The Presidents Weekly Address (2-21-09)



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  1. dog's eye view

    Haven’t listened to it yet, but I really like that we put up the weekly address and then have a long weekend thread!

  2. Jindal Rejects $90 Million In Recovery Funding That Would Have Benefited 25,000 Louisiana Residents»

  3. horsedooty

    maybe all the GOOPER Govs will follow suit. Then the populace of their states will realize what asshats they elected.

  4. horsedooty

    for all you dog lovers out there. Here is a couple of vids featuring Triumph the Comic Insult Dog from the Conan O’Brien show. Scroll down to the vids and prepare to be amused.

  5. BevnTempe

    As seen in today’s AZ Republic:
    Beware possible GOP sabotage
    17 comments Feb. 21, 2009 12:00 AM
    Now that the economic-stimulus package has been signed into law, let’s take a look at what just happened. Every Republican congressman voted against it, and all but three Republican senators did the same.

    They now have a vested interest in its failing. They are all at risk if it succeeds. If it works, they will lose face, which will cost them votes, which will cost them their seats in Congress. What this means, politically, is this: They will do everything in their power to see that it fails.

    Any opportunity a Republican has to sabotage the economic recovery of our country will probably become his or her top priority. These are dangerous times, and we must not put any Republicans in a position to make a difference in the success of this plan. It is far too important for the American people. – Gary Ciampi, El Dorado Hills

  6. dnd

    Interesting Bev. My theory is that if it works (by which we have no real metrics or dates to measure), the Republicans who voted against it will say it would have happened faster and been less inflationary had there been less spending and more tax cuts. Politicians have a way of covering their tracks 😉

  7. Meghan McCain, hard to impress

    On Michael Steele’s New “Hip-Hop” Strategy:

    “You know with all due respect to the new chairman, Michael Steele, I do not believe that is actually something that is going to work because it is premeditated. If you’re saying I want people from the hip-hop community — I don’t even know what that means exactly — I guess people that are in the music industry could become more closer and you know try and become Republicans (sic). I just don’t think that is going to work. I think they need to rely on a message that is going to really stick with people of my generation. That message has to be equated in the medium of the internet, which obviously up to this point just hasn’t happened.”

  8. Paterson Had Staff Deny Kennedy Was Top Choice

    ALBANY — For the first time, Gov. David A. Paterson acknowledged Friday that he personally ordered his staff to contest Caroline Kennedy’s version of events in the hours after she withdrew from consideration to be United States senator.

  9. Bank Of America CEO Lewis: We Can “Make It Through This Downturn On Our Own”

    I have to admit I do enjoy seeing bankers on the defensive.

  10. Another bank goes under:

    Regulators close Oregon’s Silver Falls Bank

    Firm becomes the 14th U.S. bank to fail this year, as the struggling economy and falling home prices take a toll on financial institutions.

  11. dnd

    Bank Of America CEO Lewis: We Can “Make It Through This Downturn On Our Own”

    Translation: I want to make more than $500,000/year, shareholders, depositors and loans be damned.

  12. Hi Everyone,

    Just saw ” Slumdog ” …..It was good! I am sure that it will run away with awards tomorrow night.

    I think B of A and Citi will be the first banks to be nationalized, and that has CEO LEwis scared to death, add in he is under investigation… I wonder how he’s sleeping , and where he’s planning to “vacation.”

  13. “I think Citigroup and Bank of America will visit the giant ATM machine in the sky. My personal brokerage account is still very much short equities.”

    Interesting, but a lot of numbers in this article…..

  14. dnd

    In the weekly radio/internet address, the President said the amount of payroll tax withheld would be reduced. Said it would save the typical family $65/month. I’ve got some questions:

    1. Is this FICA?
    2. Is this Federal income tax withheld, and if so, will the taxpayer have to make that up at tax time (presumably w/o penalties for underpaying)?
    3. Will that apply to the self employed who have have to make quarterly payments on the “self employment” tax?
    4. What does Treasury regard as the “typical” family?
    5. How much will this stimulate the economy?

    Does anyone know the specifics?

  15. I have no idea, I would like to know as well….and where and when will this information become available…..

    Seems to me, to get these instructions out to employers and to the self-employed would be pretty darn important…..the quicker the better.

  16. dog's eye view

    Ted Kennedy turns 77 tomorrow. Per NYTimes, he is saying “hold the eulogies.”

  17. Hey Brian, How are you?

    Did you stay for the credits at Slumdog? I loved all the dancing…it was a fun way to roll credits.

  18. Yes I did, a very funny tongue in cheek mocking of balliwood, it was great!

  19. Did you see any of the other movies that are up ?

  20. I really haven’t seen too many movies this year…..That Benjamin Buttons looks stupid to me, but maybe it’s good.

  21. Was Milk good ? I wanted to see that…..

    I had to go to that super goofy vampire movie with my daughter, it was really bad, but the vampires had my dream house…so that part was worth it. Big Glass house in the woods, near a lake and mountains.

  22. Milk was excellent, really, my pal Marjorie and I debated one night going to see Buttons but it was late and neither of us was up to a 2 hour and 45 minute movie that night.

  23. Have you ever fallen asleep in a theater? It’s the worst.

    I used to do it all the time when my kids were babies….lol….date night …yeah right…..lights out….big snore. I think that’s why we quit going….it was a waste of a night out.

  24. No, I’m better mannered than that, LOL!

  25. Well I hope the Oscars wont be really boring, I thought the Grammy’s were excellent this year. My expectations might be a tad bit high, seeing as I have heard that it’s really a down year for the whole “Oscar/Hollywood” scene.

  26. Yeah well you haven’t had three babies in under three years!

  27. I didn’t see the Grammys.

  28. Obama Has Plan to Slash Deficit, Despite Stimulus Bill

    WASHINGTON — After a string of costly bailout and stimulus measures, President Obama will set a goal this week to cut the annual deficit at least in half by the end of his term, administration officials said. The reduction would come in large part through Iraq troop withdrawals and higher taxes on the wealthy.

  29. “Mr. Obama will also call for letting the Bush tax cuts on income, dividends and capital gains lapse after 2010 for individuals who make more than $250,000 a year. But while the top rate for income would rise to 39.6 percent, the top rate for capital gains and dividends would be 20 percent.”

    from the article posted…..This is what average Republican Joe doesn’t get……..”more than $250,000 a year”….they think it’s going to effect them and they get all pissy….when it doesn’t even apply to them…..for crying out loud they think if they have a few stocks…somehow they are in the same boat as the 250K income group.

    I boggles my mind…..

  30. Repugs don’t read, the just find fault, like claiming ACORN is in the stimulus bill.

  31. The magazine ” The Economist ” has eulogies ready and in the works for influential and famous people years before they expire…..they have a whole department keeping these eulogies up to date and ready to go.

    Okay .. I have to run, I just broke a nail……

    Have good one!

  32. *stretches and yawns*

    morning peeps

  33. dnd

    On MTP: Jihdahl perpetrating lies about what’s in the stimulus bill.
    Apparently he hasn’t read it, only the talking points version from the opposition.

  34. Haven’t watched it yet dnd, did Gregory challenge him?

  35. chefsheila

    Morning everyone!

    I’ve missed all the shows today….I slept too much….ahhhhh…….

  36. dnd

    No, he let him get away with a ton of BS.

  37. Welcome to the blog Sheila ,are you new to blogging?

  38. chefsheila

    Interesting to be here in Southern California during the Oscars…the Morning News is full of it and the red carpet is already working…

  39. dnd

    The “This Week” rountable is a hoot this week. George Will trying to match wits with stellar economists Nouriel Roubini and Paul Krugman.

    I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but Will loses.

  40. chefsheila

    but of course he does. I love to listen to him for his stuffiness and his brilliance at times.

    I missed it!!! Hey, my new laptop will probaby allow me to watch online… 🙂

  41. chefsheila

    LOL Thanks!

  42. Here’s one for the GORDOs of the world:

    Richard Shelby, Alabama Senator, Questions Obama’s Citizenship

  43. chefsheila

    Yes, Brian. Why Thank you! Can you help me understand what to do?

  44. Sheila,
    Well there are definitely blogs you want to avoid, a lot of second rate pundits have blogs on the internets! You made a good start by starting here!

  45. Nannymm

    LOL@ Brian and Sheila!

    Welcome back, Sheila! It’s good to see you here.

  46. chefsheila

    Thanks and I’m confused….which ones?

  47. Oh I hate to name names, you’ll figure it out soon enough to be sure, LOL

  48. dnd

    “Jindal crafting response to Obama address”

    From that link:

    “If you’re tuned in Tuesday night to watch Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response to President Barack Obama’s first address to Congress, you’ll be hearing his own words – with a bit of “tweaking” from national Republicans.”

    A bit? If you watched MTP today, all he did was spew Republican talking points. Jindal is in the same doofus class as Palin. Seeing Charlie Crist on MTP makes me think he’ll be the next party leader.

  49. dnd, a primary battle between Jindal and Palin will be fun to watch, a real battle of wits!

  50. Nannymm

    I doubt it, dnd. Crist is too reasonable and sensible to lead the repugs.

  51. dnd

    Ok, Shelia. Since you’re in SoCal, what are your Oscar picks?

    Nate Silver of 538 fame weighs in:

  52. chefsheila

    I can’t wait…

    I’m really getting off on how Press SEC Robert Gibbs went after Rick Santelli from CNBC. Gibbs is the first White House PitBull as far as I can remember.

    “I’m not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or in what house he lives,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs during a press briefing. “But the American people are struggling every day to meet their mortgage, stay in their job, pay their bills, to send their kids to school, and to hope that they don’t get sick or that somebody they care for gets sick and sends them into bankruptcy. I think we left a few months ago the — the adage that, if it was good for a derivatives trader, that it was good for Main Street. I think the verdict is in on that.”

    “Mr Santelli doesn’t know what he’s. talking about,” Gibbs said a little later. He was responding to a question about public anger at the fact that some people who acted irresponsibly may benefit from the president’s plan, a question which mentioned “that cable rant on the floor of the exchange.”

  53. dnd

    I’m starting to print up the “Jindal/Palin ’12” and “Palin/Jindal ’12” bumper stickers 😉

  54. chefsheila

    Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
    Hands Down for Ledger…..which makes this really hard since he actually does deserve this….what a waste

    Best Supporting Actress: Marisa Tomey for me. She was outstanding

    Best Actor: Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
    …….Amazing actor who sunk to the lowest low and then after a humbling experience has come back to an amazing performance.

    Best Actress: Kate Winslet, The Reader …..probably will get it, BUT Meryl Streep…….

    Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
    Hands down

    Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire ….an amazing picture

  55. chefsheila

    Down here its almost like a hurricane coverage….The reporters are talking about the red carpet decorations and the fans that are there now….9:30am….the security….blah blah

  56. chefsheila

    Wow…they broke the Chandra Levy case….

  57. top of the morning to you all….

    Where abouts are you Shelia?

  58. chefsheila

    Still Palm Springs

  59. dnd

    Well, I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated, but I’m rooting for Marisa Tomei because “My Cousin Vinny” is one of my favorite movies, and she was brilliant in it.

  60. chefsheila

    Its just through a mountain pass from LA County

  61. oh….I thought you moved again…..It’s fun being in CA during Oscar seems time the rest of the world doesn’t even exist.

    Nice to see you got a warm welcome to blogging….lol….

  62. chefsheila

    I had to see the Wrestler. Mickey Roarke has always been one of my favorites and to see his comeback, well I just couldn’t believe it…he hasn’t lost it.

    But what is it about the REAL creative types. Micky Roarke, Robert Downey Jr….Juacine Pheonix….and more….

    The naturals are kind of crazy

  63. chefsheila

    lol yes. Thanks. I’m baaaaack!

  64. It’s 20 degrees here , and I just got back from the dog park…… to get props for being a good dog mom……
    Wall Street’s Brain Drain Defense

    “That’s hard to swallow in an industry where “a buck” is code for $1 million, and where top producers can pull down 20 or 30 “bucks” a year, or even more.”

    “Everyone says the same thing: Wall Street as we know it is finished. “

  65. chefsheila

    Ewwwwww!!!! Now we’re getting commercials that make you wince again….

  66. chefsheila

    UB, I think so too. There are certain regions that are finished too..

    One of them is From Detroit to Pontiac….They will never recover.

  67. ah…. a familiar topic around here…..we’d end up with those pieces on our noses!
    I’m living in the rust belt, and basically, even with living on the 11th largest fresh water lake in the world , they can’t seem to figure out how to drive a sustainable economy here. (a huge natural resource) The more the population shrinks the lower the tax base, the fewer police, the more crime….then they try to raise taxes, then more employers leave…..the smaller the tax base….and so on…..and so on…

  68. I have heard stories of people buying homes in the city for as little as 3k……

  69. Sheila is the bear commercial any worse than commercials for any product with “wings”?

  70. Nannymm

    At least the bear commercial is cute. 🙂

  71. “wings”….lol…good point!

  72. chefsheila

    I think that one is ewwww too.

  73. This i my all time favorite for worse ever side effect disclaimer…..Look for Abilify…….if you listen to the “possible” side effect, you’ll end up thinking you are watching SNL.

  74. dog's eye view

    Hello movie fans. Welcome back Sheila. LOL at Brian’s 12:11 a comment.

    Saw Slumdog this morning — realized it’s Oscars night and had not seen any of the contenders.

    My friend and I are heading back for the 2:45 showing of “The Wrestler” at this great independent cinema out in the burbs — owners retired from professional careers and opened this one location to indulge their passion for film.

    Prices are reasonable and they have good coffee and concessions. Mostly, you have to support your local theatres and small business people. Who wants to live in a “Clear Channel/Regal Cinemas Only” world?

    Here’s the Cinema Arts Theatre’s website, in event we have any lurkers in the DC metro area.

    PS: Slumdog was amazing. Knew I would like it, but it was even better and more affecting than expected. Very creative use of film.

    Will have to catch “The Dark Knight” and other movies later. They did nominate some really good films this year.

  75. “The Dark Knight”…. Heath is fabulous in it…’s a must see in a theater with a big screen and booming sound.

  76. dnd

    “Ewwwwww!!!! Now we’re getting commercials that make you wince again….”

    Well, I guess it answers that timeless question: “Does a bear s@it in the woods?” 😉

  77. dog's eye view

    Apparently so. And they use Charmin toilet paper!

  78. I use Scott, a thousand sheets on every roll, when my mother comes to visit I buy charmin.

  79. horsedooty

    Dnd I go for Marisa Tomei in Wrestler because she is playing a stripper. And for all the red blooded hetero males out there, she gets naked on film. That deserves an award in my book.

  80. Nannymm

    You and I have way too much in common, Brian. Scott and 1000 sheets is the way to go! 😉

  81. Watching MTP right now, Jindal said we need to cut capitol gains taxes. What capitol gains is he talking about? Has he seen what the market has been doing over the last year?

  82. dnd

    John Kerry is in Syria. I’m beginning to think that this administration’s foreign policy strategy is brilliant. Send the heavy hitters into troubled regions, and rock-star Hillary building good will with our allies.

    To paraphrase a line from “The Blues Brothers”: “We’re getting the band back together. We’ve got Egypt and Jordan. Syria, you’re next.”

  83. Nannymm

    Exactly! I don’t know about the rest of you, but all I have is losses.

  84. It always comes back to the Blue Brothers for you doesn’t it d?

  85. dnd

    “I use Scott, a thousand sheets on every roll, when my mother comes to visit I buy charmin.”

    Brian, you are such a good son 😉

  86. dnd

    Marisa Tormei nekkid? I’m checking the papers to see where “The Wrestler” is showing 😉

  87. Don’t say I never did you any favors d!

  88. dnd

    Yes Brian, not only is “The Blues Brothers” one of the best musicals ever, it is the classic struggle of good vs. evil, overcoming adversity to triumph and how working for the greater good brings out the best in all of us. The quintessential American story.

  89. Wow! Marisa has fabulous set of necklaces on doesn’t she?

  90. “Charmin for my mother” never underestimate a son’s love…….awe…
    I’ll have to teach that to my sons, before the go and marry some “Scott” woman….who doesn’t even want me to visit in the first place…. 🙂

  91. Nannymm

    My daughter-in-law loves for me to visit. I do all the cooking while I’m there and play with my little grandson all day . LOL
    What more can she ask for?

  92. yeah, great set…..of necklaces!


  93. That sounds perfect Nanny….. I have some time on my side…..sons are only 16 and 18….I figure I wont but in, and I will never stay more that 3 nights…

  94. 3 nights is enough, trust me on that one!

  95. dnd

    Interesting Q&A of Dambisa Moyo in the Sunday Times Magazine:

    She stresses microfinance loans to help the African economy. Now where have we heart that before?

  96. Anyone else put the oscars on yet?

  97. dnd

    Nope. Watching 60 Minutes.
    Academy Awards fun fact: starlets get Botox injections in their armpits so they won’t perspire.

  98. dnd

    Watching the animation awards, I’m reminded that there is no longer cell-frame animation. It’s all computer generated imagery.

    The father of this is an extraordinarily brilliant computer scientist and three time Oscar winner Ed Catmull.

    He and his pal, Alvy Ray Smith (both PhDs) started Pixar.Guys like Loren Carpenter and Tom Duff contributed cutting edge technical expertise. John Lasseter brought inanimate objects to life.

    These days we take computer animation for granted. But it requires extraordinary understanding of advanced mathematics, physics, anatomy and computer science.

    Arthur C. Clarke said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s what these guys have done.

    I met Catmull years ago at a conference. Nice, unassuming guy. It’s kind of weird meeting that kind of genius.

    ps. As I was writing this Jessica Beale honored Catmull for his contributions. I was thinking it must have taken computer generated imagery to keep her strapless gown in place 😉

  99. I’m watching. There’s nothing quite like human creativity and beauty in one place at the same time…I for one, love what they do and how they do it.

  100. I’m enjoying the Oscars for the most part, but I’m a movie lover. And yes d we all know the Blues Brothers is one of the greatest musicals ever made.

  101. dnd

    Any musical that features Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Steve Cropper can’t be bad.

  102. My new thing is this, I am going to start telling people I have to run errands, and I am just going to go to the movies. I am amusing myself with this, which is silly I know, but to me this is a “new” idea.


  103. You and hubby don’t go to the movies?

  104. we go to swim meets, soccer matches…and he goes to track meets, and when we aren’t doing that, we are working…..we run out of time, actually…..I can’t wait for his track season to be over, I thought this was the first weekend without commitments, but he actually had three meets in three days.

  105. You make me grateful I’m “barren”!


  106. lol…everything good thing has its price…..however…..we are almost empty nesters…..2010……yee haw!

  107. What’s up with Sophia Loren?

  108. dnd

    Don’t you go dissin’ Sophia Loren.

    We conspiracy theorists think that Nannymm is really Sophia Loren…

  109. I really want Sean Penn to win this!

  110. dnd

    They just gave it to him because he was overlooked for his role as Jeff Spicoli 😉

  111. It was an amazing performance, I think he’s an amazing actor Mystic River is an amazing movie.

  112. dog's eye view

    Good morning. Obama educational outreach, with a culinary flair.

    “On Sunday afternoon, just before the Obamas’ first official dinner, in honor of the nation’s governors, Mrs. Obama invited not only a few reporters but also the top six students from L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Md., into the tiny White House kitchen for a look at what goes on before such an event. …

    … [Chicago, now White House, chef Sam] Kass prepared a citrus salad with local many-hued watermelon radishes and tiny ice greens, so-called because they grow in the snow. Others prepared samples of Chesapeake crab agnolotti. Some peeled local red carrots for the main dish of wagyu beef and Nantucket scallops (Mrs. Obama said the scallops were her husband’s favorite).

    The first lady took the opportunity to put in a pitch for local and sustainable food and for healthy eating, a recurring theme of hers during the campaign and since she arrived in Washington.

    When food is grown locally, she said, “oftentimes it tastes really good, and when you’re dealing with kids, you want to get them to try that carrot.”

  113. dog's eye view

    interesting comments on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Re housing bailout: it’s not just the house, it’s the goodies purchased with the refi too.

    Reader comment: No one is talking about MEWs (mortgage-equity withdrawals), so it must be the elephant in the room. What really frosts people is not that their neighbors bought “too much house,” because often it’s the same as their house — simply purchased at a much higher price. Rather, it’s the Toyota Highlander Hybrid in the driveway, purchased with money from a MEW (via a cash-out refi), that pits neighbor against neighbor.

  114. chefsheila


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