Nannymm’s Open Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,
Now that you have taken the oath of office and assumed the burdens of the presidency, people from all walks of life are asking you to do things: fix healthcare, fix the economy, end the war in Iraq, close Guantanamo, end “don’t ask dont tell,” restore America’s prestige in the world, help the middle class, improve our education system, free us from dependence on foreign oil and make us energy dependent, protect the environment, etc, etc, etc. Please don’t get me wrong. These are all important issues that you will need to address, along with so very many others. However, you can’t solve any of these problems by yourself. Even with the assistance of your Cabinet and their respective agencies, your advisers, and the millions of Federal Employess who will serve you, you will need more. The love and support of your family and friends will help, as will the prayers of this nation. But you will still need more.
During the campaign, Michele Obama, gave a speech at UCLA that, I belive, was a turning point for many Americans. It was a wake-up call. We as a people are tired of being insignificant, of being observers to our Democracy as opposed of full-fledged participants in it. We don’t need to shop. We’re tired of being isolated in our homes and communities. We need to be useful. We need to work, to help, to be a part of the solution. Michele knew this; she heard us before many of us even knew what we were crying out for. And, of course, she knows you. That is why she said the following:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

Michele is a very wise woman; she has read the mood and the pulse of Americans well. You know this; perhaps that is why there were echoes of Michele’s words in your Inaugural Address. So, all I ask of you is that you continue to listen to Michele. Demand that we work and shed our cynicism. Help us to come together, Democrats and Republicans alike, to work for the good of us all. Bring us out of our isolation and lead us beyond our zones of comfort. Encourage us to be better as individuals, as citizens, and as a country. Encourage us to engage and give us the opportunities to do so. Bring about that change you promised us. We don’t want to go back to our lives as they were, uninvolved and uninformed. Give us a reason and the means not to. If you can do that, not only will you will succeed,we all will. Together, under your leadership, we can and will solve the other problems that we face now and in the future. You and we will leave our communities, our country, and our world far stronger and more secure than they are today. Together, we will set an example for our children and grandchildren to follow and pass on to future generations.

May God bless you and your family as you embark on this journey. May He give you good health and sustain you in times of stress. May He guide you as you lead us to better ourselves, to improve our lives, and to serve others. May He fill you with the gifts of the Holy Spirit:: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety, fortitude, and fear of the Lord. May He always be there to give you strength, courage, and consolation. May you never forget to ask for His guidance or to thank Him for his blessings. May we all do the same.

Mary-Margaret M.
Malone, New York



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109 responses to “Nannymm’s Open Letter To President Obama

  1. Nice letter nann, and I’m glad you brought up our new first lady, something I think all of us forgot. I for one am very eager to see what she is going to do in her new role as first lady!

  2. chefsheila

    Nanny, Wonderful and fitting to bring that up!

  3. One of the things that impresses me so very much about the Obamas as a couple is they have dedicated themselves to making the system work for everyone. Both are great examples of the “American Dream”, it was also “amusing” to me how many people called the Obamas “un-American” when they both are such shining examples of just what can do in this country. Tweety was great for pointing this out.

  4. Obama Tells GOP: “You Can’t Just Listen To Rush Limbaugh And Get Things Done”

  5. Obama: End abortion ‘politicization’

    However, the new president also extended an olive branch to anti-abortion groups and expressed a desire to end what he called a “stale and fruitless debate.”

    “It is time that we end the politicization of this issue,” Obama said in a written statement which accompanied an official presidential memorandum canceling Bush’s abortion-related restrictions on American aid money, referred to by critics as a “gag rule.” The new president promised “a fresh conversation on family planning” and said his aides would “reach out to those on all sides of this issue to achieve the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies.”

  6. chefsheila

    President Obama’s reaction to That Politico Guys pushing in the Press room was terribly appropriate.

    The Press Corps has forgotten some unsaid understanding that was always there. When the president puts his hand out, especially in the first week, ‘Take it”. there will be so much more time for the fracus.

    I can’t remember his name. But the Politico guys is going to be silently taught some manners in the coming months, when Politico is fobbed off for a while.

    The other Press, my friends are still talking about shaking Obama’s hand and how unique it was that he came into the Press Room.

  7. Nannymm

    Thanks, Brian and Sheila. I think that speech of Michele’s was a turning point for many people; it was for me. Her words resonated. She spoke to what we believe as Americans but had forgotten to live. I wasn’t initially overly fond of Michele. But when I heard that speech, I began to really pay attention. I liked what I heard and what I saw, as well. In many ways, I think she is Obama’s biggest asset.

  8. dnd

    Beautiful letter Nannymm. My guess is that the President will continue to listen to his wife. As if he has any choice 😉

  9. chefsheila

    I resoundingly agree. that woman is brilliant, warm, and intouch wtih us. Three important tools for success

  10. Nannymm

    Thanks, dnd. I agree that Obama is a smart man who listens to his wife. Isn’t that the first rule of marriage? 😀

  11. Nannymm

    Thanks, dnd. I agree that Obama is a smart man who listens to his wife. Isn’t that the first rule of marriage? 😀

  12. Nannymm

    oops! sorry for the double post.

  13. *thrashes nanny for her double post*

  14. horsedooty

    Good letter Nanny. In fact, this little project has for me been a huge success. Everyone that has written a letter has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Well done y’all.

  15. dnd

    A peek at Colorado’s new junior Senator:

    “In the thumbnail sketch of Michael Bennet created by sound bites after his controversial appointment to the U.S. Senate, he is the fair-haired son of privilege, an East Coast liberal who came to Colorado a mere decade ago and hop-scotched his way to political power.”

    ps. The tease is nothing like the story.

  16. dnd

    I think that was worth repeating 😉

  17. Nannymm

    Thanks, Doots. We are just a remarkably thoughtful, witty, and intelligent bunch with alot to say. 😛

  18. chefsheila

    ……I”M SO TIRED! lol I have a while more to go…..this is what we call putting the nose to the grind stone because its all I have left.

    Time for a shower…….

  19. chefsheila

    You guys are really some of the best people I have ever met. ;0)

    time for the hot water…..

  20. dnd

    The tough economy is hitting everyone. The Junior Livestock Auction at the National Western Stock Show only raised $50k for the grand champion steer:


    nice to have a president who actually understands what the internetS is all about!

  22. Nannymm

    Please don’t mention water! I still have 4″ of it in part of my basement. And with the temp at 7 below zero and falling, it’s hard to drain it.

  23. Nannymm I’ve bookmarked it. Thanks, Brian.

  24. 2 U.S. Airstrikes Offer a Concrete Sign of Obama’s Pakistan Policy

    he separate strikes on two compounds, coming three hours apart and involving five missiles fired from Afghanistan-based Predator drone aircraft, were the first high-profile hostile military actions taken under Obama’s four-day-old presidency. A Pakistani security official said in Islamabad that the strikes appeared to have killed at least 10 insurgents, including five foreign nationals and possibly even “a high-value target” such as a senior al-Qaeda or Taliban official.

    Well done Mr. President!

  25. BevnTempe

    The BC has a very impressive group of writers! Obama, or whomever reads his mail, should be extremely impressed.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

  26. Nannymm

    pool party at nanny’s?

    Only if you wan to freeze your butts off.

  27. Polar Bear Club meeting at nanny’s, bring your swim fins!

  28. Nannymm

    And your parkas.

  29. chefsheila

    I’ll stick with hot showers….

  30. dnd

    If Brian shows up in a Speedo, LOCK THE DOORS!

  31. Yeah, so I can’t get away!

  32. chefsheila

    eeewwwwwwww!!! Dnd thanks……cleaning off the screen….

  33. dnd

    If you don’t love Aretha Franklin, you don’t love America!

  34. Amen to that brutha! Aretha a true American treasure. Hey wasn’t she in a movie you’re rather fond of?


  35. dnd

    Memo to Palin: with the new Obama administration, stupid is out, smart is in. Your 15 minutes of fame are over. Get off the stage.

    Hopefully Salazar will keep Kempthorne’s ruling on the whales.

  36. dnd

    Yes Brian, Aretha’s rendition of “Think” in “The Blues Brothers” is a truly memorable moment in cinematic history.

  37. dnd

    When Obama closes Gitmo, I hope it begins the normalization of relations with Cuba. The best way of getting life better for Cubans and getting rid of the commies is helping these people. Our current policy is way outdated.

    Maybe SoS Clinton can send her husband there as special envoy. I hear he likes cigars 😉

  38. Nothing will quench her blood lust dnd.

  39. Nannymm

    She is disgusting. I still can’t get that aerial wolf hunt video out of my head. Those poor wolves look just like my Siberian. *Shudders*

  40. Quite a difference in the expressions on their faces!

  41. Nannymm

    You’re finding some really nice pics today, Brian. Thanks!

  42. Don’t you love the sour pusses on the repugs!

  43. Nannymm

    It warms my heart to see those dejected mugs! I just wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Obama told them, “I won.”That would have made my day.

  44. I think this will forever remain my favorite pic for the events on Tuesday:

  45. Just wait till they are called to the WH for that discussion on national health!

  46. dnd

    John Boehner (or “the boner” as Stephanie Miller likes to call him) will be on MTP tomorrow.

    I’m hoping that he gets with the program, but I’m doubtful.

  47. Nannymm

    Boehner is more likely to try to be an obstructionist. I think he likes the role.

  48. Nannymm

    I kind of like this one:

  49. horsedooty

    A song that answers the great question, “where is heaven?”

    A song written by Terry Allen a west Texas songwriter.

  50. horsedooty

    click on the song title in the player on the left

  51. Nannymm

    Loved it, Doots.

  52. dnd

    In the same theme, John Prine’s “Everybody”

  53. Nanny,
    What a nice letter…..and all so true. “Behind every great man there is a woman”……someone said that.

    It’s really a delight to see a Presidential couple that still has it. You can see the love in their eyes when they take little glances at each other.

    I love that photo of them walking….fingers inter locked and smiling, while in step 100%

    …they actually have a pulse and beating hearts…..a far cry from the “dawn of the dead” couples we’ve seen in the past.

  54. Nannymm

    Thanks, UB.

  55. Nannymm

    This is a good letter to Bush.

    Dear President Bush:

    I am glad you are, at 62, still a relatively young man. I am glad you are in robust health. This means there is a good likelihood of your being with us for decades yet to come, and I dearly want that. You see, history’s verdict is on the way, and I want you to see it for yourself.

  56. Nannymm

    If you liked that letter, try this commentary. It’s scathing! LOL I wish we had thought of writing “Farewell Letters” to Bush. It would have been so cathartic.

    He’s leaving the same way he arrived eight years ago: Clueless and somehow unable to discern up from down, right from left and right from wrong.

  57. dnd

    “BRECKENRIDGE – The cold weather was good news for the 16 teams competing in the 19th annual International Snow Sculpture Championships.”

    This use to be called “Uller Fest” in honor of the Norse god. Actually I was just an excuse to party.

  58. dnd

    Um, meant to say “it was just an excuse to party.” I was there and it was always a helluva party.

  59. You’re such a party animal.

  60. Nannymm

    Haggard is a pathetic figure. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a bigot and a hypocrite and you deny who you truly are. Even now, after all this is public, he still can’t or won’t admit he’s gay.
    “In an AP interview this month before an appearance in front of TV critics in California, Haggard described his sexuality as complex and something that can’t be put into “stereotypical boxes.”

  61. I like excuses to party.


    dnd – Do you live near enough to go see the sculptures?

  62. I think that would be the hypocrite box? no?….or the ” beware of” box

  63. dnd

    Haggard made all the Colorado media today. He’s a creep.

  64. Just when I was so proud of myself for quitting coffee…….

    Drinking coffee may do more than just keep you awake. A new study suggests an intriguing potential link to mental health later in life, as well.

  65. Coffee is also high in anti-oxidants. why did you decide quit? I’D RATHER DIE!

  66. Did you see this the other day? They were baking these in Greenwich Village.

    Baker Now Apologizes for “Drunken Negro Face” Cookies

  67. Here’s one for you nanny:

  68. I would drink coffee all day and then not eat right……I wouldn’t eat until like 7at night then munch on junk….I thought I could switch to green tea and other teas…..then I thought dang some teas stains my teeth…so last week I was drinking hot water with lemons slices….lol….

    Pathetic I tell you…I am not very good with the whole “everything in moderation” thingie.

  69. That photo looks like they both should start at any moment shrinking…like the wicked witch.

    “I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking”

  70. how about a compromise, have your coffee and eat healthy food? I understand totally about using food as an appetite controller, I do the same myself, just rid your house of junkie food.

  71. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I’m about 80 miles from Breckenridge, but the roads are terrible, though the skiing is great, I’d love to get to Fatty’s Pizza and Shamus O’Tool’s. Shamus sells a lot of Bud, but they have the only on tap Guinness is Summit County.

  72. Freudian slip, “junkie food”?

  73. I may do that. That way I can keep this mind in play longer…lmao….
    compromise……yeah right…..I have no self control… You advice is logical and good, but my track record isn’t so bueno.

    I quit eating junk food a while ago….We are playing the biggest loser at work, and the final day for the first pot is Wednesday….It’s over 130.00 and it’s going to be close, right now I may win……but one girl is really close to passing me……

  74. dnd,
    That’s one area of the country I have never visited (airport lay-over only)…..I think if I saw it I would want to live there…for sure. The pics I have seen are beautiful.

    I bet those roads are really scary.

  75. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Years ago my Mom told me: Kings breakfast, Princes lunch, Pauper’s dinner. Nutritionists now think Mom was right 😉

  76. yep…..I have heard that before as well. If only I had listened, I would have develop great eating habits…..

    Now I am re-learning something that is so simple, I rational understand what is good for me, but it is a challenge to do it consistently…..I am a tad bit proud of myself…I have shed quite a few lbs but have more to go..

    Someone I know offered me her “fat pants” because they were just too big for her, since she lost all her weight……well you can imagine, how much I liked that comment…. I have been working at getting in shape ever since that day.

    😀 And I am succeeding, it’s just taking longer than normal….because of the age factor….I ‘m older now

  77. going to watch a movie….enough UB drama….lol….have a great evening everyone!

  78. Nannymm

    That pic of Bush and Cheney was scarey, Brian. They look like thugs.

  79. dog's eye view

    Good morning. Anyone out there yet?

  80. horsedooty

    dooty is here albeit a little late

  81. dog's eye view

    Howdy doots. You are right on time! How’s Tejas this morning?

  82. horsedooty

    morning dog. Tejas is pretty cold today. about 35F right now. Rain tomorrow and Tuesday. It is winter. Feb is really our worst month for chill. I would like to see a few weeks of below freezing to kill off some of the bugs that live around here in the summer. That would go a long way to making life easier in the coming months. How was your trip?

  83. chefsheila

    dnd, on January 24th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Said: John Boehner (or “the boner” as Stephanie Miller likes to call him) will be on MTP tomorrow.

    I’m hoping that he gets with the program, but I’m doubtful.

    Nannymm, on January 24th, 2009 at 4:26 pm Said:

    Boehner is more likely to try to be an obstructionist. I think he likes the role.

    Sheila’s experience with this jerk face is he’ll stick with “His” program as long as it benefits fim. He’ll push back on Obama because I think he’s looking at 2012, since Speaker of the House is not within his reach anymore.

  84. chefsheila

    and….Good morning folks!

  85. dog's eye view

    It was eerily fast. As in, expected to get stuck in traffic in Baltimore (nope), on the beltway at prime rush hour heading toward DC (nope again); over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from Maryland to Alexandria, VA — always a bottleneck (no no no) and then get embroiled in the 95/495 mess heading south on 95. No backup; sailed home in 5.50 hours, an hour of it during usual Friday rush.

    Wondering if a lot of ppl took off this week for inaugural. Or if it’s evidence of fed employees’ fondness for long 4-day week and Friday off.

    Or if it’s evidence of not as many ppl and trucks on the road due to no business.

    Not complaining, mind you. But who would think traffic would be a reassuring sign of normality!

    Anyway, great trip home; enjoy being back; collected the pups from their dog dude ranch now and they are slumbering on the sofa, oblivious to the nice gaslogs fire.

    We’re awaiting Biden’s appearance on Face the Nation.

    Thinking good thoughts of Biden as sailed through Delaware yesterday.

  86. dog's eye view

    agree re Boehner.

    But obstructionist a highwire act, since public is actively scared personally by the economy, and they see through the GOP for being clueless. 27% is not going to help him much.

    Is Boehner good at making his case to the public? So far he strikes me as a well-tanned politician, not so much the statesman or public servant type…

  87. dog's eye view

    Doyle McManus LAT column; spotlights risk of bipartisanship to reduced ranks of GOP:

    The Republicans’ current weakness — in the House, they have lost 52 seats since they last held the majority in 2006 — makes bipartisanship more difficult, and not just because the numbers have shifted. Most of the Republicans who remain are from deeply conservative districts, places where Obama lost, where George W. Bush is still popular and where lower taxes are an article of faith. The swing districts have all swung to Democrats.

    To House Democrats, the rewards of bipartisanship look doubtful too. Politically, there’s some appeal in painting the remaining Republicans as opponents of economic recovery and keeping them mired in their corner until election day in 2010. The Democrats’ main preoccupation is maintaining peace within their own caucus between big-spending liberals and fiscally conservative “Blue Dogs” from those newly won swing districts.

    column entitled: “Obama’s short lived honeymoon”, but that might be premature. The public seems ready to show him a little love, whatever Congress does in the short term.,0,5437357.column

  88. dog's eye view

    Robert Reich in TPM cafe re Lemon Socialism. Wherein taxpayers are propping up businesses and sectors the market will not.

  89. dog's eye view

    from WaMonthly on Gitmo closing, via reporting by Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings.

    “Upon announcing his plan to close the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Barack Obama also began a process that would review the case files for every detainee. The problem for the new administration, however, is that there are no files.”

    Whoo boy. What NOT a surprise.

  90. chefsheila

    Thanks Dog. I love Reich. He is the best teacher.

  91. chefsheila

    Morning Brian 😉

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