A Personal Observation – unlikely burrito

So the other day, maybe a week or so ago, a video tape of a leader of Hamas was being shown on television and he was saying something like, “I am going to kill you [Israelis], it won’t be a “picnic” and Gaza will be you graveyard.”  In all honesty, his words seemed incredibly immature, shallow, and staged like in a poorly written play, directed by a pre-adolescent boy, or some low budget sci-fi when the awful monster spews G-rated evil.  He sounded like he needed a time-out and a nap. I just couldn’t believe it, it seemed surreal.

I pondered my reaction to this Hamas clip many times over the next several days.  I came to the conclusion that I had become personally detached.

Americans have been almost entirely shielded from all images of combat, death, and human suffering for the last eight years.  Remember even in the Iraqi war, people were actually fired for publishing images of American flag draped coffins.  This all leads to callousness, coldness and a detachment of personal responsibility and empathy.  Personal involvement is thwarted; political pressure on our government is lessened. Withholding images depicting the atrocities and the ravages of war squelches outrage.

I started to note general opinions put forth by everyday Americans.  People, like myself, who are not well educated regarding this ongoing conflict. People who are not even remotely qualified to imagine what could possibly lead to a lasting resolution. In doing so, I was able to identify various “talking points” that many people were just regurgitating.  They heard it; it made sense at the time, now they professed it to be the truth and/or their opinion. It appeared all very contrived and controlled.

In the end I could only reason: Peace will come when people, and when I say people I mean individuals, demand peace above all else.  Peace will happen when the weak and the powerful, the poor and the wealthy, the armed and the unarmed choose peace as their ultimate goal.

Currently and moving forward, I choose to fight my own complacently and support peace, which is all I truly know I can do.





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38 responses to “A Personal Observation – unlikely burrito

  1. Good post UB, I think it’s easy to forget, no matter who you think is right or wrong, that peace and a life of basic human decency should always be our goal.

  2. horsedooty

    I totally agree Sra Burrito. It is always amazing what horrors the human brain can think up. The rational for hate is very ugly.

  3. Nannymm

    Well said, UB. People have to decide whether or not they want peace. Unfortunately, it seems like those who prefer war are in control in too many parts of this world. But maybe things are changing here since we elected, and will soon inaugurate, a man who clearly prefers peace and diplomacy to war.

  4. Good point nanny, one of the biggest mistakes of both Clinton and Bush was holding off getting involved in the region till the end of their administrations. A mistake I don’t think Obama will make.

  5. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Great post. I worry about the long term effects of this type of conflict. Any that constant shelling has got to be a precursor to cases of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

    As folk singer Tom Paxton wrote: “Peace will come, and let it begin with me.”

  6. dnd

    Um, meant to say “And that constant shelling”

  7. Sra Burrito:

    I am impressed with the depth of your insights and the intelligence of your voice for peace. Thank you.

    If you didn’t see Bill Moyers Journal last Friday, his editorial on the Israeli Palestinian/Gaza situation it’s worth finding on YouTube or over at my web page. Your thoughts and those of Bill Moyers run parallel and both are worth the time and effort to read and see and contemplate our own point of view.

    Again, well done!

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments.

    Eprof2, I will look into the Bill Moyer’s pov. Thanks for mentioning it.

    I agree with the PTS syndrome that will effect whole populations….add that to the deep sense of loss, betrayal and helplessness, and the world ends up with very complex set obstacles dumped on top of the already complicated underlining issues in this conflict.

    Some people in the world have never experienced peace. Can they believe in it ? Trust it? Can peace be seen as strength?

    We shall see, hopefully peace is possible.

    “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
    Sun Tzu

  9. BevnTempe

    I agree with UB – when individuals are tired of the fighting and decide they would rather have peace, things may change. Since it’s gone on for generations, I’m not holding my breath for change in that part of the country.

  10. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I’ve long felt that a qualification for elective office is to have read and comprehended Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.”

  11. dnd….I am glad you added the word “comprehended” to your post. 🙂

    …made me think of W and all his reading………

  12. Maybe GWB was just a page turner…..pretending to read, or pretending to be a president……either case ….good riddance.

  13. Nannymm

    Amen to that!

    Bob Herbert proposes an interesting idea in his column today:

    “The economist Dean Baker is a strong advocate of a financial transactions tax. This would impose a small fee — ranging up to, say, 0.25 percent — on the sale or transfer of stocks, bonds and other financial assets, including the seemingly endless variety of exotic financial instruments that have been in the news so much lately.

    According to Mr. Baker, the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, the fees would raise a ton of money, perhaps $100 billion or more annually — money that the government sorely needs.

    But there’s another intriguing element to the proposal. While the fees would be a trivial expense for what the general public tends to think of as ordinary traders — people investing in stocks, bonds or other assets for some reasonable period of time — they would amount to a much heavier lift for speculators, the folks who bring a manic quality to the markets, who treat it like a casino.


  14. Afternoon peeps, good news, got my post colonoscopy biopsy result, no cancer! Yeah!

  15. Nannymm

    That’s great news, Brian!

  16. Sure is, one less thing to worry about for the next two years, now I can get back to being worried about the state of the world!


  17. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, January 13, 2009 — 3:43 PM ET

    Citigroup Said to Consider Plan to Split in Two

    Under extreme pressure from regulators and confronting gaping
    losses, Citigroup plans to sever various corporate and
    investment banking businesses from worrisome consumer finance
    operations and other businesses that it no longer considers
    central, a person with knowledge of the plan said on Tuesday.

  18. Obama Issues First Veto Threat

    President-elect Barack Obama made his first veto threat Tuesday in a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats. Obama told his former colleagues that if Congress passes a resolution blocking release of the second half of the financial bailout funds he will veto it, said Sen. Joseph Lieberman after leaving the caucus meeting.


  19. That’s great news Brian! I am sure it takes a huge weight off.

    Happy for you! 😀

  20. horsedooty

    congrats Brian. great news.

  21. dnd

    Great news on the poop scope.

  22. chefsheila

    Very Nice Burrito! I chose to fight too.

  23. chefsheila

    Morning Everyone. Been spending time with someone else. 😉

    But I’m BACK!

  24. chefsheila

    I’m hearing Snow Forcast in DC this week. I sure hope it clears out for next week.

  25. chefsheila

    Re: Obama Issues First Veto Threat

    He’s the Man!

  26. chefsheila

    I’m really proud of Clinton. She was progresive in her views and impressive. What a difference an election makes on the Hill.

    Clinton navigates confirmation hearing smoothly


  27. chefsheila

    Myfavorite Rag is going to close. I have been reading hte Seattle Post Intelligencer since I was a teen. The PI is where David Horsey has made his home.

    David Horsey says.


  28. chefsheila

    Morning Brian,. Just me this morning

  29. chefsheila

    Time for some breakfast and work and exercise. hohum

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