What is up with Dick Cheney and Andrew Card? ~ Nannymm

I thought it was proper etiquette and tradition for the former president and members of his administration to quietly leave the stage and allow the new President and his administration to get up and running. I thought there was some unwritten rule that the outgoing guys didn’t openly criticize the incoming guys for a month or two at least, maybe as long as the first 100 days. Well, so much for unwritten rules, traditions and transition etiquette.
The Bushies haven’t wasted anytime in criticizing President Obama and the new administration. First Card attacks President Obama for not wearing a coat and tie in the Oval Office, accusing our president of bringing “a lockeroom experience” to the White House.
Now, Cheney is all but accusing President Obama of inviting a terrorist attack because of his decision to close GITMO and ban torture.

Isn’t this kind of response rather quick for these guys?  When Katrin struck New Orleans, it took these same Bushies days to realize that the levies hadn’t held and the city was under water. Brownie had the learn from CNN that people were starving and dying at the convention center. And Bush himself had to  be shown a dvd of television coverage before he caught on  to how bad the situation was.

These are the same guys and gals who took YEARS to realize that they had an insurgency on their hands in Iraq, even longer to accept that the Taliban was back in Afganistan and that the war there was rapidly being lost. As for the economy, they were still touting it as great nearly a year after the rest of us realized we were in a recession.

Now, suddenly, they think we should accept their insight and advice?  I don’t think so. I think they should SHUT UP and go away! But since they are not known for listening to me or any other reasonable person, they will keep talking. And in doing so, they will continue to turn off all but their hard core base.



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51 responses to “What is up with Dick Cheney and Andrew Card? ~ Nannymm

  1. chefsheila

    RIght on nanny.

    You and I think so much a like. I was insenced Yesterday at Cheney’s undermining of a new administration…..just plain crazy.

    I feel like we are dealing with the Devil Himself

  2. dnd

    Good post Nannymm,
    Remember when Carter eventually was critical of 43? They jumped all over him.

    Brought forward from the last thread:

    That Ginsberg piece was great. I think Cheney has lost it. He reminds me of that relative who you always thought was too stern but you respected him for his accomplishments, then at some point something snapped. He’d spend his days peaking through the blinds monitoring the neighborhood activities. And of course he’d yell at kids to get off his lawn. At family gatherings while everyone was having a good time and catching up, he’d grab you and bend your ear on how the country was going to hell in a handbasket. And who exactly to blame.

    That’s Cheney these days.

  3. Morning peeps, just another case of people who don’t know when it’s their time to get off the stage. What’s amazing, more so about Cheney’s remarks than Cards’s is that he thinks anyone believes anything he has to say. Can anyone tell me one time he was right about anything?

  4. Nannymm

    Thanks, everyone. I was appalled by Cheney’s prognostications. I’m even more appalled that the MSM isn’t skewering him for his remarks. As you pointed out, dnd, they went after Carter like he’d committed treason when he dared to utter a critical comment about G.H.W. Bush.

  5. dog's eye view

    re MSM: it’s probably their much-vaunted “objectivity”, Nanny.

  6. Nannymm

    It must be, Dog. 😉

  7. Step Forward – USAservice.org

    Just saw this aired on MSNBC

  8. Justice Ginsburg hospitalized for pancreatic cancer surgery.

  9. dnd

    Pancreatic cancer. That’s bad.

  10. dnd

    Anybody see Gary Ackerman scold the SEC? Priceless.

    If you missed it, it’s on his web site. Probably on the youtubes too.


  11. horsedooty

    boy, he’s pissed!

  12. BevnTempe

    I’m a little late today. Right to the point Nanny – the past repugs and the present repugs just can’t quite get the point they lost. They’re putting their pointy little noses and big butts into everything. Also think the MSM is not helping either.

    Off for a few days, having 3rd foot surgery tomorrow (Friday morning.) Back in a boot! Have a good weekend/week until I join you again.

  13. horsedooty

    “having 3rd foot surgery tomorrow”

    you have 3 feet? Holy cow! sorry couldn’t resist. I know all about the boot. Good luck with the surgery.

  14. *big eye roll*

    Don’t give up your day job doots!

  15. BevnTempe

    Yeah, I’ve always had trouble getting shoes! Don’t like to pay for 2 pairs.

  16. dnd

    Best wishes for the surgery. Take it easy and we’ll see you soon.

  17. Nannymm

    Good luck with that foot, Bev. I’ll be thinking of you.

  18. BevnTempe

    Thanks everyone!

  19. Keith is doing a special comment on Cheney’s remarks tonight! God we are a timely blog! LOL

  20. Nannymm

    Wow! :-0 I hit the topic of the day! How is that for luck?

  21. Nannymm

    That should be 😯

  22. dnd

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure KO takes a lot of his material from our blog 😉

  23. Nannymm

    Craig is muckraker of the day on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for his ridiculous suggestion that Gingrich should be Sec. Of HHS

  24. Nannymm

    Well, dnd, great minds do think alike. Hee Hee!

  25. “I think they should SHUT UP and go away!”
    absolutely Nanny…..and they should go away to prison.

    Good to see everyone tonight

  26. LOL …hear KO…say “DICK”…it was funny

  27. Nannymm

    I hear ya, UB. They should go to GITMO and ROT there!

  28. Nannymm

    LOL…KO and I are definitely on the same page here. He just questioned Palin’s “Alaskan Heart” like I did yesterday. I figured it means “cold as ice:” KO dubbed it “cold and desolate.” Pretty cool! Ya think KO would let me fill in for him sometime? 😛

  29. you certainly could do it, just work on the KO voice inflections…..and the job is yours 🙂

  30. dnd

    Mike Littwin on BlackBerry addiction:


    Are you listening Mr. President?

  31. dnd

    I told you KO gets his material from backchannel. This is all the proof you need.

  32. Nannymm

    Well, damn! We should get royalties then!

  33. Well I for one wouldn’t be bothered a bit if someone walked up to Cheney in a restaurant or on the street and gave him a Pat Tillman.

    What a low life piece of shit Cheney is. Just like Joseph Goebbles when he spread his hate mongering propaganda about the Jews.

    Then we hear Lindsey Graham another War Criminal and low life piece of shit who helped destroy our country.

    They all need to be labeled Enemy Combatants under the MCA of 2006 and shipped off to one of those black op sites their so fond of to be interrogate to find out who all is in their Terrorist Cell.

    God Bless.

  34. Nannymm

    You’re so right, Anon-P! I saw Lindsey Graham on Hardball tonight. He was so full of crap! Barbara Boxer was spot on when she asked him if he ever waved around any of GWB’s bills and objected to it. She all but called him a hypocrite. In case he’s forgotten, Bush and the repugs shoved many huge and important bills down the Democrats’ throats with little or no time to read them, never mind debate them. Have they forgotten the so-called “Patriot Act” for example? This feigned outrage the repugs are throwing around is ridiculous. Only fools will buy it.

  35. That was a great piece of TV, Boxer and Graham, The Knock Out, is could have been on pay per view!

  36. Nannymm…

    That’s why I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’m burned out from all the destruction the Republican Fascist have brought on our country.

    We will never remove the Blood Stains off Our Constitution until there all dead and gone.

    Where are the Paul Hills of the left when Our Country really needs them/

    Where are the Sons of Liberty?

    We are being destroyed from inside Terrorists and not from anyone outside Our Country.

    Graham and Cheney are examples of what’s wrong with Our Country and until their all dead and gone America is Screwed.

    Be prepared because the Depression is already upon us and will only get worse as time goes on.

    And it will be worse since the Great Depression of 29 and how sad it is for America that after 200 years the Republican Fascist Nazi’s have destroyed a once Great Nation.

    God has a special place reserved in Hell for them and I hope they go there sooner rather than later.

    God Bless.

  37. I’m tired. So you all.

    Good night and …

    God Bless.

  38. Nannymm

    Good night, Anon-P. Keep your chin up and don’t stop fighting. We’ll beat them; I’m sure of it. We just have to keep pushing for this new Administration to investigate and punish the players in the Bush/Cheney criminal enterprise.

  39. Nannymm

    Brian, I hope Barbara Boxer doesn’t let go of that line of attack. With any luck, we’ll see her expounding on it on all the talk shows this Sunday. The general public needs a reminder.

  40. Cheney and Card have every right to speak out….and I have every right to suggest they stick it where the sun dont shine and fall off the face of the earth.

    Have a pleasant day all

  41. dnd

    Morning all. Turned on the TV this am and Morning Joke was on. I was about to change channels when Paul Krugman came on. He had a great quote: “Often people have their political position and adopt their economic theory to fit it.”

    Apparently Scarborough and Buchanan didn’t realize he was talking to them, because that’s exactly what they proceeded to do. Krugman proceeded to shoot them down on all their economic “facts” and “history.” I wish he would have done like Zbig and said Scarborough’s knowledge on the subject was “stunningly superficial.” When ideology trumps thinking you end up with nitwits like Scarborough who refuse to listen to experts.

    In the next segment, he told Tweety that Krugman was trying to revise the history of the 90’s. I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

  42. dnd

    W.r.t the Graham / Boxer dust-up on the stimulus bill, Graham has a Bachelor’s in psychology and a J.D. and Boxer has a Bachelor’s in economics. Kind of explains each’s behavior.

  43. dnd

    CNN had an interesting piece on the Card comment. The showed Bush in the oval office without a (drum roll please) jacket on! Oh my!

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