A blank slate for the new year, list your hopes, dreams, and resolutions



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78 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. chefsheila

    I just saw some guy chewing face on the TV…..didn’t need to see that. 😦

  2. Happy New Year all, a year of change ahead of us, amen! I hope you all have only good health and good news!

  3. DBCooper

    Happy New Year!

  4. What do you have against face sucking Sheila? And a happy to u2 DBC whoever you are.

  5. Ah, now I know who it is, you sly puss!

  6. chefsheila

    LOL I am not against it, unless its a real nasty chew and this one was particularly digusting. CNN’s entertainment is not very good… I must be getting old.

  7. chefsheila

    shush! LOL

  8. Very Happy New Year to all. This will be an historic one.

  9. horsedooty

    Happy New Year to all!

  10. Chef Sheila

    Hey and good morning to you too!

    How could it not be historic? The worst stock market drop since the 30’s. Depression already in the rust belt…. I mean it is historic.

    I hope there is a historic turn around in government and another with the neighborhoods getting to know each other again and becoming real communties helping each other.

  11. dog's eye view

    Happy first day of 2009 and the rest of our lives. Let this year be a return to national sanity and give us all an understanding that we live in a community of citizens, and that it is just plain good business to look out for all of us.

    Enough of selfishness on steroids. Let us please leave that behind, amidst the other festering remnants of the Bush-Cheney admin.

    Please let us find our better selves and listen to our better angels, from here forward.

    A rising tide lifts all boats. Enough of the discussions of which boats “deserve” to rise.

  12. dog's eye view

    Sheila: to more excellent road trips in 2009! Ours was a highlight for me last year.

  13. Chef Sheila

    Hi Lisa! I just want a healthy baby in 2009!

    Also an healthy turn around financially lol

    Here’s to historic road trips and financial bandaids

  14. dnd

    Happy New Years everybody!

    My New Years resolution: to watch all the bowl games today 😉

  15. dog's eye view

    We are driving to Tucson today to do some hiking about and sightseeing.

    Visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s western studio, Taliesen West yesterday. Lucky enough to finish the tour at sunset — amazing to see what he saw, bathed in golden rose light. A gift to bring 2008 to a close. Will share some pics soon!

    Happy first day of 2009! Change is coming, and a lot of it will be good!

  16. Chef Sheila

    Whats historic about that DND 😆

  17. *stretches and yawns*
    morning peeps

  18. New years res so far- Get in shape

    Thanks to Sheila to BC List here at least once per day.

  19. Oh yeah, and to be just as tough on Obama as i would have been on Gramps had he and Hawk-ee Mom won

  20. get in shape? From the pictures of you I’ve seen you’re as skinny at Twiggy? Spare me!

  21. dog's eye view

    yes, hoping all goes well for Shawn and his new family and the much-awaited Chef Sheila grandbaby. That’s great to look forward to!

  22. Chef Sheila

    Yey Steve!!! YOu ARE missed. I mean no one matches my intellect like you….**Ducks** 😆

  23. Chef Sheila

    Steve, I agree and I bet, so does he. I don’t think he wants everyone rolling over for him.

    I intend to keep my Senators on their toes for sure.

  24. Bri-

    Those are the ones from two years ago, ha ha. I am not putting any up right now. Ha Ha.

    Toodles folks, goin bowlin’

  25. Yeah I’m sure you’re fat as a pig now, give me a break, you’re one of those people who can eat and eat and eat and still stay slim!

  26. Chef Sheila

    Hey! No more “Nuculer”

    😆 “I can “SEE” Russia From My House” 😆

  27. You can what Russia from your house?

  28. Dog’s Eye, I’ll be standing out there on Exit 190 to wave at you as you drive by on the way to Tucson. Be sure to go to DeGrazia’s museum on the northeast side of town. Good luck with the freeways in Tucson as they’re all torn up much of the way through town.

    dnd, you might just as well watch the bowl games today as the Broncos are dead again as will be the Rockies this year. Just kidding.

    I wish for all of you what you wish for yourselves in 2009. Happy New Year!

  29. dnd

    Broncos just need defense. But that moron owner really is taking a risk firing Shanahan.

    Taveres is going to Cincy, Fuentes to the Angels. Rockies will be battling for the NLW cellar in 2009.

  30. dnd, I think Bolin is trying to get his man, John Elway, to come and be the coach for the Broncos to kind of relive the glory years of Denver. Davis has been trying that in Oakland, too, for the longest time with some of his glory players as coaches. The pros are always the last to change the “format.” Spread offenses, wildcat snaps, are all in right now at the college level. The pros are still trying to perfect the last major offensive trait, the west coast offense. That’s what makes the pros boring!

  31. chefsheila

    Hi Eprof!! Happy New Year and may it be outstanding for my favorite Shipmate!!!

  32. Thanks, Sheila. Hope all is well in Palm Springs. Don’t forget to get over to Saturday Market at the College of the Desert one of these here saturdays in the new year.

  33. Nannymm

    Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! And a special wish for Sheila’s new grandchild for a safe and healthy entry to this world.

  34. Nannymm

    I heard about that Rolando Cruz case way back when it happened. I guess I forgot about Burris’ role in it. To my way of thinking, his refusal to drop the case is reason enough to oppose his appointment as senator. What kind of man seeks the death penalty when guilt is so clearly in doubt?

  35. Agreed nan, it’s a pretty disgusting story.

  36. Nannymm

    This guys has quite an inflated opinion of himself. Check this out.
    Blagojevich’s pick has résumé chiseled in stone

  37. I saw that nan, what a hoot!

  38. dnd

    At the press conf. Bowlen was a little apprehensive about Elway’s “role.” He said that Elway was a pretty busy businessman. Shanahan was a little more upbeat about Elway, probably because he knows Elway is dumb as a stump and would be easy to beat 😉

    If you’re really bored, here a couple links to the press conf.



    You can guess from all the clips on those links that this is big news in Colorado.

    And hey! Only six weeks ’till pitchers and catchers!

  39. dnd

    Burris seems a bit too eager to get the appointment. Makes me suspicious…

  40. Nannymm

    Spring training!!! I can’t wait!

  41. dnd

    50 years ago today Castro assumed power in Cuba.


    It amazes me that a country with such a high literacy rate has such an abysmal economy. They really need serious economic reform.

  42. Nannymm

    I agree, dnd. I keep wondering what he and Blago have up their sleeves. Rep. Danny Davis turned down that senate seat because he felt that any appointment by Blago would always be suspect. IMO, he showed real common sense and integrity.
    But Burris just seems not to care. He wants it and that’s all that matters to him. Like you, I wonder why.

  43. Come on who wouldn’t want to be a Senator, especially with such little effort involved in getting the job, look mighty fine on that over the top tomb stone!

  44. horsedooty

    is everyone having a gmail error today?

  45. my gmail is fine, but sometimes some servers do have a problem. You might be on one of those servers, it’s happened to me.

  46. Chef Sheila

    Mine is fine too Doots.

  47. Chef Sheila

    Thanks Nanny, I hate to say, I’m holding my breath for this baby, but I am. I don’t want to fall in love with him or her before they are ready to come on out.

  48. Hey sheila where are our sliders?

  49. horsedooty

    all that money for the CIA education and you are serving sliders? I don’t get it.

  50. Chef Sheila

    I served the really fancy stuff the other night. But this is DUDE Day and they like the little whimpy burgers. I even cooked 5 hour camp beans too.

    I mean, this is a bunch of Timber Kings. They spent a lot of years in the logging camps. Their wives are the cultured ones.

    Its a good thing I can do both. Both of them feel like they have died and gone to heaven!

    I mean I just did a hoard of sliders and beans and cooked Veal Piccata for her!

  51. dnd

    I hear sliders are good for a hangover 😉

  52. dnd

    And really, who want’s to eat veal piccata while watching the Rose Bowl?

  53. Chef Sheila

    Sorry brian, I forgot yours and they got eaten. So I’ll remember next time. 😉

  54. dnd

    “5 hour camp beans”

    Sounds good what’s in it?

    (ladies, don’t click on this link!)

  55. Chef Sheila

    Its got some strong coffee, BBq sauce, brown suger, bacon, onions, white beans, mollasses, and salt.

  56. Chef Sheila

    Even though I don’t like that part of the movie, I still can’t help laughing!

  57. Chef Sheila

    Oh! and a lot of garlic..

  58. dnd

    Blazing Saddles. BTW, for historical accuracy, I think cowpokes prefer the “one cheek sneak.” 😉

  59. LOL, two young mormon boys just rang my doorbell “spreading the word of christ”. I very politly said “no thank you and have a happy new year” they kept going on, I said “listen I’m a Jew and I’m gay, I don’t think I’m at the top of your list”. They left!

  60. Chef Sheila

    Scared em, eh?

  61. Indeed, and they were cute, wise not to let them travel alone!

  62. Blazing Saddles Favorite—-Gabby telling the preacher he was a “pious sidewinder.”

    Did any of you have black eyed peas and cornbread on New Years Day? Thats a Southern Tradition. I didnt know if the rest of you partook.

    Re Broncos: You dont fire the coach who put 2 championships in the case unless you give him the chance to leave on his own terms.

  63. Chef Sheila

    Morning Steve and you shame me…..I haven’t had Blackeyed Peas and cornbread since I was living at home with my papa. HE was the southern boy and frankly its not my cup of tea.

    As a matter of fact, it was so unpopular at our house, my father finally consented to having Hamhocks and beans and cornbread. Now I LOVE them and make a mean batch.

    Nope! I had to make mini sliders and Cowboy Camp Beans. I had none of it except a bowl of beans at 9 last night . They ate all of it.

  64. Chef Sheila

    Irsrael and the Ground Invasion is scaring me.

    I don’t think there is anything that can be done, but I also think there is going to be an escallation of scales I don’t want to think about if someone doesn’t try to come to some agreement again.

  65. dnd

    Ummm. Black-eyed peas. I forgot yesterday.

    And I completely agree, the coach who put THE ONLY two championships in the case should have been allowed to leave on his own terms. Shanahan showed a lot of grace and class. Bowlen, none.

  66. dnd

    What is Israel thinking? This is the worst PR move in a long time. If they want to get rid of Hamas, they should take some of the billions we send them and try to make life better for those in Gaza. That’s what Hamas did. That’s how you win friends and influence people.

    I hope Hillary is planning on a trip Jan 21 and is planning on knocking heads 😉

  67. Chef Sheila

    I agree dnd and Man, I think it has to happen now!

  68. dog's eye view

    Morning all!

    eProf: good to be sharing the same desert air! Missed your comment — would have hailed you as we sped past exit 190. Had a very good day yesterday visiting the Pima Air Museum (“boneyard” for retired aircraft, primarily military; it had a few retired airliners and JFK’s turboprop Air Force 1 too) and then Colossal Caves — worth the trip, both of them, and only one tour site smelled of bat guano. (Not overpowering though.)

    Coffeeing up to pack and hit I-10 back towards LA today. Planning to walk around Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen West again, though.

    It’s been a good start to 2009.


    Agreed re Israel. Wondering how much of this action is for internal political consumption? Because cannot imagine it’s doing that much to forge an environment for seeking long-term stability and working toward common interests there.

  69. Chef Sheila

    This is Disgusting….and Really kind of hard to do as just a mistake…..

    Disabled man left on busBY JENNIFER BARRIOS
    January 2, 2009
    A disabled Manhattan man who didn’t come home from school on New Year’s Eve spent the frigid night huddled on the bus he had been riding until he was found yesterday morning in a Brooklyn bus yard, police said.

    Police said the man, 22, whom published reports identified as Edwin Rivera or Ed Wynn Rivera, of East Harlem, is unable to speak. Rivera apparently left the unidentified Manhattan school on Wednesday afternoon on the bus, run by Outstanding Transport Inc., although the school did not record him as having left for the day.

    When Rivera didn’t arrive home, his father filed a missing persons report. Police searched the bus yard at Powell Street and East New York Avenue on Wednesday night, but couldn’t find him. Police said Rivera’s father returned to the bus yard during the night in search of his son, but the search was fruitless until yesterday morning, when police and the man’s parents searched the yard again.

    They found Rivera on a bus in a back parking lot on the property that had not been searched earlier. Rivera was in a seat behind the driver’s seat.

    Rivera was being treated for hypothermia and in stable condition at The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, spokesman Andrew Rubin said.

    The matter is under investigation. Police did not know if any charges would be brought against the bus driver.

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