Merry Christmas To All – Anon Paranoid

Well another year has come and gone. It seems like only yesterday that we all were waiting in anticipation of the upcoming elections in November. Well the elections have come and gone as did the past year.

So much has occurred during that year. Some good some bad. For me the year began on a sad note. My sister died two days after Christmas and though she is gone she still remains very much alive in my heart.

In April I lost my Gingerbread girl. Ginger was my companion and comforter. She met me everyday at the door and would lay down on her back waiting for me to rub her tummy. She followed me around like a small dog would, even though she was a cat. I miss her too and she as my sister will always be close to me in my heart.

We’ve watched the economy deteriorate and go into free fall because of greedy corporations and the people who run them. Whose only thought was to see how much money they could make off the backs of the working poor and middle class.

We’ve watched the housing market tumble as more and more Americans lost their homes and became homeless. We’ve watched Americans lose their pensions due to the greed of Wall Street and the World Economy collapse because Wall Street pushed out $541 Trillion Dollars worth of bad paper into the Global Markets.

We’ve watched more and more Americans lose their jobs as company’s were unable to get the financing they needed to make ends meet and for payrolls and inventory because the Banks would not loan them the money they needed.

We watched the current Administration bailout the Corporations, Banks and Wall Street to the tune of $700 Billion Dollars. The same people who were responsible for the Economic Disaster that we now find ourselves in with no oversight at all.

We watched as Fascist Republicans blocked a $25 Billion Dollar bridge loan to the American Automobile Industry which is Americas last big Manufacturing Sector left in America. All the while putting the interests of Foreign Countries and there Automotive Plants in their own Southern States first.

We’ve watched VP Dick {Heinrich Himmler} Cheney go on National Television and admit that he not only instituted the Torture Policy inside the People’s House, but also Authorized the use of it. In other words Cheney admitted to War Crimes which makes him and all those who sat in on the planning and implementation of said Torture Techniques War Criminals as well.

Then we had elections in November and with it finally a chance to restore our Constitution, Honor, Integrity and Good Name both here at home and around the world. Well we did. We elected for a change a Honest Humble man of Integrity. A man who if anyone can will put the American People and America first.

We elected Barak Hussein Obama an African American as Our President and the next President of Our Country.

So even though the year has come and gone we look forward to a new year. A year when we can start restoring America and making it a better country for all Americans and not just the wealthy few.

So as this year ends let us all look forward to a new and prosperous new year where all men are created equal and once again we will have a Country of the People, For the People and By the People.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May your new year be filled with nothing but joy and happiness.

And God Bless you all no matter what faith or non faith you are.



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36 responses to “Merry Christmas To All – Anon Paranoid

  1. Hey AP i was unable to use your pic, wordpress doesn’t like pnp files, hope you don’t mind my choice. And I hope you too have a grand holiday season.

  2. Nannymm

    Thanks for that post, Anon-p and for the wonderful wishes you sent to us. I hope your Christmas/Holiday season is a healthy, happy and blessed one this year.

  3. Hi to everyone whose stopping by the BC.

    Thanks for the great post AP, you are always so insightful and I learn so many good things from you, thanks! Life is hard, so when hope is available we need to gab it and never let go.

    We have had a great day so far, very very low key but I would call it perfect. 🙂

    Now we are heading a town over for dinner – you never know what will happen there. Wish us luck ! I may be mixing cold meds with a few drinks, I should sail right through it.

    Cheerio !

  4. Wow Brian, that’s a real bummer story

  5. chefsheila

    Anon-P. very nice, My friend. I’m glad your here AND I hope you are enjoying that new “Gigantor” Entertainment set today!!!

  6. Well just in case you think your Christmas sucks this is to remind you it could be worse!

  7. dnd

    Today is Jimmy Buffet’s birthday. Eggnog and tequila anyone?

  8. dnd

    Great post anon-p. How’s that new TV working out?

  9. Very true….vt Brian….note to self: stay a way from men in “Claus” outfits that are pissed off with arms.

    I’ll take an egg nog and tequila……. but you all knew that already….

    What a great day to have a birthday there ‘s bond to be a party somewhere……

  10. BevnTempe

    It’s late, 7:45 pm AZ time. Happy Christmas to all. Off to Death Valley for New Years with family. Back in 2009!

  11. Merry Christmas all my good friends…

    The picture is fine. I have it in jpeg however, when I used the png file I do so because I had heard the the load faster. Good choice though, thanks.

    And yours too.

    Thank you for the kind words. I left two comments on your site. One was to inform you of a spam profile link.
    Have a safe day.

    It is very nice. What a great sound and picture. Both the TV and the Blu-ray.

    I love it. I bought the wrong Iron Man movie. I got the Marvel Comic Animated one instead of the regular Blu-ray Iron Man movie. Great picture and sound though.

    I hope everyone’s day was good and filled with love for your friends and relatives. Stay safe and drive carefully if your going to be on the road tonight.

    God Bless you all.
    Anon Paranoid

  12. And a happy Kwanzaa to you too!

  13. dnd

    “Gov. Bill Ritter could give Colorado a great Christmas present: the first woman U.S. senator from Colorado. It’s his choice to make, and his choices among women are stellar. ”

    Gail Schoettler is probably a pretty good candidate herself. She’s pretty smart, even is she is a bit sexist 😉

  14. chefsheila

    Good Morning…….my feet are in horrible shape……man! I need to lose weight.

  15. chefsheila

    Happy Kwanza!

  16. chefsheila

    It won’t post Brian, but I’m sure it was my comment and your being a snotty brother!!!! lol

    Time to get ready for Post Christmas pick up.

  17. chefsheila

    just one post. Mercer Island is just off of NW Seattle. This is an artice about how the city has taken on Tent City number 4. The tent cities up here are wandering enmass around here. They are homeless too actually. Mercer just took this one in for a period of time.

  18. horsedooty

    Happy Boxing Day

  19. dnd

    Here’s a feel good story for the holiday season. Family who’s house burned down on Wednesday receives donations; decides to pay it forward by working at a shelter on Christmas:

  20. dnd

    CIA uses Viagra to win the hearts of Afghan chieftains.

    “The key, Smith said, is to find a way to meet the informant’s personal needs in a way that keeps him firmly on your side but leaves little or no visible trace. ”

    Well maybe except for that big smile on their face 😉

  21. dnd

    I guess that’s another “feel good” story 😉

  22. horsedooty

    It just blows me away to read shit like this in the 21st century.

    If one of the Republican Party’s challenges is how to effectively oppose the first black president without coming off as racist, one of the candidates for RNC chair is hardly off to a good start — he is now distributing a CD that includes a racially-charged song called “Barack, The Magic Negro.”

    Probably gonna be the next head of the GOP.

  23. dnd

    If the Republican leadership was smart, they’d publicly repudiate Saltsman and say that kind of racism has no place in the Republican party.

  24. horsedooty

    operative words “was smart” don’t see that happening, do you?

  25. “The Magic Negro” amazing isn’t it?

  26. Saltsman is just another prodigy of Rush {Goebbels} Limbaugh otherwise known as the Magic Nazi.

    God Bless.

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