Unlikely Burrito’s Open Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am hopeful that people everywhere will be inspired by you and your leadership and aim to be “better.”  Whether it is a child in school, a single mother, a CEO of a corporation, or a politician who has forgotten his purpose, each will look to you and be reminded of the enormous responsibilities, endless choices and wonderful opportunities we all face.  I think that an empowered and optimistic America will, in fact, create a better America and will begin to mend the world.

I will only ask you to do one thing in this letter; please see to it that legislation is passed through Congress allowing Federal funding of technological research and development in the field of stem-cell research including embryonic stem cells.

I have the utmost confidence in you and I wish you and your family well. Thank you for being the one, “that won” Ohio and the presidency.

Trevor P.
Aka. Unlikely Burrito



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79 responses to “Unlikely Burrito’s Open Letter To President Obama

  1. Love the pic you found UB, priceless! I don’t believe legislation is needed, I believe President Obama (love typing that out!) can reverse Bush’s restrictions by executive order.

  2. WASHINGTON — President Obama is expected to sign executive orders Thursday directing the Central Intelligence Agency to shut what remains of its network of secret prisons and ordering the closing of the Guantánamo detention camp within a year, government officials said.


    Glad he’s including all the CIA prisons!

  3. dog's eye view

    Great message. Great license plate!! And always good to hear from Ms. Burrito.

    Obama will end the war on science. He’s addressed it many times on the campaign trail. Science and technology can work for us, as well as against us.

    I have some quotes to that effect from a Virginia appearance; will dig them out when back home.

  4. Nannymm

    Nice post, UB. Love that pic, too.

  5. dog's eye view

    Microsoft cutting 5,000 jobs, 5% of their workforce.

  6. Yeah heard that too dog, you know if MS is cutting people things are getting really bad.

  7. dnd

    Great letter Sra Burrito. I hope Obama puts a lot of money into stem-cell research funding.

    We really need to quit out-sourcing science and technology.

  8. chefsheila

    Good Message and reminder UB. Stem cell is so important….and a great way to produce more jobs. Michigan just legalized it and is planning to bring the research into the Ann Arbor area.

  9. chefsheila

    Washington States unemployment has reached 7.1%

    My brother, who lives in Everett was just let go without notice……

    Its time for Wa State to start taking it in the seat again

  10. dog's eye view

    Spoke with a tax accountant who is also a landlord/property developer. He’s alarmed by seeing parking lot after parking lot of retail sites without cars.

    It is going to be a rough year.

  11. dnd

    OMG! No Bible used in re-swear-in! Can it be legal????

    Some Constitutional trivia: no Bible required.

    More trivia: No need to “state your name.” No “So help me God.”

    So is it legal because Obama stated his name? And said “So help me God.” Well, if not, we’ve had a lot of Presidents without executive powers.

    One more piece of trivia: Obama wasn’t the first. Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur retook their oaths too.

  12. dog's eye view

    Sheila: that’s terrible re your brother. Plz give him our best. No notice is traumatizing!

  13. dog's eye view

    dnd: Obama is going to be a much better president than Coolidge and CA Arthur too.

    But don’t hear anyone sniffing that they were illegitimately president….

  14. They weren’t presidents in the age of PUMA!

  15. dog's eye view

    any guesses on who Gov. Paterson will select as NY senator? Likely to be Cuomo?

    I would love if it was another Caroline/Carolyn from the NY congressional delegation.

    Not a political scion, and a woman has been standing for political election many times over.

    nanny: who would you like to see appointed?

  16. dog's eye view

    Brian: there’s a parallel world.

    Some live in PUMA world. We live in the age of Obama.

  17. dog's eye view

    Brian: who would YOU like to see appointed? How could I forget that you are a NYS resident too!!

  18. I could easily live with Cuomo as senator, politically speaking there is little difference between Kennedy or Cuomo. As an unabashed Kennedy junkie I certainly would have loved to see Caroline in the Senate, but I have faith in Paterson’s politics that he will make a good choice.

  19. Coleman Takes New Job, Looking Beyond Senate

    Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman is making preparations for life after office, having signed up as a paid adviser to the Republican Jewish Coalition earlier this week.


  20. chefsheila

    YES!!!!! Just signed the order to close!

  21. It’s official, Gitmo to be closed in one year! Hallelujah!

  22. chefsheila

    LOL GITMO that is 😉

  23. chefsheila

    CLAP!! CLAP!! CLAP!!!

  24. Ok, now I might cry! America is back to being America!

  25. chefsheila

    You mean an Ideal that we saw in our childhood and our Children have yet to see?

    What a concept

  26. dog's eye view

    Closing Guantanamo Bay prisons on his second full day in office.

    Hillary Clinton getting ovation at Foggy Bottom.

    Under new management.

  27. chefsheila

    Sure is Dog. Enjoy this one until the next naive gaff 🙂

    Nothing like growing pains in the White House

  28. dnd

    People! The real question is: where is Obama’s Blackberry?

  29. dog's eye view

    are you still in sunny Palm Spring?

    Leaving NY state either late tonight or maybe O dark hundred tomorrow. Got to get back and collect those Virginia-livin’ beagles. (I hear my older pup has recovered from her cold and is beagling away down there. She was silent last time I picked her up — rather worrisome!!!)

    Look forward to venturing into DC and looking at the White House and saying “thank you, Lord, but it took too long to get good people in again.”

    Glad they’re gone, but it’s a historical tragedy that Clinton was impeached and Bush was not.

    Future generations are going to judge us “addled.” Let’s just admit that now.

  30. chefsheila

    IN HIS POCKET!!! 😆

  31. clipped to his belt, the ultimate nerd fashion accessory! And no, I keep mine in my pocket!

  32. chefsheila

    Hi Dog,

    Yes I sure am. Busy Busy busy, but not as busy and during the Holidays….

  33. Blackberry being discussed right now on MSNBC.

  34. chefsheila

    Back Pocket? lol

  35. chefsheila

    Our New Prez, has started the year with a bang

  36. Nannymm

    Closing GITMO is wonderful news. But, before we get too “over the moon” about ti, I would like to know what we are going to do with that small group that includes KSM. You know, the ones wesay are too dangerous to let go but probably can’t bring to trial be cause we used torture either against them or to obtain evidence against them from others. Our constitution and Bill of Rights are very clear about this. We CANNOT hold someone without charges. Therefore, if we can’t charge them, we have to let them go. PERIOD. Bush and Cheney bear the blame and the responsibility for that. I don’t like the position we as a country are in. But we ARE in it. And we must do the right thing. We must try them or release them.

  37. The president has set up a commission to deal with how the remaining prisoners will be dealt with. That was one of the exec orders he signed today Nanny.

  38. Nannymm

    OMG! Here we go again! The president’s primary job is NOT to keep us safe! It is to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.” This false idea that a president must first and foremost keep us safe is how we got into this whole mess. Someone needs to be clear to the American people about this.

    Again, please not these words from two of our Founding Fathers:
    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people.”
    (August 1765) John Adams

  39. Sheila your b/f chuck todd is not off to a great start, focusing on the re-oath taking, if this is going to be the caliber of his questioning I will be very disseminated!

  40. Nannymm

    I know, Brian. But commissions tend to make me nervous. Seems to me the Constitution is clear and we don’t need a commission to decide what to do. There are only two choices, legally, try them or let them go.

  41. well no nanny, what about people who’s home countries don’t want them back? What’s to be done with them?

  42. Nannymm

    I agree about Todd. But I’m not impressed with Gibbs first answer either. See my comment above.

  43. Nannymm

    Unfortunately, Brian, I think the Powell Doctrine might fit here. “You break it, you own it.” Or to put it another way, we brought them here, we may be stuck with them her. Which, by the way, may not be such a bad idea. They can be kept under very close or even constant surveillance here.

  44. I guess I don’t see it as simply as you do. I think there are many issues to be worked out, and I like who Obama has named to the commission.

  45. Nannymm

    Who has he named? I missed that. I accept that we can’t quite totally agree about this. But, please don’t think I see it as simple. I don’t. I believe it is a very tough choice, even as I believe it is clear what we must do. But, perhaps, I am missing something. I’ve been wrong before, you know. But, shhh! Don’t let it get out! 😉

  46. Basically the entire national security team, including Hillary and Gates.

  47. chefsheila

    You guys…..Todd doesn’t dictate what he reports on in the White House. The executive Director of News does.

    This isn’t a news. The tug of war between the Press Secretary and the Press Corps has begun.

  48. chefsheila

    No one has exclusives in there until the Press Secretary either gives them one or someone leaks it exclusively.

    Chuck is now being groomed for something bigger. White House Senior correspondent is a road to some kind of anchorship

  49. Sheila and Chuck sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!

  50. dnd

    “The president’s primary job is NOT to keep us safe! It is to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.” ”

    Spot on Nannymm. The President has many responsibilities, but they must all be carried out in the context of the oath of office.

  51. dnd

    Todd was annoying. Gibbs answered the question. What he should have asked was why didn’t Roberts just come out and say Obama was rightly and properly sworn in.

    I think the press is gonna have a tough time with Gibbs. He’s really smart and very likable. Hard to attack someone like that.

  52. Nannymm

    Thank you , dnd! I was beginning to think I was the only one who cares about that technicality. It is PISSING ME OFF to hear Obama people make that same “keep the people safe”claim that Bush and Co. did. Since so many of the American people are too ignorant to get it, I expect Obama and his staff to educate them, NOT reinforce erroneous claims.

  53. BevnTempe

    Just getting home after walking the mall and having lunch. Kind of an oxymoron! Anyway, great letter, UB. I think we have a wonderful collection of letters to send. If they would only do what we ask!

  54. The President’s remark on the Mideast are excellent, and very long overdue.

  55. Nannymm

    They definitely were. Isn’t it nice to listen to an intelligent president deliver his remarks in a concise and coherent fashion?

  56. dnd

    “The President’s remark on the Mideast are excellent, and very long overdue.”

    For those of us not paying attention, what did he say?

  57. in short, humanitarian aid for Gaza, two states solution, time for the arab nations to get on board, working with the PA, his personal dedication to the peace process.

  58. Nannymm

    The press just can’t get off this Caroline Kennedy story.

  59. dnd

    To quote the late, great George Gobel: crimeinitly! Holbrooke and Mitchell! Could Obama assembled a better team?

  60. A team of heavy weights to be sure! Lets all wish them swift success in their tasks!

  61. dnd

    Can it safely be said that Kit Bond is a senile old coot who has no business being in the Senate.

  62. Nannymm

    Definitely safe to say so, dnd.

  63. The repugs are petrified about then new AG going after Bush people. Once Holder came out and said water boarding it definitely torture is sent a chill through all the repugs on the Hill.

  64. Just home from work and finished cleaning the pile of dishes……teenagers……..geez.

    Anyway thanks for all the remarks. I figured this would be and easy and fast task for President Obama to complete and I understand that there are numerous companies just waiting for the green light to proceed with research. A win win.

    Imagine cutting edge science…in this country once again!

    Sorry to hear about your brother’s job loss Shelia…On the way home NPR was discussing the impact each single lost job has on the rest of the community…it was so depressing, I actual turn it off…..I just could not bare it.

    I am going to chill out, stressful day at work……have a wonderful evening everyone.

  65. Great license plate, UB. Here in AZ a new law was put into effect that says if you cover up the word Arizona at the top of the plate with a license plate holder you can be stopped and fined $130. Today, on the freeway and around PHX probably every fifth or sixth car could have been fined. I don’t know what prompted the new law because AZ plates clearly show cactus and mountains with distinctive colors, if they haven’t faded from the brutal sun. I suspect it’s just a new way for government to collect money as the state faces a $1-2B deficit. Still, license plates are fun!

    Bev: If it was the Chandler Mall, we probably passed one another as the wife and I were up in the big city today doing some shopping.

    Good night everyone!

  66. dog's eye view

    Good morning.

    eprof: I remember Chandler! Isn’t there an upscale mall with a Cheesecake Factory there?

    Also well remember Phoenix and its traffic cameras. My friend was dismayed but not surprised to find a few speeding tix following him home. The law is the law, but believe they raised the speed limit very recently (since our visit)?

    The limit really was set too low around the airport; camera speed trap heaven.

  67. dog's eye view

    OK, so what do our New Yorkers and other politically astute think of Kirsten Gillibrand selection for HRC Senate replacement? I’ve not followed her career… had heard her name previously, period.

  68. Morning peeps,

    Dog I’m not thrilled with the Giilbrand pick, I’m not a blue dog dem fan, and I’m not sure how easily she can be relected. Certainly there is going to be a primary battle for the nomination in two years.

  69. dog's eye view

    yes, that’s an interesting point, a primary battle in 2 years.

    But bring it on!!

    I hope there’s a rousing primary battle for the Illinois Obama/Burris seat too.

  70. Nannymm

    Good morning. I’m no fan of Gillibrand, either. Her district is adjacent to mine. I can tell you that it will be very hard for the dems to retain that seat in a special election. And it may be hard for Gillibrand to be elected in 2yrs. She doesn’t have strong Dem support and will surely face a primary challenge.
    Governor Patterson may pay dearly for this pick, as well as for the way he and his office have handled this whole mess, particularly the way they treated Caroline Kennedy. Personally, I’m not happy with him and hope he is challenged in a primary.

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