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Since Christmas I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide what was my favorite moment in this long campaign year.  Lord knows there was enough to chose from!  By yesterday I had wittled my list down to three, Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech after losing the New Hampshire primary, Tina Fey’s “I can see Russia from my house”, and Hillary at the DNC role call vote.  Finally I decided on Hillary at the DNC, I can still easily recall what a sense of relief I felt as Hillary called on the convention to nominate Obama by acclimation! (If you watch the full video you can  see Hillary and Gov. Blogo schmoozing for a moment, ah politics!)

I hope over the next week or so you all will share your favorite moment of the last year so we can post them on the blog, and of course to all of you a very happy new year!



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  1. Chef Sheila

    Brian, Sheila is resurfacing after a much needed break from everything except mindless things.

    My brain is functioning again.

    To idea! I have a moment that always sticks out in my mind too!

  2. Chef Sheila

    However, Hillary’s endorsement was certainly a nail biter!

  3. I loved that moment, finally the battle was over and the war against the repugs could move forward full force!

  4. Chef Sheila

    Thank goodness its been non-news…..and then Bristol has her baby……here we go!

  5. Chef Sheila

    Time for the shower….back in a bit!

  6. dnd

    The roll call was good. Hillary’s certainly got some challenges in front of her.

    I liked the Grant Park speech. Quite the contrast from 40 years ago.

    I also liked the acceptance speech in Denver.

  7. Apparently she’s been offered 300 grand for pics of little Tripp, Trapp, Tropp whatever.

  8. Chef Sheila

    LOL YEAH! Get the cash back!!!

    Morning dnd!

  9. It’s very intresting information!!!
    Thank’s you!

  10. Chef Sheila

    Look above you? Is he real or spam?

  11. No idea, you see what I see.

  12. Chef Sheila

    Whither Bill Kristol? The Suspense Lingers
    It was one year ago today that The New York Times announced the coming of neoconservative high priest William Kristol to its op-ed page. Kristol’s contract with the Times reportedly being a one-year deal, you’d think the paper would now be ready to say whether its ambivalent opinionizer will be sticking around, right?

    In the words of a Times spokeswoman: “No.”

    Meanwhile, a message left for Kristol at The Weekly Standard, where he is editor in chief, hasn’t been returned, while an assistant to Andrew Rosenthal, the Times’s editorial-page editor, said he is out of the office this week.

  13. Chef Sheila

    Well he looks russian by the lettering in his name. So I hope he comes back to make some kind of comment or greeting

  14. dnd

    Morning Shelia.

    Hey Brian, now that I think of it, Tina Fey using a verbatim Palin transcript was one of my favorite moments, also, too 😉

    Wow $300 grand? Will they blow it on meth and snow machines or legal fees for Levi’s mother?

  15. Chef Sheila

    Better put some of that into a college fund that can’t be touched!

  16. Chef Sheila

    But you know? They could be thinking that since the end of the world is about due, they will just spend it.

  17. college fund, wow you are optimistic aren’t you Sheila!

  18. Chef Sheila

    Its 33 today, brrrr….spring can’t come soon enough….heck! Palm Springs can’t come soon enough.

  19. Little Town Beseeches Obama’s Health Chief

    Dr. Joseph Fouts, one of the area’s few general practitioners, said he dealt nearly every day with patients who had found jobs carrying health benefits but who were denied coverage because of what insurers determined to be pre-existing conditions. In a recent case, Dr. Fouts said, a child of one such person was denied coverage for a cold prescription because he had a cold last year.


  20. dnd

    College fund? The Palin family doesn’t seem too interested in higher education. Not that that’s a bad thing. Seems their focus today is getting the kids to graduate from high school.

  21. dnd

    That NASA link was really interesting. The Constellation project sounds like the Challenger disaster in waiting.

    NASA these days is a bunch of political bureaucrats and politically connected contractors. Very different that the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo days.

    It would be great if Obama really shook up NASA, particularly non-manned space flight.

  22. At Plant in Coal Ash Spill, Toxic Deposits by the Ton

    The spill has reignited a debate over whether coal ash should be regulated as a hazardous waste. In 2000, the E.P.A. backed away from its recommendation to do so in the face of industry opposition, promising instead to issue national guidelines for proper ash disposal, though it never did.


    Life in George Bush’s America!

  23. horsedooty

    I was barely awake when I heard Dr Brzezinski call Joe that. I laughed out loud. Very appropriate.

  24. That was pretty funny, glad it was posted, I didn’t see Joe this morning.

  25. Chef Sheila

    I saw that Brian, Mika’s Dad did a great thing for the Country!!!! lOLOL

  26. Chef Sheila

    Really, He called the spade….Joe Scarborough has been stunningly superficial ever since Obama won. He’s been waging war enough to get Axelrod frustrated. He’s been attacking Obama on things Obama can’t do anything about yet.

  27. dnd

    It’s about time someone called Scarborough on his bullshit. The rest of the show he tried to get every guest to back him up.

    Joe Scarborough: often wrong, but never in doubt.

    I hope they make Zbig a regular.

  28. dog's eye view

    I hope the NYTimes loses Bill Kristol. There are definitely intelligent and even prescient conservative intellectuals out there.

    Kristol is not one of them. He is wrong more often and more prominently than anyone else I know, and deserves many seasons in hell for providing aid, support and cover to the neocons.

    Hope the NYT kicks him to the curb.

  29. dnd

    I hope the NYT replaces Kristol with P.J. O’Rourke. His satire would be a good parry to Dowd.

  30. Chef Sheila

    It would be nice if ALL conservative and Liberal Liar Pundits were called on it or fired or both. I’m just sick to death of this atmosphere.

  31. Nannymm

    Thanks for posting that link Brian. I missed MJ this morning. Joe needs more of that treatment. He’s a pompous ass who needs to be taken down more than a few pegs. Zbigniew Brzezinski deserves a medal for daring to speak the truth.

  32. Chef Sheila

    Mika’s Daddy isn’t afraid of that crap, ever. Joe Scarborough has some unspoken pact with the Conservative Right, is all I can think of. for the illogical way inwhich he has been acting.

    Whatever happened to “Regular Joe”. I hope Brzezinski’s slap down give Joe some pause.

  33. Poll: Now that Bristol has delivered her baby, do you think she’s already pregnant again?


  34. Pretty clever choice of Blago!

  35. Chef Sheila

    Did I just hear what I heard? An argument before there is an argument?

  36. dnd

    Politically clever chess game, but I question the choice of someone who will not run in two years. Better to get someone young who can build some seniority. But I think Blago’s main motivation is to stick it to his detractors.

  37. Chef Sheila

    I could not agree with this statement. Coming from TV Newser…..

    TVNewser Summit — March 10, 2009 – 92YTribeca, New York
    “What a Fascinating Event We Have Just Watched”
    CNN’s Rick Sanchez summed up the proceedings in Chicago this afternoon, saying simply: “What a fascinating event we have just watched.” Despite being under federal indictment, Gov. Rod Blagojevich appointed former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the Senate seat vacated by Pres-elect Obama. Burris took a few questions before bringing up to the microphone Illinois congressman Bobby Rush. Rush then introduced a new element to the appointment fight sure to come: the element of race. Here is some of what he said:

    I would ask you not to hang or lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer. Separate, if you will, the appointee from the appointer. Roland Burris is worthy…As far as my colleagues in the Congress. I intend, or we intend, to persuade them or challenge them or to do whatever, beg them, whatever it may take, to get them to reverse their decision. Roland Burris stands heads and shoulders above most elected officials in this nation. There’s no rhyme no reason that he should not be seated in the U.S. Senate. This is a matter of national importance. There are no African Americans in the Senate and I don’t think that anyone, any U.S. Senator, who’s sitting in the Senate right now, wants to go on record to deny one African American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don’t think they want to go on record doing that. So I intend to take that argument to the Congressional Black Caucus, I intend to take that argument to the Senators.
    Rush got four minutes of national airtime for his remarks as the news conference was carried on CNN, FNC, MSNBC, HLN, CNBC and FBN.

  38. chefsheila

    ….To start the acusing before its time is just wasteful and stupid….

  39. chefsheila

    Oh man….That Tina Fey skit can still get me Gut chucking!

  40. Roland Burris: Reid Blasts Blagojevich For Making Pick

    Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released a statement today in response to reports that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will nominate Roland Burris to fill the vacant Illinois Senate seat, calling the move “truly regrettable” and “unfair.” Earlier this month, all 50 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus called on Blagojevich to step down and under no circumstance make an appointment to fill the seat.

    President-elect Obama has echoed Reid’s sentiment in his own statement.


  41. dnd

    “Turns out, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen didn’t mean it when he called Mike Shanahan his coach for life. ”


  42. Chef Sheila

    So you guys have to explain to me exactly WHY this is a bad move…..I truly don’t understand.

    If he’s still got the right to appoint….and if Burris is qualified and an innocent party….well lets face it. Anyone is going to be tainted by association.

  43. Blago isn’t naming a Senator, he’s throwing down a challenge!

  44. Chef Sheila

    Well this is turning even me off. Chicago Politics is crap.

  45. email him and let him know


  46. Chef Sheila

    And your being snotty!

  47. dnd

    We conspiracy theorist think that the reason that the right is supporting the Roland Burris appointment is that 1) they like Democratic food fights and 2) they don’t want to face an incumbent in 2010.

  48. Aren’t I always Sheila?

    And spot on dnd!

  49. Nannymm

    I suspect Burris would run in 2010 but would be a weak candidate, thereby making it easier for a repug to challenge.

  50. horsedooty

    “Turns out, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen didn’t mean it when he called Mike Shanahan his coach for life. ”

    at least your owner made a decision. Jerry Jones on the other hand thinks everything is ok in Hooterville. Jones is slowly morphing into Al Davis and we all know how “ef’ed” up that franchise is.

  51. Chef Sheila

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! From Austrailia and the space station!!!

    And Happy New Year from me!

    I had a wringer for recipe alterations last night. The boss has a 57th anniversay and I nailed it.

    Morning All! 🙂

  52. Chef Sheila

    Its going to snow in NYC! I don’t know about you Brian. But I’ve had enough of the white stuff for now.

  53. Chef Sheila

    The New Boss is staying at a Hotel. 😉

    Home Sweet Hotel Suite for Obamas in the Capital


  54. dnd

    Don’t be in such a hurry Shelia. Timekeepers are adding a leap second to 2008.


  55. Chef Sheila

    Oh! Thats interesting dnd….weird too. lol

  56. Chef Sheila

    Transformer Hooter.


  57. Chef Sheila

    What other strange but relevent subjects can we come up with?

  58. Chef Sheila

    Here’s one And for the Chef in me, I thought it very interesting. It would probably be an eye opener for you guys too, although weird…

    A closer look at that rotten papaya – facts on food waste


  59. Morning peeps,
    We haven’t had that much snow here yet this season Sheila, it’s fine with me!

  60. Chef Sheila

    Good for you! But you know another front is headed your way? Hope its nothing.

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