FBI Looking Into Norm Coleman’s Friend – Horsedooty

The FBI is looking into the allegations against Nasser Kazeminy, a close friend and supporter of Minnesota senator Norm Coleman, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The paper reports: “Agents with the FBI have talked to or made efforts to talk to people in Texas familiar with the allegations, according to a source familiar with the situation.”




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23 responses to “FBI Looking Into Norm Coleman’s Friend – Horsedooty

  1. Doots I’m not sure there is a there there so to speak on this one. I just wish they would certify this damn senate race already. As far as repugs go Coleman isn’t too bad, and I think he’s going to end up winning this race, alas, Franken would have been fun in the Senate.

  2. dnd

    There you go again, trying to change the subject. The most important thing in the news is that Obama is a corrupt pol because he came from Chicago. The fact that the previous Illinois governor is in the federal pen and the current one may soon be his cellmate, is a clear indication is that Obama is corrupt. 😉

  3. Oh you picked up on that too aye dnd?


  4. horsedooty

    hey don’t shoot the messenger ok?

  5. dog's eye view

    Bringing forward anon-p’s comment about what those who forecast the current economic trauma are saying now, for those of us who did not get to read it yet.

    After that exchange re the lamentable Bill Kristol, let’s see what those who got the big things right are saying. (Sounds like it might be gloomy.)

    Anon P posted last night, previous thread:

    Here’s something to think about. I said depression, well here is a post that talks about people who predicted this financial mess and what they have to say about it now.


    Now this is some scary stuff if their right.
    God Bless.

    above comment by anon-p

  6. dog's eye view

    Joe Klein’s Swampland blogpost, on the Obama- Illinois-Blagojevich connection, as reported by cable TV. (And neither Obama nor Blago is a blonde! Or missing!)

    title: Vacancy

    “I’ve been watching cable news this afternon–I know, get a life!–and you know, Barack Obama comes from the same state as Rod Blagoyevich. That is really suspicious! What did he know and when did he know it? This is the first major scandal of the Obama Administration! He has to explain himself. You notice he hasn’t had any press conferences since this thing broke…oh, wait. He’s having a press conference tomorrow…And Patrick Fitzgerald said that Obama is no way involved in this? I’ll bet! That’s not what Sean Hannity thinks! It’s a coverup for sure. Will Obama be the first President to be impeached before he’s inaugurated?

    Stay tuned…but only if you have a strong stomach.”

  7. dnd

    Jobless claims highest since 1982. Back then the recession was purposefully put in place by Paul Volcker’s monetary policy in order to stop the stagflation. It’s a very different situation now. Chances are those numbers will rise before the end of the year so companies can take write-offs.

  8. dog's eye view

    not as much outsourcing in 1982 either. Too many of our jobs are in Bangalore and Dublin. Lots of changes in the manufacturing sector in 26 years. (A generation, really.)

  9. horsedooty

    Night before last I watched a documentary about a guy named Dick Proenneke. He moved to the wilderness of the Twin Lakes region in Alaska and built a cabin and lived there alone for over 30 years. He built a cabin and got supplies shipped to him. He even shot the movie they used in the documentary. He was 51 in 1968 when he moved there to Twin Lakes and he died in California at 83 from a stroke at his brothers house. The cabin he built is now owned by the National Forest Svc. and is a museum to him and his life. Great story.

  10. horsedooty

    oh meant to post a link to the story here it is.

    From wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Proenneke

  11. dog's eye view

    alone or with pets? Cannot imagine a life entirely alone. Got to have some animal companionship.

  12. dnd

    I saw that documentary on Proenneke a while back. Amazing guy.

  13. dnd

    Can someone explain to me why those on the right, who say they want Obama to succeed as were in a mess these days and they want what’s best for the country, are the same people who are attempting to smear Obama with Blogo-gate.

    Didn’t these guys get the memo from the voters that we’re sick of the politics of divisiveness?

  14. horsedooty


    he lived alone. No pets.

  15. horsedooty

    I found this on youtube.com earlier and forgot to include it. Gives a good idea what the film and area looked like.

  16. dnd

    Bank of America to lay off 35,000 employees. KB Toys filing for bankruptcy. During the holiday season.

  17. horsedooty

    regards to KB Toys, not surprised. The stores I have been in at the malls here are terrible. Worst toys on the planet. BOA unfortunately is my bank.

  18. Clinton selection could face court challenge

    A conservative watchdog group is considering litigation to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming the next Secretary of State, saying Congress’ action Wednesday to clear a legal hurdle for her nomination runs counter to the Constitution.


  19. chefsheila


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