National Western Stock Show – dnd

January 10th starts the 103rd National Western Stock Show in Denver.  Ranchers from all over convene to show their livestock.  Young people in 4-H show the animals they have raised.  There are rodeos, horse shows, commercial exhibits and the auctioning of the grand champion steer at the Brown Palace Hotel.

The National Western Stock Show and Cheyenne Frontier Days are probably the two biggest events that authentically celebrate the spirit of the Rocky Mountain west.

Unfortunately, the current economy is taking a hit on the stock show as it is on the rest of the business world.  It is unlikely that ranchers will be direct beneficiaries of any stimulus plan.  They don’t mind.  That’s not their style.  But getting the economy back on track will help these hardworking businessmen/women who put food on our table.



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31 responses to “National Western Stock Show – dnd

  1. I love cowboys! dnd cleanup the guest room, I’m on my way!

  2. BevnTempe

    This looks like fun – reminds me of my childhood when I went to the rodeo parades in Phoenix. Scottsdale is getting ready for their version of sales, the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. Big money, big cars.

    BTW, it’s gong to be 68-72 degrees here his week. Come and enjoy the nice weather.

  3. Nannymm

    Good morning! That sounds like fun, dnd. I used to love going to the rodeo when I lived in Texas.
    And Bev, I’m jealous!! It’s -14 here today. And I have to go watch my grandson race. He’s on a ski racing team. BRRRR!!!

  4. horsedooty

    “It is unlikely that ranchers will be direct beneficiaries of any stimulus plan. They don’t mind. That’s not their style. But getting the economy back on track will help these hardworking businessmen/women who put food on our table.”

    There is a great book that was written by Elmer Kelton called “The Time It Never Rained”. In the book, Mr Kelton tells a story about the big drought in the 1950’s and how the government tried to step in and help the farmers and rancher. Some of the ranchers and farmers refused the “handouts” and sorta speaks to the comment that Dnd made in the quoted statement.

  5. horsedooty

    pretty clear here but only 33F burrrrrrrrr!

  6. dnd

    I think the caption for the photo should be: “ouch!”

  7. dnd

    27 degrees here. At least the wind isn’t blowing…

  8. dnd

    Hyundai has a new promotion to sell cars in this down economy. If you lose your job within a year of your purchase, you can bring it back.

    The competition just got tougher for the big three.

  9. dnd

    “Xcel Energy plans to transform Colorado into one of the biggest solar-power states in the world.”

  10. horsedooty


    The Fort Worth Live Stock Show and Rodeo is well over 100 years old. If fact, the Rodeo here is said to be the first “indoor” rodeo in the world. That building is still being used for another rodeo but it is still being used on a weekly basis.
    The Fort Worth rodeo has been reduced some in size and stature due to lack of corporate sponsorship. Consequently, the added prize money is not up to what the bigger names in the rodeo sport would like to compete for. Some places like Denver and Houston and San Antonio do not, now, charge the cowboys an entry fee as has been the custom in the past. That traditionally is where the prize money came from. Now the corporate added money allows the cowboys the luxury of not having to spend hard earned money to compete. The brain trust instead of out hustling for corporate sponsorship have come up with a snappy slogan. It is “THIS THING IS LEGENDARY.” Nice ring to it, huh?

  11. BevnTempe

    We’re getting ready to take a ride on our new light rail system. lots of controversy about whether it should have been built. I hope it’s successful and that people will take advantage of the train.

  12. Dick Cheney finds Obama’s inauguration historic, remarkable, also exciting

  13. Nannymm

    He’s a liar. The only thing that excites him is torture and the dark arts.

  14. dnd

    Well the horses in National Western Stock Show or Cheyenne Frontier Days aren’t adorned with sponsors like NASCAR cars, yet 😉

  15. horsedooty

    LOL 🙂 funny!

  16. horsedooty

    I am going to the Stock Show next weekend (first day it is open) to help sing to the goats. My friend Allan’s wife Kate raises show quality goats. She will have about 20 or 25 goats there that will be entered in the competitions. She also plays the shit out of the fiddle. Allan plays bass and they have the band The Texas Trailhands. They play western swing and TV cowboy music. It has become a tradition for the band to play a concert for the goats. They usually do about 2 hrs. It is pretty funny.

  17. dnd

    I’ve heard of goat herders, I’ve heard of goat ropers, but I can’t say as I’ve ever heard of show goat serenaders 😉

    Hope you’ll bring back some photos or video and a trip report to document the event. Would make a most excellent blog thread.

  18. horsedooty

    so Dnd, did you dust off the 10x Stetson and Tony Lama’s and go to the Stock Show parade yesterday? Don’t forget the Carhart coat too with the horse blanket lining.

  19. dnd

    LOL! Reminds me of something a friend in Driggs Idaho once told me: “The reason all the cowboys wear ball caps and running shoes is so you can tell them from the real estate salesmen.”

  20. dnd

    Obama on This Week.

  21. dnd

    Obama told Stephonopolus that finding a dog was tougher than finding a Commerce Secretary 😉

  22. dog's eye view

    Morning all! Missed This Week; will have to catch it tonight.

    Go dogies!

  23. CS in Chi-town

    Leaving Chicagos 20-Below weather to drink cold Coors beer in Denver. “Take Me to the Rodeo”. Enough of Obama and Politics, I want to be entertained.

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