My Charity Of Choice is The National Coalition For The Homeless

You know, I’m worried…..very worried. Four of the largest states in the Union have run out of unemployment insurance money. They are Michigan, California, Florida, and New York.  256,000 people lost their jobs in October plus  1.9 million people become a statistic for long term unemployment of 6 months and longer. There are the many people that are falling off the radar right now, as I write.   Its time to brace yourself and turn inword to address this growing dirty little secret in the United States of America.

From Seattle to Athens, Georgia, homeless advocacy groups and city agencies are reporting the most visible rise in homeless encampments in a generation. Nearly 61 percent of local and state homeless coalitions say they’ve experienced a rise in homelessness since the foreclosure crisis began in 2007, according to a report by the National Coalition for the Homeless. The group says the problem has worsened since the report’s release in April, with foreclosures mounting, gas and food prices rising and the job market beginning to bottom out.

“It’s clear that poverty and homelessness have increased,” said Michael Stoops, acting executive director of the coalition. “The economy is in chaos and Americans are worried, from the homeless to the middle class, about their future.”

St Petersburg FL

St Petersburg FL

The phenomenon of encampments has caught advocacy groups somewhat by surprise, largely because of how quickly they have sprung up.

Reno Nevada

Reno Nevada

“What you’re seeing is encampments that I haven’t seen since the 80s,” said Paul Boden, executive director of the Western

Regional Advocacy Project, an umbrella group for homeless advocacy organizations in the California cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland and in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

The city of Santa Barbara, California, has given over a parking lot to people who sleep in cars and vans. The city of Fresno, California, is trying to manage several proliferating tent cities, including an encampment where

Seattle Wa

Seattle Wa

people have made shelters out of scrap wood.

In Portland, and Seattle, homeless advocacy groups have paired with nonprofits or faith-based groups to manage tent cities as outdoor shelters. Other cities where tent cities have either appeared or expanded include include Chattanooga, Tennessee; San Diego, California; and Columbus, Ohio.  This season and on into next year, remember to give. Because this era is just beginning.

We are custodians of each other and its time to step up to the plate and connect with your community again.

Naional Coalition for the Homeless



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57 responses to “My Charity Of Choice is The National Coalition For The Homeless

  1. Good piece Sheila, I added the coalition to the page links.

  2. chefsheila

    Oh Thanks Brian! Much Appreciated.

  3. dog's eye view

    I’m bringing this story of a beagle retiring from federal service forward, even though it has nothing to do with the topic posted. One just has to applaud a dog in the news, and a beagle more so.

    A dog must have its day.,0,6045344.story

    Wow. Was not aware that encampments had been growing.

  4. chefsheila

    Starting to explode Dog……very scary.

  5. chefsheila

    Cute Dog….Dog! lol

  6. dog's eye view

    Catching the rebroadcast of Countdown (which amused Sheila earlier).

    “They wired Ann Coulter’s jaw shut? Shouldn’t that have been auctioned off for charity?” for some deserving group?

    LOL. More to come.

    And then Laura Ingraham can go over to Chez Coulter and open a garden hose in the foyer. (Laura did that to some former beau.)

  7. Lets hope they wired her knees shut too, the thought of that woman spawning gives me the willies!

  8. Barbara Walters interviewed President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama for a Barbara Walters Special to air Wednesday night at 10pm. The interview covered, among other things, a potential bailout of the auto industry, bonuses for bank executives, and Obama’s negotiations to retain his BlackBerry. Read excerpts from the interview below.

  9. dog's eye view

    Food stamp usage nearing record highs; projected to surpass record set during aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 sometime this month.

    “Food pantries and other charitable organizations are also reporting an increase in demand from those in need. Visits to local pantries are up by 20 to 100 percent over the past six months, and calls to the Capital Area Food Bank’s hunger hotline have jumped 248 percent. Most are from people who have never used food stamps or a pantry before, said Lynn Brantley, the organization’s president and chief executive.”

  10. chefsheila

    Dog, Thanks for that article. What an eye opener.

  11. chefsheila

    Good Morning Everybody… to drink some liquid Eye Opener.

  12. dnd

    Obama presser this morning at 10:45 ET.

  13. chefsheila

    thanks brian, you know what its about?

  14. dnd

    The jobless numbers came out today. Not good. Consumer spending down 1%. Also not good.

  15. dnd

    No idea. Maybe a Labor announcement?

  16. dog's eye view

    You know, I am usually suspicious of facts and figures released by advocate groups.

    But one does wonder — where are those who lost their homes going? In with relatives, initially, but that often only lasts so long…

    Am very aware of food stamp abuse, but can tell from the retail discounting and slowdown in trucking industry — this time is way different.

    Plus you’ve got a lot of the elderly stuck in place — ready to downsize into assisted living, but cannot sell their home.

    Have never seen an environment like this on so many fronts.

  17. chefsheila

    I think if every one bought a 20 dollar grocery card and gave it to a food bank once a month, it would make a difference.

  18. chefsheila

    As I was reading on this….for the last couple of months. The increase in awareness has come in the last few weeks.

    But I read froma forum of a man who couldn’t find a friend of his from High School. a multi-millionaire who just dropped off the face of the earth.

    So he went looking. Hired a PI and found the man in a tent city. Had been living higher than what he was really worth.

    The moral of the story is; The Friend could not believe that his friend didn’t feel as if he could reach out to friends. So he became homeless.

    There are many out there like this guy. AND there are two many who are homeless and holding down a job still. camped out near the job.

  19. Nannymm

    Good morning! Thanks for that post, Sheila. It’s a disgrace that anyone would be homeless and/or hungry in this country. We can do better.
    I have no idea how homeless people can survive in cold climates like where I am. You can’t have tent cities where the snow is higher than the tent and the cold is always below freezing and often below zero. So what do people do? It’s frightening to think about.

  20. chefsheila


    There is a migration with the homeless. They go to the warmer climates. That is why California, Reno Nevada, and Seattle are overflowing now.

    The Puget Sound alone has just set up another tent city. They are designated with numbers. So, Tent City 4 went up this last week. Luckily for the homeless in the Puget Sound, these tent cities are managed by the regions shelters and a shelter manager becomes the “Mayor”. They keep an eye on these people and have a proactive approach to geting them jobs and housing. But its all running out. They are being overwhlemed.

    There was a desparate call this week for help in Seattle.

  21. chefsheila

    Here is an interesting twist for awareness.

    ‘Tent City’ to Focus on Homeless Experience

  22. chefsheila

    Homeless numbers ‘alarming’

    “We saw family homelessness began to increase last winter,” says Sally Erickson, Portland’s homeless program manager. “There’s definitely a spike in the last six months.” The number of requests for emergency shelter doubled from fiscal year 2007 to fiscal 2008, which ended in June.

  23. chefsheila

    hmmmmm……..Tantilizing move. Could this person be the next moderator for MTP? I wouldn’t mind it. Having worked for the man,,,,,,I just love his mind.

    Ted Koppel and Discovery “Dissolve Relationship”

  24. chefsheila

    ….or maybe not? I mean, Brokaw is as long in the tooth as Kopal. You would think Kopel doesn’t want the 9 to 5 grind anymore.

  25. chefsheila

    Here is the next News Obsession. 😉

    Meet the Press

    Ted Koppel Opts Out of Contract with Discovery; Meet the Press Speculation Begins

    Ted Koppel is leaving the Discovery Channel six months before the end of his contract, it was announced today.

    The move has since touched off speculation that Mr. Koppel made the move in order to become the next moderator of NBC News’ Meet the Press.

    Mr. Koppel’s name has long been a part of the rumors concerning who NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker might tap for the coveted position.

    Then again, in July, Mr. Koppel seemed to dismiss the possibility of taking over the show in an interview with Gail Shister at Mediabistro’s TV Newser, suggesting that NBC News needed to hire someone younger

  26. dnd

    Koppel would be awesome on MTP. My preference would be Jeff Greenfield, but I wouldn’t complain about Koppel.

  27. dnd

    Volcker to chair the economic recovery advisory board. This is very, very good news.

  28. chefsheila

    Well, this ought to be the second story for a while. I’m still in favor of Chuck Todd….new fresh faces happen about ever twenty years.

    But Koppel is my all time favorite boss. Very demanding, but quietly so. Very big intretiy that bred the want to please and then the pride in the Nightline organization

  29. chefsheila

    I guess its time to read up on Volker

  30. chefsheila

    Time for work. Later Friends!

  31. dnd

    Paul Volcker was a Fed chief, appointed by Carter and kept on by Reagan. He told Reagan that the only way out of the severe stagflation was to contract the money supply. He warned of a severe recession but when we came out of it, the economy would be stable. To Reagan’s credit, he went with it. The recession from 1981-1982 was horrible, but contracting the money supply fixed things.

    Volcker is a genius. We have him to thank for much of the prosperity of the 80’s and 90’s.

  32. A Letter to My Brother Newt Gingrich

    Dear Newt,

    I recently had the displeasure of watching you bash the protestors of the Prop 8 marriage ban to Bill O’Reilly on FOX News. I must say, after years of watching you build your career by stirring up the fears and prejudices of the far right, I feel compelled to use the words of your idol, Ronald Reagan, “There you go, again.”

    However, I realize that you may have been a little preoccupied lately with planning your resurrection as the savior of your party, so I thought I would fill you in on a few important developments you might have overlooked.

    The truth is that you’re living in a world that no longer exists. I, along with millions of Americans, clearly see the world the way it as — and we embrace what it can be. You, on the other hand, seem incapable of looking for new ideas or moving beyond what worked in the past.

  33. Nannymm

    I think Ted Koppel would be great. Nightline used to be my favorite show. But Chuck Todd would be good, too.

  34. chefsheila

    So Ok! Enough bad stuff for a little while.

    I am THANKFUL for all of you guys. You make my day a bit more interesting and pleasant Always. I hope we don’t burn out and burn bright for another whole year and may we come along all sorts of new people who want to hold ongoing conversations. People who want to write their opinions so that others can benefit from their experience!

  35. chefsheila

    I am so thankful for my family and our enduring this year together.

    I am SO thankful to have known my own father. To have had his guidance and his sense of a Great Life that I could try to live up to.

    I am sooooo thankful for my child who has grown into a good man and has chosen a great woman to marry.

    I am sooo thankful for my new Grandaughter who has the most wonderful, incomprehensible conversations with me on the phone.

    I am also thankful for the new little one who is going to make his/her appearance in June.

    I am thankful that I have a job… thankful for that.

    I am thankful that I am with a Church that has sustained me for this year and has produced some great friends for me.

    Ok….can’t think of anything gigantic anymore.

  36. horsedooty

    Here is a little primer that can ease you over the arguments around the dinner table tomorrow. Show you how to win the arguments also.

  37. dnd

    Thanksgiving Guest Liability and Indemnification Agreement:

  38. Nannymm

    Thank you, Sheila, for that lovely list of things you are thankful for.
    I, too, am thankful for so many blessings this year. Getting to know all of you and sharing this election season with you has been wonderful! I hope, and expect, that the next year on this blog will be just as intellectually stimulating and thought provoking, and that the spirit of cooperation and understanding we have created here will continue to flourish.
    I am especially grateful for my wonderful husband and the incredible work he does helping others through serious challenges. I am so grateful that my son has grown up to be, first and foremost, a kind, loving, and generous man who chose a kind, loving, and generous woman to marry.
    I thank God every day for the gift of my precious grandsons, but even more so at this magical time of year. I am so thankful that I have been given the privilege of raising Canyon, who fills my home and heart with love and joy.
    I am thankful that my daughter is still strong and determined to find her own way despite her illness. I am thankful that where there is life, there is always hope for a cure.

    I am grateful for the dear friends I’ve made over the years. Each and every one of them has brought love, laughter, and happiness into my life. Most of all, I am thankful for Luann, my best friend since childhood, without whom my life would be…..well, I don’t know because I can’t imagine a life without her in it.

    I am grateful for each day I am given and for all the joys they bring. I have even learned over the years to be grateful for the hard times I’ve gone through, the painful lessons I’ve
    learned, and the challenges I’ve overcome. They have all made me stronger in one way or another.

    May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. chefsheila

    You guys thats hilarious stuff!

  40. chefsheila

    Nanny, your a woman after my own heart. Guess what? I just got fairy princess outfits for Giana!!! and of course neutral layettes for the new baby! I had so much fun!

  41. Nannymm

    I’m sure you did! There’s nothing like grandkids…..holding them, playing with them, cooking with them, even shopping for them. It’s all FANTASTIC!!
    Take a pic of those princess outfits and share with us.
    BTW…how old is Gianna?

  42. chefsheila

    She is two and will be three in 3 months. The Outfits are for 3 and up, but you know little girls, she’ll be in them soon. There are wand and…..well, I’ll definitely take a photo. 😉

  43. Don’t forget the Baba Wawa special tonight at 10 eastern.

  44. Nannymm

    Thanks for the reminder! Been so busy cooking for Thanksgiving Round Two that I completely forgot.

  45. chefsheila


    Barack and Michelle Obama get Barbara Waltered

    If you were a tree, ABC’s Barbara Walters asked the president-elect, what kind of tree would you be?

    And Barack Obama thought for a moment the way he does without drama and then he replied, “An oak tree, because they are so strong and steady, even in stormy times like these.”

    None of that is true. We made the whole thing up. All except the part about Walters interviewing Obama for a special one-hour program for Thanksgiving eve. Meaning tonight.

  46. dnd

    Watching the coverage of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I can’t help but wonder if these morons have noticed that terrorism never makes the innocent civilians who were attacked sympathetic to the terrorist cause. Rather it galvanizes those who may have previously been opponents to fight the terrorists.

    I realize the young, desperate, disaffected, delusional, dumbasses may get caught up in the adrenaline rush of killing innocents for no apparent reason. But how does this change your life for the better?

  47. chefsheila

    ….well 72 virgins and a river of honey?

  48. chefsheila

    Go Keith! Policy no Politics

  49. To all my terrific friends here at Back Channel I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope its full of Love and Thanksgiving.

    God Bless you all.

  50. dnd I’m going to take exception to your basic premise. I don’t really think terrorist are looking for a “positive” outcome, anymore than a child throwing a tantrum really expects to get his way.

  51. chefsheila


    Mental Hug and Happy Thanksgiving!

    God Bless You too

  52. chefsheila

    This is a gotta see video friends. At first I thought it was jus another happy happy, but its a special one. A little 360 vision.

    Congregation digests Obama’s win

  53. Nannymm

    I hope your Thanksgiving is happy and blessed. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. 🙂

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