Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002)

Daniel Pearl’s Wiki

On the image to the right, the text in Arabic reads: “My name is (Daniel Pearl), I am a Jewish-American…” The English transcript of the text reads [sic]:

  • “My name is Daniel Pearl. I am a Jewish American from Encino, California USA.”
  • “I come from, uh, on my father’s side the family is Zionist.”
  • “My father’s Jewish, my mother’s Jewish, I’m Jewish.”
  • “My family follows Judaism. We’ve made numerous family visits to Israel.”
  • “Back in the town of Bnei Brak there is a street named after my great grandfather Chaim Pearl who is one of the founders of the town.”

(I had a long debate with myself about whether or not to include the execution of video of Daniel Pearl in this post.  Part of me feels everyone should see it, but I understand many people don’t feel this way so I’ve put a link to it,  execution video.)



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112 responses to “Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002)

  1. josiahe

    So what’s your point here? Why show it or link to it?

    Everyone already knows the cowardice of these terrorist! Everyone knows they lie, they hate and that they won’t stand up to a soldier but will kidnap and kill civilians.

    These people are the scum, the feces on the bottom of a septic system!

    Don’t give them any publicity; their mental illness feeds on it.

  2. dog's eye view

    Happy Birthday to Daniel Pearl, a very graceful and missed writer.

    I will never watch the execution video. Nor Nick Berg’s. Barbarism is barbarism, and you fight it with courage and strength, but do not sink to its level.

  3. dog's eye view

    Here’s an archive of DPearl stories published in the Wall Street Journal, maintained by someone else.


    Representative story: Despite Tales, the War in Kosovo Was Savage, but Wasn’t Genocide


  4. horsedooty

    I would not be a supporter of showing the murder of anyone here on backchannel. We all know the out-come. Best leave it alone in my opinion.

  5. dog's eye view

    Would also highly recommend “At Home in the World”, a collection of 50 of his stories, edited by widow Marianne Pearl with forward by Helene Cooper (then with WSJ, now with NYTimes).

    Charming book; out of print but available cheap cheap cheap through used book sellers. Less than a buck for the book, plus maybe $3.99 shipping.

    Here’s Amazon page, which allows you to search inside the book and read a few excerpts.



    Maybe one of the best ways to celebrate Daniel Pearl’s birthday would be to show some extra curiosity ourselves; get out there and talk to people we would not, or help to feed curiosity in others, like nieces and nephews and young friends, with gifts of age appropriate books or music.

  6. Well here’s my feelings on the matter doots, for me it’s a matter of baring witness. To me it’s very much akin to Emmett Till’s mother insisting that his coffin be left open at his funeral.

  7. The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed in memory of journalist Daniel Pearl to further the ideals that inspired Daniel’s life and work. The foundation’s mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications.


    “In 2006, Professors Ahmed and Pearl (Daniel’s Father) were awarded the first annual Purpose Prize in recognition of their “simple, yet innovative approach to solving one of society’s most pressing problems.“


  8. I thinks it’s important to be reminded what hatred and lack of understanding leads to, and to honor those who have tried to seek understanding and peace.

    Once people decide to sweep it under the rug, so to speak, progress is truncated.

    Even in the blog world you can recognize sheer bigotry, hatred, and cruelness, propagated by words alone. People who don’t even know each other…

  9. By the way good morning, the sun is shinning it might just b above freezing outside.

  10. dog's eye view

    Or support a scholarship or program that supports REAL journalists, like Daniel Pearl, and not the quasi-infotainment uncurious buckrakers we see too much now.

    They do not work as hard as he did; they couldn’t miss the truth as often if they did.

  11. And good morning to you UB, cold and sunny here. I’m tired of these below 30 degrees days, we need a few days in the 40s to lift the spirits.

  12. dog's eye view

    Has the Pearl family ever said anything about the videotape; how they feel about its continued circulation?

  13. dog's eye view

    It’s 36 here in Northern Virginia, with bright sun, on its way to 56. Heat wave!!

  14. That is a heat wave……I ‘d like it to lower my gas bill alone….I calculated it’s going to be about 561.00 for January alone…..that just bites the big one.

    I am all for spirit lifters…..maybe like an escape to somewhere tropic…..with silly drinks garnished with umbrellas and papaya

  15. Chef Sheila

    Good morning UB…did I catch you here?

  16. Maybe I’ll just double my zoloft dose for today!

  17. Chef Sheila

    For me, this discussion is very appropriate.

    (1) I knew Daniel Pear and I do know that his family would want his name being repeated today.

    (2) Journalists, Photographers, and Camaramen are the unsong dead in this war. They have risked everything to bring the truth about Iraq and Afganistan.

    (3) Any barbaric act must be remembered in order to guard against it again.

    (4) Danny was killed for his religion. Pure and simple

  18. dog's eye view

    bringing this off the email thread: (and PS: Brian has alerted me that DPearl’s got an October birthday; noted.)

    Second: I’m not sure how I feel about including the video. I find its presence disturbing, and will never never watch it. Since it’s Pearl’s birthday [note: dog’s error there], and he was lost with all his gifts far too soon, not sure that dwelling on the barbaric method of his death is appropriate.

    Yes, he was killed because he was reporting a story and because he was Jewish — I don’t know enough about the circumstances; wonder if he was targeted more because he was a highly effective investigator and likely to develop good information, than because of his religion, which his captors seized on as a pretext. Just don’t know.

    What do you think Pearl would have done, himself? I imagine there is no link to the execution video on the family’s foundation website?


    I think this thread should celebrate Daniel Pearl; am thinking the video link is not appropriate although discussing the manner of his death is.

    So much blind cruelty in the world. Pearl made it his life’s work to get out there, investigate, talk to person after person, explore different cultures and ideas, analyze whether the conventional wisdom was wisdom at all, or just convenient — and who benefitted from it ….

    so I am thinking that the video is likely to engage a viewer with horror and speak to one’s darkest impulses, whereas Daniel Pearl was all about illumination.

    That said, I have no idea how he would feel about its inclusion in what is otherwise a gentle thread….

  19. Chef Sheila

    Only in this country have we had the luxery of guarding our eyes against the chopping of human beings and yet it happens everyday.

    I see the very small link as a reminder or the bizarre reality of this kind of terrorism. All I have to do it imagine it.

    If Brian hadn’t put the small blue line up, I would not have given it a second thought in our “Happy Happy” here.

    I will never watch that video, but some people may have to.

    I know my heart rose in my throat and the impressions of the Hollicaust are for ever seared in my brain

  20. chefsheila

    That said, Daniel Pearl shouldn’t have been where he was. Total waste of a great life.

    But THAT said, I think he unfortunately highlighted the crazy hatred that fanatic Muslims have for Jews.

    Its akin to the KKK and blacks in our history

  21. for what it’s worth….
    I could never watch that video….ever. I am too weak. I still ache from watching “Schindler’s List” and “Sophie’s Choice.” I saw them when they were released 1993 and 1982.

    But I appreciate the post very much, it helps me to maintain focus an keeps me engaged with the larger issues our world faces.

    Dave Matthews:

    “Mother, father please explain to me
    How a man who rocks his child to sleep
    Pulls the trigger on his brothers heart
    He digs a hole right to the middle of this storm of hatred”

  22. dog's eye view

    Actually, I think Daniel Pearl was trying to interview some suspected terrorists to learn more about the shoe bomber. He was where he was for a reason. One Muslim suspect was highly educated (in Britain) and personable, although deadly.

    Daniel Pearl died in service of the truth.

    Very good journalists do take risks to get the truth; I don’t think Pearl realized the extreme risk he had undertaken, although he was courageous.

    I wish some of our Washington journalists would take some risks, like risking their social standing to actually do some investigative reporting. In the event that many of them actually possess investigative skills, as opposed to cheap cynicism or herdthink.

  23. hey Shelia,
    I am here for a bit …how are you?

  24. my last post is being held….hmmmm…was i something I said? 🙄

  25. chefsheila

    I’ll look!! I’m so glad to see you!

  26. thanks I thought maybe I was, not doing something right…or that I was crazy….both of which could be the truth at any given moment

  27. chefsheila

    Just my opinion, but Danny was not as careful as he should have been. He should have had back up, as in someone with him.,. a translater, or another person.

    He should have played by the bureau rules and let them know where he was going.

    He should have not gotten so lax in safety procautions.

  28. chefsheila

    Its going to be 76 degrees today 😆

  29. dog's eye view

    might be one of those cases where his tragedy protects others by making them more cautious about their physical safety. But hopefully they remain relentless in their questions.

    Very few do. Helen Thomas, of presidents and staff. Seymour Hersh, of many of his sources.

    I worry a bit when TPM still has Michael Steele/RNC video up, and virtually nothing (when I looked) about Daschle’s tax imbroglio.

  30. He made a bad decision, but you can be sure he didn’t believe it would result in his execution.

  31. 76 that’s a perfect day…….I have a six foot icicle on the front of my house……

  32. Or used as propaganda tool in the hate wars!

  33. chefsheila

    6 FOOT!……Geezz

  34. Another point that shouldn’t be missed in this discussion is that Pearl was trying to help give voice to those who felt weren’t getting a fair hearing.

  35. dog's eye view

    From politico: David Axelrod to be on Bloomberg TV.

    But isn’t it “marshal”? LOL.

    And finally, on Bloomberg TV, Al Hunt interviews White House senior adviser David Axelrod on “Political Capital” about the administration’s effort to martial its the stimulus package through Congress and other issues of the new administration.

  36. dnd

    Pearl’s death makes me wonder about the mindset of terrorists. I mean, when have these despicable acts ever help them accomplish their aims? How desperate or stupid or thuggish must these people be?

  37. here is is….ignore the Christmas lights, they are coming down today….and so is the icicle…..we have been so busy…we haven’t had time for anything.

  38. The christmas lights are coming down TODAY?

  39. Yes dnd I’m afraid the do accomplish something, it’s very much akin to throwing red meat to their base, no pun intended.

  40. I can’t even kill a spider…. flies aren’t so lucky…

    I imagine that terrorist have had a lifetime of seeing brutality, and death, it’s what they “know”….. I am just guessing… I would hate to be in their shoes, that for sure.

  41. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Leave the Christmas lights up! At least ’till June 😉

  42. lol….you think it’s a little early for them to come down????? I had to keep them up longer this year because , my Navy Girl, was visiting from Japan and I wanted her to have that “Christmas feeling” Usually they are down by the 2nd, and it’s only two strands….lol

  43. dog's eye view

    a lot of the snow and ice in backyard has melted; my younger beagle has just come in with dirt and clay on her nose and paws.


  44. lol….
    I did leave the patio lights up and they are on a timer….I like the way the look…..makes the patio look like a bistro…of sorts…

    OMG……..I can just imagine what this sounds like….the Griswalds.


    Did I mention the plastic light-up reindeer on the roof?

  45. And do have one of those big blowup Santas on front lawn?

  46. Phelps…lol that’s so funny.

    I don’t want my swimmer son to see that, it might give him ideas….some day I hope that marijuana will be legal. Sure would help in so many ways.

  47. Can I give your swimmer son some ideas?


  48. “a santa” like only one? you kidding……I have 5

    Those things were the target of many drive by shootings and slashing this year. You would see them up one day, and deflated next.

  49. Steve Hip

    Love that we are talking about Pearl, and he is worth remembering. In my opinion I do not think showing his death contributes to celebrating his life. I do, though, understand the point of adding it.

    Its about 40 here and I had a nice jog this morning when it was 20 degrees.

    Look for my beloved Steelers to win 28-18.

  50. Drive by shootings and slashings, oh the brutality!

  51. I have to say swimmers have awesome bods….ahhh Brian, I don’t think so, I believe he’s on the other team…so to speak


  52. I am sorry they are your beloved Steelers…. see them losing in a freak game, where everything goes wrong for them….look for a turn over fumble in the first quarter.


  53. awesome bods and apparently pot heads too, be still my heart!

  54. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Around here, the finest Mexican restaurants leave their Christmas lights up all year.

  55. dog's eye view

    Suspect Phelps was using marijuana to relax some of his ADHD traits? Self medication. (And, hey, it’s fine if he enjoyed it too.)

    I think ADHD is one reason Sarah Palin is such a frenetic exerciser. It helps mightily to clear one’s head.


    Mike Allen of Politico with roundup on last night’s Alfalfa Dinner:

    An Obama quip: [On the delay in getting a dog] The labradoodle we picked has some problems with back taxes. …

    It’s reported that the usually blase Alfalfans — movers and shakers nonpareil — were lining up to greet Obama at the head table — not the usual protocol — and that the line was snaking by Sen McCain’s table nearby.

    Allen also says Palin looked “relaxed and hot.” Not sure what meaning for hot.


  56. I love a good Mexican restaurant. Such happy places……awe memories…love margaritas under the light on the patio…..

    There may be one here that is good, but somehow……just not the same as Texas, or Southern Cal.

    Okay kiddies….stay real…and have a good one…..I have to take Christmas lights down…..

  57. dog's eye view

    another economic indicator: I note on WaPost website that most of its “hot job” classified links are for local school systems.

    Maybe other companies are advertising more on craigslist, but it’s telling there are very very few private companies in WaPost’s own advertising copy.

  58. dnd

    Jim DeMint on This Week and Kay Bailey Hutchinson on MTP saying that “tax cuts” will create jobs. Anybody who’s taken Econ 101 knows that tax cuts don’t create jobs, DEMAND creates jobs.

    It’s a shame when ideology trumps science, but I guess we should be use to it by now.

  59. dog's eye view

    The Anchorage Daily News, which I have grown to love, chronicles Sarah Palin’s attendance at the Alfalfa Dinner.

    ADN reporter Erika Bolstad begins:

    WASHINGTON — Mere months ago, Gov. Sarah Palin was introduced to the world as a hockey mom who hunts and fishes, remains grounded in small-town values and is married to her blue-collar, snowmachine-loving high school sweetheart.

    Saturday night, Palin was whisked into the governors-and-Cabinet-members-only section of one of the capital’s most exclusive parties: the Alfalfa Club dinner. Wearing an elegant black satin evening gown and a matching wrap, hair loose to her shoulders, Palin was about as far away as anyone can get from field-dressing a moose.



    Journalists with plain vanilla governor beats must envy anyone on the ADN staff.

  60. dnd

    Did Palin get her black satin gown at the consignment shop in Wasilla?

  61. dnd

    Steve Forbes on MTP pushing for tax cuts. If it weren’t for his father, he’d be selling shoes in a strip mall.

  62. LOL @ dnd, I’m going to take a nap, that’s what Sundays are meant for!

  63. UB, Re; Steelers-Cardinals- Youve been smoking something…the ice cream truck and the men in white suits are coming for Kurt Warner….

    I am all for Steve Forbes getting a new tax cut! Look how well thats worked for us! Thank You George Bush!!


  64. dnd

    I’m a Broncos fan. So I’m conflicted about who to root for in the Superbowl.
    Like Hip, I’m a long time Steelers fan. But mostly of a Steelers long gone. Franco Harris, the greatest Italian-American to play the game. Terry Bradshaw, who was derided as being a dim bulb, yet calling his own plays managed to lead his team to four Superbowl victories. When I see these goofy end zone dances, I ask myself WWLS do: What would Lynn Swann do? I’ll tell you what he’d do: he’d toss the ball to the ref and jog off to the sidelines. He’d been there before and he knew he’d be there again. Who can forget Mean Joe Greene:

    On the other hand the Cardinals are the Cinderella team. No one expected this. The team of fallen solder Pat Tillman. QB Curt Warner is a remarkable story himself. The Broncos were a Cinderella team, so I can relate.

    So what do I want? A good game.

  65. BevnTempe

    off subject, but there has been change in the White House, and the former occupants of it aren’t pleased.

  66. I saw that yesterday, isn’t that a joke! It’s fine to trash The Constitution just make sure you wear a tie and jacket while you’re doing it! Give me a friggin break! This from a man who on more than one occasion publicly took part in one of the greatest lies ever foisted on the American people.

  67. dnd

    Thanks for that.

    “And yes, I’m disappointed to see the casual, laissez faire, short sleeves, no shirt and tie, no jacket, kind of locker room experience that seems to be taking place in this White House and the Oval Office.”

    Obama’s running around the Oval Office without his shirt on? LOL! Poor Andy. His 15 min of fame are up.

  68. Steele: GOP Does Not Have A Message Problem

    Pressed by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, Steele diagnosed the GOP ills as a problem of the messenger but not the message — he even suggested that the party should look back to New Gingrich’s Contract With America for inspiration.


  69. Nannymm

    If that is Steele’s diagnosis for the GOP’s problem, then his “treatment” will be wrong, as well. Thus, the prognosis is good for Democrats.

  70. My thoughts exactly nanny! I see Steele’s election as nothing more than a flimsy attempt at window dressing.

  71. Nannymm

    Brian, this is a lovely post/ tribute to Danny Pearl. I saw the video of his death back when it was originally posted. It was horrible to watch and I would never suggest that anyone watch it unless they felt compelled (as I did) to bear witness to the atrocity that was perpetrated upon him. It seemed important to me that I see for myself that which I was condemning. I also felt that for me, I was merely witnessing it. Danny Pearl and others have tragically been forced to experience it. The discomfort I felt was nothing compared to that.
    This must be an excruciatingly difficult day for Mrs. Pearl. I hope that she is able to find comfort in the son that she and Danny created.

  72. Nannymm

    Same here. It’s so transparent, Brian. Those repugs have no shame!

  73. Nanny more and more I feel we are kindred spirits. Have you ever given any thought to undergoing sex realignment surgery?


  74. “In just the first few weeks, I’ve had to engage in some of the toughest diplomacy of my life,” he said. “And that was just to keep my BlackBerry. I finally agreed to limit the number of people who could e-mail me. It’s a very exclusive list. How exclusive? Everyone look at the person sitting on your left. Now look at the person sitting on your right. None of you have my e-mail address.”


  75. Nannymm

    Hmmm…never considered it. LOL

  76. Anyone know what time the Laurer interview of the prez is going to be on?

  77. dnd

    I am so glad the President doesn’t have a coat or tie on with his pre-game interview on NBC. People who watch sporting events in a suit and tie creep me out.

  78. dnd

    It’s on now Brian.

  79. dnd

    Obama’s interview with Lauer was great. Here’s hoping the game is great too. See y’all later.

  80. dnd

    Ok, one more thing. I think they should have had John Madden interview the President 😉

  81. I only caught the very tail end of it, hopefully it will be rebroadcast.

  82. In case you missed Laurer’s interview with The President huff has it up on line:


  83. I have heard people call Steele a Uncle Tom and I don’t really agree with that casting of him.

    I would rather say that he is just dumb and stupid to think that he was chosen for any other reason except that he’s black. The GOP is a racist party and by electing a African American as the party’s new chair will not change that fact.

    Steele’s just to dumb to realize that.

    God Bless.

  84. horsedooty

    after seeing and hearing Jennifer Hudson sing the Star Spangled Banner tonight is proof positive that American Idol is a sham and a fraud. They certainly did not pick the out right winner that year.

  85. Well I started the night out on the internet with a troubling event.

    It seems that I have not logged onto my home page account in over ninety days and when I went to log into my email account I received a Account Suspended notice.

    It also stated that I could re log into my email account, however all of my previous emails would not be available.

    Well I was really pissed off since I check that email almost everyday and have had it since I first got online. Sure enough I logged in and even though the email showed up in the subject lines and all there was nothing in them when I tried to open them.

    I was under the impression that since I was logging into my email that it also logged me into my regular account. I guess I was wrong because I always logged out of my email when finished before going back to my home page.

    I know that when I would not log out of my email and went to my home page it showed me logged in so I would have assumed that just because I didn’t log on to the home page I was still logging into to it when I checked my email.

    I sent a contact email to them, but don’t really expect them to put all my emails back. I have lost years of email I kept because of this and of course this was my private email so the loss in incalculable.

    At one time I was able to download the emails, however for some reason or other that option disappeared quite some time ago so the only way to retain the information was to leave it in my email folders. Now all that information is gone unless they can retrieve and restore it back.

    I’ll just have to wait and see what happens and if they reply and contact me regarding the contact email I sent them.

    Anyway, I would not mind watching any film of those who destroyed our country getting the justice they deserve. If we could watch Saddam being hung we should have no problem watching those who committed War Crimes being hung as well.

    God Bless.

  86. DeMint: Let’s not say it’s a stimulus when it’s a government spending plan. All of the things, the needs in our society, education, these are things we debate every year.

    Frank: Spending can be stimulus. I don’t understand.

    DeMint: It’s the largest spending bill in history and we’re trying to call it a stimulus.

    Frank: The largest spending bill in history is going to turn out to be the one in Iraq. If we’re going to talk about spending, I have a problem when we leave out that extraordinary expensive, damaging war in Iraq, which has caused much more harm than good in my judgment. I don’t understand from my conservative friends, building a road, building a school, helping to get health care, that’s wasteful spending. But that war in Iraq, that’s going to cost us over a trillion dollars, yeah, I wish we hadn’t done that we would have been in a lot better shape fiscally.


  87. I am originally from Chicago and I once heard that based in law if it snows and a property owner shovels his sidewalk and a passerby or anyone for that matter should slip and hurt themselves they can sue the owner and in a court of law they would win.

    In other words the owner would be liable for the injuries incurred by the injured person.

    However, if the owner does not shovel and someone should slip and fall and hurt themselves they would lose in court and the owner could not be held liable since the weather was an act of God.

    Or the owner would not be liable for any injuries incurred by the person who fell.

    So based on the above if true than I can only think that God is punishing Kentucky and McConnell for his blocking the economic plan of President Obama and the Democratic Party.

    So because of McConnell all the citizens of Kentucky are being punished by God for the Sins of McConnell.

    As are all those states hit with the latest storm since we know that according to the Republican Fascist Nazi Party there is no global warming and under Law Weather is an act of God.

    God Bless.

  88. Nannymm

    I’d love to see those war crimes trials! Maybe we can watch them together on that beautiful new TV?

  89. dog's eye view

    OMGosh; Cards are up by 3. I hope they keep their lead. (Not plying favor with our resident Cards fan, and have seen none of the game save Bruce.) But have realized I am really rooting for the new guys, a la you can’t decide between entrees; the waitress suggests steak and you realize — it’s got to be the salmon. You wanted it all along.

    So go salmon, make that Cards.

    Steelers now at 5 yard line?

    The steak has reared its head….

  90. Nannymm

    DeMint is talking out his rear as usual.

  91. dog's eye view

    Oh no. Balloon Juice is happy. Steelers touchdown under discussion. 35 seconds left.

    You think Tim Geithner is under pressure …

    (and Cards fans — plural — eprof and Bev)

  92. dog's eye view

    Dang. And a field goal makes it a 4 point game for the Steelers.

    Seems like a pretty good game; on the edge of one’s seat, for sure…

  93. At least I didn’t lose any cabbage on the game…..

    Got the Christmas lights down – ( the Santa is still inflated, I think the neighbors really like it) I found a really expensive earring that I thought went into the drink via the washing machine……really happy about that…I thought for sure it was a goner…..

    The good out weighs the bad today- even if the Cards lost.

    sleep tight~ peace

  94. Nannymm

    Good night, UB. Sleep well. 🙂

  95. Cool on the earring UB, now can you find all the socks the washer seems to eat up?

  96. Nannymm

    If she can do that, she’ll become a very rich woman selling her secret!

  97. The entire odd sock thing is one of the great mysteries of the universe!

  98. Nannymm

    Yep! I just wish it wasn’t always the nice new ones that get eaten. Can’t it ever be the old stained/holey ones?

  99. Nannymm…

    Never gonna happen. Holey ones just seem to hang around forever.

    God Bless.

  100. Nannymm

    Good night, Anon. Sleep well and may God Bless you, too.

  101. Nannymm

    Good night, all. It’s off to bed for me before I fall asleep at my computer. 6AM comes way to early for me. Have a good night.

  102. chefsheila


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