Stimulus Lessons from the Past ~ dnd

Dear President Obama,

Me again. When you sign the stimulus bill at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, I hope you’ll be reminded of some the successes of the New Deal in Colorado. Here are a few to contemplate.

The construction of U.S. 6 over Vail Pass was part of the New Deal. It paved the way for I-70 as part of the east-west interstate highway system through Colorado. Great for commerce in the west.

Significant parts of the Winter Park Ski Area were built from New Deal programs. Winter Park is still going strong, providing employment for thousands and recreation for people from all over the country. Full disclosure: I learned to ski at Winter Park, so it has a special place in my heart.

New runways at the old Stapleton airport were built from the New Deal, establishing Denver the major air transportation hub in the Rocky Mountain west. Again, great for commerce in the west.

Fitzsimons Army Hospital built its largest facility with the help of the New Deal. Fitzsimons was closed in 1999, but in those years treated tens of thousands of veterans, including President Eisenhower when he suffered a heart attack while visiting Denver. Oh, and your buddy John Kerry was born there.

The Civilian Conservation Corps built the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It’s been going strong ever since. The Beatles played there in 1964, U2 in 1983 and was a regular stop on the Grateful Dead’s summer tour. They host a non-denominational Easter Sunrise Service every Easter. It’s a beautiful place. If you’ve never been there check it out next time you’re in town.

So there’s a short list of some of the New Deal’s long lasting successes in Colorado you may want to ponder when you’re signing the stimulus bill in Denver.

Always glad to help,



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78 responses to “Stimulus Lessons from the Past ~ dnd

  1. That’s the thing I like most about you dnd, how helpful you always are!

    MSNBC is reporting that Cheney is really pissed that Bush wouldn’t give Libby a full pardon, what a shame!

  2. dnd

    “New energy on center stage when Obama signs stimulus in Denver

    Vice President Joe Biden and a who’s who of Colorado Democrats are expected at the ceremony at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science — but most of them likely won’t be on the stage with Obama as he signs the first significant piece of legislation of his presidency.

    Instead, men and women who have worked in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy are expected to be front and center.

    “They are not going to have lawmakers on the stage,” said Tara Trujillo of U.S. Sen. Mark Udall’s office.”

    One the the guys attending is the CEO of the company that installed the 100kw solar panals on the roof of the museum.

    At noon he’ll be giving Obama a tour of the installation. Meanwhile across town on the steps of the state Capitol the state Republicans, lead by their chair Dick Waddams (Colorado’s answer to Karl Rove), will protest the bill. Their theme: “You don’t know stimulus.” Interesting contrast. A stage full of businessmen and women at the bill signing, a crowd of whiny blowhard losers at the protest. As Tim Russert would say: what a country!

    BTW, bill signing ceremony is suppose to start at 12:40 MT.

  3. BTW dnd, what did they do with the hospital, did they tear it down?

  4. dnd

    From the wiki page:

    The $744-million redevelopment of the facility into civilian use includes the construction of the University of Colorado Hospital’s $110-million Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion, and the $509-million Children’s Hospital. The medical campus also includes the Ben Nighthorse Campbell Center for Native American Research, named in honor of the U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado.

    Additional facilities built at the location include the Veterans Administration Medical Center. In addition to the relocation of several federal facilities and departments to the location, a considerable amount of property was turned over to the city of Aurora, Colorado, allowing the city to use buildings and land as the new location for the city’s police academy.

  5. dnd

    Looks like Hillary is doing a bang-up job in Tokyo. In retrospect, I think it’s really smart to have her work with our
    Asian trading partners and Treasury bond holders.

    I hope they have a photo of her knocking back a cold beer, like she did during the primaries. The Japanese LOVE beer.

  6. I loved Rachel’s comments about Hillary’s coat blowing open in the wind as she got off her plane, it was very cute.

  7. dnd

    That bankruptcy will be huge, HUGE!

  8. dnd

    Obama to announce his housing plan in Phoenix. Smart. Phoenix has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

  9. Also it’s the home state of one the senators that has been most vocal in opposition to the stimulus!

  10. Sarah Palin In Trouble As Oil Prices Fall: AP

    “Given these bad times, she’s going to have a much more difficult time traveling outside Alaska,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. “When times are good, people will let their governor roam. In bad times, citizens expect their governor to stay home and work on solving the problems.”

  11. dnd

    And curiously, he’s not going to be in attendance. Go figure!

  12. Well he picked Palin, obviously he’s not that bright!

  13. GOP: Our Playbook Useless In Health Care Fight

    government and free enterprise,” said Romney. “These principles are going to face another test when it comes to health care. We should be first to propose a Republican plan to bring health insurance to all Americans, one based on market dynamics, free choice, and personal responsibility. Whatever direction we take, let’s not simply react to what the Democrats do.”

    Same crap the GOP has been peddling for 30 years!

  14. Nannymm

    They have nothing but crap to peddle, Brian. Their ideas are as old and cold as their idol Reagan.

  15. Obama plots huge railroad expansion

    Looks like people are taking note of our blog!


  16. horsedooty

    I have already said that I went to high school in a building that was part of the New Deal. BTW, it is still being used as a school. The local paper ran an article the other day about all that Ft Worth got due to the new deal. Part was school buildings and then we got new red brick streets. We also got a world class covered coliseum and there on the property is also a 3000 seat auditorium. The area is called the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum. The first indoor rodeo was moved there in the early 40’s and is still held there. There have been lots of new building and lots of improvement but it provided a lot of jobs when Ft Worth needed a lot of jobs.

  17. Hey I just noticed we crossed the 70,000 hit mark!

  18. Nannymm

    Nice post, dnd. It’s good to remind ourselves of all the good that resulted from the New Deal. Hopefully, this New Deal II will accomplish as much.

  19. Lets hope with the same ascetic appeal too nanny, one of the nice things about so many of the New Deal public works project is how attractive they were and the value placed on artistic values.

  20. horsedooty

    here is the link to the article I referenced in the above post,

    The picture is what the Will Rogers area looked like when first built.

  21. I wonder if any high ranking officials from Treasury went to Japan with Clinton.

  22. dnd

    Apparently the schedule has changed. Arrival at the Museum of Nature & Science at 12:05 MT with the signing ceremony 15 min later. The tour will follow the ceremony.

  23. dnd

    Biden and Obama have landed at Buckley AFB.

  24. dnd

    Obama walks off Air Force One with Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar. Greeted by VP Biden, Gov. Ritter, Sen. Bennett, Rep Diana DeGette, Rep. Perlmutter, Denver Mayor Hickenlooper, and some other folks I couldn’t recognize.

  25. It’s nice that you are so excited to the prez in your home town!

  26. dnd

    Motorcade is on I-70 at about Colorado Blvd. It’s weird. The route had, naturally, not been announced for security reasons. But there are people lining the I-70 frontage roads in an effort to see the motorcade.

    I’m not that excited that the prez in my home town. He’s been here before. But it’s cool that he’s picked Denver to sign a landmark bill.

  27. dnd

    One of the groups of green business people attending will be representatives of Vestas, the wind turbine manufacturer who are building a huge plant north of Denver. Cosmically, it’s windy today.

  28. dnd

    Huge crowd showing up to see the prez at the museum.
    Sparse crowd at the protest at the Capitol.

  29. BevnTempe

    We’re going to watch the sky this afternoon to see if we can see AF One coming into Phx. Didn’t get tickets to see him speak tomorrow. We’re very thankful our house has been paid in full for quite a while. We’ve lived in it for 41 years.

  30. dnd

    If you’re not interested in A-Roid, you can watch a live stream of the signing ceremony events at

  31. Brilliant to have Biden with him!

  32. dog's eye view

    Listening along on CSpan Radio. So glad to have a good president. Hope it’s in time!

  33. dnd

    Wowza. Whatta speech.

    Annnnnd. It’s official.

  34. I am so glad to have that behind us!

  35. dnd

    President to get outta town early. They don’t want to gum up traffic on I-70 during rush hour.

    Gonna be interesting to hear what he has to say in Phoenix tomorrow.

  36. dnd

    LOL Doots! They must be lacing up their ice skates down there…

  37. Well I spent most of the afternoon watching CNBC, and I have to say….I do not think main Street America gives a crap about those whining bankers, and brokers.

    Over and over again the point was being made that the BANKs, do not want to price their so called Toxic Debt at the right amount….they are holding this whole thing up. Sticking to 70-80 cents on the dollar when the buyers are saying 30-50 cents on the dollar…..

    I am not a financial person, I know the connection between the two(Wall Street &Main Street)….but I think the public has had enough of them….bitching and talking doom and gloom 24/7. They are going to take a huge hit and they can’t stand the thought of it.

    I am on cold medicine….sorry my claws are out.. 👿

  38. dnd

    Time lists the top 25 people to blame for the financial crisis:,28804,1877351_1878509,00.html

    Not sure I buy it, but it’s interesting to think about. Probably more cred if the list would have been in “The Economist”

  39. dnd

    Speaking of the Economist, interesting piece on our neighbors to the north and south.

    “FOR the past 15 years Canada and Mexico have been joined with the United States in the three-way North American Free-Trade Agreement. But both still set much more store by their bilateral relationship with their superpower neighbour. This has led to sometimes farcical rivalry. To the joy of Canadian officials, Barack Obama is making his first, albeit brief, foreign visit as American president to Ottawa on February 19th. But Mexican officials whisper that their president, Felipe Calderón, got in first with a lunch with Mr Obama days before his inauguration.”

  40. dnd

    Michele Bachmann is one of the rare people who can make Sarah Pallin look like a brilliant political mind.

  41. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

  42. horsedooty

    hey dog ¿que pasta?

  43. Good morning Dog, and anyone out there.

  44. Hi Doots…didn’t see you slink in.

  45. I have to say that Cantor guy is really quite the poster boy for the Republican party.

  46. horsedooty

    yeah, I am kinda stickin’ to the shadows and bent over this am b/c of the bad back. How goes it, UB? you still have your claws out today?

  47. horsedooty

    I was just reading that link that Brian posted about Areosmith and having a nice laugh.

  48. No, I am much better, still on antibiotics, but have to go into the office for the biggest loser weigh in……I think maybe I lost a few due to this cold….

    Sorry to hear about your back…..that is such a drag. Hopefully it will settle down as the day passes.

  49. As a matter of fact , I have to get ready to go now, because if I stay home any longer I may eat or drink something and then I might have to pay. If we don’t lose at least one pound we have to pay a dollar….

    wish me luck!

  50. horsedooty

    “Politicians never hear the verse they only hear the chorus” This song Independence Day was written by Gretchen Peters. It was used to introduce Sarah Palin to the stage. Ms Peters had to write a letter and demand the GOP stop the unauthorized use of her intellectual property ASAP. She then proceeded to donate the residuals from that date forward to Election Day to Planned Parenthood. The song is about an abusive relationship and how the mother killed herself and the abuser by burning down the house. It is written from the little girls point of view.

  51. horsedooty

    good luck on the biggest loser contest!

  52. horsedooty

    residuals = royalties

  53. horsedooty

    so, shouldn’t California have a recall election to oust Gov Terminator. Wasn’t he supposed to “save” the state from the evils of the previous gov. When Gov Terminator took over the state was not bankrupt but it is now. Republicans.

  54. horsedooty

    here is a continuing theme in Mexico. Drugs and murder!

  55. dog's eye view

    Morning again. Doots and Burrito: hoping you are both feeling way better way soon.

    It was snowing briefly in DC area; started about 2 hours ago. Not the big billowy movie star flakes, more little hard pellets that remind one of lawn fertilizer. But hey, will take any snow we get. Light rain now.

    PBS Frontline last night on the economic meltdown was astonishing. Did anyone else watch it?

  56. Bristol Palin stammers the truth

    In a Fox interview, the new teen mother makes an almost unwitting argument for reproductive choice before Mom barges in and twists her words.

  57. horsedooty

    Hey Brian did you see this story of the Tax Cheat from Alaska?

    Moosilini Palin has to pay taxes on meal money.

  58. Nannymm

    Good morning, all.

  59. dog's eye view

    Any bets on how long Illinois Senator Roland Burris stays in office? Sadly, he might tough this one out. Maybe not. Hope not.

    Never liked how Reid and the US Senate Dems caved on this one. Burris should not have been seated until the Blago case played itself out. There was such a good chance you’d have a new Democratic governor, once Lt. Gov. Quinn ascended, who could have made a cleaner appointment. Seat is up for re-election in 2010.

    So rarely agree with the WaPost’s editorials, but think they’re right. Burris should resign.

    Here’s the Chicago Trib’s editorial. They endorse a special election, throwing what could have been a safe Democratic Senate seat, which is needed badly for passing Obama’s legislation, up for a challenge.,0,6946762.story

    Reid — or whoever — really blew this one.

    Am not against special elections — having a Blagojevich making Senate appointments is reason enough.

    In this case, wasn’t the cost $10 million or so for a term that had only two years left? And a little patience would have seen whether Blago was impeached or not.

    It’s not like Minnesota has its full Senate contingent yet.

    Idiocy. What’s coming out is not that surprising.

  60. It wasn’t Reid who blew it, Blogo really backed him into a corner.

  61. Nannymm

    The Congressional Black Caucus helped, too, Brian. All that griping about the senate rejecting the man who would be the only black senator…

  62. And frankly the fault really lies with burris, he should have never accepted the appointment in the first place!

  63. dog's eye view

    agree with Nanny: it was pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus, which was so short-sighted. Not like they would not get an even better Senate prospect had they waited.

    But Blago and Burris forced open a can of worms: if you don’t seat, are you saying an elected governor does not have the power to make an appointment?

    Don’t know how much longer the Senate could have drawn this one out, but they caved real quick. Meanwhile, it was not that much longer until Blago’s impeachment proceedings began.


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