Aging Hipsters Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr. President,
There has been much talk about the symbolism of your taking office. Obviously, having an African-American as President for the first time is a step forward for the country. We have read and heard much fine prose about the moment at hand. It is a proud time for all of us.

However, there are far more important things for us to consider, and it is you who we will depend upon. Our economy is at a changing point. The old ways of fixing it are likely outdated. We need to end and “win” two wars that have cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. We need to unify as a country after many injuries inflicted from a reckless and arrogant band of felons. Our cities are crumbling; our infrastructure is in bad repair and we are at the mercy of a banking system that has failed us on a global scale. In some cases, our federal government has failed to do enough. In other cases, it has intervened unnecessarily. Our civil liberties are under siege. Illegal drugs surround our young people and our prisons are overflowing.

The problems are staggering. I do not envy you.

All that can be said is that you have a true mandate. You have won the largest election victory in a generation. It is your decision to do with it what you will. If you shrink from the task at hand and try to placate your political enemies, they will try to destroy you.

I believe that success lies in a path marked by belief in the people who were with you all along. Your extended hand of friendship to our countrymen is admirable. I believe it will be rejected. Once it is, be sure to go forward boldly towards progress.


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38 responses to “Aging Hipsters Open Letter To President Obama

  1. Indeed hipster, a proud time indeed, and yes the problems are staggering, but with that comes the opportunity for greatness and a better and more just America.

  2. dog's eye view

    excellent letter, Hipster, especially final two paragraphs.

    However: the people who were with Obama include moderates, centrists, sane Republicans. It really was a big tent.

    I suspect he is co-opting the GOP, and if they look like ignorant obstructionists (which they might), he will leave them in the dust.

    Anxious times for Americans; not as much appetite for political gladiator fights when one side is so obviously whacked out and complicit in the failings that made Obama’s election victory possible.

    Does anyone think Obama could have been elected had he NOT followed such an incompetent and amoral administration?

  3. Nannymm

    Good morning. I’m no fan of Gillibrand, either. Her district is adjacent to mine. I can tell you that it will be very hard for the dems to retain that seat in a special election. And it may be hard for Gillibrand to be elected in 2yrs. She doesn’t have strong Dem support and will surely face a primary challenge.
    Governor Patterson may pay dearly for this pick, as well as for the way he and his office have handled this whole mess, particularly the way they treated Caroline Kennedy. Personally, I’m not happy with him and hope he is challenged in a primary.

  4. Nannymm

    Terrific letter, Hipster. You correctly state some of the many problems he faces and point out that he has received a mandate to fix them. Like you, I think the repugs will ultimately bite the hand that he extends to them. If and when that happens, it will be interesting to see how Obama responds.

  5. BevnTempe

    Wonderful post. The letters just get better and better.

  6. dnd

    Great letter Hip. I think Obama understands how to deal with his adversaries. Just ask McCain and Hillary 😉

  7. dnd

    I think the Gillibrand pick means that Paterson’s political career will shortly be over. I think the way Kennedy was trashed was shameful.

    And what took Paterson so long? The replacements for Obama, Biden and Salazar all happened in a timely fashion.

  8. chefsheila

    Wonderful letter and a lovely picture Hip!

    I’m sorry for being late. You guys have to be proud of me. Instead of sitting here and visiting with myself this morning. I went and worked out. lol

    now I have a busy day ….you know Fridays for Sheila.

    Have a great day and remember….”Today is the first day of the rest of my life!”

  9. Nannymm

    WTG, Sheila! I started my day with burst pipes and a flooded basement. Now I can look forward to a messy clean-up and a huge bill from the plumber. But it could be worse. If I didn’t have that wood furnace, I’d be freezing, too!

  10. dog's eye view

    Hi all. Really really heading home to Virginny today.

    Nanny: way to start the day. Yikes.

    Sheila: way to start the day. Congrats!

  11. Democrats around the country are moving to the right with the idea of preventing any push back from the far right on all the changes Obama and the Congress want to do in the next several months. It’s not my politics but I reserve judgment on how effective this “hold your friends close and your enemies closer” works out.

    Obama got after Biden the second day in office in public for poking fun at the conservative chief justice. Another indication of his wanting to govern from the center and not offend the right.

    Dog, yes, the Chandler Mall is a really nice indoor mall with a Barnes and Noble bookstore, the Cheesecake Factory and all the normal stuff.

    The speed limits were, indeed, changed around the airport to 65 making it the same as the rest of I-10 through PHX. Photo enforcement is being seriously debated in the legislature right now to ban it. The DPS state patrol said the photos don’t kick in until you’re 11 miles over the speed limit. The message, I guess, is “we’re not really serious about speeding unitl you really get up there.” Most of I-10 is 75 so I guess you can go 86 before you’re violating the signs. Unfortunately, trucks, the really big ones can also go 86 before they’re stopped…if they can even stop.

    By the way, did you see me out there on the freeway at exit 190 waving to you as you drove to Tucson when you were in AZ? Just kidding!

  12. dnd

    I think Obama’s approach at civility is “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Kinda like Tip O’Neill and Reagan, don’t sell out your principles, but be willing to understand how others feel.

  13. dnd

    You have got to see this:

    “GRAND JUNCTION — An outcropping of rock in the Colorado National Monument may have helped save the life of a man whose van came within a few feet of plunging into a canyon.”

  14. If I owned a van like that I might consider taking it over a cliff too!

  15. Nannymm

    That is an amazing picture, dnd. My grandson loved it.

  16. dnd

    Sorry to hear about your frozen pipes. Hope it wasn’t too much of a mess.

  17. Thanks for all the nice responses troops.

  18. Nan

    I can NOT take credit for the pic, that would be Brian’s pickup

  19. I will be checking back in gang. My season will end this week and that means I will be bopping in and out. I will see many of you on facebook as well.

  20. Great letter Hipster!

    Obama certainly has a full plate…..I think he is used to challenges and, to me, he has seemed to have thrived through them… He is going to be tested every single minute.

    I would hate to see Obama lose his temper, something tells me, it would not be pretty.
    on a side note:

    Geron, a U.S. biopharmaceutical company, has received FDA approval to commence the first-ever human trial of embryonic stem cell therapy.

  21. Just stopping in to say hi, off to a swim meet.

    Shelia – Here’s an “atta girl” for working out…….you’ve inspired me to do the same……….maybe tomorrow 🙂

    Enjoy the evening everyone!

  22. dnd

    Off topic, Leo Kottke playing Pete Seeger’s classic: “Coming into the Country:

    You can’t help but feel good when you hear anything Pete Seeger wrote

  23. Coming Attraction: New York Times Magazine Spotlights Female Orgasms This Sunday

    Lets hope the pages aren’t all stuck together.

    *slaps his knee, snorts and chortles*

  24. dnd

    And by the way, if you don’t love Pete Seeger, you don’t love America!

  25. Didn’t they say that about George Bush?

  26. dnd

    Leo Kottke does “Deep River Blues”

    Not as good as Doc Watson,but then nobody anything as good as Doc Watson.

  27. Bush cant sing like Pete though

  28. In case my email didn’t go through to the listserv, thank you for the warm welcome to the email system. And, thanks, Brian, for all the work you do in having set up this system and this web page. Now, I need to learn how to get my “famous” or “infamous” avatar up and running here, too.

  29. I started reading “Team of Rivals” today. I was a little reluctant at first given some panned reviews lately, but I must say Doris Kearns Goodwin’s 800 page tome reads really well and chock full of interesting facts and interesting insights not only into Lincoln but his three presidential rivals he appointed to his cabinet: Seward, Chase, and Bates. Some future historian will probably write a tome about Obama and his presidential rivals who ended up as his vice president and secretary of state. Bill Richardson and John Edwards have been assigned not to the team of rivals but as “could have beens” had they paid better attention to details about their private and public lives.

  30. eprof you have mail. and you’re welcome, in all candor I enjoy being “blog daddy”, just ask dnd!


  31. dog's eye view

    blog daddy. Gotta love it!

  32. eprof

    I had something several years back by D K Goodwin on audio tape about FDR that I thought was nice. I dont remember much about it though. I think a friend gave it to me because I am such an FDR admirer.

    You know how prep work is….800 pages about the Civl War can be a little scary when you are doing the Gilded Age….things can get mixed up in my small brain

  33. dog's eye view

    Harley Davidson cutting 1,100 jobs over 2 years.

    “Harley has been stung by the rapid downturn in motorcycle demand. The recession has prompted many consumers to put off purchases of its high-end bikes, while the credit crunch has kept some would-be customers from obtaining financing.”

    Harley’s 4th quarter 2008 profit was down almost 60%; its 4Q sales were down 20%.,0,1832593.story

    Burrito shakes her head. What is this world coming to? Resolves to take the chopper out, as soon as weather makes it possible.

    (Saw one motorcyclist during NYState trip; he was well bundled up, but presume it was still a cold way to commute.)

  34. *stretches and yawns*

    morning peeps

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