How To Cut Costs In a Recession…COOK! – By Chef Sheila

   At a time when Americans face the uneasiness of when and if, the next shoe is going to drop financially, for many people, putting a meal on the table without turning to deli or takeout is a skill set that they are going to actually have to learn. According to the USDA, Americans eat out 25% of their meals and on average of 90 meals a month….90 meals eaten out in a four week period multiplied by (on average) $6.50 a meal, equals $585.00 a month. 

Family and friends, who remember what Depression food was like, talk about thrift, growing their own, sharing with neighbors and learning to cope with what they had.  But let’s face it, our society has moved too far forward in taste and technology, to think of making the flour sacks into clothes or stuffing the cracks in the walls with newspaper or even making bread with only 4 ingredients….Flour, baking powder, salt and water..

With a financial market that’s in shreds, it’s probably time to start thinking of ways to stretch the old Buck. If you want to save money, one way you can do it is to learn to cook again. But maybe not as fully as your ancestors had to.  At this point in time, a loaf of bread is actually cheaper to buy and Hamburger Helper is a good stretcher and cheap too. Hey and there is nothing like Top Ramon.

However, even though we have convenience foods that will help us save and still eat, now is the time to go back to planning for leftovers and cook!  A roasted chicken can last for days as chicken salad, chicken and rice, chicken and dumplings, pot pie, stew, stir fry, or soup.

I recently made a turkey pot pie from scratch.  I saw the recipe in the LA Times and even though it was a time consuming to assemble it from scratch, it was excellent. All I did really was a little planning.  Choosing a day to roast a turkey breast, make the gravy, pastry, and so forth. All in the planning and not as hard as you might imagine.

You can make a pot pie with precooked meat, a premade crust and frozen vegetables. A lot easier and definitely faster, but I can assure you,  If you are someone who is too busy to cook or unwilling to learn, the modern version of a dish like pot pie, a dish designed to make leftovers appealing, becomes a collection of expensive ingredients and probably not as appealing in flavor.

The bottom line for all of us consumers is “Learn to Cook.”  Spend one day a week cooking for a whole week and freeze it. Get the family involved.  Plan how you can stretch and expend your leftovers. Take time to get to know your friends and take turns cooking for their family and yours.  Why?  Because buying bulk is cheaper and your family’s food selection and variation automatically doubles in imagination.

In closing you say, “Yes but Chef Sheila, Where do I learn to cook?”   Ah Ha! The internet people. Youtube has some wonderful video to go with your favorite recipe. The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook has great pictures and updated recipes. Americas Test Kitchen Cookbook is a gold mine of useful tips and techniques that even the best Chef would be thankful for.

Go Forth And Cook!   



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  1. But Chef Sheila I always roast my chicken in my rotisserie.

    And I’m sure all you’re dieing to know how Brian prepares the worlds best rotisserie chicken.

    First go out and by an electric rotisserie

    Get a Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster (this works best with a big bird, they take longer to cook and give a much crisper skin)

    Rinse the bird, soak in salted cold water for about a half hour

    peel and quater a large onion, stuff in bird with a carrots and celerty stalks (including tops)

    spit and truss the bird

    rub with olive oil, 3 or 4 cloves of finally chopped garlic, and sage and any other herbs you feel like.

    cook in rotisserie till the little plastic thermometer pops out.

  2. Oh, I forget, freshly ground pepper too, the mixed variety pepper corns add a nice touch

  3. chefsheila

    lol Thanks for the tips Chef!

    Tomorrow I’ll share my marinade for chicken….magic!

  4. But Chef Sheila a marinade sounds pretty complicated, can you I handle that?

  5. chefsheila

    I beg your pardon…..You…Talkin….TaMe? 😯

  6. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep if I have to wait till tomorrow to find out about magic marinade. Please Chef Sheila, please!

  7. chefsheila

    LOL Hey! I’m going to bed. I can’t keep my mind on marinades. Good night!

  8. chefsheila

    Good Morning…..before getting my coffee.

    o my very good friends from Detroit. WOW…..I am sorry. I know you are stressed all ready. I know you all are frightened beyond measure. Praying for you.

  9. dog's eye view

    Good column Sheila. Had a grocery-roasted chicken last night; pot pie is in the future. (Made a good one with canned biscuits a while back; not anything close to a Chef Sheila treat but it was good, and filling.)

    All our larger local groceries have put in sections of store-prepared foods that can be extended with a salad, fruit and side dishes. They’re competing with fast food on health and selection, and with takeout on cost. Will be interesting to see how they do; whether they scale back the amount of foods they put out or if they’ve accurately pegged the working parent’s time vs. health gauge.
    Cooking can be fun and zenlike too; like the slicing and dicing and smell throughout the house.

    We should all keep an eye on our local restaurants and how they’re faring. The lower priced ones/family restaurants in my (underserved) area seem to be pulling through so far.

  10. chefsheila

    If you trying this, you’ll be hooked and the notion will open your world to other ingredients to use in a marinade to get other flavors.

    1 day before your going to roast.

    Sheila’s Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken

    5 cloves garlic
    couple of sprigs each, rosemary, tarragon, chives, parsley (de-stem please)

    1/4 cup Lemon juice
    3 Tbsp honey mustard
    1 tbsp brown sugar or spenda mix
    1 Tbsp salt
    1/2 C Oil
    1 ea lemon
    2 C Chicken stock or water

    Either process with a Food processer or mash and mince the garlic first and then the herbs fine.

    Then add the next 5 ingredients , process or whisk to mix well.

    Taste and adjust to your taste whether you want more lemon or mustard or brown sugar.

    Rince and dry the bird inside and out. Cut off excess fat at the neck.

    “Schmear” marinade inside and out and under the skin.

    Put the chicken in a large ziplock with the rest of the marinade. Take out extra air and seal. Rfigerate over night.

    The chicken can stay refrigerated for two days if you want..

    heat the oven to 350.
    Thake the Chicken out. Quarter one Lemon .
    Add a quarter to the cavity
    Put the chicken in a baking dish and spread the other lemon quarters around the chicken.
    Add Stock or water.

    Bake the chicken for one hour and then turn the chicken over to brown the backside/

    To finish cooking, whenthe leg joint can be disjointed easily, its cooked. about another 1/2 hour.

  11. chefsheila

    Hi dog.

    I can tell you. The next on the list after New Years will be the restaurants and the Hotels.

    once that happens, a lot of people will be learning to cook from scratch again.

    COSTCO is calling. 😉

  12. dnd

    Well, for some reason, I’m hungry. And pot pie sounds great for breakfast.

  13. dog's eye view

    I am wondering if they might call Congress back if the markets continue to tank.

    I think Detroit will get some manner of rescue, but maybe after there’s been irreparable damage to parts suppliers and auto-affiliated businesses.

    Many of the GOP senators that knifed this rescue were protecting the foreign-owned auto companies with plants in their own (Southern, especially) states. However, some acted out of principle (albeit possibly an idiotic one).

    Current Big 3 management needs a slimdown and shakeup as a condition of receiving any aid.

    The UAW is not blameless. Years of idiotic work rules and business-unfriendly practices.

    Yes, the employees deserve respect and a living wage and safe working conditions.

    But the UAW larded too many contracts, and businesses need to be more flexible in a global marketplace. Waiting until 2011 to make changes to the contract is probably not tenable in this economy.

    Labor unions have done a lot of good, but — let’s be very honest — they provide a refuge for bad behavior too. Here I am thinking of teacher’s unions, which will protect a senior but underperforming or nonperforming teacher to the teeth. (They protect good ones too. However, there’s not the accountability one expects to see in non-union settings.)

    It’s got to be about common sense and competence too.

    All that said, I think the GOP’s opposition was shortsighted, looking at $$ $$ $$. From their contributors. Not at what it will take to rescue the states and communities whose economies tank when GM or Chrysler goes bankrupt.

    And that some of those GOP senators have missed flights due to airline strikes and stoppages and are bringing their anti-union animus to bear against auto unions.


    Maybe the next possibility is legislation on expedited and sensible bankruptcy procedures for the Big 3?

  14. dog's eye view

    Sheila: that marinade sounds delicious! The brown sugar and mustard and herbs make it really special. Will have to try it soon. Thanks.

  15. chefsheila

    I believe after reading Reich’s Blog that an infusion of funds to the the big 3 to get them past new years and then an amended chapter 11 was what the Obama adminstration had in mind…

    But I don’t think we are going to see that now. Old Politics is still at work.

    (nothing a long trip to make my writing disjointed)

  16. chefsheila

    Morning Brian.

  17. chefsheila

    AND….Today is the day that Minnisota will decide whether of not Franken will get the uncounted absentee ballots that were found, counted.

  18. dnd

    The problem with the big 3 isn’t the UAW, it’s a failed business model. This can be fixed, but it’ll take time. It was shameful that the southern senators didn’t pass the loan.

  19. dog's eye view

    Agreed that it’s way more than the UAW. And wish those GOP senators could pay a major price and have this laid at their door too. Smacks of self-dealing and taking care of contributors/major employers while sticking it to another region.

    McConnell was just re-elected; I don’t think he’d have done this if he was not impervious for 6 years.

    What do you think will happen next?

  20. chefsheila

    Yes.. the one point I do know after living there. The Owners of these auto businesses are ULTRA Ultra rich and their people are or were middle to lower income workers.

    Tha $28 bucks an hour was the “Top Tier” senior worker. An assembly worker starts much lower and they don’t get $1 raises.

    The lard of the contracts were health care and retirement related…oh and work hours.

    The Auto makers themselves were the blungeoners.

  21. Bush is going to release TARP funds for the automakers.

  22. chefsheila

    I have no notion if Bush will do that. He said he would consider it.

    We shall see.

  23. chefsheila

    The United Auto Workers (UAW) offered a different estimate of wages in a Dec 2, 2008 document titled “The Truth About UAW Members and the U.S. Auto Industry” on its website at

    “Wages for UAW members at Chrysler, Ford and GM range from about $14 an hour for newly hired workers to $28 an hour for assemblers to $33 for skilled trades workers.Typical hourly wages at Honda, Nissan and Toyota are only slightly lower by $5 to $10 dollars and hour.

    **To Chef Sheila this looks like a regional shift in cost of living too**

    These southern jerks want to use politics to shift poer to their constiuents off the backs of Other Americans

  24. dog's eye view

    Portfolio magazine: extended interview with David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager

    Found this via Patrick Appel, assistant blogging for Andrew Sullivan this week (and doing an exceptional job of it)

  25. dnd

    Other that thinking this will help their foreign manufactures in their states and busting the unions, I think they want to make as big a mess as possible for the next administration. McConnell has no shame. Banks are using TARP monies to pay executive bonuses. Had the senate passed auto loan, there most certainly have been oversight.

  26. dnd

    **To Chef Sheila this looks like a regional shift in cost of living too**

    I agree 100%. The cost of living in Alabama is not what it is in Michigan.

  27. chefsheila

    Yes dnd, Its almost undeniable that these southern jerks are attempting to shift the majority of US industrial complex the Southern Region of the US….

  28. Well the southern states have been voting against their own self interests for decades, here is just another example of where it’s got them.

  29. dog's eye view

    UAW negotiator press conference live on CNN,

  30. dog's eye view

    I agree re the shifting of industrial complex. It has its political component, and just plain facts on the ground.

    Those foreign companies chose carefully; went by cost to do business (no unions, lower cost of living for employees), state and local tax incentives and inducements. Also: new manufacturing facilities built from the ground up, with more cost effective equipment.

    Also, the population has shifted to the southern and western states, and less interference from major bad midwest weather.

    You would not necessarily locate a new automotive complex in the rust belt any longer. It’s no longer as crucial to be near big steel (remember that?)

  31. chefsheila

    This guy is SOOOOOOO Smart and wise….WOW

  32. chefsheila

    UAW just stepped up to the plate with some good old American fight.

    I’m proud of them. I think they wll get TARP after that press coverage. the Media is going to be all over this.

  33. chefsheila

    **Sheila Does the WAVE***

    Hats of to UAW

  34. dog's eye view

    Also — from figures Sheila noted in her 9:40 a post: the foreign companies seem to see the benefit of a well trained and paid workforce. $5.00 to even $10.00/hour is not a big differential, particularly when you are working for an ascending car company, vs a dinosaur. Consumers are buying your cars; you (I assume here!) have company provided health care because your company realizes it’s good business and a good retention tool.

    What to do with the displaced workers in Michigan and elsewhere?

    That is going to take some creativity, and maybe a miracle or two.

  35. dog's eye view

    Agree, Sheila. Hope some broadcaster — other than Keith O — puts press conference appearances by McConnell and DeMint and other Southern Senators up against UAW negotiator Gettelfinger.

    He’s even got a reassuring Southern accent!

  36. chefsheila

    Dog, There are all ready displaced workers….30,000 of them. That is why 200,000 forclosures in my county of Oakland alone.

    30,000 left the State of Michigan last year. The tent cities tha have popped up on mainly the West Coast probably have some.

  37. dog's eye view

    Note the “us” and “them” in first paragraph of McConnell statement last night, as reported in NYTimes.

    And then note the missing “for our states’ major employers” from the second paragraph.

    ” …The Republican leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said: “We have had before us this whole question of the viability of the American automobile manufacturers. None of us want to see them go down, but very few of us had anything to do with the dilemma that they have created for themselves.”

    Mr. McConnell added: “The administration negotiated in good faith with the Democratic majority a proposal that was simply unacceptable to the vast majority of our side because we thought it frankly wouldn’t work. …”

  38. dog's eye view

    Sheila: I know there are displaced workers. Also in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Southside Virginia, all over the place. Have been watching for years what some communities and municipalities try to do to revive their economies and employ their citizens.

    There is no magic bullet, and it is very slow in happening. Most of the eventual solutions will turn on local competitive advantages, sometimes helped along by government intervention.

    And the new jobs do not necessarily flow to those who lost the old (good) ones.

  39. dog's eye view

    In presumably happier news, Florida Governor Charlie Crist gets married today.

  40. dog's eye view

    Detroit Free Press: Tom Walsh column:

    Hey, Southerners: Detroit 3 helped you to survive

  41. dnd

    Back to food. When I was working in the restaurant biz, we always used more salt, fat and sugar than one normally uses at home. Gives your taste buds a huge rush. You see this with many packaged and prepared foods too.

    Cooking at home can be good for your health.

  42. dnd

    ps. Shelia, if you buy Top Ramon, throw out those flavor packets. They’re full of salt and chemicals.

  43. dog's eye view

    Letters/comments from Detroit Free Press Readers:

    Southern critics out of line on aid to automakers


    This probably proves the best solution may not come out of the Senate. Requires a national response, not a regional one. The GOP southern senators are voting parochially.

    Detroit readers wonder why we can rebuild Southern areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina (and recall that much of New Orleans is below sea level) but not rebuild our rust belt.

    Agree: the Big 3’s reign is over, and please don’t tell us they were building the cars that we wanted. Don’t think any of us drive Hummers or Navigators.

    Agree: Detroit’s got a failed business model and the new one should not necessarily arise in Detroit.

    But we cannot allow a whole region to fail. The bailout — and even a managed dissolution over time of the Big 3 — is far preferable to the multiplier effects of a major failure during a recession that’s tottering near depression.

  44. dog's eye view

    Politico Report: Dick Cheney says “Herbert Hoover time”, and the GOP still doesn’t listen….

    ” …Administration officials have been warning for weeks that failure to pass the bill could lead to an even deeper recession.

    That was the message Vice President Dick Cheney brought to a closed-door Senate GOP lunch Wednesday, reportedly warning that it’ll be “Herbert Hoover” time if aid to the industry was rejected, according to a senator familiar with the remarks. A Cheney spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny the vice president’s remarks. …”

  45. dog's eye view

    Backchannel quiz: who drives what make?

    I drive a Honda.

    Think Chef Sheila might have a Toyota light pickup truck. (Yes, I should know precisely what, since traveled many miles in it, but not sure….)

  46. horsedooty

    Carol drives a ’99 Chevy Cavalier. We got it from the estate of her mother. I actually own two vehicles. The big green Dodge is for sale and I plan on driving a GMC Yukon SUV once I am off driving restriction. Neither of the vehicles I own would qualify as Sierra Club Vehicles of the Year. With gas at a $1.45 here, it doesn’t crimp my budget much at all.

  47. horsedooty

    Oh, and both my trucks are 4 wheel drive. That means I can go farther back in the sticks before I get stuck. Both trucks have equivalent cubic inches in the engine department but the Yukon gets better gas mileage. The Dodge is a beast for pulling and hauling.

  48. Nannymm

    Hi, everyone! Nice post, Sheila. I roast chicken just like in that video, except I use Chipotle Butter. It gives the chicken a nice smoky flavor. I also do rotisserie chickens in my BBQ grill weather permitting or in an electric rotisserie the other 11 months of the year here in the snowy North country. I copied that marinade recipe and will try that, too.
    Home cooking is what I’ve always done. I don’t think I can remember when I last ate out. Maybe our wedding anniversary last July?
    I spent all day yesterday making Christmas goodies. I’m trying to do three kinds of cookies/bars per day. Canyon and I also started our gingerbread house yesterday. If we can get the darned thing to stop caving in on one side, I’ll take a picture for you.
    As for cars, I drive a nine year old Ford Taurus and love it. I won’t get rid of it till it dies on me. Our other cars are Saturns. Hubby says they handle beautifully in the snow.

  49. dnd

    Ok Nannymm, how do you make chipolte butter? I love chipotles in adobado sauce. Chipotle butter sounds perfect for frying eggs 😉

  50. Nannymm

    It’s easy dnd. I soften the butter and add finely minced chipotle peppers and adobo sauce to taste. About 1Tbs of each to a stick of butter is a good starting point. It’s great for frying eggs or for sauteing a chicken breast or piece of fish. And it stores well in the fridge. Just wrap it tightly or put it in a sealed container.

  51. dog's eye view

    the chipotle butter sounds yum! And EZ too. Thanks nanny.

    What kind of cookies/treats are you making today?

  52. Nannymm

    I made Viennese Crescents, Orange Balls, and Cranberry Bog Bars. Add those to rum Balls, Bourbon Balls, Italian Ricotta Cookies, Date Bars, Linzer Cookies, and Buckeye Bars. My cookie tins are filling up!

  53. dog's eye view

    The roll call list for last night’s cloture vote on the bailout bill. Some interesting “not voting”.

  54. dog's eye view

    All sound good! Wish you lived closer!

    Have never heard of Italian Ricotta cookies. What are they like?

  55. Nannymm

    They’re simple, moist and not too sweet. I’ll send you the recipe.

  56. dog's eye view

    Thanks nanny! Would love to see it.

  57. dnd

    Thanks Nannymm. Eggs and nopales cooked in chipotle butter are on my breakfast menu this weekend.

    I too have never heard of Italian Ricotta cookies. My favorite Italian cookies are pizzelle.

  58. Nannymm

    I’ll be making pizzelle next week. I have 24 different kinds of cookies on my list for this year. So I’m only half way there. It’s this {expletive deleted} gingerbread house that is giving me trouble. I’m getting ready to chuck it in the trash. Grrr!!

  59. dnd

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream between two pizzelle is the best ice cream sandwich ever!

  60. dnd

    “Sorry, We’re Booked, White House Tells Obamas”

    Can’t Laura Bush move back into the WH 😉

  61. dnd

    I wish I was there with you making pizzelle next week. I’m mostly helpful in the tasting department, but I can clean too 😉

    Most people associate Mexican culture and cuisine with Colorado, but there’s a huge Italian culture here too. It started when they recruited Italians at the beginning of the last century to work in the coal mines.

  62. dnd

    Pat Buchanan: “Toyota Republicans.” That says it all…

  63. Yeah I caught that too, but I have to say it always makes me a tad nervous when Pat and I come down on the same side of an issue!

  64. chefsheila

    I’m so glad to be sitting down for a bit. 🙂

  65. chefsheila

    I heard Pat do that too……I thought there was something wrong with my ears.

  66. your ears are fine, it’s your sinus and teeth that worry me! Getting old sucks, I’m not for it at all!

  67. chefsheila

    lol You sound like my Mother!

  68. dnd

    Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative 😉

  69. dog's eye view

    It’s kind of amazing to me that Blair House can’t make an exception for the Obamas. I wonder where they will end up? Would be great if Cheney would vacate the Naval Observatory early.

    Not that many Presidents have elementary school age children, but it (happily) happens from time to time.

    Wondering if they could live on an area military base, in housing meant for a general or colonel or admiral. Or if the US rents them a suitable estate or home that can be secured….

  70. chefsheila


    Its the President’s until the 20th. He’s apparently has guests until the 15th.

    I’m sure at the very least, the Mayflower can be used. Its got the best security plan. Not to say that they wouldn’t, but the Admiral’s quarters are homes with personal stuff in it. I personally can’t see the Obama’s putting someone out of their homes.

    Constitution and Desalle are only about 4 blocks away from the White House.

  71. chefsheila

    I mean Connecticutt and Desalle… Time to go back to work.

  72. I think the should bunk with the Clintons, they have a big fancy house in DC and the secret service is already ensconced.

  73. dog's eye view

    Is Blair House the President’s House or the US people’s?

    It seems to me that Camp David is a personal private retreat for the pres; the Blair House serves a more public function.

    To me, this is a “principle of the thing” issue. Obama is wise not to make an issue of this, but I think Pres. and Mrs. Bush have erred egregiously in not making the Obama family’s reasonable request happen.

    From today’s WaPost:

    1) there are no foreign dignitaries scheduled to visit during the period the Obamas requested

    “Blair House, which dates to 1824, has served as the official presidential guesthouse since 1942 for heads of state and other foreign dignitaries. Appearing deceptively small from Pennsylvania Avenue, Blair House is a complex of four joined townhouses that is larger than the White House, with 119 rooms and 70,000 square feet of space.

    “There are 14 guest bedrooms, eight staff bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, four dining rooms, kitchen facilities, laundry and dry cleaning facilities, an exercise room, a flower shop, and a fully equipped hair salon,” according to the Blair House Web site. “Blair House strives to be comfortable, discreet and secure, and to provide any service that a visiting dignitary might require.”


    Yes, perhaps the Undersecretary of Transportation or two has booked a function room for a farewell reception. Maybe the State Department’s Asia Service is hosting a diplomats’ tea.

    I fail to see how the Obama family could not be accommodated as well, or the previously scheduled guests could not be moved to the Mayflower, etc. (which does have excellent security).

    “Historically” doesn’t mean much, given that it’s unusual to have an incoming president with school age children (has not happened since Jimmy Carter).

    McCain or Clinton had very nice and spacious Washington homes.

    Obama maintained an 800 square foot, first floor bachelor’s apartment.

    While some of the Mayflower guests might thrill at staying in the hotel with the Pres-Elect and his family, others won’t.

    Further, DC is expecting unprecedented crowds to celebrate Obama’s inauguration (and, for many, our release from Bush-Cheney).

    The little daughters are already moving from their Chicago home to a new city and starting a new school. Why uproot them twice in 10 days if it’s possible to avoid that?

    Who is staying at the Blair House? Bush relatives, friends and donors?

    That is not right. The Pres-Elect’s safety and convenience should take precedent. Who’s going to take a shot at Doro Bush Koch?

    I think this is churlish and disrespectful. One wonders how far up the chain the request went, and whether the Bush family realized how bad this would look to your average, non-plumber Joe.

  74. *stretches and yawns*
    morning peeps

  75. dog's eye view

    Hi Brian. I like that we have a blogpost with search term “roast chicken.” That might provide a few more eyeballs off the web!

  76. yeah had it been “cooked goose” people might have thought it was about Gov. Blago.

  77. dog's eye view

    there’s lame duck terrine too!

  78. Brian…

    I put up a new post. If you want to copy it and post it here your more than welcome too.

    God Bless.

  79. AP you just reminded me of one of my favorite pet sights.

    Cats The Look Like Hitler

    I’ll check out your post in a bit, still on my first cup of coffee.

  80. chefsheila

    Me too. Good morning……walking for coffee

  81. chefsheila

    Actually, I think this guy is JUST the tip of the iceberg. I think there are a lot of mice getting nervous

    Bernard Madoff arrested over alleged $50 billion fraud

  82. Nannymm

    Good Morning!

    {“Historically” doesn’t mean much, given that it’s unusual to have an incoming president with school age children (has not happened since Jimmy Carter).
    McCain or Clinton had very nice and spacious Washington homes.} posted by Dog’s Eye

    Bill Clinton had a school age child when he became president.
    He didn’t have a home of any kind at that time. He moved to the WH straight from the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion.

  83. chefsheila

    As far as the Roast Chicken tag….Here is the score for most hits since we began.

    Open Thread Till The Election Is Called 498

    Tear Down This Damn Fence 353

    Small Business, by dnd 334

    Fantasy Cabinet Picks Round 4 329

    The Next Secretary of Treasury According 319

    Hypoallergenic First Puppy 313

    Mumbai – BrianInNYC 312

    Girls, Gloves, and Grown Ups: Confrontin 311

    Frankly, Doots may have started out with a small response, but people keep reading! Go Doots!

  84. dog's eye view

    AP: I love Balloon Juice and John Cole.

    And now his parents have adopted two adorable Jack Russell Terriers, Guezy (sp? “Goo-zee”) and Ginnie.

  85. chefsheila

    The one thing I know about Blair House is this. Its main function has always been to guard ubber high security guest of the country.

    That guest doesn’t have to be a guest of the White House and we don’t necesarily know who it is either.

    Not sure if that is the case. However, in that case, the President doesn’t make the call.

    But who knows.

  86. dog's eye view

    Nanny: by school age, I meant elementary school. But you’re right, Chelsea was still in school as well. (The Gore family already lived in DC, no interruption there for them.)

    Several comments on the web that Bill Clinton moved in to Blair House in December, and that Reagan used it for all of January. Cannot find attribution yet.

    Maybe GHWBush’s staff was way smarter than W’s, and realized such a need might arise.

    I would reconsider and blame that one on a staff error so fast, were I the Bush family.

  87. dog's eye view

    I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the use of the Blair House than the newly elected, first African American president of the United States.

    This is a historic Inauguration. Washington is going to be filled with more celebrants than usual.

    Pres. elect Obama is taking office in a set of circumstances as bad as FDR’s. In a time of terror attacks on our home soil.

    And who required Secret Service protection far earlier than his competitors.

    Precedent is helpful, but common sense should rule.

    And it does not appear that Bush’s staff researched precedence enough anyway, if it turns out that Clinton and Reagan used the Blair House, in recent memory.

  88. horsedooty

    Thanks Sheila. Is there a prize? LOL

  89. horsedooty

    you do know that it is a lot of work for me to keep clicking on that thread, don’t you?

    I think I might start another “wall” thread in the not too distant future. Been a lot of Killings in Mexico this year.

  90. chefsheila

    Not going to say that the Mayflower is where they are going, but all the rest of the high security guest like Presidents and Premiers of other coutnries stay ar Mayflower. The security is great and there are separate entrances for guest and private clients.

    The Secret Service correograph this wole thing. I bet they will make a sensible choice for the Obama’s.

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