picked the farm clean a day before.”

  13. chefsheila

    Its just plain scary dnd….My heart is bleeding

  14. You don’t want to know what parts of me are bleeding, ok brian that’s just gross!

  15. dnd

    Ann Coulter’s jaw wired shut:

    Just one more thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving 😉

  16. I want to know how she broke her jaw!

  17. Nannymm

    Who cares if it shuts her up for awhile?

  18. Nannymm

    The food lines are getting quite long at our local food pantry. This afternoon they are distributing Holiday boxes, complete with turkey and everything needed to prepare a feast. It’s sad that so many people need to stand in line on a cold snowy day to get food but good that there is a place where food is available.

  19. Nannymm

    This looks like more proof that health care reform is imminent:

    The health insurance industry said Wednesday that it would support a health care overhaul requiring insurers to accept all customers, regardless of illness or disability. But in return, the industry said, Congress should require all Americans to have coverage.

  20. dnd

    Oh geeze, McCain is still saying Palin was the best choice. The inarticulate, incompetent, corrupt governor from the most socialist state in the union is somehow a reformer. The straight talk express has run into the ditch.

  21. dnd

    Interesting link on insurers. They didn’t say what they would charge, but they sure think it’s swell to force the government to force everyone to buy their product.

  22. dnd

    I just dropped a buck in a Salvation Army bucket. Asked the bell ringer how business was. He said slow. Very slow. I told him: “same here.”

  23. dnd

    Andy Borowitz on Sarah Palin’s thankfulness:

    “In order to celebrate Thanksgiving, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today issued what she called “my list of thankfulnesses”:”

  24. dog's eye view

    I always wonder if anyone shoplifts the food to put in the donation boxes. It has occurred to me that they don’t have anyone watching who puts what in the ones inside. Heck, they barely come to your aid at the “express” self-serve checkouts.

  25. dog's eye view

    Borowitz is very funny.

    I am thankful that enough of the good people of Alaska came to their senses and elected Mayor Begich rather than Convict Stevens, thus cutting off a route back to Washington DC for Governor Sarah.

  26. Nannymm

    We don’t have self-serve checkouts here. They ring up the groceries, bag them, and always offer to carry the bags out. It would be hard to shoplift the food in the bins because they are right near the registers. If they weren’t, I’ve no doubt some people would try. Just like some people steal from used clothing drop boxes.

  27. Nannymm

    I love this idea! Hopefully, it will catch on elsewhere.

    Texas police turn traffic tickets into toy drive

    SANSOM PARK, Texas — Some police officers in a North Texas suburb are playing Santa Claus with naughty drivers.

    For the next month, some motorists pulled over in Sansom Park will be given a “ticket for tots” instead of a formal citation. Drivers are then asked to drop off a $10 toy at the police station.

  28. dnd

    What a great program! I hope there are a lot of traffic violations in Sansom Park for the next month.

  29. dog's eye view

    Something else for the Obama admin to change: Pentagon beancounters changed the definition of combat-related disabilities, to the surprise of some Iraq War vets hurt by roadside bombs.

    I think this one will get changed. No one (save the beancounter set) should begrudge our troops in harm’s way their medical care and compensation.,0,846460,full.story

  30. dog's eye view

    nanny: re shoplifting: I meant I wondered if it occurred to some folks to grocery shop for the charity, and drop the foods into the collection boxes without actually paying for them. Let Ma Grocery Store bear the cost.

    That’s what I was wondering.

    I don’t see any reason you couldn’t in our local grocery. Not that I do, but it’s occurred to me….

  31. dnd

    I spoke with one of my neighbors who volunteers at a local food bank and she told me that as much as they appreciate the donations during the holiday season, people are hungry year round.

    So when you make a donation this season, don’t forget to give next spring and summer.

  32. Looks like Gates is staying on.

  33. dnd

    Makes sense for Gates to stay on for a year. We need continuity there. Glad that Gates has agreed.

  34. Agreed? dnd he’s been actively seeking it!

  35. dnd

    I did not know that Brian. I thought he wanted to leave. Either way, it’s a good thing.

  36. Speaking of someone wanting it!

    Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama “Offer”

  37. horsedooty

    I don’t think anyone has to worry about Sanson Park, TX writing any fewer tickets this holiday season. Sanson Park is a well known “speed trap” and is not shy about enforcing their speed limits. They probably write more tickets than Ft Worth in a year.

  38. Nannymm

    Drew doesn’t cite any sources for her allegation. Let’s not forget that the original leak about Hillary as SOS came from the Obama camp not the Clinton camp. (according to the reporters, Andrea Mitchell and others, who broke the story.)
    I can’t imagine that Obama would let Hillary just steamroll him like Drew claims. Let’s give the guy a bit more credit than that.

  39. chefsheila

    Hey Kids! I’m off for a little bit. Not much. I can either be to busy or not busy enough.

  40. chefsheila

    Ann Coulter broke her JAW! lol its wired shut according to Olbermann

  41. chefsheila

    sigh…..time to go start the evening meal. Stuffed baked Chicken Thighs.


  42. dog's eye view

    German physician and family granted approval — by personal intervention of the Immigration Minister — to become permanent residents of Australia. Doctor had emigrated to work as doctor in underserved rural area. Application Initially denied — twice — because teenage son has Down Syndrome; Aussie officials thought that would prove longterm drain on resources.

  43. dog's eye view

    Put that up because I am surprised that Down Syndrome would be on a “do not approve list” — even if not formalized in law.

  44. horsedooty

    that is sorta weird ain’t it dog?

  45. Nannymm

    Ever wonder what’s on the list here? I’d love to know!

  46. dog's eye view

    yeah, it surprised me, Doots, especially since at least one parent had a good profession and the means to support. Maybe Australia provides more resources to permanent residents and is therefore more discerning? Was very surprised at discrimination against Down Syndrome… wondering if our country or others (informally) discriminate on similar cases.

    Only noticed this on the AP wire; case apparently outraged Australians (thank goodness).

  47. dog's eye view

    nannym: exactly!

  48. dog's eye view

    A beagle in the news! Shiloh, an agricultural inspection beagle, retires from federal service. Mandatory retirement at age 9, which is prime of life for a beagle. Cute pictures.,0,6045344.story

    I remember a Rolling Stone — maybe Bill Wyman — got nabbed by a dog inspection at an airport several years ago. Innocent, though (well, that time, anyway) — it was dog biscuits in his luggage that lured the pup.

  49. chefsheila

    NEW THREAD…..early morning people

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